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Banished to Another World, Chapter 430: Confluence Pre-meeting

Banished-To-Another-World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Banished to Another World, Chapter 430: Confluence Pre-meeting
    The place where the patients are located seems to be far from the small village. Yan Mo tried to talk to Hou Nu all the way, but the village's witch mouth was very tight and only said something that was irrelevant.
    But even if the other person said very little, Yan Mo still knows the environment he is in.
    First, most of the land he is currently in is ruled by the Bone Sculpting people, and this village’s witch Hou Nu has never heard of the forces like The Nine Great Cities.
    Second, the degree of civilization here is higher overall. Because the people of this tribe are extremely poor, their language, social composition, architecture, utensils and food cultivation methods are more mature.
    While walking on the road, Yan Mo saw the fields and saw the farming animals. And the people here are poor enough that they don’t wear clothes, but they know what clothes are and know the value of the cloth. In addition, such a poor village actually has bone weapons, even if they are is only the lowest level.
    The bone objects can be called bone objects instead of just sharpened the bones. Even the lowest level 1st rank bone object which is refined, and its hardness is no less than granite.
    The terrain was going down. Yan Mo discovered that the place he was in was actually the only highland nearby. It looked like a village being flooded with water.
    Because the houses in the village are made of clay, the water is almost flooded and collapsed them. Only some of the broken walls are strong enough for him to see the shadow of the village.
    “Was this place flooded with water?” Yan Mo asked.
    Hou Nu: "Yes, Da-Ren."
    “How long has it been? Is there someone in the village who died of sickness? Has the body that has been flooded cremated?”
    "Or buried? Have you buried the body of the deceased?"
    Hou Nu stopped, "Da-Ren, it seems that you are really not the person on this land. The bones are very important to us, especially the bones of the dead tribesmen, we will not bury any dead tribesmen, etc. After their flesh is returned to the earth, the remains of the bones will be taken to be used by us. Burning the body with fire? Only the enemy will do this!"

    "That is to say, those people who have been drowned by the floods and died after the death of the people are not buried. You wouldn't put the body outside?" No wonder their illness is not only cold and fever. After the flood, it is in early summer, the mosquitoes and flies breeding grounds, and the bacteria are easy to grow. Such an environment is most prone to disease.
    "Of course." Hou Nu said a little, "Da-Ren, I don't know where you are from, don't know what you said is true or not, don't understand what you mean by these questions, but if you really can cure the rest of our tribesmen, I will record the great grace of you and your God.”
    Kindness is one of the most unreliable feelings. Yan Mo only believes that mutual benefit can last for a long time. "I don't need you to repay, I only hope that the news of me arriving here won't go out for a while."
    "As you wish." Hou Nu listened to Yan Mo as if he didn't seem to ask for a sacrifice. He gave a sigh of relief and turned his head to continue to lead the way.
    "Talk to me about the symptoms of your patients, the more detailed the better. For example, how long does it take from illness to death? Is there vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the stool, fever, rash, body twitching, body stiffness, or body hair? Symptoms such as tremors in the cold?” Yan Mo asked him to explain his words with Hou Nu.
    Hou Nu heard that and his face has changed completely. If he belief before had scored Yan Mo three points before, it is now six points. Because of the several symptoms Yan Mo said, his tribesmen have appeared. This made him hope that when he had already desperately reached the bottom of the valley, and raised some hope.
    “Da-Ren, the situation is this...” Hou Nu made a careful description.
    Yan Mo had some speculation after listening, but in fact, it is still necessary to see the patient to be diagnosed.
    Soon, Hou Nu took him to the original site of the Wadi village, which was destroyed by the flood, but they did not stay much, and went straight through the village to the back of the village.
    The rear terrain was slightly higher and the building above was not damaged.
    It is the largest mud house in the village, and there is a circle of mud walls around the mud and stones house.
    Hou Nu walked to the door of the mud wall and reached out to open the door: "This is the ancestral hall of my family's ancestors. The patients in my village are here, and God sent Da-Ren, please."
    The ancestral hall is just a word that Yan Mo understands from the meaning of the village witch words. If it is literally translated, the house should be called the house of the ancestral spirits.
    The gateway of the temple was also closed, and the village witch pushed forward and made a gesture of inviting him to help. If it is in the normal days, he will never let an outsider enter their most important home of the ancestral spirit, but now...
    Yan Mo stepped in and saw a Deja vu
    The full house of patients, groaning, coma, desperate despair, accompanied by the disgusting smell, created a scene of hell.
    Yan Mo's gaze moved away from the patient who had fallen asleep and looked up.
    He saw that this ancestral house did not have a large number of spiritual tables placed in the ancestral hall of his former home country. The place to replace the spirit table is a skull that is suspended by a rope.
    There are many cranial bones, and the degree of intensiveness is yellow, white, and the color is different. A gust of wind blows through. These skulls are like bone bells, and they hit each other to make a special crisp sound.
    "The ancestors were with us." The scream of the village witch came from behind.
    Yan Mo turned his head and asked casually: "I didn't see the god Pan’a, nor do see his temple."
    Hou Nu was silent for a while and said: "The Pan’a temple is only available in the city, and only the Horn-people's Bone Sculpting people can be that temple priest. The Hornless people village like us mostly worships the spirit of their ancestors and some also worships other spirits."
    Yan Mo noticed that the other side separated the god and the spirit. It turns out that this is why the village witch is not devout to their only supreme god. Because this god is more biased towards the Horn-people?
    The village witch looked at the dead tribesmen, and whispered: "Since the flood, the rest of the people began to fall ill, first the old man, the child, then the young. We paid all the deposits. The food, the fur, the bones, and all the money we can pay to the Pan’a Shrine, to ask them to bring the temple servant in the Wuqian territory, but one took a look and said that we have not offered enough, and have been rejected by God, he said that this is the punishment of God for us. They not only did not heal us, but also sealed us from the Wuqian City."
    "Until today, we lost not less than one hundred and sixty people. We were originally a big village with nearly three hundred people!" The village witch smiled bitterly. "I thought that even our ancestors abandoned us. I didn't expect you to come... How amazing, even God messenger really came."
    Yan Mo almost blurted out and said: So in the future, don't believe in Pan’a God, just believe in the Ancestral gods, and remember to pray to my name by the way, and add a little faith points to me.
    But just before he tempted someone to change his faith, a small, thin-skinned child reached out and touched the shoes of Yan Mo around him, seemingly curious about his shoes.
    Hou Nu just wanted to make him go, and Yan Mo had already squatted down and put his right hand on the child's veins.

    The child was so afraid that he didn’t want to take a hand.
    "Don't move." Yan Mo is facing the child, and the voice is softened involuntarily.
    When the child didn't move, Yan Mo touched the veins and pulled a pill from his pocket into his mouth. "Eat, this will give you a little physical strength."
    Hou Nu can't stop it and it's not good to stop it. The child may have not eaten for a long time. At this time, the pill in the mouth is obviously not good. He bitterly chews and ate it clean.
    "Very good, don't be afraid, you will live." Yan Mo touched the child's greasy hair, got up, rubbed his hands on his body, and went to see other patients.
    Hou Nu saw Yan Mo's every move in his eyes. Seeing him did not shy away from the dirty smell of those patients, and his heart felt very strange. Is this really a god? Or is it true that God is like this?
    After Yan Mo walked through the circle, he basically reached a conclusion.
    Vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, shock, cramps, high fever... These symptoms from the early to the late all add up to a disease: Cholera!
    Hou Nu followed him all the way, seeing him in silent, and he asked him carefully: "God sent Da-Ren, I don't know if my prayers made the ancestors hear you and send you. But since you are the messenger of God, Then you must have a way to save our tribesmen, right?"
    If I can't save them, then I’m not the messenger of God, right? Yan Mo felt funny, but he didn't take the other person's thoughts into his mind. "I need some people to find some young and strong young adults. In addition, find some women who will cook soup and cook food."
    “Da-Ren, what do you want them to do?” Hou Nu is vigilant.
    "What? Of course, clean up this place! This environment will only make your tribesmen die faster. Women will help me with drugs."
    “Da-Ren, do you really have a way to cure them?” Hou Nu wants to believe and can't believe it.
    "Do you want to hurry to save people, or do you want to confirm with me over and over again?"
    "I will arrange the man immediately! Da-Ren, wait a moment!" Hou Nu felt so happy that his heart would fly out of his chest and turned and ran out.
    Yan Mo wanted to ask him why he was not afraid of being infected. After he thought that the other person was a witch, he naturally had some life-saving skills.
    Hou Nu called the volunteers very quickly, and there were a total of ten young adults, including the young man named Hou Shi.
    Yan Mo clapper his hands: "Do not want to die, then erect your ears! The things I say now, you must do them exactly how I say them. If you can't, you will not only kill yourself, but you will also become killers and murderers of these tribesmen!"
    Just looking for Yan Mo's angry face Hou Shi's leg solidified, he doesn't want to kill himself and kill his own tribesmen!
    At this time, The Jiu Yuan, the conference hall.
    A gust of wind blew, and the narrowed Jiu Feng Da-Ren looked at the Priest escort captain Da-He and swooped down from the air. "Hey! Mo-Mo? Why can't I find him?"
    The stone house and school that Yan Mo have living have been searched and Jiu Feng didn’t see Yan Mo. He has not found anyone and was angry.
    Da-He saw Jiu Feng, and spoke great joy, "Jiu Feng Da-Ren!"
    “Hey – Where is Mo-Mo?”
    Da-He couldn't understand Jiu Feng's words, but he could guess: "Jiu Feng Da-Ren, are you looking for Priest Da-Ren? He went to the Wucheng- City of Witches with the Chief."
    Da-He simply said things over and now everyone knows that Jiu Feng can understand people.
    "Hey! Mo-Mo went out to play and didn't ask me to go! Where is Wucheng- City of Witches?"
    Da-He knows what Jiu Feng is asking, even if he knows, he does not know the exact direction of Wucheng- City of Witches.
    Jiu Feng circled again. Seeing that Da-He had never answered the idea, he got a wing wave and swayed the man three times. He turned to find his younger brother, the Winged Yingzhao.
    Fortunately, the Winged Yingzhao are more powerful, and most of them, the Winged Yingzhao, have flew to Wucheng- City of Witches.
    Jiu Feng has the exact direction, and the wings beaten and he was gone in a flash.
    Other high-ranking Jiu Yuans heard that Jiu Feng Da-Ren had finished his hibernation and they came out to meet him, but even a feather of the Young Master Jiu Feng was not seen.
    That evening, Wucheng- City of Witches, the main shrine.
    After listening to the loss of Wucheng- City of Witches by Luo Jue, Grand Witch Xiang suddenly grabbed his hand. "What did you say? The stone statue in front of the temple is gone?"
    Luo Jue was frightened by the look that Grand Witch Xiang had never seen with before. "Yes, the stone statue is gone, and no gravel is left."

    Grand Witch Xiang unbelievably slowly released his hand, and the body fell to the back of the cushion. "No wonder the Bone Sculpting people's bones and bone slaves will retreat so fast, no wonder they will risk the danger of early exposure to attack Wucheng- City of Witches, their original purpose was that. ”
    “Grand Witch Xiang Da-Ren?”
    Grand Witch Xiang closed his eyes weakly. "What about Fei Shan?"
    “Fei Shan Da-Ren is talking to the Jiu Yuan Chief.”
    "You let him come over as soon as possible."
    "Yes." Luo Jue got up and couldn't help but ask when he was about to leave: "Da-Ren, you mean that the Bone Sculpting people attacked Wucheng- City of Witches for the purpose of that stone statue? The stone statue is not an ordinary stone statue?"
    Grand Witch Xiang was silent for a while.
    Luo Jue thought that the other party would not answer, and was about to leave. He heard a weak voice behind him: "Every city has a near-semi-god existence creature, and that creature will have the combat power of a 10th rank warrior at the minimum. Have you a creature like that at Wucheng- City of Witches?"
    Luo Jue turned around and said, "You mean!?"
    "Yes, you can see it every day when you enter and exit the temple. Every Wucheng- City of Witches personnel has seen it, but no one knows it was the patron saint of Wucheng- City of Witches."
    "Since it is our patron saint and has such a strong fighting power, how can it be stolen by the bone slave of the Bone Sculpting people?"
    "Because... it's not alive, it's just a bone object with a fighting power of nearly 12th rank."
    Luo Jue was nearly crying by the answer of the Grand Witch Xiang. "Since it is such an important thing, why is it placed at the door of the temple?" Shouldn't it be hidden in the depth?
    Grand Witch Xiang covered his face and sighed, "Because when I was a child, I dreamed that if it was hidden in the depths of the temple it will be stolen. Then I moved it out as the First Priest. You see, for so many years, not one personal touched it. Does anyone think that the stone statue would be a treasure if they see it every day?"
    "How come the Bone Sculpting people's bone slaves know?"
    Grand Witch Xiang spoke gloomily: "...because the stone statue is one of the most powerful bone objects left by the Bone Sculpting people."
    Luo Jue: "..."
    The main shrine, the residence of the Jiu Yuan people.
    Yuan Zhan talked with Fei Shan and was about to go to Ancheng-Dark City with the people of Ancheng-Dark City. When a familiar screams came from the sky.
    Yuan Zhan, Meng Er and The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu rushed out of the house together, "Jiu Feng?!"
    "Hey--see me!" Jiu Feng saw Yuan Zhan in the sky, he was showing off all the physiques that grew again.
    Suddenly! The entire Wucheng- City of Witches is like bathed in a cloud, and only a little red glow can be seen in the west.
    All the people outside Wucheng- City of Witches raised their heads.
    "That's the Human-face?" Most people saw Jiu Feng's shrewdness face, it was because Jiu Feng was too big at the time, and the face of the bird naturally became very conspicuous.
    Feng Yao and the Old man Feng Yu also ran out.
    "It's a Human-face Kunpeng!" Feng Yu said the old man, but most of the people behind him did not hear: "Hey, the belly feathers have not changed color, it is still a child."
    People who didn’t hear the Old man Feng Yu looked at the huge figure in the sky and had a little difficulty breathing.
    Hey, that is to say that that Human-face Kunpeng shelter the people of the Jiu Yuan? Why didn't anyone tell them that this bird is so big?
    How many people are envious in their hearts? How many people are jealous of the Jiu Yuan's good luck?
    Jiu Feng didn't know if he felt the emotions of the two Legged Monsters underneath, and the prideful three feathers were erected. Hey! Have you seen these too?
    "Hey!! Mo-Mo?" He showed off for a long time, why is Mo-Mo still not coming out?
    Yuan Zhan raised his arm against the sky. Jiu Feng's huge figure suddenly disappeared from the sky. Only the eye-catching people saw that the huge Kun Peng suddenly turned into a big fistful bird and rushed down.
    “Hey! Where is Mo-Mo?”
    Yuan Zhan confessed: "He is gone, and now it is likely to be on the western side of the sea."
    The Young Master Jiu Feng was furious and pinched Yuan Zhan's face with a paw: "Stupid Two Legged Monster! Why did you lose my Mo-Mo again! Hey-!"

    "He is mine, not yours."
    "Hey! I will kill you for that!" 

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