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Blood Contract, Chapter 28: The betrayal

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter 28: The betrayal

The night was not peaceful. The soprano sang the song of our Lord Satan at the banquet, sometimes high and sometimes low... There is also a smell of blood in the air. In this atmosphere, Zero's body is also affected by exciting factors.
At the party, Zero stood next to Kattsis in the evening dress Kattsis asked him to put on.
From ancient times to the present, there are only two things that men often do at parties. One is to show off wealth, the other is to show off beauty! It seems that Kattsis, even the Prince, is just an ordinary man at heart. He walked around the banquet with Zero in his arms. He is noble and elegant like a panther.
Today's Zero was very warm. Several times, he hooked Kattsis's neck and fed him with a sip of wine. Kattsis is deeply moved by the greedy fairy man. He hugged him and went to the balcony to have a quick job. Zero was stimulated by incessant waves. During that time, he was bitten by Kattsis. The stimulation of blood absorption and the climax of lust make both of them experience the supreme pleasure.
After lust, Kattsis held Zero's waist and kissed him for a while. Seeing Zero's tired, he licked his ear and said, "Little goblin, you know you're tired. That's the result of your seduction."
Zero rubbed his legs against Kattsis's waist, squinted and waited for the aftertaste to pass.
Kattsis chuckled: "little goblin, I really want to take a chain to lock you in my side forever."
Zero leaned against Kattsis's heart, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth.
“You rest here and go back to sleep when you're tired, eh?” Kattsis kisses Zero on the forehead and reluctantly returned to the party.
Zero leaned against the railing for a while and looked at Kattsis's back. There was a shadow in his eyes.
“No one can lock me!”  Said Zero, who had just turned and jumped over from the balcony to the Secret Forest downstairs.
Just before Zero landed safely, there was a sound from behind the nearby trees.
“Who is it?”  Said Zero, secretly on guard.
The silver moon blows out the clouds, which shows that it is Ligier who came out from behind the tree.
Zero breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “What are you doing here?"
Ligier's face was red, and his hands were fingering. He was very shy: "Gong... Master Duke brought me here. I came out when I felt the air was stuffy. "
Zero secretly murmured that Alos had a hand in capturing young people.
”Go back. This is the vampire territory. Master Duke is not around. Don't let people attack you." Zero took Ligier's hand and sent him back to the banquet hall. It's not peaceful today. It's safer for Ligier to return to the Duke’ side.
Ligier nodded, walked for a while, hesitated and said, "That..."
“Why will you not go back to the Duke? The master said you... The Prince...” Ligier hesitated and didn't know what to say.
Zero understood what he meant. He was afraid that he left the Duke because he thought he liked vanity and joined up with the Prince to climb higher, but he didn't know that the two men were the same birds in the different cages.

”Isn't there you around the Duke?” Zero said.
”Just... No! Don't get me wrong, I didn't want to... The Duke still likes you...”
”Don't be nervous. I don't mean to blame you. Besides, if you don't want to stay with the Duke, I can help you." I will repay your personal feelings as well.
Ligier stopped suddenly, his face was green and blue, and his eyes on Zero were very strange.
“What's the matter?” Zero was worried about his discomfort, reached out to touch Ligier's forehead, and was blocked by him.
“You don't have to help me!”  Ligier cried. "You don't stay with the Duke, I stay with him, you abandoned him, and I won't!” 
Zero didn't respond. Ligier gave him a push and ran away.
”...” Idiot!
Zero shook his head!
By the time Zero returned to the banquet site, the banquet was already very high. Seven Princes and the Devil Association, the two sons Princes, had arrived. The slaves in the slave house, together with nearly 50 newly selected slaves, walked among the banquet guests as food.
The Princes held beautiful little slaves and talked about it. Allen was among them.
When Zero entered the room, Kattsis was holding a beautiful little boy in his arms. Zero showed a charming smile, proud like a pure kitty! He raised his chin and fingers to the boy in Kattsis's arms and said proudly and contemptuously, "please get out of the way!”
The boy bit his teeth hard, but he left Kattsis's arms.
As soon as the boy left, Zero rushed to Kattsis's arms, put his arms around his waist, and waved a cute demonstration on Kattsis's face.
Kattsis laughed at Zero's cute behavior: “You're getting worse, goblin."
Zero spits out his tongue and nests in his arms. It's so cute.
”The new pet of his majesty vampire Kattsis is really cute!”  The one talking looked like a rattling skull. The skull is wrapped in a black robe, which is very strange. He is the Prince of the Sinmore family. The Sinmore family is the vampire clan with magic abilities. It's said that it was their ancestors who used human blood to do magic and they were finally expelled by human beings before they became vampires.
It is said that the reason why their clan leaders become a walking skeletons is the result of the failure of blood eating magic curse he performed.

A pile of immortal skeletons! Zero laughed.
Zero looked at the group one by one and suddenly saw a face exactly like himself in the crowd.
The owner of his face tilted his head and showed his tongue with a lovely shape which was exactly the same as Zero did just now.
Zero can't help but take a flick at the corner of his mouth.
Haha ha, Jimichi, you scared my little Baobei." Kattsis slapped Zero's xss.
Jimichi? A vampire in the Devil Association that is good at changing their looks.
“Little thing is so cute, "Jimichi said with a smile, but he did not change his appearance. He changed his face to the expression of Zero's surprise again, which was so vivid!
Zero seems to have joined them late, and the negotiation is at the end. However, Zero doesn't care about the negotiation process.
The negotiation should have ended, but Kattsis put forward the last condition at the end. The Devil Association didn't promise immediately. Other members of the Secret Party didn't oppose because Kattsis caught them.
Kattsis has only one condition: Resurrection array!
It's said that this array is used to deliver the contract to Satan, and with that the faster of the array can call back the last drop of blood essence from a dead person in the form of a contract. The last drop of blood essence is the place of eternal life. As long as the last drop of blood essence is returned, the dead will be reborn to the living.
“The Prince of Bruch," said Lesenberg's Prince, Allen's father, “You should know that the resurrection magic array is a taboo to vampires, and no one can afford to revive the dead. The magic array is just a legend."
Kattsis's bullying is reflected in the negotiation once again. He almost takes laughing a full-scale war as a threat, and the degree of madness is directly proportional to his perversions.
”Give me the magic array or we will fight.” Kattsis said with a smile. Bruch's bloodline has always been strong. The Dark Emperor was a living example. When Kattsis looked at the leader of Lesenberg, he could not immediately veto it.
Resurrection array? These two words have a different feeling in Zero's heart. Kattsis cares about people and people who want to revive them. Maybe they are absolutely unique in his heart.
For a time, the atmosphere was frozen, and Sinmore's skull was rattling. At this time, it could only add a bit of strangeness to the silence.
At this time, Zero showed a strange smile. He reached for the knife on the dining table, then pulled the hand of the human youth beside him, then cut a knife on his wrist under the expression of panic of the youth, then pulled his wrist to the cup, and his fingers dripped with blood.
Zero picked up the cup and leans it back to Kattsis's arms. The mouth of the cup sticks to Kattsis's lips and feeds him blood.
They also cut open the wrist of the human youth in their arms and took blood to drink with the action of Zero. For a while, the awkward atmosphere eased a lot. After three or four cups of blood, the discussion began...
With a click, Sinmore's skull broke his glass, and his teeth and bones shook.
The crowd was surprised to see the skeleton dancing and the heat rising on the top of his heads. After a while, the crowd was shocked and excited. Sinmore's white skull turned purple, a sign of poisoning.
At this time, the young people who were taking blood covered their chest and struggled painfully. The cups and plates rolled to the ground...
”Poisoned!”  Someone shouted, and then a strange illusion appeared in front of the people who drank blood. They were twisted and ferocious, and their bodies could not move.

Kattsis, who was also poisoned, almost let out a fire with his eyes and stared angrily at the safe people in front of him - Allen and his father, the leader of Jimichi who became the copy image of Zero, and Allen's frightened human youth.
Kattsis immediately understood what was going on. The people of the Devil Association poisoned their food.
Haha, why are you so angry, his majesty Kattsis." Jimichi, who has become Zero, tastes the sweet blood, and has an evil and ghostly smile! Then he reached out and turned out a mirror, Jimichi then said. “Your little pet is really beautiful. I like the beauty with the sting to it."
Kattsis turned his head and Zero sat quietly beside him. He just frowned when he sees Jimichi's more strange expression.
”Zero's formula works." Allen smiles.
Zero's face was expressionless, just a reminder: "Move faster, you only have ten minutes!”
Kattsis looked at Zero angrily, as if the eyes were evil spirits from hell.
But Kattsis can only look at Zero angrily, even if he is angry again, he can't make his body move. Kattsis's eyes are telling the most vicious language, the sharp eyes make Zero's scalp numb, and his hands are shaking under the table.
“You're right, we don't have much time!”  Allen was also frightened by Kattsis's eyes. Their purpose this time was to collect a drop of blood from each of the seven princes!
”Kattsis something is wrong...” The door was knocked open. It was Duke Alos who broke in. He was also poisoned. He was only slightly poisoned and could support himself to the door.
”Zero baby it’s you!”  Alos looked at Zero strangely, with complicated eyes and even regret.
“What do you want?” Asked Alos, when he saw Allen taking the blood of seven princes, and then he looked at them with amazement: “You are crazy! The Blood Emperor ... you can't untie the seal! Don't you forget that he has gone mad! You're going to release a world destroying lunatic?!”
Alos screamed as if it was the craziest and stupidest thing they had ever done!
”Thank you for reminding me, Master Duke Alos, I think we have our own decision in Sabat!”  Said Lesenberg with a smile.
”Madman!”  Cried Alos, but he couldn't stop it! “Zero! Do you know what you are doing?” 
”I know!”  Zero replied, looking coldly at Kattsis. “No one can lock me!” 
In the quiet space, suddenly there was a harsh sound, just the sound of fingernails scraping the table.
Zero was scared and stepped back quickly. Kattsis's fierce eyes never left Zero. Zero had an illusion that he was about to tear him up!
”Go!”  Allen cried, throwing a dagger to Zero.
The dosage used by Zero can only make the prince level vampire hallucinate and can't move for ten minutes. Beyond this time, he can't guarantee the consequences!
The palace bodyguard found out that all the troops had gone into the banquet hall.
But how do a few low-level vampires compete with Jimichi and Lesenberg who are at the Prince level?
Zero exchanged the price of returning to his original world for the poison formula. Although he was afraid of Kattsis's anger just now, he did not regret it! It's better to have a fight than to be his eternal forbidden and locked!
”Let's go!”  Allen grabs Zero.
“Where's Ann?” Zero said, cutting a vampire's throat.
”Didn't you just go to him?”
“I didn't see anyone!”  Said Zero, with an unknown premonition!
”Traitor!”  Then someone rushed to Zero! Allen was right beside Zero, and the dagger went into the belly of the visitor. Allen was stunned, because he found that the person who rushed was a human!
”Ligier!”  Exclaimed Zero in surprise, reaching for him again.
”Ligier! You!” 
“You betrayed the Duke!”  Ligier glared at Zero.
Zero suddenly wanted to laugh: "Are you a fool? He's lying to you! He's vampire!” 

”I know he's lying to me!”  Ligier said, quite firm. “Only he has given me warmth! Even if he is a vampire, even if he makes me betray God, I will... Cough...”
Ligier spat the blood.
”No time, let's go!”  Allen pulled Zero.
“Wait a minute, take him with you... Ah!”  Zero looked down, and Ligier's knife had already penetrated Zero's body.
Zero choked, and the hand with the dagger cut the artery on Ligier's neck without any reason!
”Damn it! You're hurt!” 
”Go!”  Zero said, covering the wound.
When Zero saw the group of people who suddenly rushed into the party, he thought of a Chinese saying: "Plans can't catch up with reality changes!”
And "the future is hard to predict!”
Zero wanted to help two people for the first time. One stabbed him, and the other cheated him from beginning to end!
In front of him, the man in military uniform and ribbon is the one who was too weak to protect himself - Angel!
The author has something to say: want to know what happened? Haha ~ ~ ~ I won't tell you today!

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