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Chapter 363: Before Escaping

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 363: Before Escaping

Lan-Yin lived for two hundred years, and his soul trained to 9th rank. The Half-Beast man has doubled in age and has reached a 10th rank.

People who belong to The Three Cities know that soul power is harder to advance than blood ability. If you have strong blood and correct and effective training methods, blood ability power is not difficult to rise to 9th rank, but soul power is totally different.

Since the last war, only a handful of people have reached 10th rank, and those who have exceeded 10th rank have never heard of it.

Although no one can exceed 10th rank, all the upper cities priests knows that 10th rank is a leap. When the soul reaches 10th rank, like The Half-Beast man, it can only converge and cannot be hidden. But if it exceeds 10th rank, it is said that the person can hide his soul at will, no matter how others try, the person would look like ordinary people.

The Jiu Yuan Mo Da-Ren can't be without soul power. After all, he just showed the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, but no one can feel the swing of soul power on the other side now. So, is that what he said?

The High Priest Lan-Yin and others are suspicious and dare not try.

If the other party is really the priest, then he must be of more than 10th rank, and they dare to do it, then they are really looking for their own measures.

But it doesn't matter. They still have a way to measure. The Half-Beast man has looked at the Jiu Yuan Chief as something he wants. The Jiu Yuan Mo Da-Ren wants to leave with his own Chief, and it must be on the right side of the radar. Then they will know whether the other side is really a psychic breakthrough.

Yincheng-Sound City King glanced over the three high priests and immediately knew how he was going to entertain the nearly resurrected Jiu Yuan Mo Da-Ren.

As the host, Yincheng-Sound City's King walked down the steps of the throne with a big laugh, and gave Yan Mo the etiquette of putting one hand on his chest. "The respectable Jiu Yuan Mo Da-Ren, I'm very glad to see you fully recovered. Your arrival is the great love of my ancestors to Yincheng-Sound City. This morning, the birds are contending. It is also the welcome of the ancestor god to the ancestor god's servants. Please take your seat.”

"No." Yan Mo smiled amiably, holds the right fist to the chest, and returns to the salute: "to come to such a beautiful and warm city is also the guidance of our ancestors. Thanks His Majesty King for taking care of me and my Jiu Yuan Chief before I recover.”

Yuan Zhan nodded to Yincheng-Sound City King.

Yincheng-Sound City King laughed at him. "I can't believe it. Thanks to Chief and Mo Da-Ren coming, the scars on my daughter's face can be completely healed. The medicine of your tribe is amazing."

At that time, it seems that everyone forgot that Yuan Zhan almost became a slave in Yincheng-Sound City and was almost bullied by Queen Cui Yu.

Everyone in the hall was happy, and even Yincheng-Sound City Queen, who was lazy, kept a fit Queen-like smile, and exporting heartfelt praise for the beauty and gorgeousness of the Jiu Yuan costume and the dyed colors and texture of the fabric.

Lamo-Er seems to feel like she was seeing Yuan Zhan for the first time and looked at her. She turned red.

Previously, she only thought that Yuan Zhan's rough face was barbarous. Although such a man was equally attractive, she was a princess with a high natural eye for beautiful things, maybe not much better than Yuan Zhan's figure, but she did not know how much she saw than Yuan Zhan's handsome. Yuan Zhan could make her look, but it was not enough to attract her.

At this time, Yuan Zhan was not only a slave, but also maybe a mysterious and rich tribe Chief, that first. Second, the tribe is very rich. Thirdly, change a pair of clothes and dress up a little. Yuan Zhan's temperament suddenly becomes wild and full of noble spirit, and his antlers become self-confident. It has nothing to do with the savages, but feel that the other side is natural.

Even Yuan Zhan's slightly grim and tribal tattoo faces are full of superior and mysterious savage masculinity, which makes girls feel a little soft when they see them.

No wonder Lamo-Er cares so much about a man, who is old enough to marry, and Yincheng-Sound City is used to seeing a suitable young man. Suddenly, there appears a foreign man whose age, force, appearance, status and so on are all suitable for her, so she will pay more attention.

Compared to the elder sister Lamo-Na, even the prince Huocheng- Fire City she had never seen anything before was a little disdained, she would have to marry. Of course, she preferred to choose a man she liked and be her husband.

Yuan Zhan may not be handsome enough, but he has other qualifications to make up for that.

Lamo-Er thought shyly: When Yuan Zhan saw her for the first time, he seemed to have a good feeling for her.

Lamo-Na saw her sister's expression and guessed what she was thinking, but she had no love for Yuan Zhan at first sight. Now he does not feel very much. She is not going to take this road for the time being. Her goal is very clear.

Lamo-Na turned and looked at Mo Da-Ren with silver hair and snow and a fairy spirit. Her eyes were shining and her complexion was very red. When she heard her father and King mention her, she immediately came to her mouth and said, "Thank you, Mo Da-Ren, for the medicine. I'm Lamo-Na."

She specially found a good angle, presented her most beautiful side in front of the witch, and tries to embody her demeanor and temperament.

Unfortunately, Yan Mo's sexual orientation, along with his hobbies, has been rigidly distorted since he came in this world. He is only interested in a certain animal with huge muscles. "I know you, Her Highness the Great Prince. May Mother God keep your beauty and youth forever?"

It's not polite to wait for Lamo-Na or ask the Great Princess why she came to him last night. Yan Mo said to Yincheng-Sound City King directly: "in your city for a long time, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and I have been waiting for us to go back for a long time. Since time is so urgent, let's not waste it. I'm ready here, but the High Priest Lan-Yin is ready there?”

Yincheng-Sound City King really wants to be close to this seemingly extraordinary Mo Da-Ren, but Mo Da-Ren doesn't give him a chance.

Lan-Yin walked slowly down the steps, smiled and nodded, "Witch Mo Da-Ren, good day. We do have a long-standing problem that we would like to ask your tribe's chief for help, but it is also of great benefit to your Chief.”

"If it succeeds." Yan Mo interrupts unkindly. He's not very respectful of the old man who is much older than Lan-Yin. "I think you know how dangerous that is. If I hadn't woken up, only Chief, whose memory had not yet recovered, would not have been able to deal with that person even with a little help from you. Death would have been the most benevolent end for him.”

Yuan Zhan kept silent.

Yincheng-Sound City King looked surprised. "What are you talking about? Why don't I know?”

Lan-Yin said quickly, "Your Majesty, I was just going to tell you about it."

"Well, you'll stay and tell me about it later."

Lan-Yin should naturally.

Yan Mo doesn't believe that Yincheng-Sound City King has no idea how they were going to deal with The Half-Beast man. Such a big thing which even involves the safety of Yincheng-Sound City. How could the lord of a city not know? This one doesn't look like a puppet either.

However, Yan Mo was fonder of Yincheng-Sound City's King and did not embarrass him. He declined the King's offer of hosting a banquet and said that he wanted to solve Lan-Yin's problems as soon as possible.

Yuan Zhan said, "I don't think that soul should be able to snoop around in Yincheng-Sound City. If no one told him, he should not know what Mo Da-Ren has recovered. So let's stop procrastinating, Lan-Yin Da-Ren. Are we going to look for another place, or are we talking about it here?”

Of course, we can't discuss it in such a public place.

Lan-Yin was in a dilemma. They asked Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan to come over. They mainly wanted to pull up a relationship and try to find out the details of the other party and the Jiu Yuan. The Great Princess also had her plans, but Mo Da-Ren did not give them a chance to speak at all, and came up to show that they were helping Yincheng-Sound City. If this eventually leaked out, Tucheng-Earth City's enemy’s side will add Yincheng-Sound City besides the Jiu Yuan.

But as Mo Da-Ren said, they now have to shoot arrows already on the strings.

That ability is strong, and then solve the last trouble for him. Once he goes back to Tucheng-Earth City, Yincheng-Sound City wants to be on the same level with Tucheng-Earth City, and even slightly beyond the Tucheng-Earth City status. They are afraid it will be greatly affected.

Even after Yincheng-Sound City became one of the Nine Great Cities, Yincheng-Sound City has always been a bit stiff in the face of Tucheng-Earth City, because of its experience of living below Tucheng-Earth City, and because of its strength and its influence in the past.

After that, it was not easy to distinguish Tucheng-Earth City then from Tucheng-Earth City now completely under the pretext of rudeness of one generation of king. But the priest and royal blood of Tucheng-Earth City still regard Yincheng-Sound City as their affiliates, as Queen Cui Yu obviously thought.

After the Yincheng-Sound City people had tasted that they were the masters of their own country, nowadays everyone is reluctant to return to Tucheng-Earth City control.

So cutting off that person’s (Tucheng-Earth City stability) hope and making his life unsustainable became what Temple Priests had to do in order to make Yinchengers not falter in front of Tuchengers.

After taking over the High Priest, Lan-Yin had waited for 150 years for this day!

He did not deny that the man had done them some good, especially him, in order to survive in Yincheng-Sound City and get the "prey thing". But this advantage is nothing more than the whole Yincheng-Sound City demise.

The planned reception turned into a private conversation.

The Great Princess Lamo-Na wanted to participate, and the two princes said they wanted to. Even the little princess said she wanted to help.

The Great Prince Lamo-Ling sneered silently, watching four brothers and sisters compete for each other and they think killing that person is a great credit. But why would Lamo-Er's little girl want to mix it up?

Lan-Yin looked at Yan Mo and frowned. He probably felt ugly on his face. He simply invited all the princes and princesses to leave.

And Yincheng-Sound City's King and Queen did not come to the secret talks. Yan Mo conjectures that the other party wants to leave a trail of denial for themselves. If they fail, then when the Half-Beast man blames then Yincheng-Sound City's King can also say that he knows nothing.

The High Priest Lan-Yin took out a bone object in the secret room and solemnly said, "This contains the greatest soul power of the High Priest and me. Please I will ask the chief to wear it on you. When that person encounters you with soul power to confuse you, this bone object can help you resist him once."

"That's all?”  Yuan Zhan handed Yan Mo the bone objects.

Lan-Yin said positively, "The soul of that man can't be underestimated. Maybe Mo Da-Ren is very strong, but he's weird in his body, and he's not good at exerting his soul. Don't look at how many times he tempted you with his soul, but he didn't touch you. Once he touched you, his soul power will be maximized. If your soul power does not reach a 9th rank or even cannot resist, he will immediately destroy your soul, and no one can escape.”

"Only one chance?”

"9th rank and 10th rank are not just 1st rank. Even if I combined with the spiritual power of the other, I couldn't resist more in front of him, especially when he touched the arrested person directly. But after all, this is the sum of the soul power of our three the high priests. The one who is hit by this blow is likely to have a little dizziness in a short time, so that he cannot use his ability to protect himself. What you have to do is to attack his eyebrows accurately or kill him directly at the moment when he cannot use his ability and soul, so that his ability or soul collapses! Only in this way can you get what you want, and we Yincheng-Sound City can solve this problem that's been plaguing us for many years.”

Yan Mo looked up, playing with the shuttle-like bone object. "In a moment? How long is this moment? Is it really effective? Have you tried it yet?”

Lan-Yin was sweaty, but his face remained unchanged. "No, we only have one chance to fight back. There were no suitable candidates ahead, and we don't want to waste them."

“That is to say, you have never tried. So how do you know that your combined attack of souls will definitely work on that person?”

"My spiritual power is 9th rank, and the other two High Priests are spiritual power 8th rank close to 9th rank. The Third High Priest of my predecessor's generation used to work together to suppress that one, and that's why he didn't dare to be too aggressive. And the soul of my last generation of the Third High Priest is similar to that of the three of us now, and my soul is even higher.”

"Effective, but only for a moment. If we don't master it well, that person will react, and our chief and I will not be in danger?”

"You've woken up, and I think if you're here, maybe Chief will have more chance of winning."

"I just recovered. You three can't fight that man with our Chief?”

"No, even if he knows what we are going to do the fighting privately, but not on the surface, Yincheng-Sound City and Tucheng-Earth City are still fighting partners. Although there is the soul power of the three of us in the bone object, as long as we don't say it ourselves, who can prove it is the soul power of the three of us?”

Yan Mo applauded his opponent's cheeky face. "I need help."

"The man doesn't want many people to enter his room. If he doesn't want anyone to enter, nobody can."

"You don't have to care who I take. In short, I'll bring someone in later. As long as that person is not blocked, you can't worry.”

Lan-Yin thought twice and thought that in Yincheng-Sound City no one is fool enough to take the initiative to accompany the two people, and two people didn't know anyone, so he agreed to the request.

Yan Mo looked at him and deliberately added, "The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu already knows what's going on here, and he's sent someone to help me."

"What? Who? "Lan-Yin has a headache. If that The Half-Beast man dies, then everyone is happy. But if the Half-Beast man is not dead, Yuan Zhan and Mo Da-Ren are the last ones, Yincheng-Sound City will stand with Tucheng-Earth City to deal with the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu.

But do you just give up this unique opportunity in 150 years?

Lan-Yin couldn't help saying, "If you can contact the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, I hope you can tell the other party that it's not Yincheng-Sound City that forced you to help, but the chief who decided, even if I want to let you go, you can't go."

Yan Mo doesn't think he can't walk that line. He just doesn't want to leave such a big problem to the Jiu Yuan. He'll have to solve it later anyway. Now there are Yincheng-Sound City three priests’ help. Yincheng-Sound City can also help carry a part of the black pot. It also depends on his willingness.

Really leave the Half-Beast man for later, if the other side thoroughly solve his physical problems, then wrapped in Yincheng-Sound City to retaliate against the Jiu Yuan, the Jiu Yuan will really become troublesome then, and the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu cannot go to two cities alone, right? This does not include their subordinate cities and tribes.

Yan Mo pair of old eyes who knew everything, looked at Lan-Yin.

"Pay the yuan-crystal coins you promised us Chief first. You don't have to worry about us stealing away at this time.”

Lan-Yin Mo-Mo pulled out the leather bag that had been prepared for a long time and presented his hands to Yan Mo.

Yan Mo took it and put it into his pocket. "Go and eat."

At noon back to the Great Prince castle, a few people simply used some food.

Yuan Zhan and Da-da grabbed barbecued meat and saltwater boiled meat to eat. After tasting two boiled fish on the table, they did not want to look at them again.

Lamo-Ling hesitated several times and finally said, "Take me with you, I may be able to help you a little."

Yan Mo plucked a boiled fish tail and gave it to the kitten and said, "It's dangerous. If the Half-Beast man reacts and fights back, no one will survive."

"I don't have many yuan-crystal coins. I can only pay my debts physically if I want to go with you." Lamo-Ling thought the Jiu Yuan people didn't like to eat fish, moved the remaining boiled fish to the front, and endured the fishy smell to swallow his stomach.

Da-da sniffed him, "Ouch!" There wasn't much energy, and the meat wasn't very tasty.

Yan Mo smiled, Lamo-Ling doesn't know why.

"What is your staple food? For example, flour, millet and so on.

"We have millet, flour... You say it's the wood-fruit powder?”

Yan Mo was surprised. "Do you have the wood-fruit powder?”

"No, Mucheng-Forest City does. But I've heard of plants that are extremely difficult to grow. It's said that Mucheng-Forest City's mother tree was one of the gifts the Longevity Maple Tribe gave them long ago. But since human beings had no contact with the Longevity Maple Tribe, the mother tree has never produced any seeds that can be planted, and the seed trees planted before have died one after another.

Lamo-Ling added: "Wood-fruit is very precious. Every year Mucheng-Forest City will send some, but the number is small, so that the father, queen and the third high priest can share it. I can get a few in a year. But the fruit was so bad that it got dregs in its mouth. The high priest grinds it to powder and it tastes just as bad. They also use it to make drug refining process products.”

"Do you still have that fruit? Kernels will do, too.

"That fruit has no kernels, and it's only sent in autumn every year. Probably nobody has it now."

Yuan Zhan laid down the meat and said, "When we get back and make arrangements, let's go to Mucheng-Forest City again."

"It's not an urgent thing." Yan Mo pulled the topic back: "Your Highness Lamo-Ling, have you really decided? Want to go with us? In fact, the Jiu Yuan is still very poor. Many people used to be savages, and some people can't speak good communication terms.”

"That's nothing. I don't know where I'm going. I'm too old to leave Yincheng-Sound City formally. To other cities, I'm afraid of being recognized. To the remote and barren tribes, I was afraid of being killed and eaten meat. Why won't I go to your place, or at least you won't kill me right?”

"As a great prince, have you ever learned how to manage your people?”

"Although they fear me, my father, queen and queen will often teach me how to manage affair of the kingdom."

"Practical experience?”

"Ah? Oh, do you mean you actually managed people?” Lamo-Ling jumped up to the table and snatched fish from the kitten. “No, even my slaves here are managed by Yuan Bai. By the way, this time Yuan Bai is going with me, is that okay?”

"No, too many people make it inconvenient to escape." Yan Mo scored two points for the prince, with a full score of ten. However, it is better to learn systematically than to have no experience at all. The Jiu Yuan is short of managerial talent now. Wu Chen also needs someone to half the work with him. The great prince is not ambitious enough to be Wu Chen's runner-in and rival.

Lamo-Ling did not insist that, although his self-protection ability would decline considerably without Yuan Bai, the old man remaining in Yincheng-Sound City would also benefit him.

Speaking of Yuan Bai, Yuan Bai came, "Your Highness, a Tucheng-Earth City slave seeks the two of the Jiu Yuan."

Lamo-Ling wondered, "Tucheng-Earth City slave? People brought by Queen Cui Yu?”

"Yes, she said her name is Cao Cong, and there are urgent things to tell the Jiu Yuan two."

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