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Blood Contract, Chapter 21: The harem house

Blood Contract: 血色契: Xue Se Qi Yue

Blood Contract, Chapter 21: The harem house

Although the palace is a luxurious place, in the dark night, no matter if it’s the trees or stone statues, they are extremely terrifying, especially the carved and lifelike monsters and beasts. In the dark, they are just like a monster ready to go and kill.
Maybe it's good to be afraid of vampire night vision, but if people walk on this quiet and remote road, they may be frightened.
In the night, a black shadow quickly shuttles through the court corridor. In the black shadow's arms, there is a group of white things. With this speed, people think its ghosts from afar.
The black shadow stopped in front of the most remote heavy iron armor door in the north of the court. The door was engraved with lion and other beasts’ faces. The lantern eyes a size of fists, were protruding out. It looked ghostly and mysterious.
Chum - the iron door was opened.
Inside the door is the hall, opposite is a picture of a vampire, the background of the painting is a half round of blood red moon, the vampire in a black cloak showed two fangs, as if he is smiling at the people coming in the door...
The hall is very spacious. Although it's grotesque and terrible, the sofas, chairs, wine cabinets, fireplaces and so on are delicate things under the moon. On the left side of the hall, there's an arc-shaped inclined spiral ladder. The steps are covered with soft red blankets. It's not like the place where slaves live. Zero stared at his eyes and thinks so.
Take the vampire servant who came in Zero, walked towards the stairs, went up the stairs and walked in the corridor. Although the light is dim, the long-term adaptation to the dark Zero can see things clearly. The corridor is very long, and the red lacquer wooden doors in the corridor are all written with famous brands, such as Allen, Barry, Biqi... he thought it's the owner's name.
Some of the gates are also pasted with small paper stickers, smiling faces and the likes maybe due to the owner's preference. It may look lovely in the daytime, but in this atmosphere at night, only the word "unearthly" can be used to describe it.
The room was quiet, and only the sound of the vampire servant's cowhide boots hitting the ground could be heard.
Zero doesn't know what's waiting for him, but it's not like the slave houses he used to stay in. No matter how upset he is, he can't resist the attack of physical fatigue. Zero almost fell asleep in the next swing.
The footsteps stopped, the man stopped in front of a door and listened to the squeak that came when the door was opened.
Zero forced himself to look at the room. The room was not big or small. There was a soft single bed in the room, and there was a big wardrobe beside the bed.
The vampire servant left the Zero wrapped in the sheet on the single bed, then took out a white nightdress from the wardrobe and threw it on Zero. Then the servant left the room without stopping or talking. When he went out, he did not forget to help him close the door.
Seeing the servant's thoughtfulness, Zero felt a little grateful, and then a self-mocking smile came out.
Zero was lying on the bed for a while, unable to control his tiredness, and his eyelids were getting heavy. But he still struggled to sit up. Looking around, there was a small table near the window wall. There was a transparent water can on the table, which contained clear water.
Zero reached for the back hole, spread it out, and when he brought his finger to his eyes, he saw that was it mixed with blood and white turbidity... Zero sighed and struggled to get out of bed. He was naked under the bedspread, and there was no one else in the room. He simply pulled the clean tablecloth. After tearing it, he got it wet and began to clean up.
Zero held the table with one hand and reached into the back hole to clean out the filth. But the back hole was badly hurt. Zero was afraid the romp from earlier had hurt the gut. When he touched it, Zero's face was white with pain.
Zero was really afraid of pain, but usually there are many injuries he experienced. He doesn't care. He waited for his own disability or death. Once he is disabled, he will not be far away from death. So he can only tolerate pain.
After Zero cleaned up, the water in that jar was already red. Zero tore a strip off the tablecloth and folded it into small pieces, ready to plug it there to stop bleeding. Before he finished this action, the door suddenly opened.
Zero turned his head. There was a blond boy standing at the door. The boy leaned against the door and looked at Zero with his hands on his chest and his face sneering on the corner of his mouth.
Zero was interrupted by someone. The cloth strip was only half stuffed in. Thinking of the pain that could be endured for a while, Zero could not help frowning.
The blonde boy looked at Zero, stared at his naked body for a long time, then places his eyes on Zero's buttocks, then let out two clear laughs, "I'm sorry to disturb you."
Although apologizing, there was no guilt on his face. There was more sarcasm between his eyebrows and piercing eyes.
Zero ignored him and turned his head to continue his movements.
Seeing that Zero scorned his existence, the blonde boy raised his eyebrows and was a little angry. When he approached Zero, he grabbed half of the cloth in Zero's hand, then pulled it out with force. Zero also brushed and his face turned white from all that pain.
The blonde boy proudly raised his mouth and asked, "Can I help you? New bride.”
Zero was very afraid of pain, so although he is expressionless, he is already unhappy in his heart. After listening to the word "new bride" in the population, he just feels very harsh.
New bride? No matter where you go, you are bullied.
From the appearance of the young man just now, Zero has a little idea what this place is. The young man's skin looked good, like he has not done rough work. Besides, the servants and bodyguards in the palace are basically vampires. Other people say that slaves are actually lambs that are raised to wait for the young Childe, just like Angel that night, who was treated like the walking food flowing at the banquet.

Of course, there are exceptions, the male pet in captivity. The young man in front of him is very charming and beautiful, so he is qualified to be a male pet.
When the blonde boy saw Zero and kept silent, he thought he was afraid, so his face became more proud.
"Newcomer, just been flattered? Hehe, how can the stoppers stop bleeding? Let me help you," he said, with a woeful expression on his beautiful face.
The teenager pushed Zero, pressed Zero on the table, then stretches his foot between Zero's legs, separated his two legs, then pulled a large piece of tablecloth and spun it into a cone shape, then stabbed it into Zero's back hole.
After Zero understood what he was going to do, he clasped his back hand, grabbed the young man's wrist, and then made a pressing effort with his index finger and thumb. The bone at the young man's wrist made a sound.
"Ah, ah...”The boy cried a few times, his face white with pain.
Zero said, "thank you for your consideration. I'll do it myself."
Then he let go of the boy and pushed him away.
The teenager staggered back a few steps, and then looked at Zero's thin body. He thinks it's his carelessness just now, which allowed the thin boy to beat him. The anger in his heart soars.
So the pretty face was even more ferocious. With his head half higher than Zero, he thought he will beat him in a swoop.
Zero was angry this time. He raised his legs and swept at the attacker's feet. He doesn't expect Zero to have this sort of preparedness. When he leaned forward, he almost would have fell down. Zero pulled his hand and pulled him closer. Another hand slammed the teenager's back, and his knee went up and kicked into the teenager's abdomen.
These little movements alone made the blonde boy stand on the ground and howl for a long time.
The roar in the Zero room broke the peace in the house, and the surrounding room also heard a sound, presumably woke up.
It turned out that the blonde boy's room is at the entrance near the corridor. It's true to hear that a new bride has been sent. Thinking that he hasn't found a place to spread evil fire these days, he touched it. The original intention is to vent it several times before others know it, so that he can shed the fire and give the new bride a lower person fear.
How can you think that this black haired boy looks weak, but he's practiced in fighting. He's been beaten even though he hasn't got the result he wanted. Look at the movement outside, someone will come in soon. If he is seen, how can he show his face up here?
The more he thinks about it, the more he got angry. He doesn't know where the thin man strength comes from. He jumped up from the ground and rushed for Zero.

This time, the kid kept his mind and thought of ways to make a counterattack and beat the thin boy. Who knows where Zero can get beaten like the man wanted? Zero once or twice lifted him up again, and then threw himself on the young man's waist.
It's close to the bed. Zero reaches over the sheet and slammed it at the place where two people touch each other, revealing only Zero's bright and clean back.
This hand stopped, and the door opened with a bang. The man outside was holding the oil lamp, and he looked in, only to see a young man with black hair wriggling his waist, his mouth making a tiny sound. The bright and clean back was more white and attractive against the moonlight.
And the blonde under the black haired boy, with the color of pain on his face at the moment, seems to be the expression of a man trapped in lust.
The door whistled, Hehe, with two strange laughter.
Then the man who came asked the man at the door, “What's the matter?”
The man rubbed his buttocks and said with a laugh, "Apparently Xiao Shao is not working. There is a new bride."
If he felt his butt, he is welcome. He pushed his foot on his calf, which made him cry.
This is another ancient melodrama, which attracted a lot of people to watch.
Some people saw what they were doing, giggled and joked, some scolded Xiao Shao for being too immoral to enjoy alone. Some even made a fuss to queue up, and others directly pulled people around and chewed on the dog's mouth with cuss words.
At one time, the room was full of obscenities thrown around.
Zero meant not to let things go to this level, so he didn't sleep tonight. Now, it's sxx everyone thought they were doing.
Just want how to end, a quite posture shout interrupted the room's obscenity.
"If you don't sleep in the middle of the night, are you vampires?” The voice, with a faint anger and coldness, has restrained the gang.
"Elder brother...”
I'm afraid it's the house manager, the dormitory manager, the head of the house and so on.
"Go back to sleep!”  The voice was not very loud, but it was full of chilling air. A lot of people immediately walked away obediently.
Zero was a little curious and inclined, but he could not help but receive a sharp and forceful glance glaring back at him. He instinctively froze. Then he heard a door closing.
Zero got down from the blonde boy and was suspicious of the man just now. At a glance just now, he had seen that the man was definitely not a male pet or the walking the food.

At this time, the blonde boy on the ground whimpered and that drew back Zero's attention.
Zero kicked him with his foot. "Don't tell anyone about today. Do you hear me?”
The blonde boy knew the difference between himself and Zero, and nodded his head in a hurry.
"And I don't like to be disturbed!”  Zero, the man at the door just called this man Xiao Shao. It seems that the blond man has a little position here, so it's better to take advantage of him.
"It's useless for him to say anything about that. It's better to talk to me." the door snapped open again. Zero turned to see the boy in tight fitted silver hair, looking at himself arrogantly. It turned out to be the "Allen" chief/boss who had left but came back again.
Zero looked at the man at the door, wondering why he came back.
The man at the door saw Zero's doubts and shook the bottle in his hand: "I went to take the medicine for you."
Then he said to the blonde boy, "Xiao Shao, you go out. I will not deal with you tonight. Shut up!” 
“Yes, yes!”  Xiao Sha hurriedly got up from the ground and went out.
Allen came in, closed the door behind him, and then looked at Zero's ambiguous little injured strawberry looking hole.
"Xiao Sha couldn't been able to make so many marks on you in less than 15 minutes after entering your door, "Allen said. "There's not enough time to turn you to bed and have your hole looking like that." that's an explanation.
Zero was clear about it, but he thought that the room with the name "Allen" he just passed the corridor was some distance from where he lived. Did he even know the time when Xiao Sha entered his door?
"I'm Childe, and I can hear a lot better than human beings, "Allen said with an evil smile and walked toward Zero.
"I remember right, this is the slave house, "Zero said, his eyes not moving away from Allen, who was looking at him as well.
"No wonder I'm a new bride! The Devil Association.”
"My name is Allen, Allen Singh Lesenberg." the silver haired boy reached out.
"Zero." Zero reached out. The two shook hands. Allen handed the bottle to Zero. "Are you hurt? Need help?”
Zero thought for a moment, he had to wipe the medicine, so he nodded.
Allen sat down beside Zero's bed, put the medicine on his fingers, and then applied the medicine to Zero's back hole.
"Bear with it. There's mint in this medicine. It won't hurt much after a while."
Sure enough, after enduring for a while, the effect of medicine came into play. It was cool and comfortable.
"Thank you, "Zero said.
Allen said, “You’re welcome. By the way, who hurt you is... The Prince?”
"... Uh.”
"I haven't seen you before, "Allen said, looking at Zero's black hair and wondering, “You’re Duke Reiter's...”
"... Yeah, "said Zero, he was upset. He wanted to keep a low profile. Even the people in the remote slave house like the palace knew his name. It must have been the work of Alos the prancing peacock! I don't know how he knows. Does Alos know he's here?
"The Duke didn't protect you? It's spread around that you are his favorite. "Allen laughed twice.
At a glance, Zero thought of last night. It's strange that he can't remember anything after he left the meeting.
Was he waiting for the full moon?
That night, the whole slave ship died on the night of full moon, and he can't remember anything. What happened to him that he can’t remember?
Zero continued to think about how he spent the full moon night. The more he thinks about it, the more wrong he is feeling!
Usually, his father will take him to the darkroom, first check and accept the result of his one month training, then assess the result. If he is unqualified, he will be beaten, and then punished by his father... Enter; the qualified result is the same. He was done all night until he was in a coma. He always felt that nothing was normal after he was in a coma, so he remembered something wrong.
Doesn't know anything? Father is not the kind of person who will let him go after he faints, that is to say, the same what happens there is a blank? In his mind, his father's usual strange body method is echoing... For a long time, when he mentioned his father, he only had the word "Fear", so that he ignored a very important thing, which is... Aura!
He always felt that the reason that he was afraid of his father from the bottom of his heart was because he was too weak. It wasn't that. It was the instinctive fear of the body in the face of non-human beings!
Father is... A vampire?!

The author has something to say: the truth... Chinese style
In other words, Bing wants to ask his relatives if he wants to continue to abuse Zero. Haha (chuckle) ~
(Catching insects...)
Have you seen "Exorcist boy"? Hey, this Allen is not that other Allen.

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