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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 340: Zhan Bei Tian, you bastard

Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi
Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 340: Zhan Bei Tian, you bastard

They were tired and because they spent a night in a heavy traffic, and later they had to be alert because of the zombie attack. They were very tired. After making sure that Mu Yi Fan was not in any serious trouble, people left one by one and went to find a room to rest.
After a while, only Mu Yi Fan and Zhan Bei Tian were left alone in the hall.

Zhan Bei Tian directly carried people into the space, took off their clothes, and puts them into the spring water. Then, people sit aside and keep their eyes closed.

Mu Yi Fan glanced at Zhan Bei Tian a few times, and saw that the other side had been silent, he knew that the man was angry.

He moved to Zhan Bei Tian's side, poked Zhan Bei Tian's chest with his fingertips, and whispered, “Are you angry?"

As if Zhan Bei Tian didn't hear it, he didn't say a word and refused to answer him. He didn't even move his eyelids.

Mu Yi Fan immediately explained the situation in the tomb: “I know I was wrong, aren’t I fine now? I couldn't break free of Zhan Nan Tian at that time. I also wanted to solve him quickly so that he wouldn't do more harm to human beings, you know? Zhuang Zi Yue once predicted that Zhan Nan Tian would have to be buried together with the world, so I was eager to push him into space."

Zhan Bei Tian still hadn't opened its eyes.

Mu Yi Fan was worried and poked Zhan Bei Tian's chest: “Bei Tian, say something."

Zhan Bei Tian was sleeping, the whole person was motionless.

Mu Yi Fan saw that Zhan Bei Tian still didn't move, and thought that Zhan Bei Tian might not be ignoring him, but was seriously injured. After all, Zhan Bei Tian used the space storm for the first time, which could not be an easy thing, and might backfire.

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was possible. He checked Zhan Bei Tian's body in time and found that both the face and the soles of his feet had some big and small wounds, which seemed very serious.

He quickly used the light power to treat Zhan Bei Tian, but he can only accelerate the healing speed of the wound healing, not Zhan Bei Tian’s internal injury.

Bei Tian? Bei Tian? "

Mu Yi Fan quickly took back the power, gently shook Zhan Bei Tian's body, but the man still didn't respond. Now, Mu Yi Fan's eyes were red with worries.

But there is no doctor here, and he can't take him out of the space. How can he check Zhan Bei Tian?

Mu Yi Fan suddenly thought of Mu Qing Tian, quickly stood up and cried out: "Qing Tian, Qing Tian, you come out, Qing Tian? Are you there? "

After shouting for half a minute, no one answered him.

Mu Yi Fan was more and more anxious. He shouted the name of the child and climbed out of the spring.

Just when he came out of the spring pool, his toes were accidentally trip on the stones beside the pool, and with a cry, he fell on the ground quickly.

When he was about to fall to the ground, he suddenly had a pair of strong and powerful arms in front of him, and they firmly caught Mu Yi Fan.

Mu Yi Fan was stunned and looked up. The owner of these arms was Zhan Bei Tian who thought he was seriously injured.

“You... Are you ok? "

Zhan Bei Tian didn't speak, he just carried him back to the spring.

Mu Yi Fan said angrily, “Do you know I was scared by you just now?"

He didn't know just now how scared he was when he thought Zhan Bei Tian would not wake up.

Zhan Bei Tian asked him to sit between his legs and ask: “Do you know how I felt when I see you being sucked into the space?"

Do you know how worried he was? How afraid to lose this man.

Mu Yi Fan was stunned, thinking that Zhan Bei Tian was in the same mood as he was just now, and felt guilty: “I'm sorry."

Zhan Bei Tian was silent.

“I'm sorry, Bei Tian. I promise there won't be another time."

Zhan Bei Tian looked at him sternly: “Which time did you promise me that, but which time did you do it?"

“This time it's true that after we got rid of Zhan Nan Tian, there will be no more threats to us, and I won't take any more risks." Mu Yi Fan quickly put up three fingers: “I swear to you, if this happens again, let me..."

Zhan Bei Tian quickly pulled his hand down and said, “Don't swear casually."

Mu Yi Fan giggles and hugged Zhan Bei Tian: “So do you forgive me?"

Zhan Bei Tian glanced at him and said in a cold voice, “If you do this again, I will..."

He raised his hand and hit Mu Yi Fan's xss. However, when he was half a foot away from his ass, his speed slowed down. Then he gently put his hand on the ass where a piece of meat was cut off and asked in a low voice, “How about that? Does it still hurt? "

Mu Yi Fan smiled and kissed on Zhan Bei Tian's mouth: “I know you are reluctant to hit me."

“Next time you do that, I'll give up."

Mu Yi Fan laid on his chest: “No, really not."

Just now, he has tasted the taste of fear. He will take into account the mood of Zhan Bei Tian in the future, and will not let Zhan Bei Tian worry about anything.

Zhan Bei Tian rubbed his xss, speechless.

Mu Yi Fan thought of what, quickly raised his head: “Your body is really okay?"

“Really okay."

“Then you ignored me just now, on purpose to make me afraid."

Zhan Bei Tian embraced him with both hands: “I just wanted you to know how I felt when I saw you almost being sucked into the space. Do you know how afraid I was to lose you? What should I do if there is a day when I don't have you in the future?"

Mu Yi Fan tightly hugged him: “No, I will not leave you. We have finished Zhan Nan Tian now, and there will be no threat to us in the future, and the future will return to the pre end of the world peace."

"Um." Zhan Bei Tian kissed his forehead: “You have a serious injury. I'll put you in the spring for soaking and resting. I'll call you when it's almost recovered."


Mu Yi Fan laid on Zhan Nan Tian's chest and slept.

After he fell asleep, Zhan Bei Tian gently carried him back to the room, and then left the space.

Mu Yi Fan slept all day and all night in the space. When he woke up, it was morning outside. However, he was the only one in the room.

Bei Tian? Bei Tian? "

He shouted a few times in the room, but did not hear a response. He got up and put on his clothes, went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and face, and then went to the outside of the room to find food.

After breakfast, he didn't see the appearance of Zhan Bei Tian, so he had to turn around outside the house and saw that the seeds he planted with semen had sprouted.

Mu Yi Fan walked happily and knelt down.

There were some strange plants on the ground. Two stems grew out of the ground. The shape is like a “Big" word. There are no branch left on the stem part, only the top part grew some fine branches, which makes it impossible to identify what kind of plant it is.

Mu Yi Fan doubted it and asked himself: “A willows? But it doesn't look very much like that. "

He gently fingered the branches on it. In order to make the plant grow stronger, he got up to the spring to water it.

After that, he didn't pay any attention to the plant.

He strolled in the space for a long time. When he came back, it was noon, but he still didn't see the person called Zhan Bei Tian.

Mu Yi Fan was so bored that he had to shout: “Bei Tian, Bei Tian, I want to go out, I want to go out."

Five minutes later, no one paid any attention to him. The whole space was quiet, which really made him bored.

He thought that Zhan Bei Tian might be busy, and after he is done, he would come in and take him out, and he would not disturb Zhan Bei Tian anymore.

However, he never thought that he would stay in the space for three months.

In these three months, Mu Yi Fan has not seen Zhan Bei Tian, nor Mu Qing Tian, it was as if he is left alone in the world, so that he has not talked to a single human for three months. Even if he speaks, he speaks to himself.

In addition to sleeping, he was eating, or taking a walk in the space, or planting some kind of fruit tree. It was just like going to jail, it almost made him crazy.

At first, Mu Yi Fan thought it was Zhan Bei Tian, who was busy and forgot about his space, but a month later, he felt his reasoning was wrong.

He believes that even if Zhan Bei Tian forgot people all over the world, he won't forget him. Besides, Zhan Bei Tian was sensitive to this space. As long as he called his name, Zhan Bei Tian will definitely know he is calling him.

However, he called in for a month, and Zhan Bei Tian didn't pay attention to him or see Mu Qing Tian. Then, he gradually realized that this was Zhan Bei Tian’s real punishment.

Mu Yi Fan was locked up for four months, and he couldn't bear it anymore. He shouted: “Bei Tian, I really know I was wrong. I promise you, after going out, I will follow you every minute and every second. I will never leave you for half a step. You need to be busy with your work. I will share your work with you. If you want to take a bath, I will accompany you into the bathroom, wash your front chest and back, even if you want to shit, I'll stay inside and wipe your ass, anyway, I won't leave you. Besides, I'll listen to you later. I'll do whatever you say. If you want me to kiss you, I'll never kiss anyone else. If you want me to kiss your face, I'll even lick your toes. If you want me to fxck you, you have never let you fxck me. "

After he finished speaking, a cackle laughter came from behind.

Mu Yi Fan's response was very fast. When he turned around, he grabbed the man who was laughing: “Mu Qing Tian, I finally got you."

Mu Qing Tian happily hugged Mu Yi Fan's neck: “Dad."

"Qin Tian, take me out quickly. I'm going to suffocate here."

Mu Qing Tian didn't act immediately: “Dad, my father asked me to ask you, would you dare to mess up next time?"

“No, absolutely not. You can take me out."

“Dad, my father did this to teach you a lesson. I hope you don't do anything reckless and random in the future. My father really cares about you, so he will do this. Don't blame him after you go out."

This is like a basin of cold water. Suddenly, the fire Mu Yi Fan has been holding for several months has been extinguished. He couldn't get angry at Zhan Bei Tian's lesson: “I know."

“I'll take Dad out now."

Mu Yi Fan left the space and saw the Zhan Bei Tian who was telling Mao Yu what they are to be doing.

He quickly pounced on Zhan Bei Tian: "Zhan Bei Tian, you bastard."

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