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Number One Zombie Wife

Number One Zombie  Wife «第一尸妻» Di Yi Shi Qi

Author: Jin Yuan Bao


Transmigrating in his novels, Mu Yi Fan says he's tangled!

Transmigrating to his own novels and becomes a zombie, Mu Yi Fan said very tangled!

Transmigrating in his own novel, he becomes a Zombie King, who killed the Male Protagonist, and the Male Protagonist was reborn to revenge for his death a month before he actually died. Mu Yi Fan says he was not calm about it at all!

So, he decided to kill the Male Protagonist before he was reborn!


Wait, what's the rhythm?

Wasn't he writing science fiction?

How did it become a Danmei?

Keywords: Number one zombie wife: Number one zombie  wife, Jin Yuanbao, the end of the world, zombie, power, rebirth, transmigration into a book, time and space, 1v1



  1. Thank u so much for ur hardwork translator daren.Rest well. Love it

  2. This is a very good novel. You are also an outstanding translator. Thank you very much for your hard work ��

  3. Nice couple i guess, n thanks for your hard work

  4. No jokes, but I'm really grateful to you. Thank you ��

  5. I loved it.....hope you can't write future..... looking forward to your work

  6. Thank you for translating this wonderful novel 😍😍

  7. Thank you Translatenya !! Fighting ^-^

  8. Hi! Is it just me, because the links are not working.

  9. Hello. Good day. I don't know what happened but suddenly I cannot open some chapters. I cannot open chapter 155.


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