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The Effect: The Series

The Effect: the Series

"Oh, this picture. P'Keng is handsome."
"His face really doesn't disappoint."
The sound of talk that hung along the university corridor, causing me who was hurrying to the bus stop to almost stop and look up at the large placard that was stuck in front of the university's door. The billboard that everyone is talking about is about inviting outsiders to see the academic work of each faculty that will be held in the next few days.
If asked, I would not argue that this picture of P'Keng is really handsome. But if you think carefully actually, what I saw was not just this picture. Any picture, any angle, this senior model always comes out looking good. And if he doesn't look really good, he probably won't be the presenter of all university-related work like this
Asking how I know that people like him can look good in every pose. Am I too freak? Which I dare to say because I have seen almost all the gestures, whether sitting, walking, sleeping or even eating and it's not because I'm close to him, but because these pictures of P'Keng can be easily found on the university fan page. The website size of the university itself also has a thread to post P'Keng photos in various postures. When even participating in activities
P'Keng is a model of the seniors, university celebrity group that Even if I don't have many friends and I don't work with the faculty often, I still know that the courses that I and P'Keng are studying are almost the same but that does not allow for much crossover.
And even though my university does not have a Moon Star Contest like other universities, but regardless of work, P'Keng will always be the chosen person for representation. That is another reason why some people like him are even known, even though he is not a university month.
"Dear Keng, I can say that if you get it once, you won't forget your grace."
"I don't know if that story is too good too or not."
"Ooi, you know that he is hot. Keep telling it to be good.”
"Screaming, Ooi. Are you sacrificing yourself like this?"
I secretly smiled and laughed at those words, secretly thinking that if P'Keng heard these girls' words, what kind of face will he make? Being shy or smiling willingly and ready to say "Walk in to see P'." Like this or not.
I shook my head for the idea of ​​starting to rave about myself and then set out to return to the dormitory. Because no matter what, a person like me will never get to ask his thoughts because both of us are studying at the same faculty, but between me and this brother, regardless of how close we are to each other, it is as though we are in a different world.



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