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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 338: You are really Nan Tian

Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi
Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 338: You are really Nan Tian

Everyone looked at Tian Nan in surprise and doubt.

Mu Yi Fan opened his eyes and looked at Zhan Lei Ping.

Zhan Lei Ping stopped his tears and stared at the strange face, trying to find the familiar shadow of his son on the face. Finally, he was deeply mesmerized by Tian Nan's eyes.

“Nan Tian? Are you Nan Tian? "

He looked at Zhan Bei Tian uncertainly, saw that Zhan Bei Tian didn't object, and turned his eyes back.

Tian Nan also looked back at Zhan Bei Tian and asked in a mute voice: “Brother, you... Are you... You have known for a long time... Know that I am... Nan Tian?"

At that time, because of the eagerness and desire to see his family, and the fear that his family would ignore him, or not recognize him as a person, so, under all kinds of anxiety and fear, he did not notice any abnormality from Zhan Bei Tian.

Now in thinking in retrospect, with Zhan Bei Tian's cautious nature, it's impossible for him to put a stranger beside his family, so he must have guessed his identity to allow him to be near the Zhan family.

Zhan Bei Tian's face softened, went to Tian Nan's face and rubbed his hair: “I didn't know it for a long time. At that time, it was just a guess. Only through your handwriting, handwriting and interaction with the Second Uncle and Second Aunt did I further confirmed it."

Zhan Lei Ping listened, excitedly grasped Tian Nan's hand: “You are really Nan Tian."

When he thought of his interaction with Tian Nan, he was surer that the man in front of him was his own son.

“Dad." Tian Nan immediately shook Zhan Lei Ping's hand: “I am really... really Nan Tian."

Zhan Guo Xiong saw that his son did not lose his grandson, immediately relieved, and murmured in his mouth, "Great, Great."

Zhan Lei Gang believed that his son would not recognize a person casually or mistakenly. He raised a smile and felt happy for his brother. Then he asked, “Nan Tian, what's going on? How can your soul be in someone else's body? "

Others are curious and all turned to look at Tian Nan.

Tian Nan's eyes dimmed, because he couldn't speak smoothly, he immediately wrote on the paper, and had Zhan Lei Gang read it to everyone: “I don't know what's going on myself. When it was a few months from the end of the world, my whole body suddenly felt confused, I was often forgetting what I had done, or why I suddenly appeared in a certain place. Moreover, I often heard someone speaking things it in my ears. Then, this situation lasted for several days. Originally, I wanted to go see a doctor, but I suddenly fainted. When I woke up, I stood in a tomb with a golden coffin, that is, the Emperor’s tomb we went to before. At that time, I thought I was dreaming, because my hands and feet didn't listen to me, so I could only watch myself open the bottom layer of the coffin. There was a body lying in it, and that body is the body I’m in now. "

Everyone felt the cold chilling air.

Zhan Lei Ping asked anxiously, “And then?"

Nan Tian went on to write: Then, my body slowly leaned over the zombie, took a deep breath towards the black breath emanating from the mouth of the zombie, and inhaled the black breath into the body. At this time, the zombie suddenly opened his eyes, held my body firmly, no matter how hard my body struggled, it could not break the shackles of the other party. Then, there was a suction force that sucked me in the zombie. At last, I didn't know what happened. When I woke up, I was in this body.

Mu Yi Fan was surprised and asked in time, “Did the body suck your soul in?"

Nan Tian was not sure: “It should be."

“Is there any other soul in your body?"

Tian Nan shook his head: “No, that... That soul is dead... Dead."

“How do you know?"

Tian Nan then lowered his head and wrote: I inherited a little memory from him, so I knew what he was grieving about when he was dying, he was thinking of sucking someone else soul and being reborn after being sealed, but what he didn't expect was that he waited for thousands of years, which led to his spiritual strength becoming weaker and weaker. Finally, even I, the ordinary man, could fight him, and then, his soul flew away and scattered.

Mu Yi Fan, took a deep breath.

Fortunately, the emperor is not here, or they will suffer.

He asked again, “Since your body belongs to the emperor, why don't you have any power?"

Tian Nan explanation: The spiritual root of this body has been destroyed, and it may have powers. I would have to reshape the spiritual root and cultivate the power. Although I don't understand powers now, I can draw symbols and cast spells, but the success rate of spells is low.

Zhan Bei Tian asked, “You are so familiar with the Emperor’s tomb because you inherited the memory of the emperor, right?"

Tian Nan nodded: Yes, the tombs was built by the emperor's son according to the map drawn by the emperor before his death, in order to give his father a chance to be reborn.

Zhan Lei Ping asked anxiously, “Will you leave this body later?"

Tian Nan shook his head: “I... I don't know. "

Zhan Lei Ping felt sad.

Zhan Guo Xiong immediately said: “It's good for him to even have a chance to come back, and it's good for him to come back. We are now having a family reunion. What's going on in the future, what's not going to happen in the future? What do you want to care so much about it? Besides, it's not necessarily going to happen."

Zhan Lei Ping felt it was right after he thought about it. It's just that he was worried.

Zhan Lei Gang looked at Zhan Guo Xiong doubtfully: “Dad, I think you are very calm from the beginning to the end. Did you know this long ago?"

Zhan Guo Xiong sighed: “Last time Nan Tian came back, Bei Tian told me the truth of the matter and let me be on guard against Nan Tian."

He waved his hand and said, “I don't talk about it, and then, it's all over. You don't have to be upset about it."

Tian Nan hesitated for a moment and said, “I... I have one more thing to do... Make it clear."

Zhan Lei Ping was worried about something bad, and his heart immediately said, “What is it?"

Tian Nan looked at Zhan Lei Ping nervously: “I... I'm actually a zombie

Everyone was stunned.

Zhan Guo Xiong huffed in annoyance: “Just a zombie? I thought it was a big thing. Nan Tian, did you deliberately said it to scare me, an old guy?"

Tian Nan shook his head: “No... No, Grandpa, I'm not... It's not intended to frighten you."

Zhan Lei Gang patted Tian Nan on the shoulder: “Nan Tian, when you came to Shui city with us, you should know that we won't care about this, or you won't let your brother come to Shui city, right?"

Tian Nan smiled.

Zhan Lei Ping was happy to say: “This thing has to be told to A-Xin."

Tian Nan stopped in time: “Mom, mom, she has been agitated so let her... She should have a rest."

Zhan Lei Ping was relieved: “OK, let's tell her when she woke up."

He looked at Zhan Bei Tian and said, “Bei Tian, who was the man occupying Nan Tian?"

Zhan Bei Tian was silent.

Zhan Lei Ping saw that he didn't want to say, and didn't force him to ask. Anyway, the man was dead, so it's no use asking who it was.

He looked at Tian Nan: “Nan Tian, I'm so unfamiliar with your face now. Let me have a good look at you and be familiar with you."

Tian Nan smiled softly: “OK, Dad, take your time."

The right gentle smile made Zhan Lei Ping flash with some memories, he went unconsciously touching the corner of Tian Nan's mouth: “You used to like this smile."

To be honest, he is not used to his son's present appearance. After all, after all, after seeing his face for so many years, he suddenly changed his face. How could he not feel strange in his heart? It seemed that he has to adapt slowly.

Zhan Lei Gang didn't disturb them. He got up and went into the room to talk to Yang Feng Qing about what happened in the hall.

When Mu Yue Cheng saw the father and son together, he was happy for them and sad at the same time, which made him think of his eldest son.

He sighed and walked to the door.

Mu Yi Fan immediately called out, “Dad."

Mu Yue Cheng said. “I'll go to the rest."

Mu Yi Fan watched Mu Yue Cheng leave, looked up and whispered to Zhan Bei Tian, “Won’t my father accept me? Does he think I'm not his real son? "

Zhan Bei Tian rubbed his head: “He should feel remorse for his son's affairs so let him have a good rest."


Zhan Bei Tian suddenly glanced and asked in a low voice, “You look much better."

“Yes." Mu Yi Fan looked at him and saw the wrong looking eyes, and quickly changed his mouth: “No, my body still hurts, Grandpa, my body hurts so much."

Mu Xiao Hu heard it and ran to him: “Where is the pain? Where does it hurt? Do you want to find a water power to treat you? "

Zhan Bei Tian had no choice.

At this time, Mao Yu came over: “Report, boss, we have something to report."

Zhan Bei Tian stood up: “Let's go into the room and say."


As soon as they left, Chen Hao and others immediately surrounded them.

Yi Fan, are you ok?" Gao Fei asked anxiously

Mu Yi Fan was very happy to see that they care so much about themselves and says with a smile, “I'm ok."

“How can it be ok? You don't know how much meat has been cut off from your body."

“My injury just looks terrible, but it’s really nothing, otherwise I would have no strength to talk to you."


Wang Bing squatted down and gently poked Mu Yi Fan's wound: “Mommy, are you in pain?"

Gao Fei patted him on the head angrily: “You still touch his wound until he says he hurts."

“Mommy, he hit me."

Mu Yi Fan said with a smile, "Gao Fei, you should stop bullying Wang Bing. This time, he did the most work in the Zanglong Mountain. You should praise him a lot."

Gao Fei snorted and didn't object to what Mu Yi Fan said.

On the other side, Zhan Bei Tian five men came to the room, and Mao Yu immediately reported, “Boss, we didn't do what you told us. The zombies you asked us to catch were sucked back into the Emperor’s tomb, and we couldn't get them back."

Zhan Bei Tian said faintly. “They are dead.”

Mao Yu and the others didn't have any waves on their faces, but continued: “Boss, although we didn't catch Pan Ren Zhe's zombies, on the way back, we caught a zombie named Ya Wei. At that time, he was on the way back to the Emperor’s tomb. I don't know what boss wants to do with him?"

Ya Wei?" Zhan Bei Tian narrowed his eyes: “Give him to Qin Yang for research."


Mao Yu looked at the injury on Zhan Bei Tian and said, “Boss, do you want me to heal you?"

Zhan Bei Tian said in a low voice. “No need."

He found a place to sit down, looked up at Mao Yu and the others, and he asked: “What happened in the hall just now, you should have an understanding."

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