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Chapter 362: The Great Princess's intentions

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 362: The Great Princess's intentions

Princess Lamo-Na did not see anyone that night, nor was she discouraged. She left to return to her little castle.

Soon after entering the castle, she heard the attendant's announcement that The High Priest Lan-Yin had been waiting for her for a long time.

Lamo-Na immediately turned to the living room.

"Da-Ren, this late, is it urgent to come so late?”  Lamo-Na saluted Lan-Yin standing on the balcony.

Lan-Yin turned around. "I heard you went to Mo Da-Ren of the Jiu Yuan. Why?”

Lamo-Na paused.

"I need to hear to the truth." Lan-Yin's face was normal, but his voice was low.

Lamo-Na looked up, "you know what I want to do, but Yincheng-Sound City has no way to satisfy my wishes."

Jiu Yuan can? So Mo Da-Ren can do it?”

"... It's you who said that Mo Da-Ren probably mastered the lost spirit manifestation. It's you who said that the one who can dance the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice was the most favored person among the gods and could communicate directly with them.”


Lamo-Na said calmly, "Secondly, he didn't die even when he was burned like that. Zhi Mu told me what he looked like. Thirdly, he is also a disciple of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu has made a lot of noise about Tucheng-Earth City and Tucheng-Earth City, the whole temple and royal blood have a feud for him. Fourth, the Jiu Yuan Tribe is mysterious. So I guess there must be more secrets and more value in him.”

Lan-Yin understood what she meant. "Do you want to be his disciple?”

"There's a plan, but..."

"But you have to look at it again, don't you?”

"If he can take the Jiu Yuan Chief away from that man, I will go with them."

Lan-Yin chuckled. "His Highness also wants to leave. You want to leave too. I don't think they will transfer the Yincheng-Sound City lordship to the three remaining ones."

"Can I inherit it if I stay? If I could inherit the throne, would the temple listen to me?”

Lan-Yin walked slowly to Lamo-Na and touched her hair lovingly. "You're right. Yincheng-Sound City is still too small for you. You have to master more human power and abilities if you want to move on. That Jiu Yuan Mo Da-Ren may be a good choice, but I suggest you wait a little longer to see if he really has the ability to be the teacher of the Great Princess, the future queen of the mainland.”

Lamo-Na buried her head and face in Lan-Yin's arms.

Lan-Yin half hugged her and whispered in her ear, "Remember, my Highness, before you are strong enough, don't let anyone know your special blood ability."

"Huocheng-Fire City King has sent messengers many times to ask you to marry his eldest son. Your father, queen are in great difficulty. If you can't be Queen of Yincheng-Sound City, you can only marry out, but you don't want to. You can leave Yincheng-Sound City, if you really like the Jiu Yuan of Mo Da-Ren, and they can survive under that hand, then we will think of a way to make you `forced’ to disappear.”

"Thank you, my Priest Da-Ren." Lamo-Na smiled with tears.

Yan Mo, who is recovering, did not ask why the princess asked him to meet him. He only had enough energy to absorb the energy of Yuan crystal and recover quickly.

With enough 9th rank crystals, Yan Mo's body recovered quickly and he can sit up before dawn.

Yuan Zhan came back and lay down beside Yan Mo with his eyes closed. Yan Mo opened his eyes as soon as he moved.

"Can you sit up?  Is it still painful?”

Yan Mo smiled and shook his head. The thorns melted out of his hands and then disappeared into his body. His ability of blood was not affected.

Wu Guo seems to be recovering.

"He took so much energy that a crystal big enough to pass for football, he consumes half of it for me." Yan Mo is a little distressed. Wu Guo refused to take up the remaining crystal.

"9th rank crystal will find that you can recover so quickly is the best." Yuan Zhan sat up and put his hand in his arms. Before that, he had not dared to exert himself. He listened to Yan Mo saying that his body did not hurt, so he dared to press people into his arms.

Yan Mo just wanted to break away, but soon he relaxed and put all his weight on the other man.

Yuan Zhan looked at his hands, his feet, and his rough hands touched him. Don't mention that treasure and rarity, just as he has never touched anyone before.

"Stop touching and let me dress." Yan Mo is lazy.

Yuan Zhan bit him lightly on the shoulder and licked it with his tongue out.

"Stop making trouble. There will be a lot of time to do this. Don't rush for a while. Let's see how to escape first."

Yuan Zhan chuckled and bit him again. "Old man."

"Fuck! What happened to the old man? Don't be tough when you think I'm old!"

Yuan Zhan couldn't stop laughing and threw him down. "Come on... once."

"Go away! Are you not looking at the time and place we are in?"

"Quick battle, quick decision, I will suffocate to death!" He wanted to determine through the most direct contact that this person is really alive, in his arms.

Yan Mo did not know why he was so quick to make decisions in a half way.

Yuan Zhan was delighted and mad. He didn't realize that Yan Mo would really promise him that he was too excited to say that he had lost an hour in quick combat.

Da-da was lying under the stone couch with her kitten lying in bed. He found the Priest and Chief. He put his heart worries calm down. On the way, he heard a strange voice and woke up to glance at the couch, muttering, turning over and sleeping again. In his dream, he dreamed of pressing Ding Little Fei so and so, and Ding Little Fei kept pulling his ears.

After that, Yan Mo was speechless, not because Yuan Zhan was out of time, or because he had forgotten the Da-da was on his bed - well, he forgot, but because he found out that after this intersection, his physical activity and recovery were better than that of an hour ago.

Yuan Zhan's appearance is not like fatigue after a sleepless night and struggle. It's like he had no problem to go out and fight with people in two days in a state of high spirits.

He seems to be able to help Yuan Zhan delay and reduce the harm of the Fire Godblood Stone by the romping, and his body is not damaged. Many times, Yuan Zhan exercised his hard work. He thought that he must lie down with an old bone now. As a result, he usually recovered completely after sleeping.

The reason? That Yan Mo can't go deep into it, and now time is not allowed.

Yan Mo pushed Yuan Zhan to get some bath water for himself.

Yuan Zhan climbed up and picked up a big wooden barrel in a very short time, followed by two slaves who raised hot water and cold water respectively.

After bathing, Yan Mo breathed a sigh of relief and finally had a real sense of life.

Yuan Zhan didn't think he was dirty. He rubbed himself in his bath water.

The slave carried the bath water down and Da-da was still asleep.

Yan Mo put on his underwear and sat on the stone couch to see the discs and circles he had taken out. He was still a little puzzled about how to use them.

Yan Mo relaxed his muscles and slid the bones around his upper arm down to his wrist, which is a treasure inherited from the Bone Sculpting People. After experiencing such lightning strikes, Yan Mo was not even damaged. About the Bone Inheritance Hall he could still feel the slight vitality in his body, and it never left his body.

The Tucheng-Earth City probably didn't notice that he was hiding under his clothes and then being torn black by thunder.

Yuan Zhan touched his wrist.

Yan Mo looked up. "Do you remember?”

Yuan Zhan nodded.

"I plan to go in and ask Zan-Bu, what is the use of this disk and circle? Wu Guo value them so much. This bone object is definitely not everything as it seen."

"Is yuan-crystal enough?”

"That's enough for now." Yan Mo closed his eyes and sank into the sea of bone-bound knowledge.

Zan-Bu was delighted to hear his call. "How long has it been outside since you last came in?”

Yan Mo pinched his finger and said, "It's almost a year."

"I don't feel the passage of time here, my child. Come on, you have any difficult questions like when you come in to see me?”

Yan Mo recalled, "It's one of the last four bone objects. I've probably found the missing partner, but I don't know how to start them."

Zan-Bu took over the impression from Yan Mo. "I told you, it was probably made long after I died. I might... Wait a minute, I remember, I've seen similar bone objects, which are much rougher than this one now, and it's just a conception. It's not very useful to make it. Let me think who put it forward..."

1.5 hours later, the sky was shining brightly outside.

Yan Mo watched the huge disc on his palm shrink. He smiled, and they were more likely to have an escape route from The Half-Beast man. But before that, he still has a problem to solve.

“Wu Guo, have you recovered almost now? If we go out now, will The Half-Beast man and Yincheng-Sound City Priest be aware of your existence?”

Wu Guo was silent for a moment and answered, "It's possible. The Half-Beast man was so powerful that he didn't find me until you and I were dying. But as soon as we got close to him, he would probably find something different. Maybe the Yincheng-Sound City High Priest could do the same.”

"Is there a way to hide it?”

Wu Guo said triumphantly, "No, but this time we almost died. I seem to know how to hide my spirit."

"Oh? What to do?” Yan Mo is worried about Wu Guo now, but unexpectedly this time, Wu Guo's memory of inheritance has been stimulated a little.

"False death!"

"Is it difficult?”

"It's not difficult."

Yan Mo's heart moved, "Can I cover up my spiritual power in this way?”

Wu Guo curious, "What do you want to do?”

Yan Mo snickered, "If you can do it, you can hide my spiritual power. It's better for anyone to see that my spiritual power is almost nil."

Lamo-Ling heard that Mo Da-Ren had recovered when Yuan Zhan came out for breakfast and asked to meet him immediately.

Yan Mo met him.

Lamo-Ling was still very casual. He could see a neatly dressed white haired old man sitting on the stone couch looking at him kindly.

Yan Mo laughed. "Come on, let me see your body."

Lamo-Ling looked at the age of the other party and walked over.

Yan Mo's appearance is so deceptive that he reaches for Lamo-Ling's wrist and Lamo-Ling doesn't even avoid it.

"Yes, you're in a good mood, and you're not depressed, even if you have a little depression, you can't call it mental illness. You pay great attention to the training of force, right? You have a bit of internal injuries, but it can be recovered with a little adjustment."

"You, you...How did you know?”

Yan Mo smiled. “This is my ability. I can basically judge a person's physical condition by touching the pulse, observing the color, smelling and so on.”

Seeing Mo Da-Ren's smile, Lamo-Ling relaxed and sat askew beside Mo Da-Ren, staring at him without blinking.

"You look..."

"Not very strong?”


"Ha-ha, whether a person is strong or not depends not on his strength or ability, but on his heart. For example, if your heart is not strong enough, maybe you will die of grief, panic, worry and depression. Even if you are alive, you will feel uneasy all the time and people will become dark and distorted.”

Lamo-Ling only felt that the Mo Da-Ren simply talked about his heart. He could not help holding the old man's hand. He said, "Witch Mo Da-Ren, do you know why my sister came to you last night?”

Yan Mo, "... Why?"

"Because she wants to be a queen, not just Yincheng-Sound City, but the queen of the whole continent. When she was a child, she secretly told me that she wanted to find someone with strong momentum to help her. I never understood what luck was, but you were the first person she took the initiative to find.”

Yuan Zhan, who had breakfast at the door, sneered from his nose. Someone wanted to steal The Priest from him? Men and women can beat them to death!

They heard that the Jiu Yuan's High Priest has recovered to the point of being visible. Yincheng-Sound City's King Queen specifically invited the other party to see him. Not surprisingly, Lan-Yin and the other two High Priests also came.

Think of how amazing it is. A man who has been burned to coke has risen. He is not only resurrected, but also recovered.

Before meeting the Mo Da-Ren, many people were wondering if the other person's self-healing treatment was priest.

The Great Prince Lamo-Ling was at the front of the main hall when the door opened, followed by the tall Yuan Zhan and a graceful old man with silver hair.

Sitting on top of Yincheng-Sound City's King and Queen stood up uncontrollably, and the three priests did not dare to stand up.

The Jiu Yuan Chief Yuan Zhan was no longer simply wrapped in a skirt. His lower body was wrapped in a piece of cloth that grew to his calves. A cloth belt was tied around his waist. The excess part of the belt naturally fell between his legs. The cloth was soft and close to his body at first sight, which made his slender lower body almost perfect and full of temptation.

The man was still barefoot, but a three-finger-wide bone ankle bracelet appeared on his left ankle wrist. The upper and lower ends of the ankle bracelet were inlaid with a circle of shiny fragmentary crystals, which were not less than 8th rank in energy, and the simple and generous shape of the ankle bracelet added seven cents of noble atmosphere for no reason.

The most obvious purpose is the ornament hung on his chest, which is also a bone necklace, but the center of the necklace is inlaid with an egg shaped 9th rank yuan crystal.

In addition, he had a bone dagger on his belt - The Ink-Murder was lost in Zhan with Tucheng-Earth City High Priest, and Yuan Zhan had not yet recovered it.

Looking at the old people around Yuan Zhan, people have to re-estimate the wealth and strength of the Jiu Yuan.

The old man was wearing a rather cumbersome gown in a very different style from Yincheng-Sound City, with narrow sleeves and wide berth, overlapping layers of clothes, exquisite shoes on his feet, a bone necklace in front of his chest and a small leather bag in a simple but particularly novel style tied to his waist.

He had no crystal jewelry, but no one dared to ignore the leather rope and bone necklace hanging around his neck.

The short necklace is a finger bone, and the long necklace is hung with a circular disc.

Where did the clothes and ornaments on the old man and the things on Chief Yuan Zhan come from? Were these precious things always in that rattan basket? Why didn't anyone notice before? Or do they have very precious and rare space to store things?

The old man had a kind face and white hair, which was surprisingly old.

But the Old Priest at this age also kept Yincheng-Sound City on the lookout for everyone present, a disciple of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, and someone knows how to bring the spirits manifestation and the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, Lan-Yin Da-Ren even suspect that the other party's soul power is over 9th rank.
The three priests went to test the old man's soul almost immediately.

No, they didn't even feel the soul of the man at all!

How is that possible? The more powerful the soul force is, the more spiritual force it cannot be ignored. Why do they feel nothing about this old man?

Is the other party an ordinary person without soul? How can this be possible?

Lan-Yin and the Third High Priest thought of an impossible possibility. They looked at each other and did not miss the shock and a little fear in each other's eyes.

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