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Chapter 365: It's just a Samsara Cycle.

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 365: It's just a Samsara Cycle.

About one hundred kilometers from Yincheng-Sound City.

A black spot suddenly appeared in the sky, and the black spot dropped sharply.



Yan Mo in the rapid movement also issued an unknown scream, he was fighting dizziness only subconsciously seized the people around him.

"Bang!" The disc fell, the grass flattened, and all kinds of snakes, insects, ants and animals in the bushes fled in panic.

The rings and disks fulfilled their mission and were reduced to hanging back around Yan Mo's neck.

There are five people in the bushes, Yan Mo, Yuan Zhan, Da-da, Lamo-Ling and Cao Cong, alive. But everyone was knocked unconscious and lay motionless on the ground.

The snakes, insects, ants and beasts fled because their homes were destroyed. The five men were not in danger of being bitten for the time being. But there were bold beasts wandering in the distance and huge birds hovering in the sky. As long as they were sure that these people were powerless, a feast of gluttony would begin.

Yan Mo is an old man and an operator. He seems to be very dizzy. He doesn't seem to be able to wake up for a while.

Yuan Zhan's physical fitness is the best, but he holds his right hand enclosing something that isn’t there and lies on his side. At present, he seems to be in a coma for unknown reasons.

Lamo-Ling and Cao Cong are in the same state of health, but neither of them is very strong nor awake.

Finally, of course, the first thing to wake up is Da-da, whose physical quality is only inferior to that of Yuan Zhan.

Da-da opened his eyes, fell on the ground and did not move until he was sure there was no danger around him. Then he jumped up and said, "Ouch!"

Before the other four were awake, Da-da flew to Yan Mo, turned him over, avoided letting him lie face down, and pushed the others one by one.

"Hmm..." Yan Mo woke up moaning with his head in his arms.

This damn broken door! The spiritual residue left behind did not tell him how high the user escaped from, and how high the landing point it would appear!

If it weren't for the empty doors, they would have been killed if they hadn’t escaped.

More pit father is this thing the same operator can only use it once a month, otherwise the body may produce certain changes, the direction of variation is uncertain, it may be the body changes, may be sudden changes in blood vessels, which is why he dare not try.

According to Zan-Bu analysis, this bone object should be the Bone Sculpting People's descendants who borrowed the ideas of predecessors, using a kind of bone of an animal called the Pongko Beast to refine the bone objects. Pongko beasts are cowardly by nature and have little to none attack force, but they are very capable at escaping, and they can flee far away in an instant.

The person who put forward the idea left her memory. Yan Mo saw that the conceiver wanted to use the characteristics of the Pongko beast itself to make a tool for long-distance transmission. She had tried some of the concepts, but some difficult problems could not be solved, such as distance, positioning, body protection and so on.

In the memory of the visionary, she said that although her products had the ability to break the air, they had many shortcomings. One of the most important points was that the beast that they could use was dead when it was finally found, and the body was mostly fragmented, and the weaker the beast died, the worse its bones became. She hoped that future generations can at least solve this problem, if not, breaking through the empty door cannot be regarded as a successful bone object.

The broken door, which was later made in The Bone Sculpting People, uses a large number of broken animal bones, and the energy fluctuation is relatively stable after inlaying high-order crystals. But still cannot be fixed with a place, or perform a large number of transmission, it can only be used as an escape tool, and escape direction and distance are not sure, one is likely to fall into rivers and lakes, the nest of wild animals, eating swamps, or even craters.

Yan Mo listened to the introduction of spiritual remnants and thought: No wonder Tribesmen, a bone-refiner, did not even have a blood vessel left behind. If there was a real portal, he would not die without a remnant.

The sequelae of the first use of an empty door is very serious. It is not a real tearing or folding space from one place to another, but what it does it make the moving speed increase to the extreme. The characteristics of the Pongko animal is that its body is very strong and it can withstand all kinds of hazards of rapid shuttling.

Although this broken door can protect users to a certain extent, even if the body is very weak, it will not cause fracture or death, but for a period of time dizziness, brain swelling, limbs imbalance is inevitable.

Lamo-Ling and Cao Cong wake up one after another, both in pain and lying on the ground for the first half of the day.

Da-da was the strongest. Seeing that there was no danger around him and Yan Mo was okay, he pulled the grass roots and poked Lamo-Ling's nostrils to play.

"Ah sneeze!" Lamo-Ling hated Da-da. "Don't force me to curse you!"

Da-da laughed and poked him harder.

Yan Mo asked Wu Guo if there was anything wrong. Wu Guo refused to pay attention to Wu Guo after he gave him the word "nothing". This kid took a huge advantage. At this time, he just absorbed the Half-Beast man energy to make up for his own

Yan Mo also felt a little good. The discomfort in his body soon disappeared. He got up and looked around and went to Yuan Zhan again. Everybody's okay. Why hasn't this guy woken up yet?

Grabbed his wrist to give him a pulse, the pulse is strong, but too strong, his finger has a feeling of being knocked.

Looking at his empty right hand, before he left, he seemed to hear the man shouting "Found it"

What did you find? Where is that thing now? You wouldn't fall down, will you? That's a loss.

Suddenly Yan Mo's right hand shone with a familiar light, and prompts appeared in his brain at the same time.

The Guide jumped out! The Guide also jumped out once before, but it showed SCUM VALUE calculations of his behavior before entering Yincheng-Sound City, and now it shows the gains and losses of all his behavior after entering Yincheng-Sound City.

—— The Banished Scum made use of their flesh and blood, sacrifice themselves for others, and make special wound medicine. The wound medicine can act on improvement on the body and spirit, directly rescuing a cat man, SCUM VALUE-200. Indirect rescue cat people 172 people, SCUM VALUE-17200 points. Note: Cat Man belongs to non-human intelligent race. Because The Banished Scum helped cat man, the reduction point of SCUM VALUE doubled.

- The Banished Scum improved an intermediate level prescription, a selfless act, SCUM VALUE-5000 reduced. Note: Low-level prescriptions can be reduced by 1000 points, intermediate level 5000 and advanced level 10000 points. Please provide more useful prescriptions to the world for the rapid reduction of SCUM VALUE.

—— The Banished Scum has used their own flesh and blood to make special wound medicine. At present, six people have been rescued, SCUM VALUE-300 points.

——  One female slave was rescued by the exiled. SCUM VALUE-100.

—— Yincheng-Sound City Temple was destroyed, Yincheng-Sound City ended up in chaos, because the Banished Scum was forced to resist, resulting in consequences, not counted for punishment, while directly rescuing four people, indirectly rescuing one cat man, SCUM VALUE-300.

——  The total number of SCUM  points has been reduced by 4.79 million and 8.458 SCUM VALUE. Please continue to make efforts to reduce SCUM VALUE to 5 million.

There are still no rewards. It seems that less than 5 million points are no rewards.

Yan Mo immediately put the attention on the six words of "destruction of the temple of Yincheng-Sound City" and did not know what the temple of Yincheng-Sound City was destroyed. But he remembered that the Half-Beast man had been sucked by Wu Guo into a human being at that time. Even if he exploded, it would not be too powerful.

Meanwhile, Lan-Yin and others who flew out of the temple were asked to console Yincheng-Sound City's people while searching for the Great Princess Lamo-Na and Queen Cui Yu who also flew out.

Lamo-Na and Queen Cui Yu all have excellent protection, but many of them have been injured a bit. At that time, there was no one on the ninth floor.

While Lan-Yin was being treated, he looked up at the temple and saw that the splendid temple had disappeared as if it had been hit by divine boxing. The eighth and seventh floors had also been destroyed by explosions to varying degrees.

The priest and the servants rushed out of the temple, surrounded by panicked Yincheng-Sound City people, all of whom looked up at the temple with their heads held high, and talked loudly.

The explosion of the temple is still on the most sacred ninth floor. Is this God's wrath? Many Yincheng-Sound City people knelt down in front of the temple, some excited and even cried loudly.

Had it not been for the Third High Priest being alive and standing on the square, the Yincheng-Sound City people would have been in chaos.

Yincheng-Sound City's King and Queen led a large number of warriors from the palace, one to pacify the people, the other to anxious temples and Priests.

"High Priest, do you think the Jiu Yuan Chief has succeeded?”  The second High Priest limped up the road.

Lan-Yin looked unpredictable. "They have that Mo Da-Ren, and it's not surprising that they succeeded. But what about them? Where are they?”

Everyone wanted to ask this question, but a sudden explosion knocked everyone out, and The Half-Beast man and Yuan Zhan and others seemed to disappear without trace, even a piece of flesh could not be found.

"Da-Ren, will the explosion be someone's ability to self-explode?”  Asked Lan Yuan, who had dressed the wound.

Lan-Yin is also the idea, "first find people, if they are alive, we have to see people, if they are dead we have to see the corpse, find till everything is clear."

"Yes, I'll get someone to arrange it right away. Da-Ren, don't go too far."

"I know." Lan-Yin raised his hand to Lamo-Na, who was coming to him

Queen Cui Yu's arm was broken, but instead of crying and mourning, the domineering woman covered her wound and screamed at Lan-Yin with the help of a sturdy warrior, "Where's the High Priest?  Where is he?”

Lan-Yin, "I don't know. We're looking for him."   

"Come on! That's not going to happen soon!” Queen Cui Yu shouted out in disguise.

Lan-Yin didn't mind her gaffe when she saw that the other party was likely to lose the greatest reliance on her. Instead, he made an excuse to go meet the Great Prince.

The strong and short warrior wanted to tell Queen that, judging by the power of the explosion, the old man was probably dead, most likely to die with the men, but he dared not say so.

Queen Cui Yu stared at the ninth floor of the disappeared temple, and even the pain seemed to have been forgotten.

On the other hand, Yan Mo felt that Yuan Zhan should not be in too much dangerous, so he would not care about him.

Lamo-Ling came to ask him where he was and where they were going.

Yan Mo motioned for him to take his time and went to one side to call out the Geo-hydrological Guide to the 3rd Article's Revamping Site. This one can generate a map, just needed to be added to SCUM VALUE.

"I remember you said to me that my SCUM VALUE had to be reduced to 100,000 to get all the maps of this continent. Now my SCUM VALUE has been reduced to 5 million points. Should it have met this requirement long ago? I want a map of the whole continent.” Yan Mo knows that The Guide will not answer him, but still he said it.

The Guide's response is still rigid: to generate all the topographic maps of the exile's continent, SCUM VALUE needs + 50 points.

Five minor punishments, right? Come on! Yan Mo bites his teeth. A good map can be generated and then called at will without adding SCUM VALUE.

When Yan Mo was neutral, a continental panorama emerges, but The Guide is also very bad. It is said that this continent is just this continent, and nothing has been shown outside the mainland.

Maps can be zoomed in and out at will in the brain. Yan Mo finds his own red dots, enlarges nearby terrain, and looks for Yincheng-Sound City, Tucheng-Earth City and the Jiu Yuan.

But all the places mentioned in the map must be the places he has personally visited. For example, he flew all the way from the Jiu Yuan to the Black Earth City in a bony bird. The detailed names of the Jiu Yuan, the Great Obscuri Clan and the Black Earth City are also shown on the map, while no other places are shown on the other lines.

"I need a route map from here to Tucheng-Earth City and then to the Jiu Yuan from Tucheng-Earth City." Yan Mo couldn't find Tucheng-Earth City and had to ask for a guide.

The Guide: Two lines, 422 km and 2660 km in straight line, SCUM VALUE need + 4 points and + 27 points respectively.

Three more minor punishments? Yan Mo took a deep breath. "First, give me a path from here to Tucheng-Earth City."

Yan Mo didn't know that the Jiu Yuan was being attacked. He thought about the Tucheng-Earth City neighborhood because Da-da said that when he left, Jiu Feng and the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu were still near Tucheng-Earth City. He wanted to go and see if he could meet them, it would be best if he couldn't just go back to the Jiu Yuan.

He also wants to see what Tucheng-Earth City looks like.

With maps and sailing routes, and the ability to use his wallet, Yan Mo immediately took out the bone-bird and inlaid it with an 8th rank yuan-crystal coins, which the bone-bird was made bigger on the spot.

Lamo-Ling and Cao Cong saw the sudden appearance of a huge bony bird, and were surprised to step back.

"This is a bone-bird?! Flying Bone Object?” Lamo-Ling is the prince of Yincheng-Sound City, who can guess the use of bone-birds at a glance.

Yan Mo asked him, "Does Yincheng-Sound City also have flying bone object?”

"Yes, but only for short distances, and it requires the operator to control the direction and speed of flight with sound waves. Every once in a while, it must be lowered to the ground for the operator to rest or replacement."

"That's great, too." Yan Mo sincerely admired, "Come on, after entering the bone-bird, you all can have a good rest."

Da-da and Lamo-Ling helped Yuan Zhan, still in coma, step into the bone-bird.

Cao Cong followed Yan Mo and suddenly said, "Da-Ren, Tucheng-Earth City has a bone-bird like this, but no one can use it."

"Oh?”  Yan Mo looked back in surprise. "Have you ever seen it? Is it really the same?”

Cao Cong thought and nodded firmly. "I followed Her Majesty Queen to the temple. Every time I went there, I saw the bone-bird placed on a pillar in the temple. The size and shape of the bone-bird were the same as the bone-bird you just took out."

"They never used it? Tucheng-Earth City Temple people don't know what bone-birds are used for?”

"It should be that temple priests seem to regard the bone bird as a relic and symbol of God, but they do not attach special importance to it. They have flying beasts called the Winged Yingzhao."

What a waste! He hadn’t wanted a second bone-bird. There were three bone-birds in the Bone Sculpting People inheritance, but without permission, he couldn't even get the bone-bird off the pillar.

If Tucheng-Earth City Temple's bony bird is really the same as his, would it be better for him to grab the wasted thing instead of leaving them to collect dust?

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