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Blood Contract, Chapter 26: The Difference in between me and you!

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter 26: The Difference in between me and you!

"Lighten up, I'll give it to you, "Zero said, clasping Kattsis's neck with his hands, his long legs stretched out against his waist.
Kattsis was immediately apprehended by his low voice and charming expression, which made his body hotter. Zero took the initiative to entwine Kattsis's tongue kiss, constantly rubbing his lower body, one hand around his neck, and the other hand in the sensitive part of his waist.
Kattsis has only released once, and he was still in the aftertaste of pleasure. Where can he stand the temptation? The feeling of the lower body is even hotter and worse.
But Kattsis's decision was to make Zero feel good, so he tries to suppress the desire, he went to tear off Zero's pants, and then pleasantly grasped Zero's lower body and made his own friction move.
Zero was a normal man, after all, no matter how disgusted he is. He quickly reacted, humming charming sounds in his mouth, wriggling his body comfortably, and his emotional expression makes Kattsis fall into a dreamlike state...
He was feeling that Kattsis is very hard to bear, and his eyebrows are locked more and more together. Zero was afraid that he will make trouble again. He puts his arms around Kattsis's waist, turned his body over, and it becomes Zero's posture on top and Kattsis on the bottom.
Zero lowered his head and tongue to rotate in front of his chest, and then he clenched his teeth and extended his finger to his back hole.
”AHA...” It's so painful. It's too tight.” Zero was leaning against Kattsis's chest, tilting his hips, curling his fingers and pulling and inserting them in the small hole, while pulling and inserting them, twisting his body and rubbing his body.
”Hum... Ah... Hmmm... After a while, the back hole gradually moistened. Zero's finger didn't know which point was inserted into the body, it made him scream.
The sound of calling for bed sounds was heard in Kattsis's ear. Kattsis could not bear it. He held Zero's bxtt in both hands and spread it to both sides. Seeing that Zero's movement was too slow, he simply inserted two more fingers into it.
”Ah, ah... Don't...” Suddenly, there are two more fingers, and they insert them quickly and energetically. Zero was made to scream.
”Too fast... No, no... Don't touch it... Ah, ah... Wuwu......” The silver moist in Zero's mouth overflowed, too late to swallow and it all fell on Kattsis's chest.
Kattsis laughed and sped up the speed of pulling and inserting, and deliberately pressed and pressed on the sensitive points of Zero, which makes the water sound obscene.
Zero's body is already sensitive. When it's tossed about like this, it's more like a wave of pleasure. Even if it's acting at first, he is also confused.
Wuwuwu... Don't do this... Don't touch... What a pain...” Zero lost a pair of eyes and looked at Kattsis.
Kattsis took a breath, and his pent up desire almost drove him crazy. How can it be uncomfortable? It's comfortable! Baobei, don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. Let me in. Can I make you more comfortable?”
When did Kattsis talk to people so softly? Kattsis thought that he just wanted to conquer the beast, but he didn't know that his eyes were too gentle.

The slave youth who was just treated severely by Kattsis on the bed, when he heard such gentle words, raised his head fiercely, and looked at the two people who were tangled under the bed with indignation and pain. In an instant, tears also rolled on the child's eyes, and the pain of his body was defeated by his unwillingness!
Kattsis dragged Zero's hip with one hand, and held his own firmness with the other hand. Zero shivered with nervousness. The Prince has done him very painful several times before.
”Relax, I'm going in... Darling, I won't hurt you!”  Kattsis comforted him, his patience has reached the limit, and he stuck up hard and didn't enter...
”Ah, ah... Pain... It hurts...” Zero exclaimed. It was too deep. Kattsis immediately pushed him to the end. The back hole was going to burst!
”Suddenly... Baobei, you are so wonderful! I'm going to move!”  Kattsis's face was full of contentment. He pushed his lower body up, deep and hard every time.
”Ah, ah Ah, ah... Slow down, slow down... No way...” Zero screamed, furious: Liar! It doesn't hurt. In fact, it hurts to death!
Ah, ah... The xss is so full! How awful!
Zero put his hands on Kattsis's chest and twisted his body as much as possible. Although it was still very painful, it was not so difficult to accept the mixed pain and pleasure of foreplay.
”Ah... I'm dying. Too fast...” Zero's voice is no worse than that of the young man in the bed just now. This time, the young man's performance is not as calm as that of Zero just now. The young man grabbed the bed sheet, tears can't control to burst out, and his heart is filled with grief and resentment. He is tossed to death and alive, why the Prince should soft talk to that one, why only he is happy! It is unfair!
The young man thought angrily, the pain of his body made his tears flow more fiercely. Suddenly, he raised his head violently, and the scene in front of him made him stupefied on the spot.
The Oriental youth clasped his legs at the Prince's waist, put his hands around the Prince's neck, shook his head and screamed. So the Prince stood against him and stepped towards the bed. When he stepped onto the stage, the Oriental youth screamed, and his hands around the Prince's neck followed him closely. The most intolerable thing for the youth was that the Prince deliberately held him with a vicious smile, but his eyes were tender like water. , it's like saying that the person in your arms is different. He's special!
The young man felt as if he had been slapped violently. He opened his mouth wide and watched the Prince approach. Then the Prince gave a soft look and raised his foot to kick him out of bed without pity.
”Ah...!”  The boy was kicked in the waist and abdomen felt burning pain like a serpent which made him rolling on the ground pain.
Unlike him, the Prince carefully puts the man in his arms on the bed, lowers his head and kisses his forehead, eyebrows, eyes and neck. His deep and sxxy nasal voice said, "It hurts? Haha, little thing, you're lying. You obviously have good feelings. "
”Ah... It's going to hurt!”  Zero screamed and gave him a look of sadness and indignation, but it was lovely in his eyes.
Haha... I love you so much. Don't want to get out of bed today, eh?”
”Don't... I will die... Ah...”

”How can I bear to kill you, my little greedy fairy!”  He said, pushing forward deeply and energetically.
When he woke up, it was late at night. Zero moved his hands and feet, and his whole body ached, but he didn't feel sticky and uncomfortable. His lower body had been cleaned up. Zero wanted to struggle to sit up when it was not early. He accidentally slipped and hit back to bed.
Kattsis was nearby. When he heard the sound, he said, "Don't move."
The voice is still low and sxxy. Kattsis is in a good mood. He walked over with a smile and held Zero across the sheets: "tired?" Uh huh?
The nasal sound is very heavy, it sounds like a crisp body.
Zero was very tired with his hand on his forehead.
Kattsis grabbed Zero's hand on his forehead, then lowers his head and kisses Zero's forehead, "have someone massage you? Uh huh?
”Don't!”  Zero replied firmly.
Haha, do you know how shy you are?” Kattsis joked, putting his nose on Zero's nose, making Zero stunned intimately, and then scolded him for being forgetful.
”Hungry or not? Do you want to eat?" Kattsis asked in a low voice. It was a favorite illusion, and he gently massaged Zero's waist with his hand across the sheet. His eyes were full of tenderness.
Zero didn't get used to it. He frowned. In addition, he had upset his stomach in the afternoon. Now, Zero refused food for the first time: "Don't want to eat it."
”Then go to sleep, I'll accompany you." Kattsis reclined on the bed, head on one hand he made a waist massage for Zero.
Zero was very uncomfortable to him, so he just closed his eyes.
Zero's eyes were closed, and his mind has another plan. This time, he has a plan and a purpose. With Allen's current situation and his position, he must find out one thing.
Zero went through the plan in his mind and thought over the location map of the palace.
After waiting for a while, he opened his eyes again. The sleeping face of the other man was in his eyes. Kattsis, who is asleep, takes off his bullying face, and a delicate face looks much softer. Zero puts out his hand to rub Kattsis's face. His fingers draw his eyebrows and eyes, and gently pulled his nose, then his lips. The voice in this mouth is very sxxual...
Going on. Zero's fingers rubbed Kattsis's Adam's apple back and forth. The position of his thumb can feel his pulse.
Zero narrowed his eyes slightly, and his fingers gently closed. He imagined how wonderful the excitement and pleasure in his heart would be when he killed this man. In a moment, Zero felt as if he had smelled the smell of blood, which was sweet and hot...
”Kill him!”  These three words flashed in my mind, and then his pores expanded, shouting excitedly... Kill him! Kill him!

Zero's eyes are full of killing intention. His eyes are slightly narrowed like those of a cat when he is sleepy. When it appears on Zero, he felt that he will be enjoying the pleasure of killing...
After a while, Zero put his hand back. Close his eyes and went to sleep...
When he woke up again, he was awakened by the voice in the middle of the night.
Zero has a high vigilance. He woke up as soon as there is any movement. It turned out that the servant came to inquire about the peace talks with the Devil Association four days later.
Zero laid in Kattsis's arms. As soon as he wakes up, Kattsis finds out. He lowers his head and kisses his forehead. “Woke up? I have something to do. Will you sleep on your own?”
When the servant heard the Prince's soft voice, he was stunned.
Zero nodded his head bleary eyed. He looked cute. Kattsis couldn't help kissing his lips. Zero was choked by the kiss and hurriedly pushed him: "No, do you want to kill me?"
The tone was full complained, with a coquettish taste.
”Little thing, I will come back and toss you!”  Kattsis pinched on Zero's xss, then got up in a good mood and went out to do something.
Zero laid on his back in bed, blinked and flickered his eyes. After a while, he woke up. This time he reflected what Kattsis said when he left.
Come back and toss him? Come back to him?
Zero's heart was shaking with anger, and his body ache became more and more obvious.
Finally, he got up and dressed and decided to go back to the slave house. He still had to tell Young Miss Lori Lily to send bats to see him. Naturally, the woman laughed and flirted with him, but it was not malicious. Zero just frowned.
In contrast, it's not so good to go back to the slave house. This time, everyone looked at Zero with only two words "HATE YOU"!
The boy who was sent back alive today was lying on the sofa in the living room taken care of by all. He looked at Zero's expression as if a wild animal is going to tear up Zero's life.
”How disgusting!”  A young man passed Zero with a bowl of hot porridge and spat at him. His eyes looked at him like garbage.
“What a shame!” 
”If you like being fxcked by men so much. Why not come to my room at night!” 
”Hello, you are not afraid of getting sick! Haha... Bxtch!” 
”I heard you made a lot of noise this afternoon, huh? Do you want to drink water to moisten your throat?”
”I said why can he come back alive? It turned out that his bed skills is first-class!” 
It's hard to hear the public scolding. Zero sneered and retorted: "It's nothing, you have it, but the Prince is a lot more noble to me. Compared with you being used by the lower guys, I'm just a little cleaner than you."
Zero's words are like throwing an iceberg in the sea, which caused suddenly surging and surging...
All of a sudden, the boys, who didn't know if they were jealous or anything, rushed to Zero, their faces twisted and ferocious.
But Zero didn't let them bully him as they did last time. One person rushed to pull another hair, and Zero hit him in the stomach with a backhand. The others rolled on the ground in pain, and the people were even angrier.
”Kill this bxtch!”  The speaker was hit in the nose by Zero's fist, and the blood immediately flowed. Xiao Sha, who knew Zero's skill in the first night, hurriedly hid away for fear of being hurt.
People all know Xiao Shao's temper, how can he not fight when he has seen a fight, so some people who are familiar with him scold him for being too timid.

Xiao Shao ignored them, only to see that they were beaten on the head.
They were knocked to the ground without even touching Zero's dress corner, but the angry people were still endless. Zero stabbed a knife hand on the wooden table in the living room, and the huge sound made everyone stunned. When Zero took back his hand, the wooden table collapsed with a bang.
The success of this action scared everyone. Zero gave them a cold look and said in a cold voice, "If you want to be fxcked, just wait. You'll be happy at the party four days later!”
After such an uproar, people's attitude towards Zero changed a hundred and eighty degrees.

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