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Blood Contract, Chapter 29: Bats out of Hell

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter 29: Bats out of Hell

Whoo... Suck... Call... Suck...”
The heavy breathing occupied the area, the blood from the forehead blurred the vision, and the walking step was actually very heavy, the numbed wound had already made him feel no pain no more, but he could not stop, once stopped, there will be no strength to move forward.
There are towering trees all around. The dense flora covered most of the sunshine. The whole forest is full of strange breath. There must be some dangerous creatures hidden in the deep forest! But before encountering a creature that scares vampires, other things like wasps and ants are enough to kill him.
Zero knows that it will be very dangerous to continue walking, but at the back, it's vampires chasing him. If he stops, the blood will attract a group of wild animals and poisonous creatures.
The abdominal wound began to ache again, and the wound on the back was like a fire. Zero should be very glad that he didn't die under Kattsis's fury. The Prince level vampire was crazy, and the degree of terror made every cell of Zero immersed in fear. Until now, the beating of the heart was abnormal.
The vision became more and more blurred, and the physical strength was exhausted. Finally Zero was knocked down by a branch, and there was no strength to walk forward.
Zero just turned over and lay on his back with his heavy breath in his ear.
The fragments of sunlight are sprinkled on Zero's face through branches and leaves. Zero knows that death is always following him from the beginning of his understanding. Darkness has been with him since he adapted to living near death. But up to now, he still doesn't like the darkness, but he hates light more, because the darkness hidden under the light is more profound.
Father said don't believe anyone, especially the weak. He believed his father's words, and hated every word he said, because what he said is reality, and reality is always cruel.
If I let my father see me now, he will be very angry, dinner will be cancelled, instead of food it will be a whip.
Gasping for a while, Zero's eyes suddenly brightened, the sound of water! He heard the water!
Zero struggles to stand up and walk in the direction of the sound of water. Seeing the hope of life, Zero's will to survive is rekindled. Although his steps are still unstable, he believes that he can survive as long as he is close to the water source!
After Zero left, the blood stained plant blossomed and withered to dust.

Finally, he found the source of water. Zero fell down on the bank and poured a few mouthfuls of water. Water is the source of life. Zero's consciousness is clear. However, it seems that no amount of water can relieve hunger. At this time, a rabbit jumped out of the grass. Zero quickly took a stone and threw it, which ended the rabbit's life in an instant, without any pain to it.
Zero went over to the mentioned rabbit. When his eyes saw a red mark on the rabbit, suddenly his mind was blank... When Zero recovered consciousness, time and space are full of sweet blood...
Last night, after Ligier stabbed Zero, Zero did not hesitate to end his life, but it was not fatal injury to Zero, but it brought great pain to Zero.
All the noble vampires who attended the banquet were poisoned, but the guards who rushed in behind were not enough to stand and watch. After seeing Zero killing dozens of vampire soldiers, the vampires were even more surprised at his anger.
Under the light, Zero seems to be an elf killer in the night. It's beautiful and dangerous. The color of black and red is so dazzling. People even saw a smile on Zero's beautiful face, as if the soul of the night bathed in blood and killing enjoyed and danced his moving melody...
Zero's black hair reached over the waist, and the white shirt is more eye-catching and beautiful after being dyed with blood. Just when the elf danced the killing dance, there was a loud noise outside the door, and everyone's attention was attracted.
Hearing the gunshot, Zero quickly recognized what caused the loud noise. He was not surprised. A silver bullet swished across his shoulder and hit a vampire. The vampire made a shrill cry and burned it to powder!
”It's silver!”  Screamed the vampires, flustered.
It's true that vampires are afraid of silver. But Zero doesn't know that Childe is afraid, but he still pulled Allen down.
Then there were several shots, burning several vampire nobles.
“Who are they?” Zero asked. I thought Allen would know the identity of these people outside, but unfortunately he didn't even know.
”From the clothes they wore they are not from the church. They use silver, and certainly not from the Secret Party!” 
Another organization?
Obviously, the opponent is well-trained and uses firearms, but it can be used for two rounds after modification. The bullets are silver bullets. There are two firearm teams, one is in line at the gate, the other is on the back after firing, while the other is reloading uninterrupted, and the other is using silver sword. Under the cover of the fireman, the speed is like superman, close to the speed of Baron level vampires. Even power, and healing power?
Zero was surprised to see a man in a white military uniform hit by a vampire, and the wound healed automatically after 30 seconds.
”They have the smell of vampires! But it's not like vampires, "Allen said.
Several nobles of the Devil Association and the Princes also died in the count because of them making a mistake of thinking low of their enemies, and one of the Duke was seriously burned.
The Prince of Lesenberg was annoyed by the team. In a few minutes, the vampire of the Count, the Grand duke will no longer be controlled by the toxin, and no one will be able to escape at that time.
So Lesenberg took off his cloak and swept down several men in white uniforms. They had a red "K" embroidered on the back of their uniforms. It seemed that they were specially trained to kill vampires.
The Prince of Lesenberg threw a few dark magic spells and disrupted the formation of the Musketeers at the door. At this time, the nobles of the Devil Association showed their fangs and attacked them.

At this time, a man in a white military uniform was thrown in front of Zero. The man was badly hurt. A pair of arms had been burned black by black magic. Just when Zero thought he was dying, the man suddenly showed two fangs. In front of Zero's eyes, the man bit the neck of vampires beside him, and immediately the golden pupils turned bloody red. The muscles of his body were also red. Instant regrowth, like a strong weight lifter! Even the burned arm was regrown as good as before. Its body shape is twice as strong as before!
”Oh, Satan!”  Allen exclaimed, and Zero followed his eyes. A bloody lotus flower exploded on the ground. Allen's father, Lesenberg Prince, was forced to become a bat to avoid the attack!
The people who perform this magic are familiar with Zero, but now they feel strange.
Angel! He was also wearing a white uniform, but with a ribbon, it was obvious that he was one of the soldiers in the white uniform.
Angel has a silver firearm in his right hand and a ring finger in his left hand. A ring finger can throw an explosive magic spell. Compared with the usual weakness, Angel is now confident and arrogant, with a sneering smile on his mouth. Where is the weak slave Zero was used to?
”Honey, you don't have a good eye for people, "laughed Allen. But he didn't realize until now that Little Angie had such a dangerous and beautiful side.
When the Bureau with Angel saw that they had favorable situation, a black sphere suddenly burst in the center of the conference hall. The huge impact turned all the decorations in the conference hall into smoke in an instant, and those who didn't have time to escape also turned into ashes!
If it wasn't for the castle to be protected by a huge magic array, it would have been razed to the ground by now. Zero suffered the impact and broke several ribs! Fortunately, the broken rib did not pierce the internal organs.
Just when the explosion happened, Zero felt that every pore of his body was surrounded by the dark force of fear from top to bottom, from head to foot.
When the smoke cleared, it was Kattsis who stood in the center of the smoke Zero saw! His eyes had turned bloody red. At that time, Kattsis's figure flashed, and his claw like hand plunged into Zero's stomach. The latter eyes widened and made himself break down into several bats in a flash. Fortunately, the man Kattsis hit was Jimichi who became Zero like, and he became several bats to escape.
”Don't get close to him!”  Duke Alos crashed out of the room, warning the others.
”Crazy! Your betrayal seems to have stimulated him a lot!”  Allen smiled bitterly, and he was hurt a lot.
The explosion just now killed several people in the white uniform. Meanwhile, there were also casualties in vampires. It seems that there is no difference in killing!

Kattsis is the kind of bully who thinks he can only defeat the people in the world, and the people in the world can't defeat him. In a rage, he is even more like a God who goes around killing gods and ghosts.
”Cough... Cough... Hoo...”
”Captain!”  A member of the white uniform picked up Angel, who also suffered a lot of injuries.
”Give me the serum!”  Angel grabbed the syringe in his team's hand, then put a pin on his neck and poured all the blue liquid in the syringe into his body.
"Ah! ——”Angel screamed, his hands scratched the ground painfully, and his expression was distorted by the pain. But a moment later, he recovered his nature. A pair of golden eyes turned bloody red, which was similar to the team members who had just sucked the blood of vampires.
After Angel stood up, other members of the team also stood up one after another. Then Angel waved his hand and several beautiful side swords somersaulted of the team holding the swords and the flying approached Kattsis and surrounded him. The silver sword shook a few times in the air. Then the group quickly turned into a circle, and only a few fuzzy shadows could be seen with Zero's power level.
At this time, Jimichi's bat came close to Allen and turned back into a human shape, but this time it didn't look like Zero. Jimichi's real face is also very handsome. His long hair is white as Allen's, and his lips are red and teeth are white, which is a first-class beauty.
”Is there something wrong?” Jimichi asked.
“I’m not dead, "Allen said. “Who are these people?"
”This should be the vampire hunter in the secret newspaper! The non-human and non-vampire variants, the K behind them, is the abbreviation of "KILLER". They are the inner guards of the White Emperor! It's said that they can get the power and speed of vampires by sucking blood of vampires, and master white magic at the same time. However, it seems that it's not just the inner guard! According to this, the White Emperor declared war with the Pope. On the one hand, he was a defender, on the other, he was an alien. How lively!” 
“You can still laugh at this kind of situation!”  Allen gave him an annoyed look.
"So I can't laugh!”  Jimichi replied thoughtfully.
Kattsis didn't know what he had done. The vampire hunter, surrounded by his open hands, was all shaken out. At this time, Angel recognized the opportunity, waved his hands, and the firearm team touched and fired.
But Kattsis launched a black screen in front of him when the silver bullet attacked.
Angel's eyes were fierce. "Give me the gun!”  He took the gun and fired two shots. The two shots were shot very delicate and timely. The thrust of the latter  shotshot pushed the first shot through Kattsis's black screen and directly shot Kattsis's heart. Unfortunately, Kattsis put one hand on his chest to take the bullet down, and then threw the bullet smoothly, hitting Angel's shoulder.
Then the situation got out of control. Kattsis went crazy. He fought with the vampire hunters. He tore apart several people's bodies with his bare hands. Even those who stood far away could feel the strong anger. The Secret Party people also retreated to watch quietly and dare not approach Kattsis.
When the Devil Association saw this, they immediately wanted to escape, but the Secret Party people would not let them escape easily!
As soon as the two sides fight, the Zero position is exposed.
Kattsis has solved the vampire hunter. His whole body was covered with blood. He stood still and looked at Zero's eyes. There is a trace of betrayal in his anger.
Zero subconsciously stepped back, but his action was not as fast as Kattsis's. Kattsis suddenly approached and grabbed Zero's neck. Instantaneous anger was conveyed to every cell in Zero's whole body by the hand gripping Zero's neck.
Zero stared at a pair of eyes, although there is fear, but no trace of regret, and he even looked back firmly.
”I hate betrayal the most!”  Kattsis muttered these five words hoarsely.
Zero said nothing, and the fear of death once again enveloped him.
Then there was a roar that broke the world... The huge roar shattered the castle's glass, and audio sensitive bats fell to the ground, laying half of the castle's ground...
Zero didn't expect Kattsis to be angry to this extent. When he was dead, fortunately, the loyalty of vampires to blood oath was in the marrow. When Kattsis was about to kill Zero, Allen's father, the Prince of Lesenberg, threw Kattsis a black magic in time and saved Zero.
And then, almost a second later, the Prince of Lesenberg grabbed Zero and instantly disappeared into Giffen's castle!
Because of the situation, the momentary shift of the Prince of Lesenberg  was not accurate. When Zero opened his eyes, he stood alone on the big square of the central city of Camarilla Island (see the map).
Zero's unexpected landing didn't bring him good luck. A group of vampires surrounded him and attacked him. Zero was forced to fight back and fled with serious injuries. However, these vampires seemed to treat him as an intruder and pursued him continuously. Finally Zero had to flee into the Forbidden Forest of the territory of the God of Death, which is said to be Satan's habitat.
The author has something to say: JJ finally stopped smoking.


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