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Feng Mang, Chapter 6: What is the important part!

Feng Mang锋芒》The Talent
Feng Mang, Chapter 6: What is the important part!
Han Dong took Li Shang to his temporary residence, and the two chatted as they walked.

“What part did you play?” Li Shang asked.
Han Dong said, “I've played a lot. I've played an important role in the remake of Journey to the West.”
Li Shang is interested. “What's the important role?”
Han Dong eyebrows rose, “You guess.”
Li Shang watched the TV play, but because it was full of faces, not many normal faces, it was difficult to guess. He muttered: “Important characters... It must not be Monkey King... “
“Although it's not the monkey king, it's closely related to him!”
Li Shang was surprised. “Can it be a six eared macaque?”
“My so-called relationship does not refer to the image, but to the opponent's play!”
“And the adversaries?” Li Shang throws envious eyes at Han Dong.” the monkey king is a first-line actor. How can you play against the big stars? You're not the Third Prince of East Sea Dragon Palace, are you?”
Han Dong shook his head. “Guess again.”
“The devil of the ox? Too white Venus? Lord Lao Zi? Tota king? Erlang God? Monsters?” At last, even Princess Tiefan was almost forced out of him, Han Dong shook his head.
“The roles you mentioned are all approved in advance. I'm an extra actor and recruited temporarily. Can I play those roles?”
Li Shang thinks about it, “So what did you play?”                                                                          
“I'm the heavyweight rescuer invited by the monkey king of Huaguo Mountain when he was in danger. He would have been finished without me!”
“You... You would not be playing the golden staff, did you?” Li Shang was stunned.
Han Dong swept over with a fist. “You are so good at playing the golden staff!”
Li Shang laughed and coughed, “Well... Who's is that then?”
Han Dong said in a loud voice: “I'm the first monkey that popped out when the great sage blew monkey hair!”
Li Shang almost choked. “Can that be considered be called adversary drama?”
“Why don't you call it adversary play? I have a line.”
“What line?”
Han Dong stands in monkey voice, “King!”
Li Shang wiped his forehead with cold sweat. “It's an important part, but I don't think it's appropriate for you to act as a monkey. You should act as your king's mouth.”
“What do you mean?” Han Dong squinted at him.
Li Shang laughed, “You can blow it!”
“Who blew it with you?” Han Dong slowly placed a cigarette, “You need to find the right position. We are performing in groups. It's not easy to have a line. How many people have performed more than ten plays without even a single scene! When I get back to where I live, I'll show you the scenes I've participated in. You can't even see them!”
As soon as Li Shang was about to speak, he heard a whistle from Han Dong.
“Hey, beauty, take a look. Give me a phone number without charge.”
The beauty glared at Han Dong, “Pervert.”
Han Dong still stared at her with unbridled eyes. He turned his face to Li Shang and chuckled with half of his cigarette end in his mouth. His tone is full of relish, “Little whore, dressed like that... “
Li Shang has to admit that the person who just told him about Han Dong was really right to the point!