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Banished to Another World, Chapter 429: The beginning of the Plague

Banished-To-Another-World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Banished to Another World, Chapter 429: The beginning of the Plague
    Pulling the time back to half a day ago, the village’s chief asked people to ask for the witch. Before the witch had come, the village’s chief only dared to look at Yan Mo and did not dare to approach him.
    The newborn calves don’t understand the dangers of lions. Looking at Yan Mo’s dress and seeing that it is different from them. They are not very old enough to be wary. They are very curious to see him, but these children are all dragged away by adults and they are not allowed to be close to Yan Mo.
    The village’s chief wanted to stop everyone from being around Yan Mo, but not many people listened to him. The village’s chief was like a soft man. He shouted a few words to see that everyone and he saw they didn’t listen to him. He just had no choice but to smile bitterly, but he didn’t dare to approach Yan Mo. He didn’t want to leave, but at the same time he can’t complain that other people don’t listen to him.
    Yan Mo looked around in a circle, high and low heads it was like watching strange animals watching him, and the number of people around is still increasing.
    A group of people quickly stepped back a few steps.
    Is this like them taking him as a ferocious tiger? Yan Mo laughed, touched his face, and then looked at his own dress. Suddenly he realized that these people seemed to be afraid of him, but he was dressed in this body? Or are they afraid of his coughs?
    Yan Mo began to pay attention to the people around him. This made him see a few people who seem to have symptoms of typhoid. But those people, he does not know whether they are not aware of their symptoms, or do not care that they even mixed in the crowd.
    "What are you doing here? The water is just retreating. There are so many things to pick up in the fields. What are you doing here? Want to be lazy? Go and go! Do you not know what should you do?"
    And this screaming was even more useful than the command of the village’s chief. When everyone around Yan Mo heard the screaming, many people dispersed. After a while, the crowd parted and in strode one person. This person is physically strong, with thick eyebrows and leopard like eyes, lion nose, thick lips and long ears, he was ugly and very distinctive, only a short leather skirt around the waist, then the words the long hanging cloth was dangling between the legs.
    "I heard that there is a god messenger? Is it you?" The lion-ish looking youth went to Yan Mo and looked him up and down. The spear went to the ground and he asked him loudly. His face seemed a bit disdainful and unbelievable?
    "It's me." Yan Mo held his breath, not because of his hate for new land smell. It was because of that lion-ish boy body smell really too heavy for him!
    The young man’s mouth had a thick bit of stench, and there is also a sour smell that is present in people who have not been bathed for many days. The onlookers’ personal hygiene is also very poor, but they are far away from him, there is wind and the smell was not that hard to tolerate, but the young man is too close, and the hot sour suffocation is almost directly on his face.
    "Are you alone? No attendants? No guards? No slaves? No riding animals?" the lion-ish looking youth expression was more suspicious.
    “Hou Shi! Come back!” The village’s chief, hiding behind the crowd, shouted anxiously.
    Hou Shi rubbed his nose, glanced back and turned to look at Yan Mo. "Where are you from? The Bone Sculpting people's god must have a horn, you don't have it!"
    "I am a messenger of the ancestors, and have nothing to do with the Bone Sculpting people. I say, are you going to waste time like this? I heard you say that there are many people who are sick and injured. This delay is a delay, but their lives have been heard. Have you ever heard that saving people is like fighting fire?"
    Hou Shi was stunned for a moment, probably after seeing that Yan Mo disliked his smell and deliberately approached him one step further. "This is the first time that I saw God made such a rush to save people. Who are you? Where are you? Coming to us, what do you want to do in our Wadi village?"
    Yan Mo was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, his hands raised, and then he went to a man with obvious symptoms. "You! It is you! Do you feel the throat is very painful? Is it difficult to swallow things? And also a little headache, are the body joints a bit sour?"
    The named man opened his mouth and was so scared that he turned and ran.
    Yan Mo: "..."
    Hou Shi saw Yan Mo avoiding him and he was about to reach out and stop him, but! "My hand, my body, how can I not move! What have you done to me?"
    At first, the people around him didn't realize what happened to Hou Shi, but they saw that Hou Shi was just screaming, his body was not moving, and he couldn't even turn his head.
    The village’s chief also found out that he had heard Hou Shi’s roar, which made him even more frightened and flustered. "You, you! Don't come over! What did you do to Hou Shi?"
    Yan Mo ignored him and changed his finger. "You, a girl with long hair, have you had a runny nose for a few days? Cough or not? Is there any phlegm? Is the cough that is white or yellow?"
    "Cough!" The girl was scared and coughed several times.
    Yan Mo: "It seems to be a runny nose and a cough. Two people have typhoid fever. These two people have the same diseases like him, him, and him. All five of them are not allowed to be with other people for the time being. If the cold is viral, it will also infect you, do you know what an infection is?"
    The five people he pointed to were scared to follow, and the people who were around them also left.

    The youngest girl cried on the spot.
    "What are you crying for? Don't cry! I am there, as long as you are obedient, one will not die." Yan Mo is full of domineering aura, his tone is not like a comfort, he does not intend to comfort these people.
    A cold is a minor illness for him, but in this era, it is one of the serious diseases that can kill people. There are not many drugs on his hand. Before he knows whether there is a substitute for the herb, it is better to have fewer people infected.
    The village’s chief, the village’s chief who was hiding behind the man, couldn’t help but look behind him.
    Yan Mo had wanted to heal a few people on the spot so that these people believed that he was not a liar, but these people, including the patients, were hiding from him. The village’s chief was not the most obeyed man, which made him feel a sad reminder of a woman.
    In desperation, Yan Mo had to go to the village’s chief who feared him and walked and said, "You are a witch? When is he going to arrive?"
    "You! Don't come over!" The clan people yelled, and the young and strong around him also waved a spear to threaten Yan Mo.
    So when the witch arrived, he saw a scene that made him speechless: a hornless teenager with a very well-dressed appearance, approaching his tribesmen step by step, and his tribesmen followed the village’s chief step by step, and Hou Shi, the most powerful warrior in the family, was screaming at everyone.
    "The witch is coming! The witch is coming!" The crowd saw the witch appear, all were screaming in surprise, all the scared people ran to him, and the village’s chief ran the fastest.
    Yan Mo saw that the person who could be the master finally came, and he put away the wood thorn he had just thrown.
    Hou Nu didn't know that he was asked for in a hurry. He was helplessly yelling at his own timid village chief, adult, and voluntarily greeted Yan Mo. "Guests from afar, hello, I am the witch of this village. The road leading to the city of Wuqian has been closed. Which territory do you come from?"
    Hou Nu is not a woman. He is a middle-aged male who looked like he is in his forties, but may actually be younger. He has black feathers on his head and bone object necklace around his neck. The identity of the person is different.  [1]... Nu means female
    The village’s chief whispered to introduce the identity of Yan Mo with Hou Nu.
    Village? Yes, just now, Hou Shi also said that it is called the Wadi village. It seems that the social construction here is not the same as the continent he had been staying for the past years, even if they seem to be as poor as the original tribe.
    Yan Mo pays more attention to the surrounding area. This careful look makes him see some places that have not been noticed before.
    While looking at the volume, Yan Mo did not forget to answer Hou Nu's question with a kind smile: "Hello, good dear, I come from the temple of the ancestral god, the ancestors Pangu occasionally heard the prayers of people on this land, felt their pain, and he sent me to help everyone."
    If it is the modernity of past lives, and if Yan Mo dares to claim this passage to others, those people will either treat him as a liar or treat him as a mental case. But now people here look at his part of the luxurious clothes, at least they will not to treat him as a neuropathy, as for the liar, they naturally have the means of verification.
    "It turned out that God sent Da-Ren." Hou Nu clasped his hands to his chest and saluted him.

    Yan Mo's right hand clenched his fist and touched his heart. His attitude changed with the attitude of the villagers. At the beginning, he used his messenger's identity to shock and avoid unnecessary battles. Now people respect him and he does not need to continue to hold his identity.
    His expression relaxed, and the kind and lovely face of the kindness began to work. He smiled again, and the look of the witch in the village of Hou Nu followed and relaxed.
    Hou Nu cautiously said: "Dear messenger Da-Ren, we have never heard of the name of the ancient god Pangu, only the gods of Pan’a shines forever."
    "Oh Pan’a God?"
    Hou Nu put his hands on his chest. "That is our only supreme god."
    The only supreme god? Then will his ancestral messenger be labeled as heresy? But looking at the look of the village witch, they don't seem to have the strong sense of exclusivity.
    What seems to be wrong? Why does he think that this village witch is not devout when he mentions this Pan’a God?
    If a witch does not respect his own god and does not believe in him fundamentally, what is the significance of his witch? Or is this village witch belief, not on a god?
    And soon after this question he got the answer.
    Prior to this, Yan Mo's words and deeds were more careful, and the issue of faith has always been one of the elements of war. He does not want to be annoying, and does not want to be accused of heresy.
    So he avoided the issue of God and went directly to the subject: "Do you have other patients? Can you let me see them? If I can help them it’s for the best, if not, I will leave."
    The village’s chief heard a little worried, and Hou Nu said. "Well, please come with me."
    The village’s chief was in a hurry. "Great witch, wait a minute, Hou Shi, he..."
    the village witch Hou Nu spoke with his face with a blank expression: "Da-Ren, the village chief, let everyone go to work, don't stand here and be lazy, don't forget, in order to worship the Da-Ren and the Wuqian temple, we are now two days late. The stock of food can't be taken out, it’s is not enough!"
    Yan Mo felt that Hou Nu’s last sentence was meant for him, but his purpose was not to ask for remuneration. Naturally, he did not mind that Hou Nu told him in disguise that their village was so poor that he could not extract any W after or oil.
    The timid village chief Da-Ren saw the witch ordered him, and immediately, disregarded Hou Shi, he sipped and took the crowd to see the lively village.
    "Wait!" Yan Mo nodded at the five people he just pointed out. "These people need to be separated from everyone. They are all sick. I have herbs here, I will give them a soup medicine, and you and everyone in the village needs a little prevention."
    Hou Nu didn't understand some words, but it didn't prevent him from understanding Yan Mo's meaning. "Do you have a cure for medicine? Can you really cure their disease?" Village witch Da-Ren's eyes were clearly bright.
    Although he doubts the identity of Yan Mo, but it involves tribesmen life and death, he would rather choose to believe. And the symptoms of those people are indeed very similar to the initial conditions of some people who died before.
    "Severe typhoid, it is not serious now, if they get febrile fever, you must tell me."
    He even knows that someone will have a fever! Hou Nu believed in his identity by three points, and nodded slightly, and immediately said to the village’s chief: "Put them in a room alone, without my permission, not let them out."
    "Okay." The village’s chief Da-Ren was very obedient.
    Yan Mo inexplicably feels that this scene is very familiar to him and Yuan Zhan.
    The five people listened to the witch and with their faces scared. When they saw him, they would kneel down and screamed at by the village’s chief, and they all were sent away.
    Yan Mo originally wanted to say that it is not so serious to isolate them, but he think there is no objection to thinking that the current treatment is the simplest and most efficient.
    "Everyone else is working with Liang Tian!" Hou Nu continued to order.
    "Yes." The villagers seemed to respect the village witch very much. They listened to the order and didn't even put one in the fart. They all went with the village head and went to Liang Tian.
    Hou Shi saw that everyone was running, and no one was in charge of him.
    Hou Nu blinked through him and didn't say anything to him.
    Yan Mo seems to think of this person now, far away, a few black shadows moved back to his palm.

    Hou Shi felt that he can move. He jumped up and bowed. He turned and rushed over.
    “Hou Shi!” When Hou Nu saw that Yan Mo lift his hand he was wary. When he saw that Hou Shi was moving, he knew that the God sent Da-Ren had forgiven Hou Shi for his disrespectful sin, but Hou Shi’s impulsive idiot turned out to take the initiative to provoke a person who can't be provoked!
    Hou Shi was hard to stop, "Great witch, he...!"
    "Shut up! I am not just a moment ago asking you take someone to hunt? How come you ran back? What about other people?"
    Hou Shi couldn't help but yell at Yan Mo. "Everyone else is in the field."
    "Why are you back here then?" The villager’s witch Hou Nu was near killing himself for these stupidities, and even the village chiefs elected by the great witch was so stupid!
    "I met the Qianshan Tribesmen."
    "You have been fighting with them again?" Hou Nu said with anger.
    Hou Shi didn't dare to look at him, he just turned to look to the sky.
    Hou Nu’s voice increased, and the voice was agitated. “How many times have I told you that there are so many people in the village, and there are so many people who are sick. Once other villages come to grab our territory, we will not be able to fight for it. They have long seen that we have a lake and are jealous of it. Now you are fighting with them. Isn't it like giving them reasons to challenge us?"
    "War is for fighting, you are afraid that they will not be coming even if we don’t give them an excuse?" Hou Shi muttered.
    Hou Nu violently said: "You are amazing! Ah? How many people can you fight? If you are really powerful, you will not be beaten by God send Da-Ren..."
    "Isn't he a god messenger?" Hou Shi started yelling at Yan Mo again, his arms were thicker than the teenager's thighs who claimed to be God sent, but he was actually beaten by him.
    Look at the lively Yan Mo: The youth shines the bright white teeth.
    Hou Shi pinches his fist.
    Hou Nu the village’s witch did not want to talk to this stone head again, forcibly ordered: "You have to listen to me well, and without my permission, you will never take the initiative to provoke other villagers!"
    "What if they start fighting when we are hunting? What if they grab our prey? We are running out of food to eat."
    "You will wait until we get through this time then." Hou Nu gritted his teeth.
    "Okay! I will avoid people from other villages." Hou Shi suddenly blinked at Yan Mo. "You said that you are here to save people, then you must cure my tribesmen, otherwise..."
    "Otherwise, what?" Yan Mo smiled.
    Hou Shi was stunned for a long time and said: "Otherwise I will tell Da-Ren of the temple. You are not serving the Pan’a God."
    “Hou Shi!” Hou Nu roared, “If you don’t get out of here!”
    Hou Shi left in a hurry.
    Hou Nu sighed and said sorry to Yan Mo: "God sent Da-Ren, don't listen to Hou Shi, he won't tell the shrine about your business, in fact, even if he wants to send news there is no way, the road to the Wuqian City to our village has been blocked. ”
    Yan Mo remembered that he mentioned this before, "Is it sealed? Because of your village's condition?"

    Hou Nu hatefully nodded.
    "It seems that your village's condition is not only typhoid fever, tell me, do you have other more terrible, more contagious conditions? Where are those patients?" Yan Mo's expression was also serious.

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