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Blood Contract, Chapter 24: Your appetite is high today

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter24: Your appetite is high today

Dense water vapor permeated the bathroom, hot steam, made the comfortable feeling easy for someone to reduce vigilance.
Zero was a little sleepy because of the heat. His fingers were careless moved on the man's back. Suddenly, a strong hand grabbed Zero and yanked him into the water.
Zero was awakened by the sudden change. He stumbled unsteadily under his feet and slipped in the water. Just when he thought he was going to fall for a fight, the force that pulled him into the water, then pushed him again and hit a thick chest.
Before Zero can breathe, a big hand clasped Zero's neck and forced his head up.
Kattsis smiled, his tongue pointed across Zero's face, and vaguely tongued his earlobes. "Are you seducing me?"
Voice with a strong nasal sound, magnetic and sxxy...
Zero's height is only 172. Compared with Kattsis 190's height, Zero head barely reaches Kattsis's chin, which made Zero look very weak at this time.
Zero put his hands on Kattsis's chest to reduce the contact area between the two people, but his touch made Kattsis excited and eager to rekindle the things from yesterday.
”Can't wait?” Kattsis held Zero's hip flap in his hands and lowered his head for a deep kiss.
The man's tongue slipped into Zero's tooth shell, seizing the air and honey. The hand holding the hip pinches and pressed, and the hot thing on his lower body rubbed against Zero's abdomen.
Zero's whole body is tense. Remembering last night, the tingling feeling like the tide drowned him!
Hmmm... Zero was so angry that he beat Kattsis, but it didn't hurt. It made people think he wanted to refuse.
Kattsis is getting more and more excited by the kitty's claws, rubbing his fingers across his pants between Zero's strands.
”Ah..." Kattsis quickly released Zero and wiped the back of his hand on his mouth, covered with blood.
Kattsis sneered: “You like to be rude!”
Zero thought of what he had done to himself that day by the stream, and what he had done last night.
“Your majesty, is it my honor that you have tired of playing with me and rekindled your interest in me?” Zero clenched his fist, forced down his anger and replied coldly.
Kattsis felt like he was being poured with a bucket of cold water from head to foot, and at the same time, more anger comes back - a lower slave even challenges his authority!
He thought that since he had a little interest in him, so he could do whatever he wanted?!
Kattsis suddenly grabbed Zero by the neck and lifted him up!
”Don't try to annoy me!”  Kattsis said with a cold face, his fingers gathering and his eyes shining.

Zero only felt the ear buzzing, the heartbeat fluttering, and the expression twisted painfully.
Kattsis's expression grew more and more grim, his fingers clutching the bones in his neck.
In front of Zero's eyes, his consciousness was a little lax as his fingers closed. His eyes saw Kattsis's back: the young man was lying in a mess, his limbs were twisted and spread unnaturally, and his whole body was full of traces of being tortured and nearly killed - white skin with red marks, mixed scars and teeth with holes in the skin.
The young man's eyes widened and his mouth was full of laughter... The strange expression made Zero tremble. The thought of struggling disappeared at this moment. Instead of being killed to death, it's better...
This idea makes Zero give up the struggle completely, and his eyes return to ashes.
Kattsis saw it. He was even angrier. His mind was filled with anger and only one word came out - kill!
Zero closed his eyes and waited for death. The pain of suffocation made his brow tangled...
All of a sudden, he was thrown out, then his body hit on the ground of white marble and made a loud noise. In this moment, Zero seemed to hear his bones crack in trance.
”Get rid of the body! Clean up the room!”  Kattsis yelled, then sat with his back to Zero and went back to the bath.
Zero asked for a life back from the devil's hands, coughed a few times, and then struggled to get up from the ground with all the pain.
Zero went into the body of the young man and reached for his leg. Suddenly, a flash of light made him lost his eyesight. He looked carefully at the blade in the young man's hand. The coagulated liquid was purple, and there were signs of poisoning.
Zero looked back at Kattsis and silently pulled the body out of the door.
Zero threw the body down the aisle and turned to close the door.
Er... How can it be this way?”
The smell, the sound, Zero turned around, Young Miss Lori Lily slowly spit out a smoke ring against the wall, and looks vaguely at the wet Zero.
Young Miss Lori Lily came to Zero and made a ring of fingers sign. A bunch of bats appeared out of the sky. The bats grabbed the body and disappeared, as if they had never appeared before.
Young Miss Lori Lily finger rubbed with red nail polish gently rubbed on the face of Zero and hit vigorously when touching bruise.
”Hiss...” Zero frowned.
Haha, how can you make such a mess?”
Zero turned the head and gets angry.
Haha, your majesty, today you really have the appetite for sxx. Let me see. Do you need to choose another child?” Young Miss Lori Lily said. Her eyes are aiming at Zero, and her smile was very ambiguous.
”There's something wrong with the body just now, don't you need to deal with it?”  Young Miss Lori Lily's vision made Zero uncomfortable, so she opened her mouth.
”Don't worry, someone will take care of it. You can change your clothes first. "
Zero nodded and walked in the direction of Young Miss Lori Lily.
Lori Lily looked at the back of Zero's departure, eyebrows close, she took a sip of smoke and spits out a circle of smoke rings, then looked at the closed door of the Prince's bedroom, thoughtfully.

After lunch, the Prince fell asleep on the big size bed.
Before going to bed, the Prince ordered Zero to stand by the bed waiting for his summons.
Zero stood quietly beside the bed, slowly felt numbness in his legs and pain in his back hole was still the same.
Young Miss Lori Lily stealthily opened the door and looked inside. She couldn't help but take a heart.
His majesty never allows others to come near when he sleeps, but now...
”Zero, what's so special about you?” Young Miss Lori Lily thought to herself and couldn't help shaking. She was worried about the future of Oriental teenager.
At night, the black coffin carriage drove into the castle.
The night was enchanting, and the dark red hair looked strange and enchanting in the moonlight. Kattsis pulled someone, threw the person on the bed, then bullied the person with his lips, kissed his lips, then kissed his Adam's apple... The low - breasted lace shirt is sxxier against the collarbone.
”Are you here to seduce me? Hmm?” The Prince made a low sxxy growl, the man's body shook for a while, and he laughed twice: “You are tempting me.” He turned over and pressed Kattsis under his body.
Someone's hand was rubbing on the Prince's chest through his clothes, and sometimes he lowered his head to tease him with his tongue.
A man's flirting skills are superb. He is known to be an experienced lover at first sight. When a man's long fingers wandered between the Prince's legs, he intentionally or unintentionally touches the hot source in the middle, but deliberately doesn't hold them.
Kattsis put his finger into the man's hair, squinted, and let the man serve him, occasionally with a few tiny notes.
The man put his hand into the Prince's pants, then grasped it. When the heat made the palm of his hand burn, he would slowly move back and forth.
Kattsis enjoyed the man's services, caresses and grasped the man's dark red hair, and gasps for the man's actions. The expression on Kattsis's face in lust is very charming, which must be the source of every woman's ecstasy. Unfortunately, all the vampires know that Kattsis only likes men.
Otherwise, many women will fight to climb into his bed. Of course, there are many men who want to climb the Prince's bed. But the Prince does not have a fixed bed companion, and no one can climb his bed for the second time. Many vampires who think they are first-class in technology try to stay with the Prince, but they fail, but only one person is a constant... Alos Sol Reiter.
But not as a bed companion, but as a loyal parent-child. However, most of them use their hands and mouth to solve the problem. They only use their buttocks once – During the First Embrace.
First Embrace is a wonderful and laborious process. Many people in the vampires put First Embrace and sxx together to make the process smooth. The Prince and the Duke are no exception.
It's just that experience, the memories of both of them are so painful that they dare not try it again until hundreds of years later. As for the internal situation at that time... The party is unwilling to recall, others cannot guess.
Alos helped the Prince release his hands once. He was so tired that his hands were feeling sour. Looking at the viscous liquid on his hands, he couldn't help but say sarcastically: "Seldom do you do this but recently? Still can't shoot this much? How long have you been holding it? No wonder your temper is hotter than before. It turned out that...”
”Do you want to be spanked again?”
“What are you doing here tonight? Do you really want me to fxck your xss?”
"... Enough, don’t even mention it!”  Alos's head tingled and his whole body twitched as soon as he thought about it.

The Duke looked around and asked, “What about the slave?"
”Do you really like him?” Kattsis picked his eyebrows and felt a little uncomfortable.
Alos looked at the Prince and groaned for a while: "it's time to be moved... Is that you?”
Kattsis picked up another eyebrow and sneered back, “What do you think? It's just a slave!” 
“Wrong, Childe!”  Said Alos, with a stern expression. “What do you think of what I told you last night?"
“You mean his blood toxicity? I've had someone try it, the human youth blood in the morning, he just touched a few drops and he nearly died. "
”That is to say, he died before he got excited?” Alos nodded, and then said, “You are really cruel. People make you feel good in bed, and your face will kill them. "
Kattsis disagreed: "I don't think there's anything wrong with being cruel to a man who stabbed himself."
”Oh, you deliberately hid blood to do experiments. Even if he didn't kill you, you would let him die, wouldn't you? But a little human wants to kill the Prince?”  Alos's eyes looked a little strange at the person beside him. "It's not because your bed skills are so bad that he's dissatisfied, so he's going to assassinate you?"
Kattsis looked coldly: “You can try to see how my skill is..."
”Don't mention my nightmare! Your skill is always the pain in my heart! Oh, no!” 
”Pa -” Someone was kicked out of bed.
”By the way, seriously." Alos crawled back to bed, “You sucked his blood? What happened? Do you need to drink some blood to dilute the toxin?”
Alos puts his wrist in front of the Prince.
Kattsis waved Alos's hand. "No, his blood has no effect on me except for its aphrodisiac effect."
Alos mused: "so, his blood is only useful for humans or low vampires?"
“What is his origin?”
”I can't find it for the moment, but it's really strange that you say so. He has a good aptitude. He won't become level E vampire when he is thirsty for blood. "
”Maybe it's the inferior product that the lower generation has bred without permission."
”As you say, so he's not dangerous?”
”Not necessarily. Someone's watching Allen Singh Lesenberg, "Kattsis said.
”The Devil Association has been rumored to have asked for negotiation, and is expected to arrive at Giffen in five days, "Alos said.
”It's up to you. Let the rest of the clan know. Go, "Kattsis waved.
Alos answered, walked to the door and stopped: "Father, I don't object to your practice of improving techniques, but... You'd better not touch Zero. He is more dangerous than you think. "
”Go away!” 
A black magic attack flew head on.
Alos slammed the door with a scream.
”These days flying into a rage is something out of civilization, employable advice jars on the ears!”  Alos clapped his heart. Suddenly, a fine light flashed in the dark, and Alos instinctively swept a blade to block it.
“Who is it?” 
”Good skill, level D!”  A children's voice came out in the dark. The weird tone and sweetness of child's voice produced strange and frightening effect.
From the darkness came His Highness Vessi, the Prince's Son.
”It turned out to be His Highness Vessi." The Duke saluted him respectfully.
”Hum, level D has come to bewitch my father again. Don't think that just because my father gave you the first support, you will get rid of the status of level D. you are still a low human transformed into a vampire. "His Highness Vessi looked proudly at the Duke, with a sneering smile on his lips.

”His Highness's lesson is that Alos always remembers that he is level D. "the Duke smiled disapprovingly.
His calm, made His Highness Vessi angrier. Suddenly Vessi smiled: "Master Duke, I recently learned a new magic, how about I teach it to you?"
Vessi swept through the haze of talent and showed a lovely smile.
Alos shakes and nods his head. It's not surprising that a dark spell is blowing in his face.
”My God! Worthy of father and son!”  Cried Alos in a hurry.
In a word, His Highness Vessi is very talented. But he is still a child, and he can't be underestimated for his dark magic. After his first support, his qualification will definitely surpass today's. That’s exactly what happened. His Highness Vessi has always been a favorite of the vampires, which has also led to his now peerless character. Except for his Majesty the Prince, this kid doesn't listen or bow to anyone. It's a headache.
Especially for Alos, the nominal brother, he is always asking for trouble. He always asked for advice on black magic. You should know that Alos may be due to his constitution. Besides some cool magic, he is basically a magic skills idiot = =.
“Your Highness!”  Alos began to be unable to resist and hurriedly shouted, “Your Majesty has just given me some tasks. I'm afraid I can't play with you. You might as well go to Young Miss Lori Lily! She is a witch, her magic must not be bad!”  Said that and flop, he became a bat and fly away.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Adopted son: The son of a vampire who inherits the body. He inherits his parents' body aptitude, though not completely transmitted by blood, but to a certain extent, he is also relatively strong. Children born by parents with good aptitude have relatively good aptitude. Generally, the first adopters are considered to the vampire future parents. If the vampire parent is not strong enough, he will invite a stronger vampire to become as the first adopter.
Parent: the guardian of the infant's first support. There is a duty to raise and protect the infant until the infant becomes an adult vampire.

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