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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 342: You're asking me about my privacy

Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi
Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 342: You're asking me about my privacy

Duan Yuan Hong, who was concentrating on his research, heard someone call him, looked up and said, “OK, here I am..."

When he saw Mu Yi Fan standing next to Shen Qin Yang, his words suddenly stopped, and his eyes were flustered. He thought that if he wanted to stay in the Shui city, he should not be afraid of the zombies living in the Shui city, so he quickly returned to his calmness and said, “I'm going out now."

There was a tremor of fear in his voice, but Shen Qin Yang didn't hear it, Mu Yi Fan did.

Duan Yuan Hong put down the dropper with a light hand, came to Shen Qin Yang's front, nodded with Mu Yi Fan, and left the lab.

Mu Yi Fan glanced at his back and asked in a low voice, “Was that Duan Yuan Hong just now?"

If the other party is wearing both a hat and a mask, he can only be distinguished from the sound.

“Yes." Shen Qin Yang thought of Mu Yi Fan and they were very wary of Duan Yuan Hong, and said: “Don't worry, I always monitor him. He can't move his hands and feet in the medicine without my knowledge. Every time he researches out the medicine, I will ask for the ingredients, and I will experiment them once in person, so that he won't have the chance to infiltrate. What did he do to make you so defensive?"

Now everyone knows that Mu Yi Fan was a zombie, so Mu Yi Fan zombie ness was not a taboo subject: “The reason why I become a zombie is that Duan Yuan Hong secretly stole the zombie virus and gave it to Mu Yi Hang, and then Mu Yi Hang found someone to inject the virus into my body."

Shen Qin Yang took a deep breath of disbelief and asked, “How could he take the virus out of the lab without permission?"

No wonder Zhan Bei Tian’s people keep a close eye on Duan Yuan Hong all the time. It seemed that he should be more careful about this man in the future. When the research of drugs is successful, he will be expelled from the Research Institute. People with unclean hands and feet’s like this can't stay.

Shen Qin Yang was especially angry at the thought that the zombie virus would spread before the end of the world, it was possibly related to Duan Yuan Hong: “Mu-Mu, don't worry, I will keep an eye on him."

Mu Yi Fan nodded.

He knows that Shen Qin Yang likes to play and joke around, but he is also a terrible person seriously.

Shen Qin Yang drew a small tube of black blood from Mu Yi Fan's arm. As soon as the needle left Mu Yi Fan's arm, the pinhole disappears without a trace. He can't help but touch Mu Yi Fan's arm for a few times: “The more it work together, the faster it will be. If I cut a knife on your chest, how long will it take you to recover?"

“Depends on the extent of the wound. If it's not deep, it may heal instantly. If it's very deep, it will take several seconds."

Shen Qin Yang's face envied: “Then you can't die?"

Mu Yi Fan jokingly said: "Zombies are not immortals, how can they not die."

“Let me ask you curiously." Shen Qin Yang went close to Mu Yi Fan's ear and whispers, “How do you and Bei Tian have sex? Won't your virus infect him? Or do you use condoms to prevent infection? "

Mu Yi Fan said in a low voice, “How do you make love with others? How do we make love? Or do you make love in a different way?"

Shen Qin Yang huffed and puffed, “You want to check on my privacy, boy?"

Mu Yi Fan smiled and said, “You're asking me about my privacy."

“OK, OK, OK, I won't ask. I'll do my research."

Shen Qin Yang scoffed, turned around and sat down, and began to study Mu Yi Fan's blood.

Mu Yi Fan didn't disturb him. He left the lab and went back to Zhan Bei Tian.

Zhan Bei Tian was staring at Ya Wei, his eyes were very cold. Seeing Mu Yi Fan coming back, he just slightly rises back to a little sneer: “How about it? What did Qin Yang say?"

“He's checking my blood. It's going to take a while for the results." Mu Yi Fan looked at Ya Wei and spoke to Zhan Bei Tian: “Since you don't want to see Ya Wei so much, why don't you kill him and bring him back for research?"

Zhan Bei Tian narrowed his eyes: “Ordinary zombies can't satisfy him, let alone easily let him, but to give him a happy days, he will keep them to do research."

In the last life, among Pan Ren Zhe and the others, Ya Wei and Ye Shu were the best torturers. They would use all kinds of methods to make people want die and still keep them alive. Finally, they would swallow people into their stomach.

Several of his subordinates were killed by Ya Wei, so he also wanted Ya Wei to taste the taste of being tortured.

At this time, Shen Qin Yang came up from the next lab and said, “Bei Tian, I've checked it out. Come with me."

Zhan Bei Tian and Mu Yi Fan follow Shen Qin Yang to the next lab.

Shen Qin Yang looked solemn: “You can see these two microscopes. On the right is the blood virus test of the zombie next door. On the left is Mu-Mu. According to the microscope, the virus activity, evolution, mutant and other aspects in Mu-Mu body are hundreds of times higher than those of the zombie next door. If we can remove the virus in Mu-Mu, I'm afraid that the concentration of the medicine needs to be heavier than that of the ordinary medicine. Moreover, it will not necessarily be able to remove the virus. We need to find a zombie of the same level as Mu-Mu for research. Only in this way can we do this... Slowly untangle the virus. "

Looking for a zombie of the same rank?

That's not like it’s easy to go looking for another zombie king. It's impossible.

Zhan Bei Tian and Mu Yi Fan took a look at each other, and he asked: “If you can't find the same zombie as Mu-Mu, how would you study it?"

“If we can't find it, we can only complain that Mu-Mu will cooperate with us to check and solve the virus after we have officially developed the anti-virus."

Zhan Bei Tian said. “It's not the same as studying Mu-Mu."

“No, no, no, it's not research." Shen Qin Yang noticed Zhan Bei Tian's displeased look, and immediately explained: “Since we have developed a drug, we only need to remove the virus in Mu-Mu body according to the dosage of Mu-Mu body, so we are treating Mu-Mu in his own way."

Speaking of this, he sighed: “It's a good thing that Mu-Mu healing power is fast, but it's not good for us when we are trying to get rid of the virus."

Mu Yi Fan asked in time, “What do you say?"

“The virus in your body has mutated, and the regeneration ability is very rapid. Maybe it's because of this that your wound will heal faster. If we can eliminate the virus, and it's really necessary that we have to remove them with a strong medicine."

Zhan Bei Tian asked, “If that's what you said, would it have side effects on Mu-Mu?"

If there are bad side effects, he doesn't think it's necessary to remove the virus from Mu-Mu, as long as the two people live happily he is good with that.

“We haven't found any side effects at present, at least we didn't see any adverse reactions in the zombies you caught for me." Shen Qin Yang sighed again: "Unfortunately, I didn't bring the zombie I studied to Shui city because I was in a hurry."

Mu Yi Fan said. “I can go to the B City and bring them."

Shen Qin Yang shook his head: “I can't use them now. Bring them here just because I want to show you my research results. It's no big use. My purpose is to study the senior zombies next door. Of course, if you can catch two more senior zombies for me, it's better."

Mu Yi Fan: “……”

Zhan Bei Tian asked, “Why two high-level zombies?"

“Of course, when we study them, we should see if there are any different reactions between them. If the reaction is consistent, it will prove that our research is successful."

Mu Yi Fan thought for a moment and asked, “If you take me and use me for research, and then successfully develop a drug, does it mean that other zombies can also have the virus removed?"

Word fells, only to be swept by Zhan Bei Tian immediately cold eye.

Mu Yi Fan spit out his tongue: “I'm just assuming that, I won't really do that."

He doesn't want to be locked in space by Zhan Bei Tian.

Shen Qin Yang said, “I can only guarantee that it works against your lower level zombies."

Mu Yi Fan Oh, dare not say anything more, otherwise, he will be frozen to death by Zhan Bei Tian’s eyes.

Zhan Bei Tian said: “Continue to study, I will solve the problem of senior zombies. We have something else to do, so we won't stay here more. Next time I will ask you and Jun Lin to come out for dinner."


Shen Qin Yang took them out of the lab building.

When Zhan Bei Tian got on the car, he took out his satellite mobile phone and called Lu Lin: “Lu Lin, you go to tell Zheng Jia Ming that if he wants to live in he Shui city with his father, he must go to the research institute with Zhuang Zi Yue to cooperate with the research team which is conducting the research on the drugs to remove the virus."

Hearing this, Mu Yi Fan looked at Zhan Bei Tian in surprise, opened his mouth and wanted to say something. However, thinking that Zhan Bei Tian didn't kill them it immediately has become a great tolerance, so he doesn't ask for help for them anymore.

Soon after Zhan Bei Tian hung up, Lu Lin's call came.

“Boss, Zheng Jia Ming said he would like to go to the research institute to study, but he hoped that boss would agree to two conditions."

Zhan Bei Tian narrowed his black eyes: “How dare he ask?"

“Yes, he said it's OK to go to the Research Institute, but he hopes to have absolute freedom, just like researchers in the research institute have working hours, and after researchers get off work, he also hopes to go back to accompany his father."

Zhan Bei Tian did not immediately agree: “What about the second condition?"

“He hopes that Mu Yi Fan can connect Zhuang Zi Yue's limbs with the light power or the water power to restore his previous mobility."

“Isn't Zhuang Zi Yue a senior zombie? His healing ability should not be bad. How can he not even connect his own arms? "

Lu Lin explained: "Zheng Jia Ming said that Zhuang Zi Yue's healing ability decreased because of the work of the talisman in the tomb."

Zhan Bei Tian was silent.

Lu Lin couldn't wait for a response, and cautiously asked, “Boss, do you want to let them in?"

Zhan Bei Tian asked, “Lu Lin, if it was you, would you let them in?"

Mu Yi Fan at his side saw that Zhan Bei Tian was thinking of the last life. He reached out and put his hand on the back of Zhan Bei Tian's hand on the steering wheel, holding it a little harder for comfort.

Zhan Bei Tian turned to look at him, and in turn grabbed his hand.

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