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Chapter 29: Li Yu and Sui Ying and The Car Seat Makeshift Bed

You're in Love With An  Idiot《你却爱着一个傻逼》Ni Que Ai Zhao Yi Ge Sha Bi.    

Chapter 29: Li Yu and Sui Ying and The Car Seat Makeshift Bed

    Li Yu tried desperately to retreat back, but the space is just a little bit thin, he was quickly blocked by the car joystick.

    Although the car is quite spacious, but the two men are nit small or thin and they crowded the space, Li Yu had nowhere to hide, because no matter how he moved, he had to touch Jian Sui Ying, and he only felt ashamed to rub up and down on Jian Sui Ying.

    The refreshing scent that Li Yu had just showered wafted in and Jian Sui Ying nose rubbed in that smooth skin, and his heart became more and more eager.

    Li Yu was flickering all over his body that he could bleed blood. He clearly should have slammed Jian Sui Ying down, but his body was slightly uncontrolled when it was touched by Jian Sui Ying's hand.

    Jian Sui Ying's heart felt a sneak peek. He can understand the mood of a little virgin whose worl…

Chapter 28: Little Yu You're Hard

You're in Love With An  Idiot《你却爱着一个傻逼》Ni Que Ai Zhao Yi Ge Sha Bi.    

Chapter 28: Little Yu You're Hard

    Of the remaining days in Beihai, Jian Sui Ying never saw Li Yu again.

    After his face swelling subsided, he started his own activities and returned to Beijing two days before the end of the holiday.

    The accumulated work quickly drowned him and made him busy for a while. The work succeeded in distracting his attention so that he would nor have the time to think about Li Yu and his hatefro him all day and night.

    But from that day on, in addition to earning money and enjoyment, Jian Sui Ying's life has an additional stage goal, which is to bully Li Yu with the R-word.

    As long as Li Yu was caught by him, he would have to do the job and the boy would not go to bed for three days. If he does not achieve this goal, he will not give up.

    Unfortunately, since then, such an opportunity was too difficult to find.

    Li Yu basically didn't appear in fro…

Chapter 27: Confinement With Threats

You're in Love With An  Idiot《你却爱着一个傻逼》Ni Que Ai Zhao Yi Ge Sha Bi.      

Chapter 27: Confinement With Threats

   For Jian Sui Ying, it was impossible to return to Beijing immediately and actually present this face this injured face, he did not want to go out.

    Li Yu arranged for him to stay at a sea view hotel. Because Jian Sui Ying called him he was forced back to Beijing on the phone, he couldn't show up at his family so he simply stayed at the hotel.

    There are still days left in the 11th holiday, and Jian Sui Ying plans to make his face healed at least make it be less scary and then he will go back.

    After Jian Sui Ying arrived at the hotel, he made Li Yu go to find a doctor and then played with his cell phone.

    Usually he sent a text message to Little Lin Zi, and he replied very quickly. He never let him wait so long. Didn't that what happened yesterday irritate him even a little?

    No, who else in the family doesn't know that he is gay? He reme…

Chapter 111: Da He decision 

Banished To Another World《异世流放》Yi Shi Liu Fang.          

Chapter 111: Da He decision

    No one dared to approach this small open space, where the air seemed to have condensed.

    Zhang gripped his right fist and restrained his anger. He asked The Old Priest: "You wanted me to die, didn't you?"

    “No!" The Old Priest was shocked and denied it.

    “Because I wanted Zheng to be a Chief, so you have to conspire to make Sheng leave as a slave so you can pick a Chief?"

    “No, it was his own..."

    Zheng nodded and smiled with a gloomy face: "Yes, he made me into a slave who was willing to be exchange. Because he wants you to agree to save me.”

    The Old Priest was furious. “What do you mean by these? I am doing all for the tribe...”

    “No, you are doing all for yourself.” Zheng did not say anything, he was just tired. He looked at The Old Priest, he was deeply disappointed.

    Fifteen years ago, they also had three Priests, Qiu Shi amongst t…

Chapter 110: Disputes! 

Banished To Another World《异世流放》Yi Shi Liu Fang.          

Chapter 110: Disputes!

    Chief Zhang came with Zheng and several other warrior leaders.

    “Lets talk about it, Qiu Shi, who do you want Mo Da Ren to save?" Chief Zhang looked calmed, but anyone could hear his anger.

    Zheng looked around and saw Hei Yuan Clan warriors around The Old Priest, and several of them were seriously injured or had a family or friends who was and now they understood The Old Priest's plan. If he can see then the Chief naturally saw through it, otherwise he will not be so angry.

    Bué and Bing bowed their heads. They were from the Hei Yuan Clan. They naturally understood the plans of The Old Priest, which made them feel ashamed.

Lier, Diao, Da He and others did not say anything.

    The Old Priest was looking for a white-headed Priest. There is nothing wrong with saving people. No one will blame him for this. But The Old Priest knows that Yan Mo can save a lot of people in one day, …