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Chapter 364: Ha ha!

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 364: Ha ha!

Tucheng-Earth City Queen Cui Yu and the Half-Beast man had no intention of letting them out of the stone chamber alive.

The Half-Beast man also anticipated that Yuan Zhan and Yincheng-Sound City would join hands to bully him at this time, but he was reluctant to let Yuan Zhan go and relied on his ability. He did not feel that Yuan Zhan could escape from his palm, nor did he feel that Yincheng-Sound City people could really muster an attack on him.
On the contrary, Yuan Zhan would be the best for himself if he wanted to get close to him.

Queen Cui Yu, on the reminder of his subordinates, simply intends to capture Yuan Zhan and hand him directly to her grandfather the Half-Beast man.

Cao Cong risked her death to report that Yincheng-Sound City had no way to intervene in this matter, because although Tucheng-Earth City was a valuable guest, the Jiu Yuan was also their guest. The guest murdered the guest, if not known or not identified that can be swept under the rug, but when Yincheng-Sound City wanted to use Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo, and slave had identified Tucheng-Earth City's plot, Yincheng-Sound City, the owner, had to step in.

Finally, Yuan Zhan carried a rattan basket to the temple under the escort of a high-ranking warrior in Yincheng-Sound City.

On the way, Queen Cui Yu was rewarded with a bitter hatred that almost crushed her silver teeth. Who on earth leaked the news? How did the Yincheng-Sound City send a battle team composed entirely of 9th rank warriors to escort Yuan Zhan? And all the way to the ninth floor of the temple.

Queen Cui Yu was informed.

Queen Cui Yu gripped the handrail and shouted angrily, "Where's that bxtch?”

"She's right behind the Jiu Yuan Chief."

"This bxtch! I should have killed her when I came back that day!” Queen Cui Yu hated that bxtch would hide, but these days she had to hide so that she could not see her.

It was because of the ugly scar on the cheapskate's face that she let her go to the palace to wait close. This time, she heard that the tribal savage who sold medicine in the square boasted that the scar on the Great Princess Lamo-Na's face would disappear with his ointment, while the Yincheng-Sound City Palace was looking for a scarred person to test the medicine, so she took the opportunity to push her ugly slave out.

In her mind, a slave, no matter whether the ointment is medical or not medical worth, is also a small help to the Yincheng-Sound City Royal Family. If the tribal savage really cured the woman or did not remove the scars on Cao Cong's face, she can use this as an excuse to cure her crime and trouble.

Unexpectedly, the tribal savage was the biggest enemy of Tucheng-Earth City, the Jiu Yuan people, and the other side really cured the scar on Cao Cong's face. She wanted to be angry, but the bxtch hid well. She forgot about the humble slave because of the Half-Beast man. How could she think of that?

"The Jiu Yuan Chief is going to die, and the bitch will be chopped up and fed to the other slaves!"

The reported person's body trembled slightly and fell deeply down. "Yes."

Queen Cui Yu got up and went to the temple with her men. She was confident in her ancestors. The Jiu Yuan Chief was no more than an 8th rank earth-control warrior, let alone the Half-Beast man, who could kill him.

Yuan Zhan stood at the door of the Half-Beast man bedroom with a rattan basket on his back.

Lan-Yin saw the sudden appearance of Da-da, but he didn't say anything in his mind. When he saw more than a familiar slave, he was curious and did not ask. But when he saw another person who should not appear here, he had to speak.

"Your Highness, you are not in the palace, what are you doing here?”

Lan-Yin's question was very polite. Lamo-Ling was wearing a simple cloth with a flickering expression and ignored the high priest.

"Your Highness!"

Yuan Zhan turned around. "I don't believe you. Your eldest prince must come in with me. Don't forget what you promised me before.

"The Great Prince can't be it!"

Yuan Zhan turned around and left.

"Wait a minute!" Lan-Yin screamed angrily, and the man showed no possibility of negotiation. It seemed that His Highness the Great Prince could not go in the room without them. But is the Great Prince voluntary going or forced? Did he really not want to live?

But no matter whether his Highness wants to live or not, he does not want the Great Prince to go in with Yuan Zhan because of his identity and another important role.

His Highness Lamo-Ling, however, seemed determined to oppose them. Even when he moved out of Yincheng-Sound City's King and Queen, he did not respond.

"Big brother, mother is asking for you, there are important things to tell you." Just as Lan-Yin was about to lose his way, Lamo-Na brought people.

Lamo-Ling turned his head at last, but his eyes swept so faintly across his sister's face that he floated to the roof without focus.

"Big brother!" Lamo-Na signaled to the people around him that they should drag the prince's Royal Highness.

"So many people come to see my Tucheng-Earth City High Priest?”  Queen Cui Yu was guided by the priest, a shrine servant, and came up from the sonic pool.

In addition to Yuan Zhan, others looked subconsciously at Queen Cui Yu.

With such a delay, Lamo-Ling avoided his captors.

"Go! Catch that bxtch! Cut her off!” Queen Cui Yu ordered angrily as soon as she saw Cao Cong.

The strong and short warrior allowed to follow up, obeyed and waved to kill Cao Cong.

Yuan Zhan pulled Cao Cong behind him and smashed the flying earth arrow with a slap.

"The Jiu Yuan people! How dare you! This is my slave!" Cui Yu said, smiling maliciously and abusing indiscriminately. "Barbarians, you can't look up to this lower slave. Barbarians are barbarians, and a lower slave is a treasure to you. You haven't seen a woman? You inferior people!"


Yuan Zhan even took advantage of everyone's surprise at Queen Cui Yu's vicious words, turned his right arm into branches, extended quickly, and slapped Queen Cui Yu severely in the face.

The slap was unexpected.

Lamo-Na's eyes were bright, and her heart could not help admiring Yuan Zhan's boldness and decisiveness. This is the real man. How can a male, or a tribal Chief, be persistent in being insulted?

Queen Cui Yu, she herself stayed still, and it took a while to raise her hand and cover her face, which was covered with pus and shawl.

"Kill him! I'm going to kill him! I want you to die! I want you to die!” Queen Cui Yu is mad, she has never been insulted like this.

The strong and short warrior also immediately launched an attack on Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan looked at Lan-Yin.

Lan-Yin was helpless, and his guardian, Lan Yuan, stepped forward to block the attack of the strong and short warrior.

"The High Priest Lan-Yin! What do you mean? Why do you stop my men from killing those despicable barbarians? "Queen Cui Yu's eyes were red, and she could hardly care about anything.

Lan-Yin silent reprimanded her: "The Jiu Yuan people are also my Yincheng-Sound City guest, Cui Yu her majesty if there is any hatred with them, please go away and wait till they are out of our city."

"Didn't you see what he did to me?!” Queen Cui Yu was so angry that she was shaking all over, and her voice was splitting.

When Lan-Yin was in trouble and blamed the Jiu Yuan Chief for not being able to bear it at all, the wall in front of Yuan Zhan opened silently.

Yuan Zhan scorned and provoked Queen Cui Yu by putting a big smirk on his lips, turned around and stepped in without hesitation.

Lamo-Ling grabbed Yuan Zhan's arm, and his sister's men came to pull him again and followed him.

Da-da grabbed Lamo-Ling and Cao Cong, one by one, they jumped into the door.

Queen Cui Yu screamed and roared to kill Yuan Zhan, all the Jiu Yuan people and Cao Cong. She ordered the strong and short warrior to follow in, but the strong and short warrior had not yet reached the wall, and the cracked door had been closed again.

Queen Cui Yu doesn't believe it. Why not let her men go in? Didn't her grandfather believe her?

Queen Cui Yu suffered a double blow. She just wanted to tear up the people who saw her humiliated in the place!

Far away in the arms, a man stood still with a cat in his arms and stood still. He saw that The Great Prince had been taken, and he had not moved. It seemed as if he was indifferent to everything.

Lan-Yin saw His Highness the Prince enter the stone chamber, looked at Yuan Bai's unchanged expression, sighed secretly, and made a look at Lamo-Na.

Lamo-Na had to give up. She couldn't give up? People went in and the walls closed. What else could she do?

The second largest and the Third High Priest are all here. With Lamo-Na and Queen Cui Yu and others, the ninth floor has never been so busy.

But the ninth floor was silent, and no one spoke first.

Everyone is waiting for the wall to open again. Who will come out then?

The strong and short warrior consoled Queen Cui Yu, saying that the old priest would kill Yuan Zhan and others to avenge her shame, so that Queen Cui Yu could endure his anger and wait.

Yuan Zhan stood in front of the stone bed with a cane basket on his neck and Lan-Yin's bone objects. Silently, he and The Half-Beast man looked at him through the two black holes.

Everyone wants to take advantage of each other, but who can take advantage of each other in the end?

When Da-da came in, all his hairs stood up, and nervousness made him howl at the Half-Beast man. He felt that the Half-Beast man was very powerful, maybe even stronger than the big fish that gave birth to him!

Cao Cong was trembling, and the Half-Beast man's pressure made her crawl.

Lamo-Ling can't see anything but paled. He finally met this mysterious fellow, and did not expect to feel so distinctive.

"What's the use of bringing these people in?”  Yuan Zhan's brain laughed at the Half-Beast man's derision.

"Just because it's useless, you'll allow them in. Or are you afraid? Afraid of dying in my hands?”

"Ha-ha-ha! What an arrogant barbarian! Just because you want to kill me? Or Lan-Yin, what good things did the little priest give you? Do you think you can deal with me with that?”

"It seems that you also know that Yincheng-Sound City people want to deal with you, so you should understand what I am doing."

"You want the benefit of some and huge greed made you come."

"Yes, just as you know I'm going to kill you, but you'd rather let me get close to you in order to get me. You are as greedy as I am."

The two men said all the words, and all the intrigues were put aside.

"There's another living man, his breath may be light, but I can feel him." The Half-Beast man said this with a palpitation.

The Half-Beast man was on the alert. He has lived for so long that he is very trusting of dangerous intuition, and this palpitation is also regarded as a sign of danger by him.

But the ability of people here is not very high. Even if they are all added up, it is impossible to threaten him. Why does he feel palpitations? What are these people's hidden move which he doesn't know?

Yuan Zhan laid down his back basket and Yan Mo rose from it and stepped out.

"You were the soul attached to the barbarian, right?”  The Half-Beast man released his soul and covered the whole bedroom.

"That's right." Yan Mo said calmly.

"You have survived." The Half-Beast man, with a strange way, suddenly wanted to touch this person because he felt something special about him.

Yan Mo felt a little relieved to see that he was not aware of the Fruit of Witchcraft in his body.

"Are you the priest?”


"What is your tribe called?”

"You don't know?”

The Half-Beast man knows, of course, that Queen Cui Yu has come to him several times to cry. He raises his finger, pointed at Yuan Zhan falsely and ordered, "Come here."

Yuan Zhan did not move.

"Why? Are you scared?”  The Half-Beast man suddenly said before Yuan Zhan answered, "Hey, priest, I can make a deal with you."

Yan Mo curious, "what deal?”

"Don't resist. Give me all the body and the soul of your tribe’s chief. I swear by the soul of war that I will bless your tribe for one day as long as I live." The Half-Beast man didn't have that idea at first, and the deal was entirely temporary because of his bizarre palpitation.

He lived long, and because he lived long, he didn't want to die. If there is a more secure way to get Yuan Zhan, he is willing to pay some easy price for him.

“Blessing? Did you know that both the Tucheng-Earth City royal family and temple priests wanted to kill me and the Jiu Yuan people?”

The Half-Beast man proudly said, "With me, they dare not."

Yan Mo smiled. "Then what is your blessing? Let the Jiu Yuan become a tribe affiliated to Tucheng-Earth City?”

"So you're not satisfied? Do you know that Tucheng-Earth City is one of the Nine Great Cities and one of the three oldest cities? How many tribes want to be affiliated with Tucheng-Earth City? How strong and rich are your tribes? If you agree to this transaction, your tribe will go over the lower city and become a midtown directly, and it will not be enough to turn a lowly barbarian into a civilized city.”

Yan Mo's mouth was filled with a sarcastic laugh, and the Half-Beast man probably genuinely felt that his deal was very cost-effective for the Jiu Yuan. The Jiu Yuan people hearing of the deal and should cry and kneel down as he wanted to.

The Half-Beast man continues to persuade: "You are the tribe's priest. Think about what you want to do to be good for your entire tribe. Do you want to give up one person and benefit the whole tribe, or do you want to make the whole tribe a doomed target of Tucheng-Earth City for one person?”

Yan Mo doesn't have to think about it at all. He now has an equation in mind, basically his own weight = son's weight > Yuan Zhan's weight > Cao Ting and three disciples and others > the Jiu Yuan Tribe, while Jiu Feng and Wu Guo are the same as Yuan Zhan. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu shouldn't worry about it.

The Half-Beast man looked at Yan Mo and thought he was moving to accept.

Lamo-Ling looked a little worried at Yuan Zhan for fear that the man would be abandoned by his own priest, just as the temple and his parents gave up Yincheng-Sound City considering the future of the whole Yincheng-Sound City.

Yuan Zhan did not believe that his Mo would give him up.

He has almost recovered 99% of his memory. How can he give up his loyal and useful player and labor force for the future of the tribe in the light of his Priest Da-Ren's kindness and honesty? Besides, will Priest Da-Ren be a rare midtowner? Why don't he even go to town?

Yan Mo sighed, raised his hand and touched his chest. Suddenly, a disc appeared under his feet.

Yuan Zhan always paid attention to his movements, see this, immediately flew into a rage, approached the stone bed, grabbed The Half-Beast man, and cussed: "if I want to die, it depends on my willingness to!"

Lamo-Ling saw Yan Mo's movements and rushed quickly to the stone bed. He opened his mouth to The Half-Beast man and said, "You will fail!" And he did not forget to step on the disc.

The Half-Beast man saw Yuan Zhan take the initiative to get close to himself, or was irritated to lose his mind. He immediately rejoiced and didn't care what Lamo-Ling said. He knew who Lamo-Ling was, but he didn't know Lamo-Ling's ability at all.

When Da-da and Cao Cong saw Yan Mo's movements, they all ran to the stone bed and stepped on the disc.

Da-da pulled out a huge stone axe, which Lamo-Ling had temporarily found for him.

[1] I think Da-da has a thing for huge axes

Cao Cong can't do anything but watch the Half-Beast man nervously.

The Half-Beast man could no longer control the other man. Just as Yuan Zhan's fingers touched him, in order to prevent him from escaping, he grabbed Yuan Zhan's wrist and stood half-kneeling from the stone bed.

A huge spiritual force rushed to Yuan Zhan’s soul.

The bone object in Yuan Zhan's chest suddenly erupted into a powerful mental forces, and at the same time, they attacked the Half-Beast man.

Yuan Zhan followed and stabbed the bone dagger to the Half-Beast man's heart, while his right hand turned into a vine and stabbed the Half-Beast man's eyebrow - his ability to control soil was useless to the Half-Beast man, and he could only use other killing methods.

The Half-Beast man laughed ironically with his soul. "With that soul force, you want to kill me? You dream on!”

The Half-Beast man spoke easily, but the Third High Priest's combined psychic power prevented his attacks, and even his body and soul were unstable.

This time of instability is very short, and the Half-Beast man didn't take it seriously for a short time.

But Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo and so on were waiting for this moments! They also don't know if the Third High Priest's soul will affect the Half-Beast man. They only know that if they lose this opportunity, they will be less likely to defeat The Half-Beast man.

For this reason, after Yuan Zhan pulled out the bone dagger, everyone moved to attack!

Da-da's axe cut into the Half-Beast man's head.

Lamo-Ling kept chanting to the Half-Beast man, "Dead, you're going to die soon!"

Yan Mo shouted in his head, "Wu Guo, go up!"

Wu Guo, a fake dead man, had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. He coveted The Half-Beast man spirit as he approached him. He wanted to eat him for a long time, but he was quite strong. He was not sure he could eat the man, but now... Others helped grasping that moment to attack, how can he also not grasp it?

"Whoop!" Wu Guo drilled into the Half-Beast man's heart in that instant.

Yuan Zhan also almost at the same time, the right hand of the vine poked into the Half-Beast man's eyebrows!

The Half-Beast man is half-alive, mind-shaking, and he casually threw out the strongest attack.

Yan Mo was thrown out.

"Mo!" Yuan Zhan was furious.

"Boom!" The dazzling fire rushed out of Yuan Zhan's left hand and turned into a net of fire and rushed towards the Half-Beast man.

The Half-Beast man's soul was shocked: "That's it! You also devoured the Godblood Stone!"

He knows, but it's too late!

Just like Wu Guo just came out of the moment, he didn't notice, but now...

"The Fruit of Witchcraft! You have The Fruit of Witchcraft!"

The Godblood Stone, plus The Fruit of Witchcraft, how much are the Jiu Yuan people loved by the gods!?

The unbelievable the Half-Beast man side soil shield shielded the overbearing, fire that can burn everything, and he reaches for the heart to pull out the Wu Guo.

How big a joke is this? So many people want that sacred thing in his body! But the sacred thing is going to kill him!

He counted tens of thousands of possibilities, never thought that these people actually have The Godblood Stone and The Fruit of Witchcraft these two things that exist could be with them!

Not to mention the Godblood Stone, but the Fruit of Witchcraft, which is the sacred thing every witch longs for. If he had The Fruit of Witchcraft, he could not only approach semi-god, but also become a god.

Ha ha ha! Father God! God of the earth! Why are you so unfair? I suffered so much, The Fruit of Witchcraft is right in front of me, and I met it, but why did it have a master?

The Fruit of Witchcraft suddenly shouted in Yan Mo's head, "He's going to blow up! He's going to blow up! Quick, quick!"

"What is it? Yuan Zhan hurry up!” Yan Mo coughed blood and got up painfully and rushed to the disc biting his teeth.

At Yan Mo's urging, Yuan Zhan stepped on the disc with one foot and groped frantically in a pile of soil. Where is it? He clearly felt it. Where was it?

Poor Half-Beast man had the ability to approach semi-god, but because of carelessness, he let the combination of 3rd Priest's soul attack a positive one.

Then, the Jiu Yuan people let The Fruit of Witchcraft get into his body at that moment he lost his upper hand.

He wanted to fight with the rest of his power, but he didn't realize that the Jiu Yuan Chief was carrying the Fire Godblood Stone. No wonder he will think this person is extraordinary. No wonder he wants to get this person anyway. It turns out that The Godblood Stone want to be with each other.

Seeing that his soul and energy are being lost in a huge volume, he is unwilling to be so absorbed and killed, not to mention sacrificing himself for others, "Death huh, then you will die with me!"

"Found it!"


The stone room shone with a brilliant light. A circle of living people surrounded the place. Before the Half-Beast man exploded, a dazzling light burst out and disappeared quickly.

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  1. That disc might be a teleportation device!!


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