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Blood Contract, Chapter 25: The Plot to Assassinate the Prince

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter 25: The Plot to assassinate the Prince

At the end of the day, Zero could not bear it, but he stepped back to the slave house. Young Miss Lori Lily sent the bats to guide him. With the guidance of bats, Zero walked unimpeded in the vast palace, but Zero didn't like the "preferential treatment."
Through the garden path, he saw the simplicity and mysterious building surrounded by rose and rattan is the slave house.
Zero quickened his pace and prepared to go back to rest quickly, but as he passed the flower bed, his eyes caught a dark shadow which climbed up the second floor of the house through the flower bed and rose vine.
There is a border around the house. The people who can enter through that way must not be ordinary people.
All of a sudden, a surname flashed in my mind - Lesenberg, the leader of the Devil Association. Allen, the successor of Lesenberg, was one of the tenants of the house.
But what Zero cares about now is not the intruder, but the change of his body! The shadow just passed by in a flash. How could his former self adapt to the darkness and not be found!
When he found the shadow, the blood in his body seemed to burn up, and his eyes caught the shadow step by step.
Sure enough, my father is a vampire?! That's a Childe!
Zero, for the first time, has the idea of planning to go back! And he is sure to find out the truth!
Wait a minute, huh? The Dark Emperor? Does father have some connection with the Dark Emperor?
As the wings flutter past the eardrum, Young Miss Lori Lily's bat impatiently turned around Zero, and deliberately tosses out his voice to express his dissatisfaction at Zero slow pace.
Zero entered the front door of the house. The living room is full of people. When they hear the sound of the door opening, all of them looked at Zero. The people's eyes are not friendly. When they look at Zero, they seem to dissect him for the convenience of peeping. Everyone here is full of ideas, but now they have the same idea: why is Zero back alive? Why did he come back alone? Where's Ai’Weiwei?
Zero doesn't care about people's eyes, which are often seen in the second life and first survivor contests. At that time, when people looked at Zero with prying eyes, they were measuring his strength, and quickly calculating how many moves can kill him or be killed by the other person.
Now, when he left the slave house in the morning, he left with the two people, but he was the only one who came back. They were just surprised to explore, and they were much friendlier.
Zero ignored the eyes of these people and went straight to the stairs. Before Zero got close to the stairs, someone has stopped him. This man is Barry who he met in the morning. If he is right, Barry was the chief of the things here before Allen came here.
”Stop!”  He shouted, glancing inquisitively at Zero." where's Ai’Weiwei? Why are you the only one coming back?”
Barry asked the question everyone's minds, and the focus on Zero was even hotter. Among them, Angel's was worried about Zero.
“He is dead." said Zero. His tone was too bland, which immediately made people's eyes darken.
Barry is the representative of all the people. At this time, he grabbed Zero's hair, punched Zero in the face with a fist, and hit Zero to the ground directly.

”Dead? Then why are you still alive!”  At this time, a young man ran out of the crowd, rushed to Zero, grabbed his hair severely, his face was twisted and ferocious because of the venomous look, but it cannot be ignored that two wet tears hung on his cheek.
“Why Ai’Weiwei died and you didn't! Why are you the only one alive?” The teenager crazily grabbed Zero's hair and beat it on him. The others were gloating.
”Stop it, Jibby! Stop it! It's none of Zero's business!”  Angel pounced, trying to tear the teenager apart.
Barry grabbed Angel's hand and said, "Angie, let go first!”
"Barry! It's nothing to do with Zero, Jibby’s crazy!”  Cried Angel.
”Angie, shut up! So many people died. Ai’Weiwei went with him and he died, but he lived well. Jibby's reaction is normal! You know he's Ai’Weiwei’s brother!”  Barry yelled.
”I'll take care of it!”  Barry pushed Angel and then stopped Jibby.
He kicked Zero and asked, "Don't think it's OK to pretend to die without talking. Answer the question, why didn't you die?"
Zero sneered and raised his head. "Is that strange?"
People saw mockery on Zero's face and obvious marks on his neck.
“You see, Zero was also injured. He may almost have an accident! You can't be so hard on him!”  Said Angel first.
”The Prince almost killed you, too?” Barry asked, a little more relaxed.
"I don't deny it, "Zero said, rising from the ground and patting himself on the dust.
Zero then showed a strange smile, he looked beautiful and evil.
”I didn't die because I didn't go out of my way to assassinate the Prince!” 
People don't know whether it's because of his smile or because of his words.
Jibby first recovered, and he shrieked, “What do you mean? Ai’Weiwei was going to assassinate the Prince? Don't joke, Ai’Weiwei can't even kill a chicken!” 
”But he had the courage to kill the Prince and he died of poisoning. Where did his poison come from? You the brother would not know?” Zero sneered.
Jibby shivered with rage, rushed up and grabbed Zero's collar!
“You lie! You are lying! How could there be poison in this slave house! Everyone has to go through a search when they come in! Ai’Weiwei where to get the poison!” 
Zero, the poison is not Ai’Weiwei's? That knife is just a piece of fruit knife. Ai’Weiwei is more unlikely to assassinate the Prince.
Zero pushed away Jibby: ”Have I lied? You'll know when someone comes to check.” But I don't think anyone will check this little thing.

He glanced at everyone again, and finally his eyes fell on Angel: "Is there any medicine? I was hurt. "
“Yes...” Angel thought there should be.
”Send it to my room, "Zero said, then turned upstairs.
When disappearing at the entrance of the corridor, he stopped on purpose and heard the sharp and cruel voice downstairs.
Jibby, to be honest, why did Ai’Weiwei assassinate the Prince?”
“You listen to his nonsense.”
”I don't see him lying! Does your brother want to make trouble for all of us? Damn it, what shall we do if they come to check us out?”
”They'll think we're colluding!” 
”I don't want to die!”


One by one, they were wise enough to show that they had no relationship with Jibby. The poor boy first got the news of his brother's death, and then was isolated by others.
"There will be news of Jibby's death tomorrow." Allen said, opening the door to the room.
”It's none of my business," Zero said.
”A word around is that you killed him.”
Zero shrugged: "it's the people below who killed him."
”They're just defending themselves.”
Zero shrugged.
”Do you know the reason Ai’Weiwei wanted to kill the Prince?” Zero asked.
Allen chuckled, “Why do you think I know?"
Zero didn't answer, "He asked you for help in the morning. Why didn't you help him?"
Allen laughed and said, “Why save him? Who am I that I can save so many people downstairs? I'm just their captive, and why should I offend my enemy's people because of several human beings?”
Zero nodded, it does make sense.
”Then your highness, please allow me to go back to my room and have a rest, "said Zero, who owes.
There was a flash in Allen's eyes: "How do you know who I am?"
Sabat won't ask for negotiation because of an ordinary child." Zero said, then with a charming smile, "And won't venture into this house full of borders for an ordinary child."
After that, Zero looked up at the ceiling of the corridor. Although there was nothing there, the blood inside told him that there must be something there.
At this time, Allen's eyes flashed a little murderous, but he soon suppressed it.
“What do you want to say?” Allen raised his hand and signals Zero to continue.
Zero just said, "I just want to tell you that Ai’Weiwei assassinated the Prince because of you, even though he knows he wasn't going to be able to do anything." he said this then, Zero stepped forward and opened the door of the room with the sign "Ai’Weiwei".
This is a room similar to Zero's. There is only one more thing in the room than Zero's. There is an easel with a picture on it. The person on it is Allen.

"He's stupid, "Zero said, and then closed the door. "But surely the Prince won't doubt you. You can rest assured that no one is stupid enough to let a human being assassinate the Prince level vampire."
At this time, Angel collected a pile of medicine and ran up from downstairs.
"... Allen." Angel saw Allen with a sweet smile.
”I'm sorry, but I have to apply the medicine, "Zero said.
”Hurt?” Allen asked.
”Small wound." Zero beckons to Angel, then walked back to his room.
After Zero's door was closed, an upside down bat appeared on the empty ceiling. The bat spread its wings and flew down: “Your Highness, do we have to take care of this man?"
Allen shook his head. "No, the plan goes ahead as usual. I'll take care of this slave."
There was a flash of interest in Allen's eyes.
The next morning, Zero was still woken up by the little bat Little Night. When he went downstairs for breakfast, people's attitude towards Zero changed from bad intentions to disgust and hatred. The reason was that someone came to announce that Zero was selected as the Prince's personal servant in the morning.
Zero, who received people's eyes stabbed, didn't care, but walked to Angel, threw the bat on his shoulder to him, and said, "Help me take care of it. It won't take too much effort. It can go out to find food by itself, just be careful not to let it bite." then he gave Allen a deep look.
In the afternoon, when the young bat went out to "forage", he had a small bamboo tube around his neck. Bat the young bat had the badge of the Duke and could enter or leave any border at will.
Last night, Allen Singh Lesenberg made a blood oath, and the two concluded an agreement with unknown contents.
On this day, the Prince chose a servant from the slaves and indicated Zero to serve him.
In the bed tent, there was a lot of obscenity, and the slave boy was yelled by the waves. During that time, there was also a lot of body mingling, and two people's heavy breathing.
Zero was not interested in this beast like mating method. He stood with his legs numb. He leaned against the cabinet in a different position and looked around bored. At last, he found that nodding his head can kill time.
As soon as Zero's head dropped, the man's shrill voice came from the bed: "Look up!”
Hearing the sound, Zero could only look up. Kattsis saw that his eyes were clear, his expression was normal, and he was angry for no reason.
”Come here!” 
Zero frowned in disgust, but walked past obediently. Now, the slave youth straddled Kattsis, he was writhing and screaming.
Kattsis waited for Zero to approach, grabbed his hand and pulled him. Zero fell into Kattsis's arms.
In close contact, Zero can smell the smell of male musk in the air, and the lewd atmosphere is even worse.
”Lick!”  Kattsis put Zero's head down.
Zero frowned secretly, but he still licked the cherries on Kattsis's chest. When Zero held them, Kattsis groaned and felt very satisfied.
Zero's hand was kneading Kattsis's cherry, and his mouth sucked another cherry colored nipple. Zero's hand is kneading and kneading. Sometimes he scrapes twice with his fingernail, and the one in his mouth is licking slowly with his tongue.
Kattsis felt an electric current flowing in from his chest, which was better than the taste on his lower body. So he squinted his eyes and asked two slaves to serve him, while his hand reached into Zero's clothes and felt his thin and smooth skin.
The long finger pinched Zero maliciously, then went up his chest, stroked his clavicle, then the index finger touched Zero's Adam's apple, feeling the fluctuation of Zero's saliva.
Kattsis automatically imagined the incoming wave as Zero.
Again, Kattsis reached between Zero's legs and imagined the embarrassed expression in his heart. However, this touch found that Zero's object was low, with normal heat and no sign of erection!
In this situation, he didn't have an erection?!
Kattsis felt strange. He pulled Zero's hair and raised his head. As expected, he saw a sneer on Zero's face.
Kattsis was so angry that he threw Zero on the ground, grabbed another boy's waist and made a strong smack.
”Ah, ah Ah, ah...” The young man was made to cry and was drowned by the next wave of cries.
Kattsis sped up to release it in the teenager's body, then left the teenager aside and walked towards Zero.
Zero was hit on the ground and couldn't get up in pain. Kattsis pulled Zero's hair again and lifted him up. His eyes were very vicious.
”No feeling? I'll see if you feel it!”  He said, reaching down to Zero's lower body cover.

Zero coughed and smiled, "Prince I’m just a slave to you, how can I bear to be hard?"
Kattsis: “You mean to piss me off?"
Zero: "No!”
Kattsis shivered with rage. Zero thought it would be a good fight again, but instead of hitting him, Kattsis lowered his head and kissed Zero's lips, and his tongue forced into Zero's mouth.
Zero frowned and thought what was wrong with this guy. He glanced at the youth on the bed from the corner of his eyes. Although he was weak on the bed, his eyes were full of resentment, even jealousy.
Zero was shocked by the look in his eyes. Next moment, Kattsis pressed him under his body, "I will see if you have any reaction!”
Kattsis smiled viciously, and then made a foreplay for Zero, as if he would never stop erecting.
Zero sighed helplessly, and hung his neck in recognition of his life. He whispered in his ear, "Lighten up, I'll give it to you."

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