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Blood Contract, Chapter 27: the Prince Son vs. The Prince’s Slave

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter 27: the Prince Son vs. The Prince’s Slave

Get rid of the crowd, he went upstairs and he saw Allen with a glass of red wine on the fence smiling at him.
”It's tough and accurate. When will we have a fight?”
Zero took his eyes and swept him from top to bottom and from bottom to top, then he said with a drawl of his mouth, "I'll wait for you to get out of here."
”Four days later, I just want to talk about how they are going to let me out alive?” Allen took a sip of wine, and then asked, “You got the medicine on the formula. It really works?”
“You didn't taste it yourself yesterday?” Zero sneered and looked down at Allen.
Allen smiled awkwardly. He did. Last night, the boy he made is still in his room.
”How can your blood be so weird?” After embarrassment, Allen couldn't help but open his mouth. After reading the formula, Allen still couldn't believe that someone would poison himself or do it with such a strong poison.
Zero can't deny: "I'm a killer. I want to kill thoroughly. Blood is the safest place to hide venom. Besides, I'm invincible to all kinds of poisons." but I didn't expect that there would be an aphrodisiac effect. Because ordinary people die when they touch it, the superfluous aphrodisiac effect can't be exerted completely.
Zero smiled and said, "I've given you ten times the dosage. It's only four days. I don't have time to slow down. I'll feed them three meals a day from tomorrow." Zero nodded downstairs.
Allen's eyes changed and he looked at Zero coldly: “You are really cruel."
”It's just to make the best of everything. If you can't live in four days, it's better to die a little more valuable to the cause." Zero showed a bright smile, which is called a cold deadly smile behind Allen.
“What about Angie?”
”He is to be for something else, "Zero said.
Allen laughed, but doesn't believe it. He just thinks Zero was funny, cruel and inexplicable.
Zero walked around Allen to the room, stopped halfway and asked, “Where's Angie?"
Allen's stalled.
“What happened?”
"The little Prince hasn't been in a good temper recently, "Allen said.
Zero frowned, turned around and jumped over the railings from the second floor to the downstairs living room. The downstairs people cried and watched Zero open the door and run out - the only person in the house who could freely enter and leave the border was him.
Prince Vessi? It's said that like the Prince father, he has a bad temper.
When Zero dived into the little Prince's room, he could not help frowning at the sight.
The room is dark red, which is even more bloodthirsty in this environment. On the red carpet, there are three children, most of whom are 14 or 15 years old, full of scars on the whole body, mottled with blood on the lower body and dyed red the white bedspread on the cover. The children are very beautiful, but the tortured ones all lost the divine color, lying there with their limbs stretched down like beautiful dolls.
Zero was close to the door. He looked around. Then he found a man hanging on the wall in the corner. His hands are tied by iron chains. His body is naked. There are whiplash marks everywhere. There are also signs of iron burns. The boy's golden hair, face shape is very beautiful. There are bloodsmacks on the corner of his mouth. The red bloodstream has dyed strange beauty on his face.
This man is no other than Angel, who was renamed Angie. Little Angel's eyes are lost, his body is askew and lifeless. If he can still breathe, otherwise he is just like a dead man.

From the door, he also continued to hear the boy's screams. On the big bed in the room, Prince Vessi was wearing a naive smile while tormenting the human youth. He wore a ring for the youth, and was holding a needle tool to compare on the lower body of the youth.
“Where can I put a good one?” Prince Vessi chuckled. His childish face, which was not in line with his age, made his expression very strange. It felt like you picked up an innocent and lovely baby in the middle of the night and went home. Only when you turned around, did you find that he was a bloodthirsty ghost doll. It was terrible.
”No... No... Don't... Your highness! You let go! Your highness! Ah...” The little boy on the bed begged. Sitting on him was the little Prince of Vessi, who looked more childish than him. The little Prince had a bright and innocent smile, and in the night that smile looked terrible.
”Let you go? Why should I let you go? Little toy!”  The little Prince of Vessi laughed, feeling like a child holding a bear baby, but on the backhand, he burned the fire tongs from the air in the boy's inner thigh!
”I'll make you move!”  Prince Vessi said viciously. There was a smell of skin roasting in the air. The disgusting smell made Zero unbearable!
”Pa - "Zero pushed the door in.
“Who is that?” The little Prince of Vessi said in a cold voice, throwing a black magic ball at whoever came in.
Zero dodged it and jumped with one hand.
“Who is so bold?!”  The little Prince of Vessi threw another black magic at Zero's head. Zero was hiding, but the child lying on the ground has no place to hide!
Zero frowned and rolled to save the child.
The little Prince of Vessi saw Zero go to save the child, and his heart suddenly began to play. He stuck a magic ball and threw it at another boy. He deliberately missed the throw, hit the boy in the leg, causing a sharp cry.
The little Prince of Vessi giggled in bed. The little Prince of Vessi raised his hand again, and the candles and candle holders in the room flew into the air.
The little Prince of Vessi waved the candles and flew all the way to the boy who had been hit. The boy shrieked with fright and scrambled on the ground.
The little Prince of Vessi laughed happily. With one finger, the candle stopped again. With another finger, the body of the candle tilted and the candle wax fell on the boy.
”Ah, ah ah...” The boy was howling with heat.
The little Prince of Vessi looked at Zero and said, “Who are you?" after Zero raised his head, he froze again, and his eyes suddenly became more poisonous than vipers!
In fact, no one in the Prince's bed has ever been able to go back on a second time. Another important reason is that they all have no life to go on for a second time! As long as you live from the Prince's bed, it will die in the little Prince of Vessi's room that day!
”It's you!”  The little Prince of Vessi squinted, and all the candle holders with triangular inserts pointed towards Zero!
Zero didn't remember where he met the little Prince of Vessi officially, so he didn't understand his strong hatred very well. Before he got to the bottom of his question, all the candlesticks flew towards him. As soon as Zero jumped away, the place where he stood became a hedgehog.
The little Prince of Vessi was so angry that everything in the room sounded like an earthquake.
The candlesticks on the carpet were pulled out with a swish, and then they swarmed toward Zero. At the same time, it is like the candles were afraid that Zero would hide again, and a few iron targets hit the other people on the ground.
I'm afraid I have annoyed him Zero thought at this time. One being so cruel at a young age. He is worthy of being the son taught by the Prince, Zero thought.

Zero raised his hand and grabs a candlestick. One rolls over to the bed. As soon as the little Prince of Vessi moved, a dark magic shot to his head. Zero's body tilted quickly, leaving several shadows in place. The little Prince of Vessi blinked. Zero has pushed the candlestick towards the little Prince of Vessi’s face.
The little Prince of Vessi was startled. He put his hand on his head. The candlestick swished into the pillow beside his ear and cut off several strands of his long hair.
The little Prince of Vessi looked at Zero in horror, a pair of rabbit eyes were moving smoothly, which seemed naive and lovely.
“I'll take away the people first!”  Zero said, but he didn't think it was enough. A knife handle hit the little Prince of Vessi's neck and knocked him unconscious. Zero just stopped. He won't die at this time, but it's estimated that he will be in pain for several days in his wake tomorrow.
Zero untied the iron chain that bound Angel, and Angel immediately collapses. Zero immediately picked up Angel and lifted him walking away. Several other boys see this scene and run away.
Zero put Angel on the bed, and there was an X in his back hole. Along the way, the blood almost flowed all over the place. Looking at the amount of blood, it must have hurt the intestine. If he doesn't pull out the medicine to stop bleeding, you will have excessive blood.
”Bear it." Zero said. Then he pulled out x tools, and half of the intestines came out together with it. Zero sewed the half back with needle and thread, then stuffed it back into the back hole, and then applied the medicine...
In the end of the night, Angel had a high fever. Fortunately, the child's life was saved.
Allen wondered why he took special care of this Angie. Zero only had four words for him: "TO PAY HIM BACK."
The next day, as soon as Zero entered the Prince's bedroom, he saw another person in the room. It was the little Prince of Vessi, who was 17 years old, but only 14 years old.
The little Prince looked at Zero with his arms around his chest.
Kattsis beckoned Zero. Zero comes to him and stopped seven feet away. Kattsis frowned, but did not blame him.
“Yesterday you went to Vessi?” Kattsis asked.
The little Prince of Vessi had a proud smile on his face.
Zero nodded.
Kattsis beckoned again, and Zero hesitated and walked forward two feet.
”Come here!”  Kattsis said.
Zero walked in and was ready to be beaten. Kattsis hugged him and sat on his leg, kissing him on the cheek.
”I asked you to wait for me to come back last night, but you didn't obey me! No way that’s not going unpunished!”  Kattsis smacked Zero's xss.
Vessi was stunned. The Prince had never been so gentle with anyone. In a hurry, he said: "Father, he hit me!  This little slave didn't take you and me seriously...”
Vessi shuddered, because Kattsis glared and looked at him with a disgruntled face, which means "if you say another word, I will do something and you will never speak."
”Father...” Vessi looked at him with hurt face.
Kattsis said, “You're right. He's a little slave, but you're a child of the Prince's bloodline. You were beaten by a little slave and come to complain to me. Don't you think you’re causing me to lose face?"
Kattsis exhaled a cold air, which made Vessi shiver.

Kattsis rubbed Zero's thigh and turned to kiss Zero's lips. It was just a little bit of a kiss, but it was as gentle as it was for a lover.
”By the way, "Kattsis said, "Zero hurt you?”
Vessi shook his head, and his injured expression regained some luster.
”So you hurt him?”
Vessi continued to shake his head.
“You made no action or caused him injury!”  Kattsis said.
“It didn't hurt him, “Vessi said, his face uncomfortably.
Kattsis suddenly reached out and slapped Vessi in the face. As soon as the little Prince of Vessi fell to the ground, he looked up at the Prince strangely, but heard Kattsis ask, “Who allows you hurl attack to my people!”
Zero, sitting in Kattsis's arms, felt a strong sense of murderous anger. Vessi, on the contrary, had already had a scarred face.
The little Prince of Vessi looked at the Prince tremblingly.
After a while, Kattsis put away the cold and eased his voice a little bit: "My son, remember, I only give the first support to the capable people, only the capable people deserve my blood! You can't even win a fight against a slave. What qualification do you have to stand in front of me?”
Kattsis smiles, a little cruel.
”In addition, I'll kill you if you land another hand to my man. Do you hear me?” Kattsis said quietly. Zero even saw a gentle smile on his mouth.
Vessi nodded in fright.
”Now, get out of here! Don't come here without my permission!” 
”My father's tomorrow is my deadline." the little Prince of Vessi said almost imploringly.
”I'll have Young Miss Lori Lily send you my blood, "Kattsis said.
Kattsis's blood is never given to anyone, and no one is allowed to put his fangs near him. Even his parents and children, he only feeds them blood by cutting their wrists.
He hated the fangs of his fellow men, but he forgot that he had been bitten by someone, and now the biting person was sitting in his arms.
After the little Prince of Vessi ran into a door and left, Kattsis led Zero around the central square. Only two of them went into a "BRUTE" bar and had a drink.
There were many people in the alcohol bar. When the bartender saw Kattsis, she almost stuttered. When other women saw the handsome Prince, they almost fainted and screamed again and again. Kattsis unexpectedly didn't get angry, even nodded to the ladies very gentlemanly.
Zero was surprised, and Kattsis looked at him with a smile. "Someone once told me not to get angry with women, and to be polite to ladies."
Zero wondered who had the ability to ask this of him, but saw Kattsis turn his head to look out of the window. Maybe it was the light of the bar. Zero thought he was surrounded by a soft light.
Zero followed his eyes and looked out of the window. It was the central pool of the square. The Dark Emperor always smiled at the people he met. His eyes were kind, broad and full of charm and danger.
Zero suddenly felt that such a picture was very strange. Kattsis, who has always been arrogant and domineering, looked at a person with an obsessed face. It's a phantom statue formed on the water surface. Such a look is absolutely abnormal!
Back in the evening, Kattsis made Zero sleep beside him in his bed, which no one has slept in except himself, this ushered in a special case.

Of course, it's hard to say whether the guest can fall asleep.
Mmmh... AHA... Um... Lighten up... Ah...”
”Don't go there!” 
Kattsis thinks that the Zero in bed is very different from the usual one, with a very charming expression, and even very honest!
Zero laughed bitterly. In the face of a strong J, it's better to have a good time than to resist! He's always qualified to protect himself as a killer, but as a man, Zero despises himself from the bottom of his heart! However, years of training results still made him choose to protect himself!
At night, in confusion, Zero felt Kattsis kissing his eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips... His eyes are soft, but Zero has a strange feeling, which makes him have a strong question: why is he kissing him?
In the confusion, Kattsis called a name. Zero didn't hear it clearly, but it's definitely not Zero’s name. He said like again, I don't know what he said like, like whom?
In the confusion, Zero suspects that Kattsis has a person who he is deeply in love with. This person is likely to be the one who restrains him from being rude to ladies...

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