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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 341: The power of the masses

Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi
Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 341: The power of the masses

Mao Yu and the three people who are reporting things saw Mu Yi Fan in the office suddenly appear and he rush to Zhan Bei Tian in a rage.

Just as they were thinking about what happened to cause this, the next moment they saw Mu Yi Fan holding Zhan Bei Tian's head and kissing Zhan Bei Tian's face more than ten times: “I was going to die."

Mao Yu and the three people: "..."

They thought something big was going on!

What's more, it's just two or three months. Don’t you think this is too much?

Zhan Bei Tian, who doesn't like other people's interrupting his work, smirked and let Mu Yi Fan kiss him casually on the face: “Things are temporarily assigned here, you go down first."


Four people left the office.

Lu Lin sighed: “Only Mu Yi Fan can make boss helpless, and only Mu Yi Fan can make boss break his own principles again and again."

Sun Zi Hao also sighed: “Yeah, I think someone once interrupted the boss's explanation at the beginning. I don't know how miserable he was punished, and he said that the other side didn't have proper army discipline."

Mao Yu jokingly said: “Are you jealous that Mu Yi Fan is special in boss's mind? In fact, it's not necessary to be jealous. As long as you use various means to make boss like you, you will surely enjoy treatment like Mu Yi Fan."

Xiang Guo laughed.

Lu Lin and Sun Zi Hao thought of Zhan Bei Tian treatment of love for them, and couldn't help shivering: “I still like boss to be stricter with us."

In the office, Mu Yi Fan kept complaining: “Four months, I haven't seen you for four months. Aren't you afraid that I will have lovesickness? And don't you want to see me? How can you bear to leave me alone in space for four months?"

Zhan Bei Tian's eyes smile a little deeper. He touched Mu Yi Fan's body with his palm and checked his recovery. Finally, he held Mu Yi Fan's new right hand and said, “It's growing."

Mu Yi Fan opened his eyes: “In the space, the spirit is sufficient. Every day, there is the water of the spirit spring bath. Can it not grow out?"

After half a month in space, the arm grew out.

Seriously, he is not used to it when he doesn't have his right hand.

Zhan Bei Tian confirmed that Mu Yi Fan had recovered from the injury, and stood up and said, “Let's go out for a walk."

Mu Yi Fan, who has been in space for four months, wanted to go out for a walk. He wished he could run outside with his light power and come back again.

However, in the end, he went out of the office with Zhan Bei Tian.

Outside the office, the soldiers who came and go were busy with all kinds of things. They even saw that even those who were not soldiers were busy.

Mu Yi Fan thought of what was written later in the book and asked, “Can't the leaders of Shui city have their own camps now?"

“Yeah, we can't form gangs in Shui city, which will easily lead to unstable environment. In the future, Shui city will be managed as before the end of the world, and there will be various legal systems. In addition, like the civil servants before the end of the world, people with abilities can enter the Office Building to work through ability assessment. We will use crystal core and food as wages and salaries. As for the survivors without abilities, we will let them be in charge of farming and the production of other household goods."

Mu Yi Fan said with a smile: “I believe that under your and other people’s management, everyone's life will be better and better. By the way, how are Tian Nan and your uncle doing? "

Zhan Bei Tian furrowed his eyebrows: “At the beginning, Second Auntie didn't believe that Tian Nan was Nan Tian. She thought that it was her uncle and us who lied her. After two days together, Auntie and Tian Nan got close to each other. However, because of their different appearance, they are more or less unfamiliar."

“Just take the time. We can’t be too urgent."

Mu Yi Fan and Zhan Bei Tian left the Office Building together.

The Office Building is located in the highest financial center building in the center of the city. There are many people going in and out of the office. Moreover, all offices in Shui city are centralized here.

Mu Yi Fan put his head out of the car and saw the new high-rise buildings around him. He couldn't help but be surprised: “It's only a few days, the city center looks this?"

In the street, piles of cars have been moved away, and the fallen leftovers, blood and dust on the ground have been cleaned up. At this time, the bustling city center makes him not think of what they suffered in the past.

Zhan Bei Tian said lightly, “The power of the masses.”

During the time when Mu Yi Fan was confined in the space, Zhan Bei Tian sent out all the people in the Shui city to clean up, no matter outside or inside the building, in order to make everyone feel comfortable here.

However, due to the large area encompassing the Shui city, they only cleaned one-third of the city, and two-thirds of the city haven't been cleaned, which will take a little time. In the future, he will clean the whole the Shui city.

Mu Yi Fan saw Zhan Bei Tian driving out of the city center and asked, “Where are you going to take me?"

“To Qinyang Research Institute."

“Isn't his Institute downtown?"

“No, the research institute is on the outskirts of eastern suburbs."

“There are so many empty houses in the center of the city, how could we set up the Research Institute in the outskirts of the city? Isn't that inconvenient? "

Zhan Bei Tian explained: “There was a research institute in the eastern suburb of Shui city, and the equipment was very complete, but it was not convenient to move them. So Qin Yang had to do research there. In addition, he said that there were some drugs to remove the zombie virus."

Mu Yi Fan's eyes brightened: “Really?"

In his novel, the researchers did not succeed in developing the drug, but at that time, Shen Qin Yang was not the team leader, so it is likely that because of the change of team leader, the ending will be different, just like he transmigrating in the novel, the plot was almost completely distorted.

“Yeah, he said that in a few months, it should be able to work out."

Mu Yi Fan said with a smile, “If it can really work it out, I will have no problem waiting for a few years."

When Zhan Bei Tian heard this, he quickly raised his eyebrows: “In your novels, did you not succeed in studying drug?"

“No success, maybe because the leader was not Qin Yang, you don't have to worry. With Qin Yang's temperament, if he is not sure, he won't say that in a few months, he will be able to study the medicine quietly."

“You know more about Qin Yang than I do."

“That's nature. He's my sworn friend in reality."

Zhan Bei Tian smirked, driving Mu Yi Fan through the east gate, let Mu Yi Fan have a look, they built half of the bridge gate, and then he took his to the Research Institute.

As soon as Mu Yi Fan got off the car, he heard a loud bang in the sky.

He raised his head abruptly, and saw five mutant birds swooping towards the Shui city. Then, they were bounced back by the barrier in the air, and were shocked by the barrier. They quacked and cried out in pain. They couldn't rush into the city several times, so they had to give up and turn away in frustration.

“Chen Hao has a barrier in the sky," explained Zhan Bei Tian, who came out of the driver's seat

Mu Yi Fan said with a smile, “Chen Hao's powers are getting more and more powerful. So are Xiao Yi and the others. By the way, do the survivors know the existence of the mutant?"

“No, we will wait a few days to find the time to explain it to the survivors."

Zhan Bei Tian came to Mu Yi Fan, put his hand on his shoulder, and led him into the laboratory building of the Research Institute.

When the soldiers at the gate saw the arrival of Zhan Bei Tian, they immediately saluted: “Major General Zhan."

Zhan Bei Tian nodded and took Mu Yi Fan directly to Shen Qin Yang's lab.

Mu Yi Fan entered the lab and saw Ya Wei locked in the bed. He raised his eyebrows in surprise: “Bei Tian, when did you catch Ya Wei?"

Zhan Bei Tian gave Ya Wei a cold look and said, “Mao Yu, they caught him on the way back from the Emperor’s tomb, and now they are using him for research."

Ya Wei saw Mu Yi Fan come in and he growled angrily.

“Can you be quiet? If you quarrel any more, I'll sew your mouth." Shen Qin Yang, who is studying intently, felt disturbed. He looked back at Ya Wei, and then he saw Mu Yi Fan and Zhan Bei Tian at the door.

He immediately smiled, “What's the matter with you?"

Zhan Bei Tian came up and said, “I want you to check Mu-Mu up."

Shen Qin Yang asked, “Do you want me to check the virus in his body?"

“Yeah, you can draw some blood from him for research."

Shen Qin Yang's eyes brightened: “Really? In fact, I always wanted to use Mu-Mu’s blood to study and have a look. Because I'm afraid that you don't agree with me, I haven't opened this port. Now I can draw the blood of Mu-Mu. I believe that I can develop the medicine faster. "

Mu Yi Fan put out his right arm up-front: “As long as you work out the medicine, you can take as much as you want."

Shen Qin Yang looked at Mu Yi Fan's pale arm and almost drooled: “I heard about your right hand being cut off before, how can it grow so fast?"

He can't help but reach out and touch it. Seeing that he is going to touch Mu Yi Fan's arm, suddenly, Zhan Bei Tian slapped him on the back of his hand.

Zhan Bei Tian said in a low voice: “I take back what I said just now, Mu-Mu body doesn't need your examination."

Shen Qin Yang returned to his thoughts and howled: “Bei Tian, I'm just looking at his arm. You're not jealous of this, are you? Besides, I do it for the benefit of all mankind."

Zhan Bei Tian sneered: “For the benefit of all mankind?"

“Yes, you think Mu-Mu healing power is so powerful. After being cut off, it can grow back on his own. So, I want to see more of his arms. Maybe I can study and transfer the ability self-healing to humans in the future."

Mu Yi Fan said with a smile, “That's a good idea. I support you."

Shen Qin Yang quickly said: “Bei Tian, you see that Mu-Mu supports me, so you should not be so stingy."

Zhan Bei Tian said, “You should examine him first."

“No problem."

Shen Qin Yang excitedly took Mu Yi Fan to the next lab and shouts to the people who are doing the experiment: “Researcher Duan, I want to borrow this lab, can you go out for a while and come back to do the research later?"

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