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Chapter 361: the delight of seeing each other.

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 361: the delight of seeing each other.

Yan Mo decisively and mentally rushed to Yuan Zhan brain area.

Yuan Zhan was shocked and his eyes were clear again.

Yan Mo returned to his body and was too tired to even lift his fingers.

His mental body can't compete with The Half-Beast man, but he and Wu Guo's formed "spiritual barrier" for Yuan Zhan are still there. Just now, he acted like a recharger, upgrading the spiritual barrier from intermediate level protection to ultimate protection and with expulsion effect.

Fortunately, because of the existence of the spiritual barrier, Yuan Zhan is not tempted deeply, and his own consciousness is also fiercely struggling, just like people having nightmares. Sometimes he knows that he is having nightmares, but he cannot wake up. At this time, as long as the outside gives a little force, he can return to reality.

"The Half-Beast man can't wait. I can't wait..." Yuan Zhan's eyes were grim.

The Half-Beast man saw that Yuan Zhan could not be tempted to pass away and had to give up. He had an agreement with the Third High Priest of Yincheng-Sound City temple that he would not be allowed to extend his soul beyond the temple, let alone seduce or harm the Yincheng-Sound City people.

But he was not good at fine manipulation, and every time he used soul power, it was wide-ranging. When he felt that Yuan Zhan had never returned to the temple, he had to venture to extend his soul power. Now Yuan Zhan did not come, but Yincheng-Sound City people almost fainted on the way from the temple to the palace.

Shortly before that, Yincheng-Sound City patrol warriors had handed over the black beast and the cat it had caught to the palace guards because of the cat man involved, which had been supervised by His Highness the Great Princess, and the patrol warriors reported the cats to the Great Princess.

Maybe the Great Princess was afraid that other nobles would hurt the cat slave, and if he had any questions, he sent palace guards to pick up the cages and go to the palace.

The palace guards saw the black grizzly beast in the cage. They did not take the matter seriously. They wanted to kill the beast, but the little cat had been hiding under the Meng beast's belly. She could not make clear what the relationship between them was.

But when the palace guards had just entered the palace castle with the animal cage, the cage guards suddenly closed their eyes and fell to the ground.

The people around the palace also fell down unconscious.

The beast and kitten in the cage saw the crowd faint. The kitten was too young. Although it tried hard to resist, its eyes turned dizzy and it fell asleep.

The black beast felt dizzy at the same time, but his blood seems to have the ability to resist the temptation of the spirit suggestions. He felt something was wrong, subconsciously resisted, the dizziness quickly dispersed, shaking his head, and the black beast stood up from the cage.

The beast was injured, and he could not fight warriors who were on the detour. Later, he could not escape and was caught, waiting for the chance to escape. And these patrol warriors did not know what it meant. They sent him and the cat into a cage.

But where is this? The city looks smaller than their Jiu Yuan, but has more people than the Jiu Yuan, this strange building looks awesome.

"Crack!" The beast bit into the bars of the cage, picked up the kitten and got out of the cage.

He had been trying to catch the cat for food, but as soon as he approached the cat, he found a strange smell on him, like the same kind but not the same kind. Later, several cat men wanted to fight with him, and he decided that the kitten could also change into people.

But now that the kitten has caught by him, it's his prey. He's not going to let the cat go until he's played enough.

Who would think of meeting humans in the mountains, or very powerful humans, the most abhorrent thing is that when he saw the cats, they quickly surrounded him, so that he would not be able to escape.

And the cats who ran after him dared not even come when they saw the humans, so they hid in the mountains and watched him and his kitten being captured by humans.

Da-da looked around with her cat in his mouth and sniffed the air.

Suddenly! Da-da's body was tense and he spit out the cat and sniffed the air carefully.

Chief Yuan Zhan's smell! There are also hidden blood connections from the same kind.

At first, he gave Mo Da-Ren the most important thing in the body of the red squid the Chi-Ru, which is the nest of the body energy of the red squid, and also the source of its ability. It is not surprising that Mo Da-Ren ate that thing and merged with a part of the ability of the red squid, but strangely, Da-da could feel a trace of blood connection to Mo as long as he was within 100 meters of Mo Da-Ren.

He knew Mo Da-Ren was not dead!

"Ouch -!" Da-da found the right direction, picked up the cat and ran into the castle shadow.

The Yincheng-Sound City fainted for a short time, and after the Half-Beast man received the High Priest's spiritual warning to restrain his spiritual power, the fainted palace guards all slowly opened their eyes.

"The black beast and the kitten ran away!" The guards jumped up and regarded them falling into coma as a cat-man conspiracy.

The palace itself was somewhat confused by the fainting of a large number of servants, and the guards reported that it was a cat plot, which was even more confusing. Finally, not only His Highness the Great Princess but also King and Queen knew about it.

While everyone was looking for a black beast and a kitten, Da-da became a man, neck chop and stunned an ordinary palace attendant, stripped him from his clothes, dressed himself in them, and even put on his favorite boots, put the cat in the basket, covered it with cloth, and avoided looking at men until he found the big prince's little castle.

At this time, Yan Mo's body is recovering rapidly because of the 9th rank crystal in his hand.

But the time for punishment is running out, and he is still recovering as an old man.

However, Yuan Zhan was satisfied. He remembered that Mo had told him that the ancestors punished him as an old man forever. He did not expect the other party to return to his youth at all.

A rush of human footsteps sounded. Yuan Zhan raised his ears. He had a good ear. Even deep inside, he could hear something happening in front of the big prince's door.

"Ouch -!" A familiar roar came into his ear, and Yuan Zhan rubbed his ear suspiciously.

Even Yan Mo, recovering from the pain, opened his eyes. "Da-da?”  The voice was surprised and grinding his ears, but the pronunciation was accurate.

"I'll go and see." Yuan Zhan remembers who Da-da is. His memory has been restored to ninety-five percent.

Yan Mo struggled to turn his head outside the door. He could not guess how Da-da would run to Yincheng-Sound City. Did the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu also come? But why did they come to Yincheng-Sound City? Isn't it the pursuit of Queen Cui Yu?

Da-da knocked at the door and it took him half a while to open it.

The slave who opened the door looked at him for a moment and asked who he was and said he had never seen him before.

Da-da was not very talkative, so he pointed to him and said he wanted to go in.

The slave who opened the door certainly disagreed, waving to him and closing the door.

Da-da saw that the slave was not as fierce as the guards. He seemed to be able to fight. He shook his fist and hit him.

So things went wrong. The slave covered his nose and shouted, and several people ran out. One of them was a small old man. Da-da did not dare to move any more when he saw the little old man, but roared wildly.

His purpose is to attract the attention of the people inside. If Chief and Priest Da-Ren were really inside, it would be impossible to hear his voice without coming out.

As for Chief and Priest Da-Ren, have they been kidnapped and cannot come out now? Da-da thought it was easy. Was it right that he was caught together?

Fortunately, Yuan Zhan came out.

The Great Prince Lamo-Ling swayed along. “Did that man just start to throw out his mind suggestions again?”

Yuan Zhan did not answer, but his expression had already told him the answer.

The eldest prince snorted, "I knew that I had fainted once as a child, and if it hadn't been for Yuan Bai, I would have fallen into the pond and drowned."

"Ah!" Da-da saw the live and intact Yuan Zhan appeared, and he beat his breast with delight.

"Da-da." Even Yuan Zhan couldn't resist the surge of emotions. He took the initiative to go forward and put his fist on Da-da's shoulder, then he pulled him over and hugged him heavily.

The eldest prince stood behind him, poked at him, and asked with his eyes, "Your people?

Yuan Zhan nodded. "My people, I didn't expect him to find us."

Yuan Zhan Tribesmen, Lamo-Ling was interested in Da-da and immediately gave a look to the thin old man, Yuan Bai.

Yuan Bai immediately shut the door and took all the slaves down.

Da-da was let go by Yuan Zhan, and without looking at the castle, he raised his foot and rushed inside.

Yuan Zhan didn't stop him either. He thought Mo would be happy to see Da-da.

Yan Mo is really very happy, although now the situation is critical, more than one person is equivalent to more than one cumbersome and hostage, but after "death" once again, and he can see the old knowledge and what danger it is.

"Witch Mo!" Da-da stopped, rushed to Yan Mo and grabbed his hand.

Yan Mo smiled. “Are you okay?'

Da-da nodded and shook his head. Everyone is alive, but they are all sad, he would not like to see everyone so sad, he separated from them, he thought that if he can bring back Mo Da-Ren and Chief, everyone will be happy, Little Fei will not be so sad.

Yan Mo lifted up the other hand, touched Da-da's face, and wiped out his tears with his thumb. He laughed and said, "Hey, big guy, you’re crying, I'm not alive with the Chief."

Da-da didn't know he was crying. He wiped his tears thoughtlessly and looked at the teardrops on it with a little dullness.

Yan Mo patted his arm.

Da-da was speechless for a while, and soon recovered. He might not understand what his feelings were for the time being, but now he is happy. It's happier than if he defeated Chief of a tribe and made the tribesmen of that tribe listen to him.

Yuan Zhan strode to the stone couch. He had a lot to ask Da-da.

Lamo-Ling asked Yuan Bai to inquire about Da-da's arrival at Yincheng-Sound City. He saw three people talking in it. He consciously did not run in to make people feel intruded.

Yan Mo asked Da-da a lot of things, Da-da and others have communication barriers, but Yan Mo is not, he can understand all the meaning he wants to express, the two people have such gestures and simple words to communicate.

Yuan Zhan had Yan Mo to translate for Da-da and asked him everything he wanted to know.

About two hours later, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan finally figured out what the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and others had done since their death.

"Did you leave alone after you made a scene at Tucheng-Earth City? So you don't know about Curse-Witch Zhou Wu. Are they in Tucheng-Earth City or have they gone back to the Jiu Yuan?”

Da-da shook his head and told Yan Mo that Jiu Feng often flew to the sky to look for him and returned to the land where they had been "killed" several times. It was Jiu Feng who came back to say that there had been a change there that made everyone suspect they might not be dead.

Yuan Zhan remembered the pit he had climbed out of. Maybe the ground left traces of his crawling? Thanks to Jiu Feng's good eyesight and carefulness, he was able to find such a small change.

Da-da also said that although Jiu Feng's discovery made people suspect that the two men were alive, they did not intend to give up retaliating against Tucheng-Earth City, saying that they had no wings and did not know where they might go, so they chose to retaliate against Tucheng-Earth City first.

And that's why The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and they didn't fight hard later, otherwise Tucheng-Earth City would be worse off now.

Da-da also told them one thing. At the beginning, they all thought that two people were killed by Tucheng-Earth City. They were all mad. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu even wanted to curse the bloodline of Tucheng-Earth City Temple and royal bloodline, cursing them for life and suffering in sickness and hardship, and no one could live beyond twenty years old.

The curse is too costly, not only for the spells, but also for those who are willing to cut off their blood. But that's not a problem. This time, there were people who followed them that are willing to offer sacrifices, just a few things like the blood of the cursed object needed to cast a curse.

But just as everyone sneaked into Tucheng-Earth City to get blood and other things from the cursed objects, Jiu Feng discovered the fact that they might not have died. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu abandoned the death curse and made a troublesome curse on Tucheng-Earth City instead.

Yan Mo listened and did not speak for half a while.

He felt a little heavy strangely, which came from the sense of responsibility. He was not insensitive before, but at this time, after listening to Da-da's simple and plain narrative without any hesitation, the sense of responsibility became heavier than before and could not be ignored.

In fact, he knew that all he did to reduce SCUM VALUE was not simply SCUM VALUE, but he just didn't want to think deeply about it. But now he can't refuse to think deeply.

He Yan Mo is a man of grudge, he is bad, but he is bad at principle, at least he cannot be made good for evil.

After listening to Da-da's words, he suddenly felt like the same kind of scum man in his previous life. He saved people casually in order to reduce SCUM VALUE, and then created a tribe, not just for his own desire to find a girl to vent, and then the girl had a child?

He acts casually and even intends to give up those people at any time, including the present Da-da. But those who were gathered together by him already regarded him as their parents and spiritual dependence. They could sacrifice their lives for him and die for him. And could he really give them up at will?

No wonder his faith points will turn negative. Maybe in the Jiu Yuan people's mind, they also knows that he doesn't care about their negligence, so he dares to take Chief and the patron saint away before the tribe is stable, and never returns for a long time.

If it was a responsible The Priest, how could it not do such a thing?

He had an arrangement when he was away, but what was the difference between leaving his child to his neighbor and taking his parents with a babysitter for a long time? And they are in danger outside. If they really all die and die, what about the children left at home?

Besides, what if the children left at home are in danger and the neighbors can't take care of them?

Besides, can neighbors compete with their parents if they try their best? They don't have their own children and families to take care of?

Yan Mo breathed slowly and looked up at Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan opened his mouth and said, "I am also responsible."

"Do you see what I am thinking?”

"Um. You're blaming yourself."

"I don't feel very well. We've been out too long. This time, whether we find the Water Godblood Stone or not, we'll go back first, huh?”

Yuan Zhan touched his hair. "You don't have to worry about me. I can feel that the Fire Godblood Stone is no longer a disaster for me."

"Oh?”  Yan Mo didn't know about it, because Yuan Zhan's memory was a recovery problem, and they hadn't talked about it before.

Unfortunately, Yuan Zhan himself is not very clear and detailed, "My body seems to have changed a little, but I still need time to explore, I also hope you can get better quickly, help me take a good look at the body."

"Good. No matter what happens tonight, don't disturb me. I'll try to do it tomorrow."

Da-da seems a little sad to see Yan Mo sad. He reached into his arms, took out the kitten and stuffed it into Yan Mo's arms. "Here, play!"

Yan Mo watches a hairy mass on his chest. What's this?

Kitty, "Meow"

Yan Mo touched the head of the kitten and was happy. The cat was cunning and crafty, dressed in a cute face, and pitiful, the meow came out of the word "bad man", ha ha!

Yuan Zhan reached out and waited for the kitten to climb up to Yan Mo's neck, he picked up the back of its neck, and take Da-da to Lamo-Ling. He also had some things to arrange with His Highness the Prince in advance. Yan Mo had the idea of running away, and he planned to eat the bait in his mouth even if he ran away.

The kitten was so sad to be carried that it mewed and barked miserably.

Da-da grabbed the kitten and the kitten quickly got into his arms. Meow! They are all bad guys. My brother, dad and grandpa are coming to help me!

That night, Yincheng-Sound City seemed to be the same as usual, but in places that many people could not see, an undercurrent was rolling.

People in the palace were searching for black beast and kitten who have escaped. The city's management reported the mysterious fainting of the crowd, and said that they were all alarmed; King and Queen was angry about the priest's indulgence in the temple; second prince and the third prince found one of the Third High Priest respectively, and discussed with them secretly; The Great Princess whose scar disappeared perfectly on the face. Her highness came to the little Fort outside the brother Lamo-Ling late at night and indicated that she wanted to see Mo Da-Ren of the Jiu Yuan...

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