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Years of Intoxication

" Years of Intoxication

"Status: Update to: Chapter 81 industry special episode 3,"


A crush is like a bottle of a strong alcoholic wine, you know that what's poured down will lead to dizziness, making you lose your self control and you will numb the pain too and its like the moths drawn to the fire and even if I am blind drunk/plastered from drinking eventually I will have to wake up one day.

 (This book is related to "Beloved Enemy/Tactics of Confrontation" and "Professional Double/Stuntman", the protagonists of both books will be appearing amongst which General Manager Gu  has more drama,( others will liven up buying sauce)

Buying sauce like its none of my business I'm just here to buy sauce!!


      THE END!!!


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  2. This is one of the best novels I have read. In the scale of 1-10, 10 is the highest, ill give it 10|10. why? As for my time reading it, all the sleeping emotions in my body was ignited by the intense scene in every chapter. The Author is great and the translator is superb! I laugh, I cried, I fangirl, I got mad, I was it, I felt it all. This novel gives me a lesson: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me" In your actions and decisions made, no one is to blame but yourself..
    Also, communication in a relationship is the key to making it work. In He Gu's case, the pain and suffering? he keeps on hoarding it all to himself. And like a balloon when it no longer can take of more air, it explodes to its maximum. It's not a good practice.
    And for SJH, I hated him at first, but when I learned more about him, I can no longer be mad at him, as a matter of fact, I'm worried, as I said in his state of mind he will rather choose death that living without He Gu in his life..
    Awe..that's why I'm so happy that this ends well.. They live happily ever after! Thank you, Joell, for translating this story to us! God bless you and your journey to life!

  3. so I can't translate this story into Indonesian?


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