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Chapter 347: Opportunities to Go Home?

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 347: Opportunities to Go Home?

"Priest Zhi-Mu, I mean..." Suddenly the girl closed her mouth, and her eyes met those of Zhan. Then she looked at his forehead and naturally those eyes fell on the domino of his waist.

"Ah!" the girl covered her mouth, but soon she returned to normal, and walked to the side of Zhan with a gracious nature. He conducted a Yincheng-Sound City noble greeting. "Hello, I am Lamo-Er. I heard a hundred birds echo this morning, and the trance of the voice of god is singing. It turned out that the honored guest came to Yincheng-Sound City."

Seeing Lamo-Er’s attitude, Cai-Fei and the priests around him stood up and looked at Zhan’s waist.

"Ah!" A lot of people shouted along.

Yan Mo thought that this little girl's identity must be not low, if it was just the ordinary low-level priest, these people would not only look at her with love, longing and respect.

Black dominoes! What identity is this person?

The most interesting thing is how did this man become a slave to Zhi Mu? It is said that Zhi Mu seems to have bought this man with a slave trader? So was this tribe swallowed up, murdered by his men, or escalated into trouble and caught by slave traders?

The low-level Priests outside the lecture hall talked in low voices on the spot. They were afraid of black dominoes, but did not have much awe for the so-called distinguished guests and nobles. The Yincheng-Sound City people only advocate the powerful warriors and the fierce priest. At present, the Longevity Maple Tribesman with a rattan basket can make people barely see the other abilities besides the ability to control the growth of plants. It is also difficult for them to have awe.

The man in the center of the debate was not moved by the foreign servant at all, as if there were no eyes full of meanings around him. He only said three words to Lamo: "I am Zhan."

"Zhan Da-Ren." The girl assessed the tall young man who had made her lose her breath. This attitude of ignoring everything is really not an ordinary person without knowledge and status should have. She cannot be so calm at the center of discussion.

Watching Zhan did not introduce his origins, the girl didn’t ask much questions. Instead, she blinked at Zhan and said mischievously, "Zhi Mu must have been terrified when he knew your identity, right? Our priests in Yincheng-Sound City are always prone to emotional excitement."

Zhi Mu laughed and hastened to introduce to Zhan: "This is the smallest daughter of our city lord, His Highness Lamo-Er. Her Highness is born with a natural voice. When she starts singing, all birds will stop singing, beasts will become quiet, and all intelligent creatures will be intoxicated with her singing voice. Her Highness is only fourteen years old this year, but she is already a low-level priest. Since Her Highness was eight years old, Her Highness has been invited to offer sacrifices to God and communicate with heaven and earth with his voice whenever there are major sacrifices in the city.”

Zhi Mu wanted to say that Zhan was 8th rank soil-control and 4th rank wood-control, but he looked at Zhan and decided not to talk too much.

Zhan asked Mo in his heart, "Are there many yuan-crystal coins for the daughters of the city lord?”

Yan Mo: "Look at the yuan-crystal ornaments on her body, almost all of them are above 7th rank. I think she has more Yuan crystal coins in her hands than Zhi Mu did in his entire life."

Zhan eyes brightened. Looking at the girl's whole body, she seemed to be shining with the brilliance of yuan-crystal. She ignored the girl's face and voice. "Do you have any herbs that you want me to help you ripen?”

Lamo-Er was wondering why he could wear a black domino to Yincheng-Sound City, but no one told her father about this. She heard the question from Zhan, and immediately became stunned. She didn't expect that the distinguished guest who looked like a tribal warrior would be so direct, but she soon responded.

"Yes, I need some herbal medicine. I used to have travelers from the far south who brought some plant fruits. This sun-dried brown fruit is good for my voice after been soaking in water. I have been drinking it for a long time. But there are so few travelers from the South who can bring that fruit. The traveler and his tribesmen have never come to Yincheng-Sound City since they left, I haven't found the same fruit since, and now I only have a few of them in my hand.

Yan Mo listened to the description of the little princess. He had not seen the dried fruit. She had already guessed what it was. It was probably from the place of production, the way of use and the curative effect.

But girl, the malva nut is good and shouldn't be drunk for a long time. It's not suitable for the elderly, the gastrointestinal function is weak, and the body will be weak and cold, diabetics and so on. It's also not suitable for the symptoms of hoarseness and sore throat caused by smoking, drinking and physiological diseases.

In fact, any Chinese herbal medicine, even if it is neutral, cannot be taken for a long time, because people's body will change according to the seasons, environment, mood, diet and other changes, if not properly regulated, good medicine will become poisonous.

"You only have dried fruit in your hand?”  He asked.

Lamo-Er asked with a little hope, "Is it that the sun-dried can no longer be produced?”

"Seeds and plants need vitality to grow. If they are dead, I can't make them take root and germinate." After Zhan, he changed his words: "You take all the fruits you have left, and I'll see if they are still alive."

Yan Mo was satisfied. He wanted to see if the fruit was really malva nut. Of course, it would be best if he could produce live plants.

Lamo-Er was delighted. "Okay, I'll have them delivered later. Zhan Da-Ren, do you live outside or in a temple?”

"You can have people deliver things to Zhi Mu." Zhan raised his voice slightly. "If you can't find me in the future, you can go directly to Zhi Mu, I will go stay with him."

Zhi Mu is so bitter that he really wants to refuse, but the two people over there have helped him make his decision without giving him any room to refuse.

He could imagine how many people would come to him later to inquire about the details of Zhan and make deals, so that he would not have time to prepare for this year's competition?

Whoops, his desire to rise to intermediate level priest this year is certainly not going to materialize.

Because of the Tree-man's identity change, the junior priests, who had been told can help plants, are now too much for anyone to open their mouths.

Zhan is not in a hurry to solicit business. With this "chance encounter" with Princess Lamo-Er, his reputation in controlling wood growth will surely be more rapid than before. He will not need to go out to find people. Naturally, people in need will come to him on their own initiative.

After that, Zhan only asked Zhi Mu to take him to meet with the big client he had talked with before, and then went directly to his botanical garden with the priest.

In addition, recognizing the status of black dominoes, he decided to raise the price starting tomorrow.

After coming home, Zhi Mu sighed repeatedly and asked God to give them a hard time. He had obviously had his own residence, but he often ran to him. He took advantage of him and took up his plantation. Although there was no shortage of herbs, he had more medicine than he expected, but the feeling of being occupied in his own site was really bad.

"Is this the intermediate level formulation you're going to take to the competition?”

"Scared!" The thinking Zhi Mu almost threw the stone out of his hand.

The tall young man looked down at the common words he had painted on the slate. "The name of the herbal medicine is in front of it, and the weight used behind it?”

"Yes." Zhi Mu endures.

"You wrote the names of these herbs from top to bottom." Zhan point is a little slate.

Zhi Mu, holding a stone with white marks, asked vigilantly, "What do you want to do? The recipe is a secret to every drug refining priest, and I can't tell you that."

Zhan is just too lazy to pay attention to him, but Mo said that he wanted to use Zhi Mu to give people a little sweetness, not just oppression, and Zhi Mu was not annoying. "Do you want to make a formula for improving the strength of the soul?”

"Yes. But I won't tell you, even if you give me yuan-crystal coins...”

"A 7th rank yuan-crystal coins, I'll help you refine a soul-boosting formula without any side effects at all."

"Huh." The stone in Zhi Mu's hand fell onto the table. He must have misheard!

"Why? A-Zhan, take that stone and show it to me." Yan Mo looked at the chalk writing marks left on the stone slab, then looked at the stone and felt that he had found something nice. Sure, good deeds pay off?

If he hadn't "conscience discovery" for a while and let Zhan move from Zhi Mu, he would probably miss the stone if he planned to help him improve his formula. Maybe he would find it later, but who can guarantee it?

As for whether he can improve the formula, cough, although he has not studied the related drugs for mental development before, but there is a connection between stimulating blood vessels and stimulating mental power, coupled with his deep foundation of traditional Chinese medicine, it is not difficult to make a small effective and harmless soul boosting prescription. Even if it can't be done now, it will be done in the future.

Zhan picked up the stone, looked back and forth carefully, instinctive judgment: "The stone is very soft, and not the same as ordinary stones."

"Can you take the stone and scratch it on the slate and the table?”

Zhan quickly wrote several square words on the slate and the table.

Yan Mo saw him subconsciously writing the words "The Jiu Yuan" and "Yan Mo". The corners of his mouth could not help frown, but he was also sure what the stone was. "Later, you can ask Zhi Mu where the stone came from."

Battle in the brain asked him: "This stone is very special?”

"No, it's not special, but it's both a mineral and a drug. I call it talc. Do you feel smooth and soft when you hold this stone?


"That's right. Nine times out of ten it is talc. Talc is a very practical mineral. The ground powder is called talc powder. It can treat eczema, beriberi and prickles. For example, in summer everyone's apron, there will be red itchy small pox grains between waist and leg. That would be tetchy itchy. Sometimes it will be eczema. It will feel much better to sprinkle talc powder. Especially for infants and children, it is not easy to get dermatitis and epidermal parasites when talcum powder is used after bathing every day."

Zhi Mu was attracted by the action of Zhan and kept staring at the four square words. "Is this the text of your tribe?”

"Yes." Zhan is proud to be authentic. He forgot something, but when he picked up the stone, he knew how to write!

"Very strange words." Zhi Mu commented.

Zhan sneered, "Your words are strange, twisted, ugly, and can't be read."

Zhi Mu didn't argue with him. He sat upright and looked serious and dignified. "Can you really help me to refine a successful soul-boosting recipe?”

"You can try it first and then give me the yuan-crystal coins."

Zhi Mu bit his lip. "A 7th rank yuan-crystal coin?”

"If you hadn't helped me a little, let alone a 7th rank or a 9th rank, I wouldn't have changed it for nothing in this world!"

Zhi Mu of course knows a successful and harmless soul force is the way to enhance the value of the formula. There are many formulations of intermediate level, but the real ability to enhance the soul is very scarce. That's why he chose this direction to study.

"I have a formula now. I've changed it many times, but no matter how I change it, it's very difficult to achieve a significant spiritual boost, and it will produce some bad effects. Uh, that's the negative effect you said. I shared sixteen kinds of medicines, three earthworms, and ten pieces of earth bone skin, six magnolia berries, five herbaceous flowers and three finger lengths of cat claw.

Yan Mo once heard all of them and remembered that without saying what the prescription was like, he felt that some of the medicines were not used correctly at first, but he could not give a perfect prescription immediately. He asked Zhan to promise Zhi Mu that he would give him a new prescription in five days.

A few days later, with the deepening understanding of Yincheng-Sound City, they knew that Yincheng-Sound City was the least city in the ancillary cities and tribes except Wucheng- City of Witches. Among all the upper cities, Yincheng-Sound City and Tucheng-Earth City are the nearest, but also five or six hundred miles away.

Since the two cities are close to each other, natural news exchanges are more frequent and timely than other cities.

Yan Mo asked Zhan about it, and learned that Wucheng-City of Witches had sent several priests and high-ranking warriors to Tucheng-Earth City, but they dared not offend the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu. Finally the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu took the young man with him and went away. Before he left, the man riding the other people's characteristics on the Winged Yingzhao gave him a full ride. No one in their team was left for Tucheng-Earth City.

Tucheng-Earth City suffered a big loss this time, and their Temple High Priest went out to work without news, while several high-ranking warriors from other cities did not return. In regard to this matter, Tucheng-Earth City sent someone to check it, but it seemed that nothing was found.

"Jiu Feng made me save his little brother is probably one of those The Winged Yingzhao, it is probably Tucheng-Earth City Temple, what method they use can control the Winged Yingzhao, but the Winged Yingzhao do not want to serve generation to them as a mounts and according to Jiu Feng they are looking to skip town." Yan Mo laughed, "Though I didn't go, I had cursed the Ancestral Witch in the past, and it was even more difficult to get rid of the control of the Winged Yingzhao."

"Are you happy?”  Zhan became happy with his mood.

Yan Mo Well, "I think Jiu Feng, my curse Shifu, I think my disciples, Cao Ting, Meng Er, the Iron-back dragon  family... Think of everything I have about the Jiu Yuan. I never thought I would be so homesick before.”

"The Jiu Yuan is our home?”

"Yes, the homeland which we built together." Brother Yan Mo seldom feels emotional.

It's a pity that somebody is lacking in strength and can't deeply appreciate the significance of this sentence. When he remembers it later, he regrets so much that he can't feel impulsive for many nights. Until a Priest Da-Ren can't stand needling him, he can't be calm.

"So what you said to me last time is our enemy?”

"At present, we can only say that we need to be careful about the powerful enemies of the future. We are not suitable to deal with them first. We'd better let them bite dogs with other city dogs first."

Zhan remembered this sentence.

"Did you say Shifu and Jiu Feng went back to the Jiu Yuan first? The old man looks like an old urchin, but in fact, like Jiu Feng, he's a powerful thing! He should know that his own strength, even with a Jiu Feng, is not enough to fight the whole Tucheng-Earth City. This time, he was probably just trying to pull some oil out of his breath [1] vent some anger.” Yan Mo made an analysis.

Zhan does not remember this paragraph very much, can only listen to him.

Yan Mo continued: "The old man should try to make sure that we are still alive, but with the Jiu Yuan there, he will certainly not ignore it, because if he really wants to revenge us, he needs a huge and strong force to support him in the rear. If he has no one under his command, then the Jiu Yuan will be his best choice, and Bing will certainly hold on to revenge for us. When the old man goes back to the Jiu Yuan, there are Bing, Ding Ning and Jiu Feng. I don't worry that the old man won't get his place, but Yu-Wu... I always think that between these two things will only make things happen."

Zhan listened to Yan Mo's words, and some familiar and unfamiliar pictures came to mind. He also saw a big fish with a silver tail!

"I don't know if there's any way to pass the letter back. We have to let the old man and the Jiu Yuan people know that we are still alive. I don't want the Jiu Yuan to split up or change his surname when we get back. Unfortunately, I can't get my wallet out now, otherwise we could go back by bone-bird and fly back.

Yan Mo is annoyed that his body is still in a state of recovery from death, and The Guide has no reaction in his death status. He wanted to try to fool Yuan Zhan into killing several people on his own initiative and see if The Guide would punish him.

But afraid of the Guide, the bastard will keep his account. He will not say anything first. When he comes back, he will reckon with him.

Zhan suddenly hit his head.

Yan Mo cautions, "What's wrong?”

"That thing is calling me."

Yan Mo was surprised that he didn't feel it at all, as the Half-Beast man had called him before. Can it be called only by a special or certain mental body?

The Half-Beast man was quiet these two days, looking next door with one soul and one soul. He neither used his spiritual power to spy on them, nor let anyone speak.

"Do you want to contact him on your own initiative? I think that Tucheng-Earth City High Priest is waiting for you to go to him on your own initiative."

"No, wait a minute." Zhan had already realized that his psyche was incomplete and his mental strength was impaired. In such a case, he did not want to get close to that powerful Half-Beast man. And he has taken a big risk by choosing to live next door to the said Half-Beast man.

But the Half-Beast man's patience was obviously not as good as they had imagined. Maybe he really had no time to waste it any longer. That night, he used his mental energy to make a temptation to fight, which he could hardly refuse.

"The burnt corpse you carried did not die completely, did it? I can feel a very weak soul power, that soul power is almost entangled with you, at first I even neglected, but different soul power is different, it is a little stronger, and your soul has been unable to hide its existence.

There is no denial from Zhan, but anyone can see the cold and disgusting spirit in his eyes. The scorched corpse is his scales, and no one can touch it!

Yan Mo also knows that living next door means they can't escape the possibility of being monitored and detected, and his mood is much more peaceful than that of peace in war.

The Half-Beast man laughed silently. “You think I'm threatening you with it? No, I'm telling you a way to restore it quickly, or at least completely restore your soul.”

"Method, condition," he said.

"The way is you to leave the charred corpse with me. I'm sure it will recover much better when you come back." The Half-Beast man's smiling face slowly converge. "The condition is... I want you to go to Tucheng-Earth City to get something. Rest assured, I will not let you die, with your 8th rank soil control ability, you will be barely enough. Plus with some tips I will you in advance, there's a good chance that you'll succeed in taking that thing."

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