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Blood Contract, Chapter 30: Pervesive plants and chasing three eyed werewolves

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter 30: Pervesive plants and chasing three eyed werewolves

As night began to fall, Zero lit a bonfire by the river, skinned the rabbit, cleaned its internal organs, and then strung it on the branches to bake it.
The dry branches were crackling, and Zero leaned against the tree, looking tired.
Zero saw the night sky through the mottled shade of trees. Although they are not in the same space, the stars are not the same, but they are all beautiful.
The last time he looked at the stars so peacefully, it was in a desert where he couldn't see the edge.
The stars are as beautiful as before.
As the night darkened, the wild animals in the forest moved frequently. The blood of Zero's wound was indeed coveted by the wild animals. Zero turned up the fire light, surrounded by green and quiet eyes, and the wild animals were watching. When the fire light went out, they would attack, but the fire light attracted more wild animals. According to this situation, even if the fire light did not go out, they would probably attack.

Zero took out his dagger and prepared to defend. The wolf called for many of their companions.
Suddenly, a wolf jumped out from behind the tree! Zero uses a fire stick to hit the wolf's head on the forehead, and the wolf howls in the fire. Zero found that this is a wolf with only three eyes. He just blinded the wolf's third eye in a flash.
At this time, one after another wolves attacked Zero, and Zero fought back several wolves with three eyes by the advantage of fire. These wolves with three eyes were much bigger than the wolves Zero had seen in the past. It seemed that they were even smarter. One of the wolves jumped into the water and came with a splash, almost killing the bonfire.
The fire is weaker. Zero's wound started to ache again. Zero lost the torch he made sure to fight quickly! In the dim fire light, Zero was like a more agile beast than the wolves. He splashed the blood of wolves with his blade. Zero knows that the blood will lead to more terrifying beasts, but the smell of blood makes him excited, and makes him get stimulation and pleasure in the killing.
Zero found that the blood was more and more exciting for him. This feeling made him feel as if he was in the illusion, where there were black and sweet dreams and the sad sounds of wild animals... And a thorny road full of blood, with demons dancing on both sides...
Zero's action is quick and agile, and he bounces away with the help of branches. When it's still light, he has set traps around him early. He uses vines to jump from one tree to another, and quickly cuts down the vines on the traps. The sharpened branches swish and kill several wolves.
Once the gap was found, Zero escaped immediately. Now he is wounded and not suitable for a long fight. The wolves behind him still keep on chasing him. What's worse, the blood he drips along the way stimulates these monsters, wolves, and the toxins cause bad effects in their bodies.
It's said that werewolves are close relatives of vampires. Whether it's true or not, the response of wolves who taste the blood he dripped is a bit like that of the crazy woman in the patio that day. They not only attack Zero, but also attack their wounded peers.
To this extent, wolves must be alive for a long time, but before they are poisoned, Zero may be hard to escape.
The wound in his abdomen cracked again, and he took a virtual step at Zero's foot. He lost too much blood and was stirred by the rattan and fell. This fall was immediately chased up by the night wolves behind him. The wolf rushed towards Zero, and Zero suddenly turned over. The dagger went into the wolf's neck and peeled until the wolf's belly.
Zero kicked the wolf away, turned around and continues to flee. The wolves behind left three or four carcasses mauling of the partial head wolf, and the rest chased Zero.
Once again, Zero fell to the ground because he lost too much blood. But this time, the wolves didn't come here. Instead, they cried a few times and turned around.
Zero suddenly had an ominous premonition. He was about to run away immediately when he found that his feet were entangled with vines. These vines were twining and climbing like slippery snakes.
Zero brandished a dagger and cut off several vines. The green juice splashed down from the incision. Zero's clothes burned a hole with a hissing sound. The skin was also slightly burned. Zero was shocked. In such a short time, the vines took the opportunity to take Zero's weapons! Not only that, rattan lifted Zero into the air and quickly got into his shirt, which cracked his clothes...

At the same time, a rattan swished into Zero's mouth, blocked his mouth and turned his voice into nothingness.
After the burn just now, Zero naturally didn't dare to bite the rattan. At the same time, Zero on his upper body was hung upside down, tied in a "" shape, and some rattan took off Zero's boots and got into his trouser legs...
Zero thought of the existence of carnivorous plants in the tropical rain forest. Presumably this forest is no exception. These vine trees seem to wrap up Zero thoroughly until they feel the essence of him and turn him into a pile of bones. Maybe the bones will be absorbed too.
The wound was hurt by the burning pain of the restraining of trees and vines. The tighter and tighter the wound made Zero's breathing more and more difficult. Suddenly Zero's eyes widened!
Damn the rattan in the pants...
Zero's anger flared up, this damn world! Even if you are raped by a vampire, you will be raped by these plants... Extreme anger and unwillingness forced Zero to squeeze out a few tears
Zero struggles hard to resist death! He would rather let the monster wolf eat him just now, than be raped by plants!
Hmmm mm... The vines blocking Zero's mouth pierced into Zero's throat, and the disgusting feeling immediately made Zero roar. The angry Zero was really horrible. Zero dug the surface of the vines with his hands, and the flowing juice made Zero's fingers burn, but Zero tore the vines like crazy, and the torn juice dropped on the ground and the vines, making them turn into smoke!
Zero's action is clearly to die together with the attacker, regardless of the burning pain on his body, and he went on to fight with the rattan. The anger makes Zero not care about life and death, and the rattan seems to be infected by Zero's anger, even escaping half of the rattan.
Zero took advantage of this opportunity to tear off a piece of rattan, and waved his arm to shake its juice everywhere, and the sound of hissing was endless.
Swish swish took away several vines, but there was no sign that the trunk around Zero's body was slacking off. Not only that, the vines also threw Zero on the tree and hit the ground, trying to kill Zero.
Zero the bull headed, just refused to give up. The rattan in Zero's mouth has been withdrawn. Zero breathed heavily. The rattan pulled Zero and fell for a while. The action slows down gradually. Zero felt that only when it is playing tricks and then it just suddenly pulled away from him. Zero fell from the air onto the ground. Suddenly, it is dark in front of him. After a long time, it recovers some wisdom. Then something falls from the air. Hit him and around him.
By moonlight, it was a withered vine.
Zero lay on the ground gasping for breath. The poisonous blood from his wound saved his life.
Now Zero doesn't want to move anymore. He really has no strength to fight with another monster. He thought that after his death, the poisonous blood will surely let a batch of people smell the blood and come to kill him, which he earned.
Thinking of this, Zero held back his smile, which made his beautiful face a little weird.
At this time, Zero heard a crack like something had stepped on the branch. He simply ignored it. Whether it was a wolf with three eyes or a tiger with four eyes, he will let it eat him.
But what is reflected in the eyes is a human figure, which is like the image of an elf under the moon. The long silver hair hangs over the waist, and a delicate silver ornament on the back of the ear sticks to the hair, especially the face, which is not as beautiful as human beings at all. It's impossible for a human to look too much handsome.
The silver clothes of the visitor fluffed in front of his eyes, the beautiful face was close, the slender fingers lifted the broken hair covering Zero's eyes, and the visitor showed a wicked smile: "I found a good thing!”
Zero wants to tell him that he is not a thing, but his eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, and finally he closes his divine sense...
The author has something to say: Dear Zero, look how kind your mother is to you, she let you meet the most classic perverse plant in the forest, oh Haha ha... (Cramped = = )

Today, there are so many Bing slackers. I'm not happy. Come to bite me, Lala. I'm wearing a bullet proof vest and gas mask!
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