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Red Balloon


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Red Balloon 紅色氣球 Hong Se Qi Qiu

I'm red. I'm a balloon. I'm the first spectrum of a rainbow.

When you left, all you left me was a red balloon.

It doesn't matter. No matter how long, I won't give up loving you.

——Xia Zhi Chen

Once I thought love was cruel, until I met a boy, I understand that love is not bitter entanglement, but I will do everything for his sake. The right thing I've done in my life is to love Xia Zhi Chen.

——Li Xiang Wan

Keywords: leading role: Xia Zhi Chen; Li Xiang Wan Supporting role: Fang Shi Lan; Xu Chu Qing other: School campus; lawyer; photographer


  1. My dream came true, I always wanted to read this story, thank you for your effort.


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