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Chapter 346: Identity change

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 346: Identity change

The High Priest Lan-Yin arrived at Zhi Mu's residence half an hour later.

Zhi Mu was so scared that he has gone dizzy out of happiness several times. Such low-level priest only gets a chance to see the High Priest in some large-scale sacrificial activities, but there are few opportunities to speak so kindly to him alone at such a close distance.

It's not just glory, its just luck!

Leaving aside Zhi Mu, who was dizzy in the dining room, Lan-Yin knocked on the door and entered the narrow slave house.

When Lan Yuan, a guardian, saw that the room was so narrow, the two men stood full, and immediately proposed, "Better go to the plantation outside, and the moonlight tonight is good too."

It's comfortable to sit on the bed with a burnt corpse in his arms. He doesn't want to move.

Yan Mo kicked him in his brain. "Go to the plantation, it's better to offend a gentleman than to offend a villain. We still don't know what kind of the High Priest is, and it's safer to hold on to him."

With good ear power, the voices of the two people outside almost all enter their ears. The identity of Yincheng-Sound City High Priest is known to them naturally.

He did not know what a gentleman and a villain were, but he understood what Mo meant. He was holding the charred corpse and stood up from the door that had been opened to the plantation.

Lan-Yin and Lan Yuan followed him into the plantation.

Tonight's moonlight is really good. It's fantastic with the light lantern-tree planted in the garden. It's very cold when the wind blows.

"Get a stool." Yan Mo reminded him again.

Zhan made to a vine, held the vine in hand, the vine quickly extended, entangled in itself, and soon interwoven on the ground and made very strong and fresh bench.

Lan Yuan had heard Zhi Mu tell him about the ability of the mixed-race slave, and his face was calm.

The High Priest Lan-Yin raised his eyebrow slightly. "It's a two-blood warrior."

Lan Yuan turned his head and whispered to Lan-Yin about the origin of Zhan.

Zhan had to make himself a vine stool, but after hearing Lan-Yin's two-line warriors, he thought that he seemed to have a very strong ability to control soil.

Almost in his mind, he just wanted to make a soil bench, the ground arched, and a solid soil bench quickly formed.

Zhan was not very satisfied with the stool. He remembered that he could make a more comfortable and domineering stone chair.

Yes, he can make stone chair!

Thus, a big stone chair with armrests and backs, full of domineering, which can sit two people appeared in the plantation.

Yan Mo who couldn’t utter a word nearly choked: You let the High Priest sit on the bench, you sit on the stone chair with a domineering pose, and just sit opposite to the others...... Is it not just as bad as sitting in bed, and he standing up!

Lan Yuan was angry and thought Zhan was being deliberate provocative.

Lan-Yin laughed and shook his hand to show his indifference, but he did not sit on the small bench. "Your ability to control soil seems to be much stronger than that of wood."

Before he sat down, Zhan also made a similar chair across the pass.

Lan-Yin thanked him and praised the shape of the stone chair before he sat down, but it was not unusual to see how he looked. Yan Mo knew from what he saw these days that Yincheng-Sound City already had similar tables and chairs.

The props are very important for people to pretend to be coercive. Zhan was originally wearing only a skirt of animal skin and still holding a nauseating charred corpse in its arms. This image cannot be imagined not alone described.

But now he sat down on the domineering stone chair, and the momentum suddenly came out.

Such a large chair, not a habitual person can sit on, it is difficult to sit out momentum.

Lan-Yin and Lan Yuan also judged that the man must have been chief of a large tribe, or maybe even the lord of a middle or lower city.

Lan-Yin's eyes slipped around him, his body relaxed and leaned on the right armrest. He smiled and said, "8th rank earth-control warrior, no less than 4th rank's wood-control ability, can throw out 6th rank's mental control. Zhi Mu is really lucky to bring you back."

Zhan did not speak.

Lan-Yin's fingers faintly rubbed on his forehead. "You are my guest in Yincheng-Sound City, and naturally you can't leave such a mark any more. Where is Zhi Mu, I will punish him."

"Grub!" Poor Zhi Mu was so afraid that he fainted again. Just now, he found out that his most respected High Priest Da-Ren and his slave had entered the plantation to talk. In order to get closer to High Priest Da-Ren, he could not help sliding to the door. The first sentence he heard was that High Priest Da-Ren wanted to punish him... Oh Mother God in Heaven!

All three of them did not look at the place where the voice came from. He to be prepared to pay the price if they dared to eavesdrop.

Touching his forehead, he could feel that the slave mark there had completely disappeared. Although this thing has no binding effect on him, he can get rid of it is still the best of nature and no one wants to live as a slave.

"Thank you."

Lan-Yin nodded and accepted, "It is said that you have not recovered from your injuries, and your soul and body have suffered certain injuries. You can't remember many things in the past, can you?”


"If you want to recover early, I can help you."

"No, as long as you allow me to earn yuan-crystal coins in your Yincheng-Sound City."

Lan-Yin laughed. "According to Zhi Mu, your ability to produce herbs is almost the same as the Longevity Maple Tribe. If so, it's really not difficult for you to earn yuan-crystal coins in my Yincheng-Sound City. But I think your ability to control soil is more useful. My Yincheng-Sound City. I'm just planning to expand this period of time. I want to build another outer city. If you're willing to do it, yuan-crystal coins is a good idea.”

"How much?”

"How much depends on the length and firmness of the wall you built, including the facilities of houses and streets in the city. There will be more than one soil-control warrior who will come to help. Everyone will cooperate in stages to check and review the work every three days and pay yuan-crystal coins. If you need to leave in advance, you can check and accept it in advance."


"So you agreed to accept the exchange?”


"Good. Next it’s about your residence, I have two suggestions. First, I will find a house for you in the area of the city where the distinguished guests live. Second, you will stay in the temple and live next door to the person you see tonight. Which one do you choose?”

Yan Mo felt that when Lan-Yin asked this question, he looked relaxed and indifferent, but his facial muscles tightened slightly. Whether he is a doctor or a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, he can't hide this muscle change.

He asked Yan Mo's opinion in his mind.

Yan Mo pondered, of course, he prefers a single house, so it is convenient to do things so. But A-Zhan wants to fight for something in the Half-Beast man. If he is far away from the Half-Beast man, he will not know what will happen. Besides, he is also curious about what the Tucheng-Earth City Temple High Priest has to do with A-Zhan.

"You maybe should choose to see it according to your intuition?”  Yan Mo is not very reliable.

"I'll stay in the temple." Then he said with great dignity: "Priest Zhi-Mu bought me back with thirty 6th rank yuan-crystal coins, and now I am no longer a slave to him, and naturally I want to help him earn this much yuan-crystal coins."

Really talkative. Is this kid enlightened? Yan Mo suddenly had the sense of Zhan coming back from here with the crafty, dark, greedy, cruel and hungry animal to Jiu Yuan. Maybe tonight the spirit of Tucheng-Earth City High Priest is stimulating somebody? Of course, he felt that it was mainly because of his long caring relationship.

Lan-Yin was delicate as he listened to the two-lined warrior facing him preparing to stay in the temple. "If you decide so, do it. Later you give the domino to Lan Yuan, and after he's processed it, you can use the sound pool to get in and out of the temple with that domino. In addition, Lan Yuan will tell you where you can go into the temple and where you can't.”

Zhan nodded and casually threw the domino to Lan Yuan.

"Finally, I think it must be very important to you about the one you hold in your arms, but there are many curious children in the temple and Yincheng-Sound City. To avoid them offending you and the one you hold, I suggest..."

"Rest assured, I won't let my Mo frighten others, and I don't want anyone to hit him with their ideas. I don't think you want to see a two-line warrior go mad either."

Lan-Yin did not feel offended by Zhan's attitude. The two-lined warrior hid his undisclosed real strength enough to make him associate people of equal status with each other.

"Yincheng-Sound City is a peaceful city and country. After you have stayed there for a long time, you know that the city and the temple are not allowing people to fight privately. If necessary, you can go to the fight field, where you can fight to your heart content."

Zhan remembered the incident, and then they talked a few more sentences according to Yincheng-Sound City customs and some rules. Lan-Yin heard the voice of a low-level priest waking up, and stopped talking more. He decided that Lan Yuan would come to him on the second day and he decided to take Lan Yuan away soon.

Zhi Mu knelt on the ground and looked sad. Now let's not say that he's in front of the High Priest. He's afraid to say goodbye. He's afraid that the High Priest will remember to punish him.

Zhan went to Zhi Mu with a burnt corpse and kicked him. "Remember to call me to Zhan Da-Ren later, or I will beat you up. Also, why don't just look for a few more people. IF I find more yuan-crystal coins you will earn 10% of your income, and the previous scores will be returned.

Zhi Mu, "..."

Then, "Ah ah -!" he's going to kill the slave trader Nuo Fei! He must have killed that big cheater!

Fortunately, the Yincheng-Sound City temple has excellent sound insulation. No matter how miserable Zhi Mu shouted in his plantation, it cannot affect the others who are sleeping.

The next day, Zhan got Lan Yuan's new dominoes and followed him around the temple, he was being shown where he could go and where he could not go.

Beyond Yan Mo's expectation, the Yincheng-Sound City shrine also has priests from other cities and tribes. These people live together in fifth floor. To Yincheng-Sound City, besides wanting to upgrade, there are three main aspects they are cultivate on: learning voice and sound control, refining medicine and practicing soul force.

These outsiders can trade in shrines as well, and Yan Mo is interested in all kinds of herbs and specialties on their hands.

Without identity restrictions, he decided to expand his business immediately. In addition to Zhi Mu's introduction, he planned to go out and take the initiative himself.

In order to carry his precious charred corpse conveniently, he specially made a soft, moderate and fragrant back basket, put the charred corpse into the back basket, covered with the rough cloth provided by Zhi Mu's friendship, and swayed around the temple with Mo.

On the first day, he traded herbs and yuan-crystal coins with outsiders on the fifth floor, which was very popular.

On the second day, he came to the fourth floor of the opening hall, which he was most familiar with. Zhi Mu introduced him to a big client. The other side's plantation was out of order, and many herbs were sick.

As soon as Zhi Mu saw Zhan with a basket on his back, he took the initiative to go forward.

Today, they are almost identical. Zhi Mu dares not offend the two-lined god warrior who is said to be 8th rank. Lan Yuan Da-Ren has beaten him well and compensated him for Zhan Da-Ren. Zhi Mu has decided to ask Master Curse-Witch Zhou Wu to curse the slave trader Nuo Fei, curse him to being a slave all his life, and one who is cruelly abused by his master every day.

Which thought Zhi Mu was blocked by the priest before he came to Zhan Da-Ren is it? The man opened his mouth and said, "Priest Zhi-Mu, do you sell this slave? I'd like to give 50 6th rank yuan-crystal coins!”

Zhi Mu just wanted to explain that the man looked wrong and thought he was unwilling to sell it. He immediately increased the price and said, "One hundred!"

Zhi Mu's heart was bleeding. If he knew that today, he would have come back the first day and sold that one! It's a pity that you didn't know it before, unless you were a prophesying priest.

"Up to one 7th rank yuan-crystal coins plus ten 6th ranks." The Priest gritted his teeth and glanced at the Tree-man several times, unwillingly and greedily. Why? Wasn't the Tree-man's right upper body and right arm branched? How did it become physical?

Look carefully again, ah! What about the slave mark on the Tree-man's forehead? Why not?

The Priest subconsciously scanned the Tree-man's waist, without the slave's mark, so it had to have identity dominoes to walk in the temple, the Tree-man... Oh, oh! They really have dominoes!

Wait! How is the color of the domino black?

What does black dominoes represent? The Priest feels a little dizzy. If he remembers correctly, it seems that they were taught to remember the color of dominoes when they first entered the temple. Aliens basically use red dominoes, because the color is bright and easy to remember and not afraid to admit mistook, while black dominoes...

Oh, oh! Mother God in Heaven! Isn't that the highest domino of the identity of Upper City Master and Upper City’s High Priest?!

"Grub!" The Priest flipped his eyes and fainted.

Yan Mo chuckled. "Does the priests of Yincheng-Sound City all have stunts that say fainting or falling unconcious?”

Zhan crossed the priest expressionlessly and came to Zhi Mu.

But good things often go on for a long time. Before Zhi Mu could plead guilty, he heard another unkind voice ringing around them.

"The ability of your half tree slave has spread. How long do you think you can keep him?  An intermediate level soul potion recipe, plus two 7th rank non-attributed yuan-crystal coins, can't be exchanged?” Priest Cai-Fei, who is used to troubleshooting Zhi Mu, appeared.

Zhi Mu sneered and replied with only one word: "Get out!"

"Ten 7th rank." Cai-Fei learnt from his explorations in recent days that the medicinal properties of the herbs produced by the Tree-man have not suffered any loss, and it is because of the Tree-man.

Zhi Mu sneers and sneers. "You'd better open your eyes and see..."

"How can a tree-man who can stimulate all kinds of herbs, regardless of their origin and time, and still keep the original medicinal mixture, be worth only ten 7th rank yuan-crystal coins and one intermediate level soul potion recipe?”

If there is a sound in the world that can make people's ears crisp, it's probably that sound. Yan Mo has never heard such a beautiful voice before. He really feels drunk in his ears.

Zhan could not help turning its head and looking in the direction of the sound.

A girl with long hair and loose braids came in a crowd of warriors.

The girl was not beautiful, but her melon face, made her facial features more prominent, impressive, is a beautiful face with its own characteristics. The forehead is painted with delicate red patterns, bright red lips and bright eyes.

Generally speaking, this is a girl who is full of value and has a little wild nature. Usually men are full of desire to conquer this kind of girl, especially men with more desires for power.

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