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Love is More than a Word, Chapter 1: The new official takes office (1)...

Love is More than a Word《识汝不识丁》Shi Nu Bu Shi Ding
Love is More than a Word, Chapter 1: The new official takes office (1)...

"Over this mountain, it's the Tangyang County." Lao Tao shrank his shoulders and peeled the oranges with his head down, as if he was speaking casually.

Tao Mo couldn't help but lift the curtain.
The cold winter wind whistled in immediately, and nothing could be seen outside in silver. Hao Guozi, who was hurrying the car, turned around and said, "What is the Young Master's order?"
"Nothing." Tao Mo shivered from the cold and hurriedly lowered the curtain.
Lao Tao handed him the peeled oranges.
The oranges are a bit dry after being left for a long time, but they are sweet in the mouth. Tao Mo ate a few before shoving the rest into Lao Tao's hand.
Lao Tao was also impolite and took a clean bite of the remaining ones.
Tao Mo subconsciously touched the incense towel in his arms to wipe his mouth, but just as his hand went into his arms, he remembered that the incense towel had been thrown into the stove and burned. After so many years of strolling around The Gunheung House, only this scarf was left as a souvenir.
"Young master, are you cold?" Lao Tao moved the heater forward.
"Not cold." Tao Mo sat for a while in a sullen mood and asked, "I heard that there are many rich families in the Tangyang County, so I'm afraid it's not good to meet them."
Lao Tao said, "Good people are good at being bullied. If Young Master is afraid of them, they will naturally bully their way to his head."
"How can I be afraid of them?" Tao Mo's volume raised slightly, "I am definitely going to be a good officer!"
A few glimmers of light finally blossomed under Lao Tao's drowsy eyes, "Young Master will definitely be able to."
Tao Mo seems to have seen himself transformed into "Tao the Righteous and Honorable" and was greeted by the people in the middle of the road, and suddenly felt that his future was bright.
The wagon snapped.
The back of Tao Mo's head slammed into the wall of the car, his body half leaning into the corner of the car.
As Lao Tao sat opposite him, and his situation was slightly better, and at the critical moment, both hands propped up against the wall of the car, unlike him who was in such a mess.

Hao Guozi lifted the curtain and the probe came in, wailing, "The wheel is broken."
The wind was blowing harshly.
Tao Mo scrunched his neck hard, trying to tuck his head into his collar.
"Luckily it's not too far from the Tangyang County, we'll just walk." Lao Tao said to Hao Guozi, ''Untie the horse and camel luggage. When the young master enters the magistrate's office, send someone to collect this car."
Tao Mo had to get out of the car.
Hao Guozi said, ''I wonder if the previous county lord is gone. If hasn’t left, I am afraid we won't have a place to stay."
Lao Tao said, "I have inquired. The last county lord died of illness, and his family collected him long ago and returned him to his hometown."
Hao Guozi muttered, "This is even worse, there isn't even a reminder left."
Lao Tao said, "What's the hurry? The county lord is not here, the county magistrate, the master clerk, and the county custodian are always here. Perhaps there is also an advisor, these people are all much more knowledgeable about the world than the county lords."
Hao Guozi stopped talking and sharply unloaded his luggage and tied it to his horse.
Tao Mo stood at the side of the road, his body shivering incessantly.
Lao Tao took the heater out and let him carry it, "It’s much warmer."
Tao Mo reluctantly extended two fingers from his sleeve and squeezed.
A line of three and a horse rejoined the road.
The ice and snow are slightly melting and the feet are more slippery.
Hao Guozi fell three times in a row before he finally felt his way out.
Tao Mo was originally going to fall as well, but he was held up by Lao Tao every time. He was old, but the one with the most steady pace of the three.
It took so long to get into the city before it was closed.
After walking for a long time in the no-man's-land forest, they suddenly encountered noisy people, and all three of them had the illusion of being in a dream.
Hao Guozi wiped the corners of her eyes and said, "This will be home from now on."
Lao Tao said, "It may not be forever."
Hao Guozi said with wide eyes, "You said Young Master would be removed from office?"
"Yuck." Lao Tao hurriedly spat on the ground, reached out and slapped him on the head, displeased, "Can't it be a promotion?"
Hao Guozi laughed dryly and led the horse forward.
Tao Mo and Lao Tao followed far behind him.
Perhaps it was the harsh wind that made Tao Mo feel his drowsy head finally clearer.
Hao Guozi followed the east street, looking all the way to the entrance of the county office, knocked on the door and handed the post.
By the time Tao Mo arrived, the people inside had already greeted them.
"Official notification said that the lord wouldn't arrive until after the New Year, and we didn't expect to arrive a year early. It's a long way from being welcome." The man saw Tao Mo looking at him curiously and introduced himself, "I'm the former County Master Zhang Jingyuan Legal Master Advisor, my name is Jin, and the Master calls me Master Jin."

Tao Mo called out honestly, "Master Jin."
With his gaze like a torch, Master Jin swung around among the three and landed on Lao Tao.
Lao Tao said, "This humble servant is here with his master family to guard the gate."
He said that with some modest, but the Advisor Jin could see that this man was the most difficult one among the three. He smiled and said: "Master has travelled a long distance to take up a post so he should go to the office and talk again later when he enters the house... So please.”
Lao Tao saw him speak politely, but he did not take Tao Mo seriously at all, and could not help but frown.
After entering the second hall, Master Jin suddenly lingered and led Tao Mo to the upper seat, where he sat with him at the lower head.
Tao Mo looked at Lao Tao suspiciously.
Lao Tao said, "The young master is tired after a day's travel. Why didn't the Master lead you to the inner hall?"
Master Jin bounced up in shock and tapped his forehead, "I am really confused. But when the last lord Zhang was dying, he had been bitter about his failure to hand over the official seal to the new county lord, so if the lord could give his support, please show me the official seal and let me hand over the official seal to the lord and relieve myself of the heavy responsibility."
He's got a gun and a stick, and he's clearly not giving people any room to maneuver.
Tao Mo had to take out his last appointment papers and give them to him, then follow him to the study and receive the official seal. By now, he was already a little bit weak, with a chill on his body and his teeth chattering. He was afraid that Lao Tao and Hao Guozi were worried, so he had to retreat to the side and secretly hold back.
When Lao Tao saw Master Jin turning to leave, he hastily called out, "Master Jin, where are you going?"
Master Jin laughed and said, "I am Lord Zhang of the Zhang Family, and now that Lord Zhang has passed away, there is naturally no reason for me to stay."
Lao Tao said, "Why did Master Jin say that? My young master is newly appointed, and it's time to hire someone."
"A man dies for wealth, a bird dies for food.” The Advisor Jin laughed and added, “The new master donated 5,000 taels to the county official as a result of his donation, so there is no need to worry about the wealth of the people who are coming to the city. In my opinion, it is not easy to find a lawsuit or a lawyer or a master in the Tangyang County." [1] A man will do anything to get rich
Lao Tao was still waiting for more persuasion, but Master Jin had left with a pat of his sleeves.
Hao Guozi complained, "This man has a big temper."
Lao Tao looked at Tao Mo and seemed to be scolding him for not saying a word at that time, but when he saw that his lips were purple and his eyes were disheveled, he was startled and reached out to touch his forehead, which turned out to be hot, he said to Hao Guozi, "Go, get a doctor!
Hao Guozi promised and hurriedly ran towards the outside.
Lao Tao helped Tao Mo into the inner room.
They didn't carry much luggage, and lost some halfway through the journey, leaving the last of it as something valuable but not cold proof.
Lao Tao had to look through the boxes and cabinets to find the old things left by the county master, and actually found two quilts. He hastily spread it out, let Tao Mo lie down, rekindled the heater, put it on the bedside, and went to boil the water himself again.
When he came back from boiling water, he still hadn't seen Hao Guozi, thinking he was new to the area and didn't know the place well enough to find the doctor quickly. He also thought of Tao Mo who was always afraid of the cold, always curled up in the blanket in winter and refused to come out in the old place, but this time, in order to be a good official, he insisted on going to work early, and could not help but be happy and sad.
He carried the hot water to the house and heard Tao Mo on the bed calling out in a daze.
When he got closer, he heard him shout "Dad".
Footsteps came from outside the door.
Hao Guozi led the senior doctor through the door.
Lao Tao retreated to the side and waited for the doctor to diagnose the pulse and prescribe a prescription, then wrote down in his mind the notes he had asked for.

By the time everything was settled, the sky had darkened.
Since the former Lady of the County Master had taken most of the servants of the county office with her when she left, only two gatekeepers were left. So Lao Tao could only let Hao Guozi deal with the chores for a night before he went out to buy some food. But it's a lot to do when they get up to tomorrow.
Tao Mo had sweated all night, and the next day he got up and felt a little weak, but he was in good spirits, so he got up and clothed himself and went out.
Hao Guozi was coming over with hot water when he saw him get up and ate, "Young master, why did you get up?"
"Hungry." Tao Mo turned around and went inside, slowly washing up.
Hao Guozi said, "I bought firewood and rice this morning and am boiling porridge."
"White porridge is not good." Tao Mo said subconsciously.
Hao Guozi narrowed his eyes and smiled, "I'll go to the city restaurant later to find a delicious down with the drink food."
Tao Mo's face changed for a moment before he whispered, "White congee is the most important."
Hao Guozi whispered, "I won't let Lao Tao know."
Tao Mo shook his head.
Hao Guozi sighed, ended the basin, and went out with his head down.
Tao Mo was in the room, but he couldn't sit still, so he opened the door and walked towards the second hall.
The magistrate's mansion is small and divided into three halls. One court to hear the case, two courts to meet the guests, and three courts in the inner house.
The Second Hall is now for the guest.
The man's eyes lit up when he saw Tao Mo and said, "You are Lord Tao?"
Tao Mo nodded.
"My name is Cui Jiong, the county's official custodian." He swept his eyes up and down at Tao Mo and laughed, "I had thought of coming to greet you last night, but Master Jin said that the lord was tired and uncomfortable from the journey, so I had to wait until this morning. Your Excellency is not going to blame me, is he?"
Tao Mo looked outside and said, "Did you come in by yourself?"
Cui Jiong froze.
Tao Mo said: "How come no one informed?"

                             ~ Love is More than a Word ~

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