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Feng Mang, Chapter 4: Digital control

Feng Mang锋芒》The Talent
Feng Mang, Chapter 7: I don't believe I can't catch you!

Coming to an apartment, Han Dong said, “Here we are.”
“Oh, this place is not bad.” Li Shang was surprised. “The location is very good, and the property is quite new.”
Han Dong laughed. “I'm poor and picky because I don't have money, but I'm never willing to treat myself badly.”
Li Shang went up and found that the 100 square meter room was divided into ten compartments, which did not include the public bathroom and kitchen. Han Dong lived in one of them, that is to say, group rental, which was slightly better than the basement.
“Come on in.” Han Dong, open the door for Li Shang.
Li Shang is so ashamed that the whole room can't be simply described as “Messy”. Almost everything is piled on the ground. Rubber leather, newspapers and magazines, bottles, cans, clothes and snacks... Where can I put my feet?
“I left in a hurry in the morning and didn't have time to clean up, “Han Dong said. “Find a place to sit.”
Li Shang looked around. There is no chair. Where can I sit?
Han Dong picked up a piece of rubber skin from the rags, slapped on it a few times, and an inflatable stool came out.
Li Shang asked, “Where do you sleep at night? Make a bed on the floor?”    
“Isn't there a bed?”
Han Dong blew again for a while, an inflatable mattress came out, and a few more times, the inflatable pillow came out.
Li Shang swallows and spits, “You're not going to inflate this computer, are you?”
Han Dong cast a cold eye at him, “Yes, even I am inflated.”
Li Shang turned on the computer at will. Because of the slow start-up speed, he took advantage of this time to look around again. There is really no decent furniture, except that inflation, which can be folded, and all the plastic is rubber. After more than ten minutes, looking at the computer screen, it has not turned on yet.
My God... Li Shang is so sad that he dare to be picky about this life? If this is a little bit cruel to oneself, still can't live in cesspit?
“My room is good except for its poor sound insulation.” Han Dong is quite satisfied.
Li Shang asked, “How bad is sound insulation?”
Just after the question, the room with three walls made a faint sound, “We use one alarm clock in 10 rooms.”
Li Shang, “... “
Han Dong dragged the mouse, “Let me show you the movie I've made. Let's watch this first. My shot is a little more at 11th minute.” then he dragged it to 10th minute.
Li Shang waited with great expectation, but in 12th minute, Han Dong asked him, “Have you seen it?”
“Ah?” Li Shang blinked, “Did it just appear? I didn't pay attention!”
“You didn't see that clear action scene? Drag it back, drag it back, you have to focus.”
Li Shang didn't even blink this time, but he didn't catch it.
“Otherwise, when it came to your scene, you can help me pause, “Li Shang said.
By more than 11 minutes, Han Dong jabbed the mouse violently, and the result was earlier.
Keep playing, click again, “fxck, we passed it over.”
Drag it back to the point, “It's early again.”
Fxck, it's late again.”
“... “
Han Dong rolled his sleeves and rubbed his hands. “I don't believe I can't catch you!”
This time, he wanted to be quick and accurate... The computer crashed.
“It's OK, let's restart, “Han Dong said.
Li Shang has a pain in his heart. He finally understood what Han Dong's “Can't see”. According to the difficulty of capturing and the configuration of the computer, the two scenes were searched for a night.