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Feng Mang


Author: Chai Jidan
Key words: Feng-Mang, Chai Jidan, entertainment circle, literally invigorating, Han Daxian, Mr. Golden
Content synopsis:
A rogue, cunning, good at reading faces, and sleepwalking.
A gentleman in the early stage, and in the later stage, he was circled by Mr. Golden of the  Entertainment Circle and became his Xiao-Gong in their relationship.
It's a good story of a husband and wife's hand in hand in the entertainment circle. To turn the winds and clouds into kings of godly winds and a good story.
This novel adheres to the consistent frank and crooked style, full of laughter, full of true feelings of love, and constantly brilliance. Those who want to see JQ come here, those who want to see infighting come here, those who want to get rid of others arms and feel better will come here...