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The Jade Emperor Heaven Imperial Court Kindergarten, Chapter 16: Retaliate

The Jade Emperor Heaven, Imperial Court Kindergarten, 

Chapter 16: Retaliate

"Wow, I didn't say that!" Shunfeng'er cried out for being accused wrong.
That's not true, but there's a marriage thread. Although this is true, hearing it said to someone else's ears is a completely different meaning.
Li Jing refused to listen and struggled to fight. When the two men saw the bad news, they ran away with oil on their feet.
"You unfilial son, let Laozi down!" Li Jing pushed his short legs and began beating Nezha.

"Daddy, stop making trouble. Something serious has happened." Nezha reluctantly put his father down and talked about his purpose of coming here.
There are demons in the Far East, which have endangered the world. The Jade Emperor asked Nezha to take troops to encircle and suppress the demons, but the deployment of said troops required Li Jing's consent.
"Then go ahead." Li Jing stood on the ground with his little hands on his back, frowning at his son who was much taller than himself.
"How can I transfer my troops if you don't order them to me in the presence of the generals?" Nezha turned a white eye. The heavenly soldier will only recognize Li Jing, even if he Nezha is a general, and will not see his father, nor will he listen to him.
"Is the east of the land is it not the Emperor of the East China domain? How could there be a demon running rampant there?” Bai Ze heard the point. As one of the great immortals, Emperor of the East China had strong mana. Since he moved to live in Kunyu Mountain in the Far East, there has never been a devil doing evil things there.
"It is estimated that the Emperor of the East China is also..." Nezha glanced at his short father on the ground and the Heavenly Venerable Lord in Bai Ze's arms. As a mighty immortal, the Emperor of the East China will inevitably be influenced by the power of reincarnation. Now that something happened in the Far East, it must be that the Emperor of the East China has become a little toddler. When the mana decreases, the pressures keeping the demons at bay will weaken. When the demons feel his weakness, they will dare to run out to show their prestige.
"Then we have to hurry over." Bai Ze said, looking down at Fu Li in his arms, Fu Li slowly nibbled pancakes, like a cute little beast, Bai Ze's heart is melted and he couldn't bear to put him down.
"Ask the Jade Emperor, but you can adjust it," Fu Li swallowed the pancake, turned to Nezha, and then asked Bai Ze, "Let's go back and try to make Li Jing bigger."

It is rare for the Heavenly Venerable Lord to utter such a long list of words. The soft and waxy voice of child tone makes people itch. Bai Ze nodded busily, he held Fu Li in one hand, picked up Li Jing in the other, and flew back to The Imperial Jade Hall. Nezha went to the Ling Xiao Palace to see what the Jade Emperor would do.
"I have an order, but..." The Jade Emperor wiped his beard distressingly. As the emperor of heaven, he could mobilize all the generals, but with the marshal in his presence, he asked the Jade Emperor to give orders personally, which seemed to be a problem with his this.
Now they are trying to hide the news of the Great Gods’ accident. If the Jade Emperor himself went to deploy troops, wouldn't it be a show of that says the rumor is true?
Nezha scratched his head. "What should I do then?"
"Isn't it that drinking Jade Liquor one can be changed back? Just let Li Jing drink more wine.” The Jade Emperor said so.
"Drink more?” No, No. When he heard the news that Nezha had brought back the news, Bai Ze immediately shook his head into a rattle. If Li Jing wants to become an adult at once, he has to drink half of the jar of jade liquid. How can the small body stand it now?
"Father's drinking has always been good, so it's not a problem if he were to drink both jade cups." Nezha was in a hurry. The devil is making trouble in the Far East. If he goes a little late, countless mortals will suffer and cannot be delayed. After that, he grabbed jar from Bai Ze and pulled Li Jing a cup to fill the wine.
Li Jing took a sip and felt good. He immediately began to drink with a grunt in his arms.
"Don't drink too much!" Bai Ze grabbed it in time. So that, Li Jing still drank half of the jar. In the front of everyone, the rich essence of the sun mana rose in the veins, causing Li Jing to cry out.
"Father!" Nezha was shocked and quickly picked up his father.
Bai Ze sighed and put his hand on Li Jing's chest to guide him.
A moment later, a golden flash flashed, and the little Li Jing floated into the air. His body suddenly grew and became an adult figure holding a pagoda in armor and hand.
"Father!" Nezha was so surprised that he finally saw his normal father. "Before it’s too late. Let's go."

"Burp --" Li Jing opened his mouth and belched loudly.
Nezha: "..."
Li Jing is really drunk and walks like he was chasing birds. Nezha could only pick him up and drag him to the heavenly generals and pinch him on his waist. "Daddy, you can say quickly, 'There are demons in the Far East. Today, 10,000 troops are to be sent to Nezha to catch demons'."
"Wait, listen!" Li Jing shakes his head and woke up for a moment.
"Yes!" Ten thousand heavenly soldiers echoed in unison.
"Uh... Nezha was seen in the Far East, and you have to catch him as soon as possible.” After only a moment's awakening, the tongue began to knot again.
"Pooh..." The soldiers below could not help laughing.
Nezha felt so humiliated that he quickly kicked his father's calf: "The demons are out, the demons are out!"
"Ah, demons, demons are infesting! Ten thousand troops, Nezha, go and catch them! “Li Jing stumbled and finally got the word right.
"That's right!" Nezha echoed with a loud voice, immediately ordered 10,000 troops and led them away.
Bai Ze returned the smaller Li Jing to The Imperial Jade Hall and took Fu Li to the east. He had to go and see things there, and then bring back East China's Emperor, who might have become smaller.
When Bai Ze and Fu Li left, The Imperial Jade Hall's children are in turmoil.
Li Jing was still drunk. He picked up a bamboo pole and started to play drunkenly, chasing Lao Jun all over the yard.
"Li Jing, I have something to say!" Lao Jun runs with his clothes on, but now his mana is low. He can't beat Li Jing with pure physical strength.
"Whoa... You are not allowed to fight..." Queen Mother was frightened by this scene, tried to persuade them, but she was pushed down by Li Jing, and began to cry with her flat mouth.
Yue Lao stood on one side and was in a hurry to move away from the fight. When Li Jing came running over, he suddenly tripped him over and threw out a piece of red rope: "Quick, tie him up."
When Lao Jun heard this, he immediately grasped the end of the red rope and joined forces with Yue Lao to tie Li Jing to a solid end. Not long after, Li Jing, a drunken little boy, was bundled into a big red dumpling and thrown into the corner.
"Whirl..." Li Jing could not move with the bundles, nor was he noisy, so he went to sleep like this.

Yue Lao and Lao Jun looked at each other and were relieved.
"Whoop, I'm not here. I'm going to the Ling Xiao Palace!" But Queen Mother had not stopped crying, and without Bai Ze, she began to lose her temper.
"Stop crying. The Jade Emperor will pick you up in a moment." Yue Lao said powerlessly that he didn't want to coax Queen Mother, so he persuaded her to play on her own.
"Hee-Hee, you cry ugly. No wonder The Jade Emperor doesn't want you. He wants the fox spirit." Lao Jun said gloating.
"Wow -" Queen Mother burst into even more tears.
Bai Ze flew all the way to the Far East with Fu Li in his arms. They did not follow Nezha's team with the Heavenly soldiers and he and the Heavenly soldiers went to kill demons and devils. Bao Ze just went to enroll more children in kindergartens.
"I haven't been to Kunyu Mountain for a long time, and I don't know if the Mulberry fruit is ripe yet?" Bai Ze sat on the cloud, thinking about the taste of the fruit of mulberry tree. The mulberry trees grow on Kunyu Mountain. They are the treasures of the Emperor of the East China and the divine trees that the sun rested on ancient times. The Mulberry fruit is the treasure of heaven and earth. Everyone eats one when they are immortal and they just lengthen their immortality, the goblin eats one tendon washing and marrow cutting, and when the fairies eats one... It just tastes great. At the time of the Peach Festival Party, the Emperor of the East China usually offered a basket to everyone, and the fairies who were well connected with him could occasionally eat one.
Bai Ze is the guy who often runs around eating these. He lives near the East China Sea, not far from Kunyu Mountain.
Actually, it's Far East, not the end of the sky, but it’s still is the farthest island in the East China Sea. To the East is the confounding junction of immortals and the place where the sun rises.
"Look, that's Cangze Mountain." Bai Ze saw the hilltop where he lived and immediately pointed it to Fu Li.
Fu Li Heavenly Venerable Lord laid on the clouds and looked carefully for a long time before he saw a protruding stone in a vast ocean. Was this a mountain?
To Heavenly Venerable Lord's doubtful look, Bai Ze sounded very grieved: "the ups and downs of life, my mountain head was flooded."
So it is... Fu Li stretched out his short hand and patted Bai Ze on the shoulder. "You may as well wait for this seat to regain its magic power and I will help you move out of the Cangze Mountain."
“Okay!" Bai Ze was instantly happy. It's only a legend that most immortals can't do it. They can only use some magic to change shape, fight and remove demons. But Lord Heavenly Venerable Lord can really move mountains.
Legend has it that during the war between immortals and demons, Fu Li moved the whole Taihang Mountains with one hand to suppress the ancient beasts.
"That's the Jade Emperor." Fu Li coughed and moved the whole Taihang Mountains. Only Fuxi and Nuwa could do that. He just cut off a dangerous peak.
"Ah?" Bai Ze blinked. He was wounded in the Battle of the Fairies and Demons and could not remember many things. Later, the Jade Emperor rewarded him for his meritorious deeds after the war was over. Speaking of these things, people put Fu Li on a par with the great gods of ancient times. The people who did not know the truth they believed it. So much so that they are always afraid of Heavenly Venerable Lord, and felt that when he was unhappy, he would break the pillar of heavens and the heavenly realm would disappear.
After hearing Bai Ze's words, Fu Li could not speak for a long time. What the Jade Emperor is boasting about outside?
"By the way, do you know who was near the Buzhou Mountain during the Fairy War?" Bai Ze suddenly remembered something and asked.
"Why do you ask this?" Fu Li paused and looked up into the distance.
The last time he went to the South China Sea to search for a Dissolution Stone, he used that trick to "hit the top" on the Eight-claw Fire Stinger Demon, which made Bai Ze recall some of the memories he had lost himself. The man who saved himself was a beautiful person in a green fairy robes, but he could not see clearly whether the person was a man or a woman.
"There are many Fairies in fairyland who like to wear green clothes, such as the Biqiong fairy, Heavenly Stars God, the Dragon King of the East China Sea and the Five Princesses..." Bai Ze pushed his hands and pointed out that, except for the Five Princesses, the other immortals existed in the times during the immortal war, which was hard to guess.
"What would you like to do if you look for that person?" Fu Li glanced at him.
"Offer grace of salvation for being my savior." Bai Ze said earnestly.
"If that person can save you, their mana will certainly be higher than yours. What can you repay them?" Fu Li bowed his head and stroked the green silk stitch around his waist.
Bai Ze blinked and laughed when he remembered the saying of the world: "If you are unable to repay the deeds then you should devote your heart to the person who saved you. Hey hey..."
Fu Li stiffened slightly.
The author has something to say: small theatre:
Fu Li: OK, I remember.
Bai Ze: What?
Fu Li: You said you should give the life-saving beneficiaries your heart.

Bai Ze: And then? What are you doing undressing for?
Fu Li: Now, thank me.
Bai Ze: Huh???


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