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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 339: Their opinions

Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi
Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 339: Their opinions

Sun Zi Hao thought that Zhan Nan Tian’s body was keeping the zombie king's soul, which was the amazing secret of the Zhan Family. He immediately opened his mouth and said, “Boss, we won't tell this story."

Xiang Guo and the others were back to their thoughts and said, “Boss, don't worry, we will never talk about it."

Zhan Bei Tian: “……”

In the words just now, it doesn't seem to mean that, does it?

Zhan Bei Tian added. “I know you won't pass it on, but that's not what I'm talking about."

Sun Zi Hao wondered, “What does boss want to say?"

Zhan Bei Tian glanced at the faces of the four of them: “Counting the time, we have been working together for nearly ten years. On the surface, I am your superior and your Major General. You should obey my arrangement in all aspects. But for me, you are my brothers and comrades who have lived and died with me. Therefore, I will also care about your ideas if there is anything you are thinking I have done wrong."

He frowned and continued: “When I choose to come to Shui city and announce to you that we will live with zombies in the future, you should know who my future partner will be. In the future, as long as you stay with me, you will have frequent contact with my partner. However, you have quite big opinions on my partner in your heart. Take advantage of the present, and tell me what you think of my partner. I want to know what kind of person my partner is in your heart? You should know that in my heart, I really hope that you can respect my partner and even hope that you can get along peacefully. So, just say what you have and don't worry about what my reaction."

Sun Zi Hao and they turn their heads slightly and looked at each other without making a sound.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at one or two of them and said, “Sun Zi Hao, you go first."

Sun Zi Hao was a little embarrassed: “Boss, that...That...”

“Say whatever you have. Don't be afraid I’m going be annoyed."

Sun Zi Hao whispered, “I'm afraid that after boss get unhappy, the temperature will drop to below zero."

With a puff, Xiang Guo couldn't help laughing.

Lu Lin and Mao Yu couldn't help laughing at each other.

Zhan Bei Tian raised his eyebrows.

“Boss, that's what you asked me and I had to say. So you can't be annoyed about it.”


Sun Zi Hao thought for a while and then said: “Boss, what kind of person was Mu Yi Fan before? You know, he had a gloomy face every day. It seemed that people all over the world have wronged him, and his mind is insidious and vicious. His mistrustfulness is also very strong. He has made us nearly die in the battlefield while taking advantage of being on a mission for many times. Therefore, we especially hate him, and even want to beat him hard, even if he was not wronged for killing him. However, since we met again after he retired from the army, he has become very cheerful and even willing to help others. Even if he became a zombie, he did not degenerate to cannibalism like other zombies, nor did he use his own virus to harm anyone. In a word, he has completely become a new person, if it was not his face or his previous appearance, or if it is not admitted by him. I would think it’s not Mu Yi Fan, and I think he's someone else. "

He scratched his head: “It may be that we are deeply traumatized with him before, so we still can't let it go. However, we don't hate him as much as before, and our views are slowly changing. Especially after the zombie wave, we have a different way of thinking about him. However, we still have a little bit of vigilance against him in our mind, fearing that he will treat me or our comrades in arms do something bad, boss. I know you want us to accept him in our hearts, but it will take a little more time. "

Zhan Bei Tian nodded.

He also didn't expect Sun Zi Hao have another view on Mu Yi Fan in a short year. Now they have made a great change on Mu Yi Fan, which is quite good.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at Lu Lin: “What about you?"

Lu Lin said: “My idea is similar to Sun Zi Hao's, but my impression of Mu Yi Fan was a little better than Sun Zi Hao's. Maybe it's because I observed him carefully. I think boss will like Mu Yi Fan and become a partner with Mu Yi Fan. It must be because Mu Yi Fan was something special, or Mu Yi Fan's temperament has changed dramatically, which makes boss fall in love with him. In a word, I believe in boss's vision."

Sun Zi Hao cut: “Are you flattering the boss?"

“I'm telling the truth." Lu Lin turned to Mao Yu: “Mao Yu, you are the most intelligent and observant among us. What do you think of Mu Yi Fan?"

Mao Yu turned to Xiang Guo: "Xiang Guo, what do you think of Mu Yi Fan now?"

Xiang Guo said with a wry face. “It's just that he doesn't feel as annoying as he used to." 

Mao Yu said his opinion after listening: “Boss, the change on Mu Yi Fan was very big. It's just like changing a person entirely. If the event of the Second Young Master Zhan just now is true, then it’s true that other person's soul can take another person’s body, then I also want to doubt whether another person's soul has also take over Mu Yi Fan's body, which will make his temperament change so much."

Haha." Sun Zi Hao immediately smiled and said, “Mao Yu, I didn't know you had such a rich imagination."

Mao Yu glances at him and decides to look at Zhan Bei Tian.

Because he thought the premise of Zhan Bei Tian was that the hall is paved for something.

Zhan Bei Tian asked, “What if I said yes?"

Mao Yu, Xiang Guo and Lu Lin were stunned.

Sun Zi Hao smiled: “Boss, are you kidding?"

“Do you think I'm joking?"

Zhan Bei Tian didn't want to talk about it at first, but just now since Zhan Nan Tian was not the original Zhan Nan Tian, it's time to talk about it.

Sun Zi Hao looked at Zhan Bei Tian's serious face and shook his head.

Mao Yu wondered: “Boss, Mu Yi Fan is not the original Mu Yi Fan, but lives in another person's soul?"

It seemed that only such an explanation can explain why Mu Yi Fan has changed so much, and why boss likes Mu Yi Fan regardless of the past.

“How could it be?" Sun Zi Hao doesn't quite believe: “If the soul of another person has been changed in Mu Yi Fan body, where is the real Mu Yi Fan?"

Lu Lin and Xiang Guo frowned.

In their hearts of hearts, they all guessed if what Zhan Bei Tian said is true or false?

Will boss tell such a lie in order to let them accept Mu Yi Fan? However, the boss they know will never do such a thing.

Sun Zi Hao's words made Mao Yu think of something, and he immediately opened his eyes to Zhan Bei Tian: “Boss, the real soul of Mu Yi Fan would not be have gone to Zhan Second Young Master Zhan, right?"

They were stunned.

Zhan Bei Tian said faintly. “Yes.”

Sun Zi Hao they were so shocked that they couldn't speak.

Before that, they wondered why Zhan Second Young Master, who had always been gentle, suddenly changed his temper. Not only did the zombie wave cause many security areas to be occupied, but he also attacked Lieutenant General Zhan Lei Gang, who was his eldest uncle. It turned out that the soul of Mu Yi Fan had entered Zhan Second Young Master Zhan's body.

Now in retrospect, when the Zhan Second Young Master was smiling, it was quite similar to the original Mu Yi Fan’s smile.

Xiang Guo has been back to his mind and screamed in anger: “Boss, did you know that the soul in Mu Yi Fan's body is not the original Mu Yi Fan? Since you already know that, why didn't you tell us? "

Zhan Bei Tian asked him, “If I had said it earlier, would you believe it? Won't you think it's a lie I made up for you to accept Mu Yi Fan? "

Xiang Guo said nothing at once.

Just now, for a moment, there was such an idea. However, it soon disappeared.

Sun Zi Hao asked foolishly, “Who is the person in Mu Yi Fan now?"

Zhan Bei Tian took a look at Sun Zi Hao and didn't answer this question. Since it's up to now, there's no need to explain Mu Yi Fan's business: “We'll be very busy in the next few days, so you'll have a good rest today, but from tomorrow, you'll hurry up to repair the bridge gate, make a record of registration for people in the Shui city, arrange their accommodation, and now the vacant rooms are special many, can let them choose the room that they like well in the designated range, but, in the future, when they change the room, they have to use the grain and crystal core, as well as achievements to change it. "


"Go down."

Four people quit the room, Sun Zi Hao immediately whispered: “Mao Yu, is there really another soul in Mu Yi Fan?"

Mao Yu nodded and said, “I believe what boss said."

Sun Zi Hao turned to Xiang Guo and Lu Lin: “What about you?"

Lu Lin said: “Boss doesn't need to lie us. Besides, Mu Yi Fan is different now."

Xiang Guo nodded and asked Sun Zi Hao, “Do you believe it?"

“Of course, I believe that... It's just a little weird."

Mao Yu asked, “How weird."

“His appearance is clearly the Mu Yi Fan we hate. Now I suddenly say that the soul is not, which makes it difficult for me to face him with a good attitude for a while."

Mao Yu put his hand on his shoulder with a funny voice: “Boss didn't ask us change our attitude. We just need to treat him the same as before. Don't think too much."


Four people went to the hall and saw Mu Yi Fan, who was joking with Gao Fei, and stopped at the same time.

Mu Yi Fan grinned and rubbed Wang Bing's head, saying, “Wang Bing, if they bully you again in the future, you will tell your grandfather and he will punish them well."

Wang Bing nodded excitedly.

“So, you should hold your grandpa's thigh well in the future."

Wang Bing's face was dazed: “Holding his thighs?"

He hugged Mu Yi Fan's thigh: “Mommy, is that how you hold it?"

“Yes, yes, that's it. Hold it all the time."

The others laughed.

Yi Fan, you're too bad," Deng Xiao Yi said. “Be careful, when Admiral Mu knows. He will cut your skin."

“My dad doesn't dare, so does Grandpa right?" Mu Yi Fan asked Mu Xiao Hu with a smile.

Mu Xiao Hu cooperated and said, “If he dares to peel you, I'll peel him."

Everyone is happy again.

Mu Yi Fan glanced at Mao Yu and the others looked at themselves. They stopped laughing and asked, “Mao Yu, what are you doing?"

Mao Yu, they were back to their senses and coughed uneasily: “It's OK, it's OK, Mu Yi Fan, you have a good rest, we are going out to be busy."

With that, four left the hall in a hurry.

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