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Blood Contract, Chapter 22: The walking blood

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter 22: The walking blood

“What's the matter?” Allen leaned against the head of the bed and raised his eyebrows.
Allen's facial features are exquisite, but they belong to the class of the wild beauty of the domineering. The moonlight hit his silver hair, giving him a sense of coldness and handsome.
Looking at the confident Allen, Zero suddenly thought of a sentence: vampires are born strong!
Thinking about this, Zero shivered.
"Are you cold?” Allen, turn around and smile, lean down and hug Zero's waist, and rub it back and forth, "Do you want warm blanket?”
Zero's face suddenly went cold. He raised his hand to block Allen's arm. “Why help me?”
Allen raised a funny smile on his face, and suddenly the figure flickered. He quickly clasped Zero's right hand on his back and pressed him on the bed.
At the same time, Zero raised his left hand sharply, used a knife hand, and stabbed Allen's neck rapidly and forcefully. Allen only felt the strong wind roaring, and his ears were full of buzzing. He didn't expect Zero would suddenly start a fight, and immediately released Zero to avoid the knife swipe. At this moment, his heart felt cold. If he could not avoid it, he would have a good pain at the next moment.
Unexpectedly, the wind stopped completely, and Zero stopped the knife one centimeter next to his neck.
There was a flash of excitement in Allen's eyes. Good guy, if you are a real fighter, first of all, your body is instinctive to pain when needed, second, your ability to throw and parry attacks, not that you can't do with long-term training. Third, he chose the position of attack which is one of the most indefensive: the side of the neck.
The cervical side of the neck is full of fatal blood vessels and nerves.
Choose this place to attack. If you hit it hard, the vagus nerve will be painful a conduct pain transmission at a conduction speed of 106.68m/s. If you are hit, it will cause carotid artery obstruction, reduce brain oxygen supply, and then suffocate and coma for a few seconds. If you are a master, even if you dodge, the neck wind will cause severe pain, making you react slowly, even if the next action is slow up to half a beat. This half beat second is enough for someone to counterattack and holding you down.
Two people look at each other for a few seconds, Allen's look turned from a moment of surprise to excitement, and his body was ready to move.
Zero was calm and tranquil, ignoring Allen's excitement and saying, "I'm sleepy!”
Allen was stunned and saw that Zero's eyes were really tired, so he stood up and walked out. When he got to the door, he turned around and said, “You owe me."
Allen turned around and went out. Tonight, he didn't specifically want to help anyone. Because vampires are night creatures, while humans are on the contrary, Allen, was trapped in the house, is the only child. Although he is not a formal vampire, he has been living with the habit of vampire since childhood. Tonight, he was just... bored?
But it didn't seem boring at first. Allen had a bad laugh.
The next day, Zero woke up after being harassed. The first thing Zero did after he woke up was to raise his hand and slap away the things lying on his face.
The clap was too strong, and the thing lying on his face swished out and hit the wall.
The poor little thing, it was hungry, came to look for her mother's little bat at night. Poor little thing struggled with his wings, got up and fell, got up and fell again and again, several times in a row, until he hit his head and got a big bag. Finally, he rushed back to the owner with tears and blood.
Little thing spent the whole night looking for Zero. Now the sun comes out and he's sleepy to death, but more importantly, he's starving! So while the master was still confused, he rushed to open his mouth and bit the master.
Zero knew little thing's premeditation early in the morning, and beat it back to the ground again. This time, he didn't rush to get up. Instead, he lay on the ground with his legs on his back, flapping his wings and "roaring". He was like a child who was begging for food.
Anyone who sees the cute little action that everyone will like the little bat, but in the eyes of the owner of the little bat, it has become a cunning act of playing tricks. Not only has it not caused Zero's sympathy, but also provoked a lot of scolding: "little thing, next time you dare to rush to drink my blood, I will make you become a eunuch bat!”
Little thing was so stiff that he took off in two dry strokes.
”Do you hear me?”
Little thing nodded in a hurry, then made a bat wings move into a self - guard shape.
Zero got up, just landed on one foot, and a tearful pain came from the back hole and made him stiff.
Little thing suddenly felt its master's cold murderous air, and trembled. Like when he got into trouble with the master again, he fell down and pretended to be dead.

Zero looked at the dead thing on the ground, pulled a smile at the corner of his mouth, stoops down and put it in the palm of his hand. Little thing is just the size of his hand.
Zero grabbed its shins and didn't move!
Grabbed its wings, it didn't move!
He flicked his head, but still the little bat didn't move.
So the palm of his hand turned... Little thing looked closer and closer as he fell to the ground, he was so scared that he forgot that he can fly. The first action was to cover his eyes.
When he thought he was going to hit the ground, his foot was lifted by Zero, and he hung it in the air and shook it twice. He just shook a piece of paper from the little bat leg.
Taking a look and he saw what was written: Little Baobei, You've heard that. I'm very angry! (Drew an angry face) you forgot me and went to hook up with Kattsis! You hit my handsome face hard, kicked my perfect body, and plastered a layer of ash on my track! So I'm very angry right now. The only way to let me calm down is for you to come back and let me hit your PP! And then announce in front of everyone that I'm better in bed than the Prince! (Drew a smiling face of Q version) so I can barely forgive you! Alos!
Zero's eyebrow angle rolled into three black lines. He vowed that if the Duke himself was in front of him, he would really punch his "handsome" face, kick his "perfect" body, and take care of his little brother! Let him thoroughly feel the "strong" pain!
Maybe it's about architecture. Zero went out of the room and closed the door. The corridor was still as furtive as at night. The abstract paintings hanging on the wall filled a layer of shade for this.
The corridor is very narrow and long. After walking for a few minutes, there is a sense of suffocation, as if the door of that room would suddenly open and a monster would pop out.
The suffocating atmosphere didn't end until Zero reached the stairway. It seemed that all the "roommates" in the dormitory got up, and there was a bustling noise downstairs.
Zero grabbed the young one and went to look for food. Knowing that his blood has toxic effect on vampires, he doesn't allow the young one to drink his blood. However, there is no sign of intelligence after even the little thing drank his blood, but he had to be careful.
Zero went down the stairs, and the troublemakers were all quiet and watching the new man.
Zero glanced at the crowd. There were about twenty people, all beautiful children, but it was uncomfortable to look at their strange eyes.
Allen was among them from last night. He sat on a golden chair and drank the red liquid in the cup. He felt like the king in the room. At his feet sat a beautiful child whose head was resting on his leg. Allen felt the beautiful child's soft hair and looked at Zero with interest. And the beautiful child wanted to eat him alive with that peeling expression.
”Zero!”  A voice caught Zero's attention - Angel was looking at Zero with a happy and worried expression.
Zero smiled at Angel, who breathed out a relief breath, came up to Zero's ear and whispered, “You're OK, aren't you from the Duke? How could you have been sent here?”
Zero doesn't answer. He asked if he has anything to eat.
Angel went to get food for Zero enthusiastically. There are people who regularly send food here every day. It's just a good place to eat, live and stay. It's a good breeding ground.
"Ha? Is this the new man that Xiao Sha enjoyed alone last night? Tut tut, it's so cheap. He is beautiful. "
”Hi Xiao Sha, what's the taste of new bride?”
A few young men who were fiercer to look at each other and heckled.
Xiao Sha glanced at Zero in a trance, answered them vaguely, then pretended to be hungry and went to get something to eat.
”Sticky pheasant, don't let yourself think Zero, or I'll kick your ass!”  Angel came back to hear what he said and threatened fiercely.

”Angie Baobei do you know him?”
”Since Angie Baobei said that, naturally we won't make up mind about him, but... if he takes the initiative to make hit at one of us that's a different case, Haha. "The young man touched Angel's xss.
”Ah!”  Angel jumped up and turned around and gave the man a good kick.
”Suddenly, Angie Baobei is getting fiercer and fiercer. You spoiled him!”  Everyone laughed.
Allen smiled. "Angie Baobei's claws are always sharp."
When Angel heard this, he turned his head and gave Allen a look, which was kind of charming with some temptations. It seemed that it made people feel distracted.
Well, after more than a month, Angel has learned how to protect himself.
”Get up! Barry, go lie down if you've finished eating. Your butt is big enough for one person to occupy two positions!”  Angel kicked the person lying on the sofa and waved to Zero.
Zero didn't speak from the beginning to the end, but observed everyone's expression quietly. These 20 people listened to Childe Allen's words on the surface, but they didn't care for it in the dark. Just like how Barry just now, although he left the position with a smile, his eyes were very hawkish and falcon.
Zero broke a sandwich and handed it to the little thing in the palm of his hand.
”Ha, what a cute bat!”  Cried Angel. At the first listen, little thing jumped into Angel's arms pleasantly, and one bat and one angel started to play.
At this moment, the door was opened, and in came a graceful woman in a red tight skirt. She had a silver cigarette in her hand, and her smile was charming. When she appeared, she fascinated the boys in the house.
”Good morning, everyone.” The beautiful lady glanced at all the people, saw Allen and smiled, "good morning, master Allen.”
”Good morning, Young Miss Lori Lily." Allen stood up and walked to Young Miss Lori Lily. He put out his hand very gently, took it and put a kiss on the back of her hand.
”How does Master Allen feel living here? If you need anything, please tell me that you are our Camarilla guest, "Lori Lily said.
”Thank you very much, Young Miss Lori Lily. I live very well. Say hello to the Prince for me. "Allen said, with a wicked smile on his lips. He is worthy of being captured by nobles and does not give up his pride.
”I don't know what the matter is with Young Miss Lori Lily coming here today?” Allen asked. The rest of the room talked nervously, "there won't be another party, will there?”
”I'm sick. I can't attend."
”Don't play dead, who will believe you?”
Even Angel was stifling nervously.
There is a banquet and someone is going to need food, the needed food is the house of this group of boys feeling doomsday.
Young Miss Lori Lily giggled twice and reassured: "little things, don't be nervous. There's no party today."
When the voice of Young Miss Lori Lily fell, everyone breathed out.
”But, "Lori Lily chuckled, “I'm going to choose one of you to come with me, summon the Prince.”
All of them suddenly turned white again and asked bravely, "Isn’t his majesty keeping another group of pets? Why does he have to choose between us?”
If someone thinks that it's a good thing for the Prince to call someone for the bedtime, and wants to take this opportunity to let his majesty like him so as to get rid of the unfortunate fate of being a walking food, then you are wrong. As we all know, the Prince never let a person sleep with him for the second time, and they know that the Prince is moody!
Lori Lily shrugged and said helplessly, “You've heard that your majesty is in a bad mood recently. Those little things make him very dissatisfied, so I have to choose one of you. I'll wish you good luck!”
Angel whispered to Zero, "Put your head down! Don't be chosen. No one who has gone there can come back alive!” 
Zero scolded in his heart.

For a time the atmosphere in the house was eerie, as quiet as in a tomb.
At this time, the stupid thing of the young one didn't find the strange atmosphere, it was flapping his wings and flying. The little flapping sound was extremely harsh in the quiet room.
Angel was startled and hurriedly carried the Little-Night back to his arms, but it was too late.
Young Miss Lori Lily loves bats very much. When she saw this cute little thing, her eyes naturally attracted him.
Young Miss Lori Lily came to Angel's side, and when little bat saw that the beautiful woman was here it broke away from Angel's arms and rushed to her.
Angel took a breath and shivered nervously.
Lori Lily put the Little-Night in the palm of her hand and rubbed it on her face. She said very familiar, "little thing, why are you here?"
Then Young Miss Lori Lily saw a black haired Zero and showed a clear expression.
"Raise your head." Lori Lily told Zero, a slender finger on Zero's chin, Young Miss Lori Lily’s fingers were beautifully coated with red nail polish.
”Suddenly, what a beautiful little thing! No wonder Alos is such a fool who likes you so much and gives you Little Night's son. "Lori Lily giggled twice.
Zero saw looked at her with no malice and no resistance.
Young Miss Lori Lily explained, "I'm Alos’s fiancée."
Zero took a look at Young Miss Lori Lily, and found that the lady in front of him was really beautiful, and her temperament was also good, but he thought that she and Alos are like when put flowers on the cow dung.
”Have you recovered from your injury yesterday?” Said Young Miss Lori Lily, rubbing his fingers on Zero's face, flirting intentionally or unconsciously.
“What medicine do you need? When I send it to Alos, I can send it to you by the way. Besides, if you want to see Alos, I can bring you something, but... I’m afraid he can't get out of bed. "
And Lori Lily whispered something in Zero's ear.
Zero's body froze at the end of listening, and then he and Young Miss Lori Lily laughed happily.
The nearest Angel heard that Young Miss Lori Lily seemed to say something about the Duke's xss... I don't know what happened.
Lori Lily and Zero whispered, raised their heads, reached for a little, and pointed to a young man whose face was white.
”It's you. Come with me. "
”Master Allen!”  In a hurry, the boy reached for Allen's arm and pleaded with his eyes.
Zero saw that this boy was the one who just sat at Allen's feet and enjoyed his caress.
Young Miss Lori Lily raised her eyebrows and said, "If you don't like it, Master Allen, I can choose someone else."
Allen smiled: "I don't have anything to do with it. Its Ai'WeiWei blessing." he pushed the boy forward, and he fell to the ground.
”That's good." Turning around and look at Zero, “You are Zero? You come with me, too. The Prince wants to see you. "
Zero frowned, thinking that he was only offended yesterday, and would like to see me today?
Zero stood up, patted Angel's head peacefully, and then walked out the door with Young Miss Lori Lily and the young man called A-WeiWei under the public's attention.
The author has something to say: all the watches are noisy, and the articles are very beautiful. Don't quarrel because of the depression of ice for a while. Touch them with your own hands.
Off the coast
This is something thatss got nothing to do with the novel.
Today is the festival of some ancient and great country in the East, the Qiyao Festival! Also known as Double Seven Festival.
Little Sa (Sade, the one who brought Zero to the ancient times) entered the company this morning and found that the little Oriental man he saw very well was nestling in the company's female staff. The group of female staff each had a flower in their hands, and they were very happy to be bellowing by the little man.
When he was jealous for a while, he found out that today is a festival in his hometown. It is said that the Cowherd and the weaver girl are going to see each other. The Milky Way faces each other with tears in their eyes. Even if there is love for a long time, it will not last forever.
Little Sa thinks it makes sense. The Cowherd and the weaver girl meet once a year. Their relationship is so good. It's estimated that the distance produces more yearning. If the little man doesn't like him, will they meet every day without any freshness right?
On this thought, little Sa decided to leave for a while and go back to his mother's home.
In other words, when little Sa returned to his hometown, he checked the origin culture of his hometown and heard that they wanted "harmony and happiness" when they were together. How about this harmonious and happy method? Online check, harmonious soup, river crab also.

In this estimation, little Sa took to the boy back home to catch the crab.
This head went to a different world and opened the door. He didn't know where he was. He came to the door of the Prince's bedroom and happened to see the Prince was kicked out of the door by his wife.
As soon as little Sa thinks about it, the Prince's thievery will remembers revenge!
Sure enough, the Prince yelled at the door for a long time: "Zero baby, open the door!”  But no one paid attention to it, so he turned around to take out his annoyance to little SA.
Little Sa's neck shrank with fear, his feet trembled, and he turned to run... It's impossible.
So they hurried to mend the fault (little Sa: I've crossed). The cheap Prince said "the river crab". They hurriedly went to catch the river crab. They just came to the door and saw that Alos came too. When they got together, if he didn't go to hell, who would go to hell? So they caught the man and ran to the stream together.
It's said that the living crab has a lot of technical elements in it. These little things of him will hide. If you don't lift the bottom (stone) of the crab hiding place, it won't appear.
You have to be careful when you catch little thing. It's deadly to let these things clamp you.
These three crabs have no patient owners, but also very unpleasant characters. Usually one is not happy to pinch your life, just like pinching ants.
At this moment, it's not enough to catch river crabs. First, you can't strangle the river crabs. It's not like "harmony". Second, no matter how powerful your magic is, do you have a special crab catching spell? No! It takes patience to carry one stone at a time.
He can't help it. Little Sa and little Ka are thinking about the harmony between husband and wife. Little Luo is thinking about his little life.
After catching it for a long time, a man turned his back on his horse. He fell into the river. He threw a stone on his hand and hit one. The other one was happy. He was very happy and sorrowful and got his hand clamped on the river crab.
The result is one cried, the second one laughed and third one cried. Those who have gone through this path think they are haunted.
In the end, the three men came back with crabs.
After coming back, he'll give little Zero a look. He so happy. It's a good life to enjoy the moon and drink and eat river crabs. It's a beautiful life for the three. It's a beautiful smile to the three. It's a gorgeous and amorous feeling. I just think the river crabs haven't been caught in vain. Little S and little Luo are so happy that they go home to find a wife and take their children to play.
Little Ka is happy to see his wife. It's not bad. He can finally have sxx in the room tonight. Happiness is for everyone, long live the river crab! (How many tears are there in catching it?)

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