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Feng Mang, Chapter 10: Within ten days

Feng Mang锋芒》The Talent
Feng Mang, Chapter 10: Within ten days

At 12 noon, Feng Jun, who is Wang Zhong Ding's assistant, came out of the elevator with a solemn face, holding a document in his hand. Twenty meters away from Wang Zhong Ding's office, he stopped, and the temperature in his eyes fell to the freezing point.

A new female cleaner is mopping the floor at the door. It's said that Wang Zhong Ding has a high demand for sanitation. She specially started the work ahead of time. She cleaned the floor back and forth, without any hesitation.
Feeling Feng Jun's gaze, the female worker smiled and said, “Manager Feng.”
Feng Jun said, “You don't have to come tomorrow.”
“Why?” The female worker froze.
“It's lunch break. Didn't anyone remind you that Mr. Wang doesn’t want to hear anything while he's sleeping?”
“I'm only ten minutes ahead of time,” the woman pleaded.
“Mr. Wang's rest time is measured in seconds.”
“But I didn't go in to disturb him. I was cleaning outside all this time, and I was very light.”
Feng Jun replied coldly: “The office door is 17 meters to the left and 14 meters to the right, which are all in Mr. Wang's hearing coverage area. In this area, he must have counted as many steps as you walked.”
The female worker became angry. “How could it be so detailed? Does he thinkmoney is great? Walk away and not come back! Don't say ten thousand a month to this old lady. You could give me hundred thousand. I won't work for you!”
Feng Jun reached out expressionless, “Please.”
The female worker couldn't swallow this tone. Before she left, she splashed at the door of the office. “Pretend to be something! I wish you find a wife who sleep and make loud snores and sleepwalks... “
Feng Jun picked up his mobile phone and said to the manager of the personnel department: “Who recruited the cleaner from area C on the 18th floor? Let him get rid of her!”
Hung up the phone, Feng Jun looked at the following table, two minutes before the end of the break, he stood still and walked towards the door two minutes later.
Wang Zhong Ding was sitting on the office chair, his mental state seems to be a little bad indeed.
“Didn't you sleep well?” Feng Jun asked.
Wang Zhong Ding doesn't matter, “It's fine, I was not very sleepy.”
“How can you not be sleepy? You had a night's flight yesterday. Why don't you go to sleep again?”
“No.” Wang Zhong Ding asked directly. “What can I do for you?”
Feng Jun handed over the document. “Have a look.”
The eye-catching title came into view: “New star and CEO of Zhong Ding Film and Television Company with the woman who is expected to play the lead No. 1 female blockbuster of the year.”
The picture was taken by a reporter secretly. Through a glass, you can still see the scene of “very happy conversation” between Tao Yun Yun and Wang Zhong Ding clearly. The news of Zhong Ding Company has always been published by “Internal” reporters. The outsiders can also capture such concealed content properly, this means it was obviously arranged in advance.
The editor in chief of Jingshang Entertainment received the manuscript and called Feng Jun to inquire about the specific situation. He quickly killed the manuscript when he learned that it was not the “original intention” of the company to publish it.
“Say is she stupid, she's still excited.” Feng Jun hummed and laughed, “How dare you fire the news?”
Wang Zhong Ding looked at it for a long time before he said, “Look at it.”
Liang Jing heard the news outside and rushed back to the company.
“Mr. Wang, I didn't know she could do such a thing! I don't know her very well. One of my uncle's friends has to introduce her to me. The elder's face is not easy to refute. I... “
Wang Zhong Ding raised his hand and interrupted, “You're too tired. Take a good rest for a few days. You don't need to worry about the movie for the moment.”
As soon as Liang Jing heard this, his heart was cold. Wang Zhong Ding's words “Have a good rest” meant that he would withdraw from the “supervising” seat of the film.
“Mr. Wang!” Liang Jing clenched his fists and his eyes were pressing, “Please give me another chance.”
“Why should I give you a chance?”
Liang Jing took a deep breath. “In two weeks, I'll bring man one to you.”
Wang Zhong Ding looked at Liang Jing and said, “Ten days.”
Liang Jing gnawed his teeth and nodded, “OK.”
At the moment of turning around and going out, Liang Jing's mind suddenly burst. Damn it, I must find that man! Even if you can't find it, you have to “Make” such a person to cut meat!

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