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Feng Mang, Chapter 3: Article “Unjustly ridiculed.”

Feng Mang锋芒》The Talent
Feng Mang, Chapter 3: Article “Unjustly ridiculed.”

A luxurious private car was driving slowly on the road. The people sitting in the car are Liang Jing, the ace producer of Zhong Ding film and Television Company, and Tao Yun Yun, a new actress with a hard backing.

Liang Jing has been a producer, a director and a lot of masterpieces, so it's needless to say that he has power in the circle. But this time, he had to make an exception and tell Tao Yun Yun a few things.
“This film is planned by Mr. Wang himself. The main roles are all determined by him. There is no the film director input at all. Don't think about the leading female actor. There is a more pleasant role in it. Can you fight for it? It depends on your performance today. You know, Mr. Wang never sees actors alone. Today I won half an hour for you on the basis that you will be talking about movies.”
Tao Yun Yun's teeth nibbled at the red lips. “Then... Do Mr. Wang have any special hobbies?”
“If you have a special hobby kill it. He is a very simple and serious person. Even if you really want to hide things, you hide them deep where he can probe.”
Tao Yun Yun still didn't feel at ease, “So he always has something to hate, right? Can you tell me what kind of character he hates? Lest I touch the minefield then.”
Liang Jing thought for a moment and said cautiously: “First, he hates the people who are playful, lecherous and unscrupulous. Although this is aimed at men, you should also be dignified and decent. Second, he hates the people who are boastful and feel good about themselves. You must pay attention to low-key humbleness. Third, he hates the people who are slow-moving and who are relentless and endless chattering. You'd better speak and do things in a more efficient way. Fourth, he hates the people whose thoughts are too out there. Fifth, he is an atheist. He hates all that God's nagging. Don't make superstitious remarks.”
Tao Yun Yun's head felt like this was too much. “Oh, my God, is he too much on requests?”
“How much more?” Liang Jing curled his mouth, “Do you know what size he wants in a man? Height 1.80, hip 102.9, thigh 58.5, calf 51.7, one inch more or one inch less.”
Tao Yun Yun's eyes are wide. “Isn't it? He is that rigid?”
“I can't help it. He comes from a scientific background and has a perverse obsession with data. In addition, there are quite a lot of action scenes and leg scenes of the No. 1 leading man in the movie. This is large-scale production with fine pictures and strong emphasis on visual effects.”
“Then he'd better go straight to the models, “Tao Yun Yun said.
Liang Jing hummed and laughed, “Do you think I haven't looked for one? The problem is that none of the models can fit into this measure! During this period of time, I chose a corner and decided to look for this character. My brain is full of data. I can basically visualize your 3D data at a glance.”
“Really?” Tao Yun Yun remained skeptical.
Liang Jing confidently reported three numbers, “93, 62, 95.”
Tao Yun Yun covered her mouth. “You... How much torture did you have to endure to become an eye scanner?”
“I doubt that he just wanted to live with me. Where can I find such a precise figure? How can 180's height grow 110's long legs? How can they achieve a hip circumference of 103? Even if both of them are reached, 58.5 ratio? 51.7? Even if it is placed in the mold, it may not be so precise. It's troublesome... Make trouble... “
Liang Jing was lamenting outside the window when his face went pale.
There were two long legs hanging upside down on the guardrail. The bare waist perfectly highlights the sexy Tun part wrapped by baby pants. 180, 102:9, 58.5, 51.7... If it wasn't for the eyes sockets, Liang Jing's eyes would have sprung out.
“Quick, turn from the front and turn around the side lane for me!” “