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You're in Love With An  Idiot

 You're in Love With An  Idiot《你却爱着一个傻逼》Ni Que Ai Zhao Yi Ge Sha Bi

"You're in Love With An Idiot" Author: Shui Qian Cheng

I love you deeply, but you are in with an Idiot,
You stupidly force him to love you,
You are more stupid than an Idiot,
But I love you like an Idiot,
I am more stupid than you, 

In simple terms, this novel tells  of who loves who and who is more of an Idiot than anyone else

Protagonist: Jian Sui Ying, Li Yu

Supporting role: Jian Sui Lin

Synopsis: Jian Sui Ying, the Young Master from Jian Family... A good man with a simple mindset even though no one understands him and the classmate who accompanied his father's other son Jian Sui Lin became a guest was also recognized (flirt) by him.

It is a pity that this brother clearly indicated that the boy named Li Yu has always said with a straight face that he is not gay.

After starting to hold the flirting mindset, Jian Sui Ying was irritated after his methods kept hitting the wall repeatedly. He wanted the overlord him and harden the bow. As a result, the chicken was not caught and the rice was attacked.

However, Li Yu, who was so disgusted with Jian Sui Ying, was provoked in three times and four times. After the relationship took place,  Jian Sui Ying attitude changed. As a half-brother from the same family, Jian Sui Lin seems to have an unusual feelings for his brother...

This article tells the history of a warm-blooded men and the language is full of Beijing slangs.

The shameless, Jian Sui Ying, seems to be annoying when he is a hooligan. The high motivated child Li Yu is a tall man with upright look in life. This setting is not unusual. However, after the feelings were fully developed, Jian was less willing to bed Li Yu, but he fell from attack and got attacked. This is the biggest point of this article.

Li Yu seems to be a  honest and straight man, because the intimate physical contact he had with Jian Sui Ying as much expected, he had developed the feelings for Jian.

And Jian Sui Lin's feeling will slowly unfold as the story develops.



  1. This story is so strangely interesting, I start laughing at the fight scenes and Ying's personality. Such an endearimg character

  2. When are u updating the book am queit addicted with this novel

  3. estou amando esa novel vcs ainda vao atualizar?

  4. I love this novel , waiting for an update

  5. It's been so long since the last update, I'm impatient for more! �� Thanks for your work, Joel

    1. yeah sorry had forgotten about this I was supposed to upload on monday... have fun reading

  6. Thanks 4 the update waiting for more

  7. When will you upload the next chapter??
    Thnx for your work..������

  8. Thank you Joell55 for another great story. Loved it.


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