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Blood Contract, Chapter 23: The Grumpy prince

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter 23: The Grumpy prince
Young Miss Lori Lily led Zero and blonde Ai’Weiwei into the main hall of the castle. He didn't look carefully when he was carried away that night. He didn't expect that the main hall in the daytime was so dark and magnificent.
Ai’Weiwei, the young man, fell several times walking in the dark palace.
Young Miss Lori Lily pinched Ai’Weiwei’s face and said with a fierce look: "it's lucky that he didn't bruise this face, otherwise... Little thing, you seem to want to be put in the black prison!” 
”No, no, Young Miss Lori Lily, I will be careful. Please don't leave me in the black prison," Ai’Weiwei stammering pleaded.
Young Miss Lori Lily gave him a push. He looked as proud as a queen. Ai’Weiwei crawled under her feet and begged.
”Listen! Immediately put away your tears, crying and swollen eyes is not beautiful, it will make his majesty not satisfied, I will throw to the black prison! You probably don't know what's in the black prison. I can tell you first, among them are the Novelers (one of the clans of the Secret Party), the ugly people with twisted faces, the disgusting people climbing out of the graveyard and the sewer. They are very fierce, like to tear the human bodies alive, and they have the ability to keep your heart beating and watch yourself being torn and eaten. The group of Lycan who ran out of control, they had cat eyes, claws and long tails. They were the same as wolves. There are also evil spirits, snake spirits, spirits... It will open your eyes to the other bad things out there!” 
”No, no, no, Young Miss Lori Lily! Young Miss Lori Lily! I won't cry, please don't leave me in the black prison!”  Ai’Weiwei crawled on the ground, pleading and kissing Young Miss Lori Lily's shoes.
Zero found that Young Miss Lori Lily, who had on a bad smile, has a kind of enchanting beauty. The beauty of evil and darkness is like a gorgeous red blood rose opened in the night, which has a soul stirring beauty.
The more evil such a woman is, the more attractive she is.
Young Miss Lori Lily saw Zero looking at him, so he returned to Zero with a charming smile. Zero rarely blushed.
”Get up and dry your tears! Your majesty does not like waiting for others. "
Ai’Weiwei immediately stood up and wiped away the tears on his face. Although he was still scared, he didn't walk as shakily as before and fell a few steps.

Walking to the Prince's bedroom door, Young Miss Lori Lily stopped, and Zero heard the familiar shouting.
Kattsis, you bastard, Wuwuwuwu... My ass hurts so much, you're not human! You are a beast! Wuwu......”
”I was born to die for you... Whining... Pain... You actually... You are the devil!” 
”I owe you my friend! Thanks to my support in Presbyterianism, you should do something worse than animals. Can you afford to do this to me? Wuwuwu......”
Kattsis, you son of a bxtch, you're not human, you're not human! For the first time... You pay me back... Whining... It hurts...”
”Shut up!”  Kattsis growled grimly.
”It's not a man, it's not a man, it's a bastard, and it’s a bastard... Hmmm... The voice stopped abruptly. Young Miss Lori Lily pushed the door open, vaguely saw that Kattsis held master Duke and kissed him deeply.
Alos thumped Kattsis hard. He finally kicked Kattsis away. He quickly got out of the quilt and lay on the bed: "ah... My ass, you're a murderer. You're not human!” 
Kattsis's blue tendon jumped: "first of all, I'm not a human being, neither are you! Second, if you quarrel again, I will throw you to the bat hole to feed bat!” 
“Wow, you're still not human... Eh, is it a vampire? It's still so cruel. I'm such a good young man. Can you bear to throw me to feed bats? You're not afraid to make a bunch of women commit suicide?” Master Duke cried and made a world shaking.
Kattsis kicked Alos out of bed!
Alos let out a dull cry. Maybe it was really painful. Instead of shouting, he lay on the ground and gasped for breath. Even more, he said in an empty voice: “You are a bad parent, an irresponsible parent!”
Kattsis rolled his eyebrows and said, "I have never seen a descendant like you who does not know the dignity and inferiority. Enough, don't provoke me again. Get back to me now!”
”OK," Alos throws an eyebrow at the man on the bed. "first, you give me back my Baobei. I've lost enough gains since you took his first time. I can't still have my first time with him. "
Kattsis only felt that there was a nameless fire burning up and down his body, almost lighting the whole dormitory: "The first time? Well, you think he's got his first time? So you've been arguing with me all night thinking I wanted his first time?!”
Er..." Alos closed his mouth carefully, and when he saw Kattsis's anger did not subside. He quickly flattered: "in fact, I don't have to get him back, otherwise... Keep him!” 
”I can’t have such a vulgar slave!”  Growled Kattsis.
Alos whispered, "Then why are you angry because you were not the first time... No, I didn't say anything. I don't care if you slapped my butt last night!” 
Er... If you really don't like him, you can give him to me..." Kattsis's face became more and more ugly, and Alos quickly changed his words: "I didn't say that."
"Get out of here!”  Kattsis said, kicking Alos again. He got up and went to hide.
”I'll go. I'll go right away. Before I go, Kattsis, I have something to tell you... I've been an adult for a long time. Can you stop spanking me later...”
”Or you want to be hurt in another way!”  Kattsis chuckled.
Alos quickly covered his ass: "No need!”
”Not yet!” 
”Now!”  Alos ran to the door, twisting the injured PP.
He just ran into Young Miss Lori Lily.
Alos immediately turned his face, straightened his hair and whistled, "Oh, my beautiful fiancée, Young Miss Lori Lily, it's so nice to see you in the morning. You look like a rose in the morning dew, charming and dripping."
Young Miss Lori Lily twisted her skirt and said, "thank you, honey, your xss... It's just as red as before!” 

”And your pajamas are beautiful, “Young Miss Lori Lily laughed.
Alos looked down: Pink Lace velvet pajamas... It's a sxxy dress with fingertips on sleeves, low chest and mesh bottom...
Young Miss Lori Lily bypasses the Duke and pushed Ai’Weiwei into the room: “Your breakfast, your majesty, I've brought it to you."
Then he helped the Prince to close the bedroom door.
Baobei!”  Alos exclaimed, "Baobei, are you ok? Kattsis, the devil didn't do anything to you? Let me see. Is your xss badly hurt?”
”Thank you, master, but I don't think it's as bad as yours.”
Young Miss Lori Lily: "Honey, your xss's recovery ability is weaker than other places. Do you really not need to apply medicine?"
After Alos left, Young Miss Lori Lily took Zero into the small room next to the Prince's bedroom, which was covered with soft blanket, equipped with precious utensils, and a chic round table with a set of exquisite tea set on it.
Young Miss Lori Lily poured a cup of tea for herself and Zero. The faint fragrance wafted in the small room.
In order to better complete the task, all the killers in Zero class have studied various courses, including tea ceremony. All of them are studied to better complete the task.
But Zero himself is not very particular about tea and food, as long as he can maintain physical strength.
Even so, Zero still thinks the flower tea is good to drink. It's sweet and refreshing to drink. Zero originally drank the tea out of politeness. After tasting it, he couldn't help drinking more.
Young Miss Lori Lily observed carefully that Zero liked it and said, "This is my own flower tea. If you like it, I'll welcome you to have it anytime."
Zero looked at Young Miss Lori Lily with a pair of black eyes. It's strange that her intention is, "I'm a slave and I can't go in and out at will." and she can't have no idea about what’s going on.
Young Miss Lori Lily smiled, "I'm curious."
”How did you provoke our headstrong Majesty the Prince?” Young Miss Lori Lily blinked and looked very lovely, “Your Majesty ordered you to serve his servant. His majesty killed and maimed no less than ten servants in a month, it seems that he really hates you, or...”
Zero sneered and his eyes were cold.
Young Miss Lori Lily smiled and said, "I heard Alos say you're a killer?"
Zero understands the concerns and questions of Young Miss Lori Lily. Who will hire a human killer in this vampire world?
”I'm from another world." Zero chose to be honest. He didn't want to be left in black by Young Miss Lori Lily.
”Another world?” Young Miss Lori Lily repeated thoughtfully.
“You can't believe it." Zero chuckled.
”No, I believe! Because I know it does exist, a parallel world! And only the six generations and above of vampires have the ability to cross the two boundaries, with some exceptions...”

“Yes, so only the Prince, or the one above the Prince, or the one with strong power, can cross the two realms. However, it seems that even the one with power can't easily control this too powerful ability. "
Zero nodded, and finally knows the reason why he came here. Sade is a powerful person. He accidentally sent him here due to unstable factors.
”The Prince will go there every once in a while, but this time is usually hundreds of years, and the commandments there seem to be stricter than here..." Young Miss Lori Lily looked at Zero and said, "It’s not impossible to ask your majesty to send you back, it's just... This may seem too small. Your majesty doesn't listen to people easily, let alone...”
”Besides, I'm just a lowly slave, "Zero said.
”It's not necessarily impossible." Young Miss Lori Lily took a deep look at Zero, but it's special. For the autocratic Prince, it seems impossible to send you back. So Young Miss Lori Lily shook his head again.
Zero sat in Miss Young Miss Lori Lily's little corner again for a while. There was a faint scream coming from the next room. The scream became more miserable and helpless. At last, it turned into a broken sob. Just listening to the sound, you can know that the young person in it were tossed very miserable.
”Beast." Zero can't help cursing.
Young Miss Lori Lily smiled contemptuously: “Your Majesty has been grumpier recently."
After a while, there was not even a whimper.
Young Miss Lori Lily finished smoking a bag of cigarettes, knocked the cigarette rod into the ashtray, and then stood up, "OK, today will be your first work, do you remember all the rules here?"
Zero nodded, more convinced that Kattsis was a pervert.
Would a normal person ask for more than five sheets a day? What do you do to take more than three baths a day? What's more, he asked his attendants to keep clean and tidy at all times? It's just that they are not asked to wash their intestines. What a pervert!
Zero opened another small door of the Prince bedroom for the servant to enter. In the required small bathroom, following the required steps, first use cold water, then hot water, and then cold water to brush yourself from head to toe.
Then when he came out of the bathroom, he opened the door and entered the Prince's bedroom. But the bedroom was very large, and Zero entered the bathroom corner of the bedroom.
The bathroom in the Prince's room is a swimming pool from a first sight.
Zero sighed and opened all the water inlets of the pool for quick and convenient filling of the bath. As soon as the water was poured in from all the inlets, the dense air suddenly filled the bathroom. Zero came in after washing the super cooled water, which he could not help but feel uncomfortable.
At this time, there was footsteps behind him, and Zero turned to look at Kattsis. This man was naked, and his human nature and arrogance were displayed in front of Zero.
And Kattsis, who is naked, really has a good looking figure. He has bronze skin, six abdominal muscles without any extra flesh, and a half blood face, which condenses the Western arrogance and Oriental introversion. He is the perfect man in the eyes of women.
Zero looked at Kattsis and thought that he was white enough to look like a vampire and thin. He was not only a little jealous.
Kattsis was in a good mood when he saw Zero staring at his body and some light in his eyes.
Kattsis walked up to Zero and raised an interesting facial smile: "Slave, however much do you like my body? But I'm tired of you. '
What a pity! Zero scolded in his heart.

Kattsis looked very happy. He raised Zero's face and wanted to see his lost expression, but what he saw was a placid, happy mood.
Kattsis strode into the water and orders the slave to wipe his back.
Zero was not rebellious and he did his work obedient.
Kattsis felt that the little slave's hand crossed his back, and went up and down his spine. He wiped it lightly and touched it if necessary. In a short time, his desire to vent rose again.
Kattsis cussed in his heart. He knew that he shouldn't have said “You, I'm tired of playing with it."
Suddenly, the fire and the air pressure was too hot...

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