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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage

Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 重生 之 金色 婚姻 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin

Prologue: In the last life, Lin Yu Tong chose to follow his heart and ran with Shen Jun for his own happiness, whereby he ended up creating a lifetime irreparable regret. However, such a contribution has not been able to exchange the happiness of lifetime that would folow. Shen was not who Lin Yu Tong thought he was and Lin Yu Tong had an accident.

        Rebirth, he thought he could change his life path and choose a marriage. Even if there is no love in the marriage, at least his family will still be there. 
But he did not expect that the man who should have always been like a friend to suddenly say: Who said that we can't have love between us? 
Yeah, who said they can't have love? 
That being the case, he is going to fight for it ... 

Author Guide: the writing is about rebirth, reborn of the character or  the writer. 

The background in this article supports same-sex marriage. 

After marriage, sweet daily lovers life, mostly part-time blame ~ 

    The main CP: cunning elite Gong X All around happy Shou
    The other CP: Cold faced Shou X Queenie Gong

    Content label: rebirth marriage and strong industrial elite
    Search keywords: protagonist: Lin Yu Tong, Zhan Yi Fei ┃ supporting role: Xiang Jun, Cheng Shi, Chu Tian Yi, Cheng Tian, Hua Yu Bai, Long Le, Shen Jun, etc... ┃ Others: warm, mutual flavor

    Plot Synops:
    Lin Yu Tong, a well-known fantasy novelist, is famous for his novels. He has fans all over the world, but he was betrayed by his lover Shen Jun who he loved for eight years. An accident ended the unfair love.

    Reborn, Lin Yu Tong decided to stay away from Shen Jun, but at this time he met Zhan Yi Fei, the Vice CEO of The Zhan Financial Group, who had proposed a marriage to his family. For the safety of the family, Lin Yu Tong decided to agree to the marriage, but he then really found out that Zhan Yi Fei had already loved him completely in his heart...

   Although the article started with rebirth, the author took through the past events very quickly. The shadows of the past life are quickly integrated into the new life, and the overall style of writing is positive. In a relaxed and humorous language, the author painted a black-spoken squad, and also depicts the emperor's enemies as vivid and interesting. Two people who should have no intersection, because the real feelings they let their love become more colorful, melodrama is everywhere!



  1. this isnt in novel updates?

    1. Yes.... I have plans to upload it there but currently juggling like 5 translations....I will do it like next week.....

    2. Thank you for the hardwork!

  2. I love your work, I have had this novel in my list of favorites and it is nice to be able to read the translation and not only by mtl

    THANKS!! ッ m(_ _)m


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