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Chapter 348: Medicine should not be eaten in disorder, so is my skin.

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 348: Medicine should not be eaten in disorder, so is my skin.

The depressing atmosphere of the indoor silence is alarming. The Half-Beast man was sitting on the bed with two black holes without eyelids facing Zhan.

"Don't reject him immediately." Yan Mo saw that the atmosphere was wrong, and immediately reminded him, "Ask him what it is, what benefits it has, how to go to Tucheng-Earth City, and whether there are other helpers."

He didn't even ask anything. He didn't even disguise his disgust and disgust. He directly told The Half-Beast man: "I hate it when others to threaten me." Especially threatening me with Mo! Life as the stake

"I said it wasn't a threat. You could treat it as a trade that was good for each other. Even if you could help me retrieve something like that, I would not only help you recover the body of the burnt corpse, but I could also tell you how to train 8th rank up to 9th rank."

"Deal? Okay, you help me recover him first. As long as he can breathe and stand up and walk, I'll help you go to Tucheng-Earth City to get that stuff.

"Oh, I can't run away, but you can." The Half-Beast man also said he did not believe him.

Zhan drew up his lips sarcastically. "I may have forgotten some things, but I didn't become a fool. You don't give me any benefit, you want me to put the most important person to beside you and ask me to help you do such dangerous things?”

Yan Mo state silent, no more reminders. Yuan Zhan is still an excellent leader despite his mental and physical impairment. If someone wants to take advantage of him, it really depends on whether he wants to take advantage of him or not.

The Half-Beast man was not uneasy to be stabbed. He smiled and said, "I haven't finished my words. If you want to go, I will help you increase the power of controlling the earth to 9th rank. You don't have to worry about your body being unable to bear it. I can feel that your body is very strong, and it contains more than 8th rank's energy. What I'm doing is to help you get this energy in advance. Come on, it's not harmful to you."

Zhan sneered, "I can be a 9th rank warrior without your guidance."

"Are you sure? Without the correct and effective method, even if your body energy exceeds the 8th rank top level, it will not break through to 9th rank, and the excess energy will only return to the embrace of God. Otherwise, why do you think there are so few warriors in the world who are more than 9th rank? Or do you have the skills to upgrade?” The Half-Beast man's last question was slightly lighter than his previous tone, but he would not have noticed it if he hadn't paid special attention to it.

"I don't remember."

The Half-Beast man was almost suffocated by a word from Zhan, but it was not like he was telling a lie.

Zhan turned around. "I don't care if I can upgrade myself. My condition is that you restore my person first and I'll see that happening before I do something for you. Don't come to me again until you think it over. Don't try to control me with your soul. You should have already found that you can't control me. Otherwise, you would not be talking to me about conditions now.”

When the position is changed, the passive becomes the active. The Half-Beast man laughed silently, and the wounded warrior was more difficult to deal with than he expected. When did the tribal savages become so smart?

And this tribal savage was not only clever but also greedy, and he refused to come near him. Even if people doubt him, their own wills will be shaken under the temptation of great benefits, not to mention those stupid warriors who listened to what he says and went to collect their disciples from excitement.

Yan Mo has a slightly complicated mood. He watched the beast fight slowly from the silent savage to the Tree-man A-Zhan of jumping words, and from the Tree-man to the coherent two-tier god warrior Zhan, then became the most familiar man who is the Jiu Yuan’s Chief Yuan Zhan.

It should be said that Yuan Zhan should be very happy to restore him, but he found that he missed a little bit of the Tree-man A-Zhan before he could infuriate him. Can he still see the silly appearance of Yuan Zhan later?

Yuan Zhan, who left the Half-Beast man bedroom, was not as relaxed as he had just shown.

He wanted to stay in Yincheng-Sound City and in the temple, where he and Mo recovered faster than anywhere else, and he also made a lot of yuan-crystal coins from the priests and the servants.

Yincheng-Sound City has a good atmosphere on the whole. Priests in the temple are mostly simple people who want to improve their abilities, although they also have intrigues. Yincheng-Sound City's food is also delicious, and its varieties are more abundant. The city seems to be very popular with local businessmen. It is often seen that The Priest hosts bring some more southern or northern herbs.

But if he stays in Yincheng-Sound City, that Tucheng-Earth City High Priest will be his biggest obstacle. He said that the Half-Beast man could not control him, but the truth...

"Mo, is that person's mental control very powerful?”


"Are you always helping me?”

"Nonsense, who else would If I wasn’t? The Half-Beast man's use of spiritual power is not as meticulous as his control of the soil. When he summons you, he does not consider whether your injured spiritual body can withstand his huge spiritual power, let alone whether he seduces you deliberately. Whether he succeeds or not, it will do harm to your spiritual body. If he succeeds or comes several times more, you may even succeed in the future. It will be hard to keep your consciousness.

"That's to say the guy is not well-intentioned."

"The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu has only one disciple, and even if he took his apprentices, he also made a curse to pass on to me and made me go through a lot of tests. If I couldn't crack it, I wouldn't get to be his apprentice now. Maybe I don't know how I was unlucky that day." Yan Mo talked about what happened in the brain. What did the old man say about The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu that day, the curse he passed to the prison guard could only affect some ordinary people whose mental ability was less than 1st rank? Then why was he affected?

If he felt the so-called impact is actually just a coincidence, after all, The Black Earth City was just a snowy day slippery, and The Black Earth City people slipping everywhere is normal, he almost slipped and trampled to the poop is normal, so why did he let the point of faith to help him to lift the curse, if he wasn’t affected by the curse then why did the faith points really got deducted two hundred points?

Yan Mo had a guess that made him angry and because he probably wasted two hundred very precious faith points.

He guessed that he really got the curse of that unfortunate day, just like someone brought a cold virus to the company, some people with poor physical resistance will be infected, but some people with strong physical health resistance, even if the virus enters the body the virus will not work.

And letting the number of faiths lift the curse is the same as asking the number of faiths to help him expel viruses that won't work for him but do exist. To put it bluntly, he actually spent 200 faith points to buy a bowl of ginger soup for symptoms which weren’t from the cold virus.

"Mo?”  Yuan Zhan feels Yan Mo's mood vaguely and seems very upset.

Yan Mo recalled, "The old man still had enemies all over the world, and he is likely to get into trouble." So why are you so easy to find a Shifu? Is it our enemy's enemy? There's no free lunch in the world, and I've always believed that.

"I don't believe him either, but can you resist it if he really continues to seduce me with his spirit and even destroy my soul directly?”

"I don't know if I can." Yan Mo honestly said, "But I think dealing with that person's spiritual strength seems to be a little good for me. My spiritual strength is rising a little bit, which is equivalent to training?”

Even so, Yuan Zhan still doesn't want to put Mo in danger. He has to find another breakthrough. "What do you think between Yincheng-Sound City High Priest Lan-Yin and Tucheng-Earth City High?”

"You want to take sides with him? Lan-Yin has a very deep emotional face." Yan Mo thought for a moment and said, "I don't think he and the Tucheng-Earth City High Priest can be seen simply by whether they have any friendship or not. Do you remember a sentence that the Tucheng-Earth City High Priest said before? He said that Yincheng-Sound City owed him a favor, not someone in Yincheng-Sound City, but the whole Yincheng-Sound City.

Yuan Zhan feet moved, "If I were the lord of Yincheng-Sound City and the High Priest, I would never want to have a long-term debt benefactor, especially when the other party is likely to drag the whole Yincheng-Sound City into his personal revenge."

Then he looked up and looked at the ninth layers of space that were quiet in front of him, the most desired priest, and the ironic sneer of his lips increased. "Tucheng-Earth City High Priest still lives on the ninth level of the Yincheng-Sound City shrine, and even has made a secret pathway in such a sacred and mysterious temple. Now he can also make us live on the nine floor. If you are Yincheng-Sound City High Priest, can you stand it when someone usurps your authority?”

Yan Mo thought that if the Jiu Yuan had a temple in the future, he would never let outsiders live in it, except in class. Then Yincheng-Sound City Temple allowing an outsider to live in the ninth most sacred layer. Even if there is a big favor, are they really willing to do it?”

Yuan Zhan intended to find Yincheng-Sound City High Priest, but could not easily find his door. He did not want the Half-Beast man to notice his plan.

Unfortunately, the High Priest never appeared before him since he had been searched for him once.

Just when Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo were thinking about how they could see the High Priest naturally without making people doubt, an opportunity came to the door.

And the opportunity began with a sudden whim from Yan Mo...

A few days later, the lives of Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo could be described as calm, except that Yuan Zhan was busy making the plant trade yuan-crystal coins.

As Yuan Zhan had expected before, within a few days, his reputation for making herbs was thoroughly blown out. The priest generally dared not ask him directly for help when he knew the identity of his distinguished guest, but fortunately, he left a sign that he could find him through Zhi Mu. Those who dared not look for him found Zhi Mu.

Now the whole temple, apart from a few closed doors, almost no one did not know that the shrine had a The Longevity Maple Tribe mixed blood man that could give birth to herbs without losing the property. Yuan Zhan also thoroughly understood what is called "a rare commodity". Nowadays, it is not others who come to bargain with him, but how much he says, others will have to pay, otherwise he will not answer, anyway, he is almost too busy.

Lamo-Er sent her fruit that she said protected her voice.

Yan Mo strictly inspected the fruit, and confirmed that the malva nut is undoubtedly dried, and the malva nut cannot be regarded as a fruit, should be said to be a seed. But unfortunately, these seeds have not only been dried, but also put away for a long time, and have no vitality to speak of.

Lamo-Er expressed regret.

Yan Mo didn't want to waste this upper route. Through Yuan Zhan's mouth, he told the princess the common sense of using the malva nut. At the same time, he gave the princess a prescription of herbal tea to protect her voice.

Princess Lamo-Er was surprised. "I know the Longevity Maple Tribe are amazing, but I didn't realize that you are not only a powerful warrior, but also have the means of the priest."

Yuan Zhan backhand patted the basket behind him for fear. "My priest is here."

Lamo-Er Princess opened her eyes, and of course she had heard what was in the vine basket, "... He's still alive?”

Yuan Zhan's answer was simple and vague: "He's the pries

Mole, Yo, you remember I'm your priest?

Lamo-Er accepted the reason after hearing these four words. The priests is always the most mysterious group in the world. She even stood up and made up a salutation. "Forgive my rudeness, my dear Priest Da-Ren. I didn't know you existed at that time. May you recover soon in the favor of the gods!"

Yuan Zhan was very satisfied with the girl's attitude. "The formulas just given to you, I don't want your yuan-crystal coins."

"Thank you." Lamo-Er smiled and decided to go back and have the herbal tea on her prescription ready for trial.

Said not yuan-crystal coins needed to pay, but Lamo-Er left a bag of 100 2nd rank coins when she left. Later, Yan Mo spent a long time in Yincheng-Sound City before he realized that a small prescription for a hundred 2nd rank coins would be a relatively moderate price, no more or no less.

Yuan Zhan soaked the newly collected yuan-crystal coins with clear water, wiped them with clean cloth one by one, and put them into the rattan basket one by one.

Yan Mo suddenly thought, "Actually, we should not give birth to plants. We should sell drugs directly, and sell products at any time is more cost-effective than selling raw materials. Like the nine knotted lotus lozenge and watermelon frost lozenges, these will be Yincheng-Sound City most popular.”

Yuan Zhan heard strange words, "what is a nine-knotted flower and watermelon? What is a lozenge?"

"Nine-knotted flower is herb, watermelon... Ah ah ah, I want to eat watermelon! Is there any watermelon in the world? There should be some?" Yan Mo saliva started to flow out, the more you think about it, the more you think about it.

Yuan Zhan, who hasn't eaten watermelon, didn't think anything of it, "Have you got the prescription you promised Zhi Mu? Today seems to be the fifth day you said.

"Almost, should be able to use it, without actual verification, I do not know the effect." Yan Mo sighs, "if the laboratory can be used, why the body dead, and the mental body is cannot use the laboratory?”  Is The Guide bound to the body, not to my soul?

"Mo, what are you talking about? I don't understand." Yuan Zhan poked at the carcass's teeth and opened his mouth. The color inside was much better than before.

"I said that the father gave all the goods to the hole, and I didn't know how long it would take for me to recover." The soul-like Mo soul every day he is also annoyed by its own state.

Yuan Zhan touched the head of the burned corpse. Some of Mo's burnt skin began to fall off. He didn't want to throw it away. He collected it all. "If there were a large number of yuan-crystal coins, where would he put them?”

"What do you ask this?”  Yan Mo did not readily reply: "most people have valuable things hidden in secret caves or buried under the ground."

"Yincheng-Sound City’s Lord is also like this?”

Yan Mo was shocked and looked back. "Well, you don't have the kind of idea I think you are having have?”

"You mean if I'm going to steal yuan-crystal coins from Yincheng-Sound City's Lord?”  Yuan Zhan's lips curved.

Yan Mo immediately said seriously, "I don't think that when Yincheng-Sound City's Lord hid yuan-crystal coins, it's impossible not to take into account you an earth-control warriors who can walk through the earth and rocks."

"You need a lot of energy. And I don't want to build walls for Yincheng-Sound City."

"Then let's sell them as ready-made medicines. We've already received a lot of herbs on hand. You can hasten the growth of them. First of all, we need not worry about the raw materials. In fact, selling bone objects is the most profitable. Unfortunately, you can't. It will take a lot of time to teach you. It's not as easy as making medicine.”

Yuan Zhan reminded him, "I don't know how to make medicine either."

"It's much easier to make ready-made drugs than to make bone objects. I'll teach you, you'll surely master them soon. If you can't, go find Zhi Mu, he's spent half his life researching refineries and making some ready-made pills, ointments and herbal tea are no problem.” The more Yan Mo thinks about it, the better he feels about it.

Yuan Zhan saw Yan Mo had fun and didn't want to brush his mind. "What are you going to get out of the medicine?”

Yan Mo is in high spirits. "I must count my voice protection. In addition, I think the terrain here is like a basin, although the northeast is still relatively humid, people here must have eczema and rashes and other skin diseases, they also have talc here, I can add some herbal medicine to make medicinal talc powder, which is the simplest and most cost-effective. There are also commonly used anti-inflammatory hemostasis, bone and tendon trauma drugs.”

Yan Mo suddenly thought of something, "You put away all my peeled scales?”


"I don't know if there's anything special about it."

"What is the special function?”

Yan Mo couldn't hold back. "Although it's burnt, it's still the flesh that fell from me. There should be some medicinal properties left, I think."

Yuan Zhan frowned. "What do you want to do? I disagree."

"You don't know what I want to do, why are you disagreeing?”  Yan Mo laughed. "Some of the charcoal is just waste, you can't keep it. Hello, I warn you, if you dare to eat them, don't think I will eat with you at the table in the future, disgusting to death!”

"It's not disgusting to give your charcoal to others?”  Yuan Zhan thought that his priest Da-Ren should be his from the hair on the head to the feet.

"Don't be so perverted, will you?  I mean grinding them into powder and mixing them into medicines may improve their efficacy. It's like child'S urine can be used as medicine, but you can't drink it as a drink.”

It's Yuan Zhan's turn to be disgusted in the corner of his mouth. "Can children urine be used as medicine?”

"There are many dirty things that can be used as medicine, such as purple river carriage or the placenta, clear sand is the excrement of bats, bezoar is the gallstone of a goat, hairball is the agglomeration of indigestible hairs in the stomach of dogs, musk is the secretion of the reproductive glands of male musk deer, wildebeest manure stone is also called wildebeest manure, burning up a wildebeest urine smell, and many others. But these are all medicinal materials. They can't be eaten directly. The same is true of the scald that has fallen off my body!”

In order to ensure that an animal does not eat indiscriminately, Yan Mo seriously said, "It's also good for me to use my peeled scald as medicine, and the ancestors will use it to subtract the sins you have committed before."

Yuan Zhan hummed, but did not refute. He vaguely remembered that his Mo seemed to have told him something similar.

Thus, in the case of Yuan Zhan and he got a go ahead from the leader, Yan Mo, who was unwilling to let off the scorched skin on his body in order to reduce SCUM VALUE, made such a bold mess, and then inadvertently caused an accident?

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