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Chapter 366: Happy Return! Tucheng-Earth City regrets!

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 366: Happy Return! Tucheng-Earth City regrets!

Bone bird flew to Tucheng-Earth City at the fastest speed.

Yan Mo did not fly high, he was looking down at the terrain, paying attention to whether there are his people traces. Unfortunately, his vision is not as good as the Yuan Bing, he can only see a rough picture.

Yuan Zhan is still unconscious, and his faith points are still dropping.

If a warm-hearted or responsible person is changed, he will be back to the Jiu Yuan as soon as possible.

But Yan Mo even has a sense of responsibility for the Jiu Yuan. Even if it turns out to be negative through faith points, the Jiu Yuan may have changed. But when the first hit is unconscious and the Jiu Feng is not in the right combat, he prefers to take a more detour and spend more time looking for the Jiu and the others.

If you can find them, it’s the best, even if he goes back to the Jiu Yuan without them, it's not difficult to solve anything under the curse-Witch Zhou Wu's spell, Jiu Feng and his own deterrence.

On the contrary, if he goes back earlier than Jiu Feng and others, and there is no absolute deterrence of force around him, he only relies on bone-bird and his own attacks before he knows the details of the enemy. If Yu-Wu from the Mer-people side refuses to lend a hand to help him, if he go back, he will not only fail to solve the problem, but also humiliate himself and reduce our prestige.

He thinks so indifferently and selfishly, but the first reason is that he is such a person and his nature is hard to change. Even if he has realized this, he cannot easily change his personality. The second reason is that his predecessors have gradually learned to think as much as possible about everything they encounter and never fight unprepared battles.

In his predecessor's life, he saw everything around him. He knew that some people had small actions that were not good for him. But he was too lazy to deal with them. He only felt that he had technology and knowledge. Others had to rely on him. No matter how they planned, they would not kill him.

But the final fact told him that no matter how great he is, he is just an ordinary doctor and researcher. Those who are obsessed with power and interests will only think that without him, there will naturally be one before him and one after him.

He was not good at politics, even interpersonal relations, and was almost dead when he was framed.

When he came to the world, he still hated playing with people and playing politics, and did not want to experience interpersonal relationships. But he was forced to walk to the position of the priest step by step and was forced to shoulder the responsibility of a tribe.

So he doesn't like it anymore. He also needs to consider what he should do to be better for him and for the tribe.

He could fly back to the Jiu Yuan in a bone bird like this, and then what?

If Yuan Zhan can't wake up on the way, we can see that The Priest goes out. When we come back, everyone around us and Jiu Feng are gone. Chief is also unconscious. What will he think of him? How can confidence be built in them?

So he had to be prepared to take a detour to Tucheng-Earth City to find Jiu Feng and The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and others.

He even embraced the idea that if he could not catch up with Jiu Feng and others, it would be better for them to go back first than for themselves.

If Jiu Feng went back first, maybe the Jiu Yuan people would be more sad and heartbreaking to hear about the disappearance of Chief and The Priest, but what if he came back with Chief?

That's totally different! But the sequence is different, but the effect is totally different. His faiths will be even lower and his salvation will not be much better, but the latter may have fallen sharply in his earlier faiths, but once he returns with the intact Yuan Zhan, he and Yuan Zhan will become the saviors of hope.

And warfare of the tribe will be very different!

In addition, he detoured Tucheng-Earth City in addition to looking for Jiu Feng and The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, etc., also want to see what they did to it under revenge for Jiu Yuan when they first want to go to the Jiu Yuan, and if they want to go with them, then the fight is more natural.

As for the bone bird in Tucheng-Earth City, he can get it that will be the best, and he can bring some more hitters back. If not, he will not force, and it is not too late to search for these treasures slowly when he finds a reason to clean up Tucheng-Earth City.

With these ideas in mind, Yan Mo naturally chose to bypass Tucheng-Earth City first.

Looking at the large city pool in the distance, Yan Mo immediately made the bone bird rise. If you look down, you will only think that the sky flew over a huge bird.

Tucheng-Earth City is patrolled and watched around the enemy day and night. Naturally, people with good eyesight see the bone birds and quickly report to them.

A message eventually reached Tucheng-Earth City King. He walked out of the palace and looked up. Sure enough, he found the huge bird circling around Tucheng-Earth City, seemingly looking for prey.

"It's not like an ordinary bird." A high-ranking warrior with good eyesight said.

"Are they flying bone objects in near city?”  Another priest guessed.

"Do you want to knock it down?”

Tucheng-Earth City King immediately objected, "No! We are no longer fit to add new enemies. No one can start fighting without knowing the purpose and origin of the other party."

"But if it's not good for us in the sky... "

"Let warriors of the whole city be ready to fight the enemy first! The long-range artillery was all aimed at the bone bird!”


With orders issued, Tucheng-Earth City moved quickly into a state of martial law throughout the city.

Yan Mo stands on the bird's head and looked at the huge soil cannons erected on the wall of Tucheng-Earth City, without speaking for a long time. The world even has such a cannon gun. And there are many kinds, the barrel is long, fat and thin, you can imagine how powerful the earth bullet will be.

No wonder Tucheng-Earth City has been standing for so long. No wonder Tucheng-Earth City has been passed down from ancient times to the present. He still looks down on them. Fortunately, Da-da didn't mention them to him because he came here once.

Now he thinks that the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Jiu Feng can still retreat from Tucheng-Earth City after they make a scene. Its probably not that Tucheng-Earth City people are really afraid of them, or that they can't really take them for granted, but that they are the gods of plague and just want them to make enough noise to leave early. After all, the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's ability to retaliate against Tucheng-Earth City is deeply related to Wucheng-City of Witches, and behind Jiu Feng is the Human-face Kunpeng Clan, which is super powerful and super short-tempered clan.

Tucheng-Earth City has earth cannons, and Yincheng-Sound City also has sound cannons? Huocheng-Fire City and Shuicheng-Water City have fire cannon and water cannon? What else is the power of the upper city?

When Yan Mo saw Tucheng-Earth City's equipment, he felt that he had been too conservative about the development of the Jiu Yuan. He thought that what had surpassed the times had completely changed its form when people had abilities, and its power was probably not inferior to that of modern weapons.

After thinking for a while about how the Jiu Yuan would develop in the future, Yan Mo raised his hand and sounded the horn calling Jiu Feng.

The loud and melodious trumpet sounded far and wide in the air.

Jiu Feng, who was lecturing his younger brothers on a hilltop in the distance, suddenly looked up.


"Hey-! Mo-Mo! It's Mo-Mo coming!” Jiu Feng forgot his younger brother and The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and others excitedly and flew high in the sky, shouting and flying like lightning in the direction of the horn sound.

The change of Jiu Feng surprised The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and others.

Fortunately, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu can communicate with Jiu Feng using spiritual power, hearing Jiu Feng's yelp, and quickly react to what it means, but he may be old. When he heard the good news, he was dull for a while. When Jiu Feng flew out, they came to ask him what happened to him. "My disciple is not dead! Yan Mo is not dead! I knew how that fellow could have died before me! Wow, haw!"

"Priest Da-Ren is still alive?” Ding Fei and Ding Ning, who heard the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu shout, were also crazy and were about to rush downhill.

"Stop! Do you know where to go? Wait here! Jiu Feng will find Priest Da-Ren and will pick us up naturally." Bing became the calmest person.

Zi Ming saw Ding Ning crying with joy, and his eyes were full of joy.

"Hey-! Mo-Mo!” Jiu Feng saw the bony bird from a long distance and rushed harder.

Yan Mo pulled up his horn and looked at a huge black spot, which was flying fast in the distance.

Jiu Feng flew closer, his brush narrowed, and the bird spread its wings and snapped himself onto Yan Mo's face.

Yan Mo, "..."

"Mo-Mo, Mo-Mo, Mo-Mo!" Jiu Feng called out in a loud voice.

Yan Mo raised his hand, touched Jiu Feng's warm little body, ripped him off his face and held it in his palm, and laughed with a genuine smile: "long time no see."

"Hey-! Mo-Mo, I want to kill you!"

"Ha ha! How are the others? Where are they now?”

"Well, it's all good, that is, everyone misses you very much. What about that big fellow?

"You say A-Zhan? He is sleeping inside. Jiu Feng, first you take me to the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Bing.”

Hey! No need! I will ask my little brothers to bring them. Jiu Feng said that he flew from Yan Mo's hand, flew up into the sky and became bigger. Then he shouted.

More than usual, a long, loud bark pierced the clouds and pierced into the distance.

Bone bird magically hovered in the sky, a large group of black flying beasts in the distance to the bone-bird flew quickly.

Yan Mo opened the bone-bird and stood at the entrance waiting for his friends.

Da-da, Lamo-Ling and Cao Cong all stood behind Yan Mo, but Lamo-Ling and Cao Cong stood behind the door, while Da-da made a show-off gesture with his waist in front of the door.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and others on the Winged Yingzhao first flew to the entrance of bone-bird.

Yan Mo raises his hand and laughs. “Come on? I heard you guys are making a fuss about Tucheng-Earth City?”

"Witch Mo!"


"Apprentice, oh!"

They almost died and left each other. It was a thrill and a sigh to meet again. Ding Fei was not good at controlling his feelings. He held Yan Mo and cried loudly.

Yan Mo held him in his backhand and patted him on the back as he touches other people's bodies.

Bing walked behind him and suddenly reaches for him.

Da-da had been waiting in the doorway for a long time, and when he saw everyone, he proudly shouted at them, "Ouch! Mo Da-Ren, I found him!"

Ding Ning and The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu couldn't hold Yan Mo. Looking at Da-da's complacency, they rushed up and gave him a few happy swings.

After a period of excitement, Yan Mo introduced Lamo-Ling and Cao Cong to The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and others.

"This is Lamo-Ling, a friend I met with A-Zhan in Yincheng-Sound City. This is Cao Cong, the sister of Cao Ting." Lamo-Ling had made it clear to him that he did not want to be known as Prince Yincheng-Sound City.

Everyone was curious about the two strangers. When they heard that Cao Cong was actually Cao Ting's sister, they felt very kindred.

Yan Mo also introduced the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and others to Lamo-Ling and Cao Cong.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu did not recognize Lamo-Ling immediately. After all, after twelve years, the Yincheng-Sound City Great Prince in his impression was just a small boy. As for the name of Lamo-Ling, his old man only felt it was a little familiar.

Lamo-Ling was impressed by the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, who did not recognize himself immediately, nor did he take the initiative to come forward and introduced himself to him later.

After the introduction, Yan Mo finally asked about the business. Everyone made a big noise about Tucheng-Earth City. He almost knew it from Da-da. Now what he wanted to know was another thing.

"Has the Black Water Tribe and the Duo-Na Clan been affected after our fight with Tucheng-Earth City? Where are they now?”

Listening to Yan Mo talking about business, everyone gradually regained their excitement and began to answer his questions.

Bing observed it most carefully, and then he said, "We rushed to Tucheng-Earth City one step ahead of them. When they arrived at Tucheng-Earth City, the selection of Tucheng-Earth City's Temple guardians was suspended because we were making a fuss about Tucheng-Earth City. All warriors who came to Tucheng-Earth City could only stay in Tucheng-Earth City temporarily. No one knew about the relationship between Black water and The Duo-Na at that time, but when things started to go wrong, the priest named The Eye Witch Wu Yan came back with the Black Earth City Priest named She-Dan, and told them about Black water and The Duo-Na, and later..."

"What happened then?”

"Later Tucheng-Earth City sent people to detain the two Tribesmen, and sent people to detain the two chiefs, the priests and the elders to Tucheng-Earth City."

Yan Mo frowned, which is a natural disaster for the two families. We can see the hint given by The Guide, and there is no relevant SCUM VALUE plus point. Are the two tribes not yet involved in the casualties? But how is that possible?

Soon, Bing explained to him, "Black water and The Duo-Na because we were involved, Ancestral Witch Da-Ren and Jiu Feng Da-Ren told Tucheng-Earth City that they would not let go of Tucheng-Earth City if only one person was hurt, so the two tribes are trapped, but their lives are not in danger for the time being."

Yan Mo tapped his finger on his knee. "We have to get people out and not leave them in Tucheng-Earth City."

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu poke the apprentice, "what do you have to do?”

Yan Mo looked up and smiled. "Shifu, I'm afraid it still depends on the power of your old man."

Half an hour later, in the corner of Tucheng-Earth City.

Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe and The Duo-Na Clan Chief were eating meat and swearing at their mother. Hearing reports from their men, they jumped up together, threw down their bones and rushed out of the camp.

A huge bony birds were hovering in the sky, and there was a bugle sounding.

Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe Dale, "They're really here! He also said that he would see them when he heard the trumpet, and sure enough, we saw them at a glance!. What kind of bird is that? Why is it so big? Jiu Feng Da-Ren's people?”

The Duo-Na Clan looked up at the sky too. "Is that like a bone-bird?"

"Bone object? Flying Bone Object?” Black water and The Duo-Na were amazed and then ecstatic. The Jiu Yuan seems to have more details than they think!

He-An whispered happily, "It's Mo Da-Ren and Zhan Da-Ren! They've come to pick us up as agreed!”

Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe stood beside the Duo-Na Clan, did not look at him, and asked directly, "How do you say? Are you staying in Tucheng-Earth City or going with me to the Jiu Yuan people?”

The Duo-Na Clan is very hot, and he said, "What else do you stay in Tucheng-Earth City for? Keep looking at their eyes? Those bunch of fools with hearts up to the belly buttons of their mothers! If we say we are not involved with the Jiu Yuan, they won't believe it! Since Tucheng-Earth City regards us as the Jiu Yuan allies, let's just show them what allies’ means to us! Grandpa, I am bringing the whole tribe directly into the Jiu Yuan!"

"You're not afraid of Tucheng-Earth City retaliation?”

"What about you?” The Duo-Na Clan squinted at him.

Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe sneered, "We stay in Tucheng-Earth City, and you think they don't retaliate? They took you from The Duo-Na Clan and drove our tribesmen out of Tucheng-Earth City, either to threaten us or to wait for the Jiu Yuan to be solved and so they can finish us together! If it weren't for The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, the old man to warn that whoever dared to hurt us would be cursed the whole family and I tell you now we would have died!”

The Duo-Na Clan added: "But the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu threat is only temporary. We haven't seen the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Jiu Feng Da-Ren come to fuss during this period. Tucheng-Earth City speculates that they may have returned to the Jiu Yuan, but without the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu protection, Tucheng-Earth City will deal with us sooner or later. I think they are rather peaceful. They would rather kill by mistake than let it go.

Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe looked up, "The Jiu Yuan speaks truth, said that as long as we are willing to leave with them, they will come to pick us up. Now they have come and are still so calm. If we do not take this opportunity to leave, I am afraid there will be no chance to leave again."

"But how do we leave?”  The Duo-Na Clan asked the most realistic question.

Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe is confident of the mysterious and magical silver-haired old man. "Since they dare to pick us up, there must be a way to pick us up."

Yan Mo's approach was simple and brutal. He tore a piece of cloth and threw it into the Tucheng-Earth City palace.

On the cloth strip, Lamo-Ling was asked to write in common language: Do you want to relieve the pain of being cursed? Want to stop being tortured by curses day and night? Surrender the Black Water Tribe and the Duo-Na Clan to all the Tribesmen in Tucheng-Earth City, send them all to the nearest and highest mountain outside the city, let them leave safely in the bone-bird, and let the great Curse-Witch Zhou Wu choose a local souvenir from Tucheng-Earth City. The great Curse-Witch Zhou Wu will swear by the Witch and be completely relieved all the curses of Tucheng-Earth City land.

Seeing the strip, the Tucheng-Earth City high-rise shook violently.

As long as the two irrelevant tribes are handed over, plus one local product, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu can completely lift all curse to Tucheng-Earth City!

The deal was so cost-effective that they didn't even have the idea of continuing negotiations and attacking bone-bird. They just wanted to get The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu to deliver on his promises quickly.

As long as the curse is lifted, Tucheng-Earth City regains its vitality and order, Queen Cui Yu invites the man again, and soon Tucheng-Earth City will take back all the humiliation it has received so far from the Jiu Yuan!

Lamo-Ling smiled for a while when Yan Mo asked him to write three words about local specialties. He said the three words were very appropriate and much better than gifts.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is strange, "I don't have anything I want. Even if you want to, there are too few of them right?”

Yan Mo smiled mysteriously. “One thing is enough. I thought I couldn't get it. Tucheng-Earth City caught the Black Water Tribe and the Duo-Na Clan's Tribesmen and they are too many. With the Winged Yingzhao, a bone bird just can't fit them all.”

Tucheng-Earth City soon invited a loud-voiced man to stand on the wall and shout at the sky, agreeing to the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's terms of exchange.

Ding Ning and others wondered, "How could they agree so easily? I thought I had at least one fight would happen."

Yan Mo and Lamo-Ling, who know the inside story, looked at each other. The Tucheng-Earth City people are probably looking forward to Queen Cui Yu's revenge with that man. Before that, they don't want to fight any more. They can't fight in their own city, whether they win or lose, they are unlucky.

Jiu Feng became an envoy to select local products and supervise the release of two tribesmen by Tucheng-Earth City people.

Some people say that the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu should leave at least some hostages because he pays so much attention to the Black Water and the Duo-Na. But the cursed people just want to get rid of the curse quickly. They don't want to make the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu unhappy at all. For them, as long as they can get rid of the curse and he asks them to send their own son out, they all want to!

After leaving Tucheng-Earth City, Jiu Feng and others flew quickly to Tucheng-Earth City Temple, circled the temple, found the bone-bird on the pillar described by Mo-Mo, and grabbed it and wanted to go.

But the bone-bird was placed in Tucheng-Earth City for thousands of years without a loss, and naturally not Jiu Feng can be captured at a grasp.

Jiu Feng was annoyed, but Mo-Mo had anticipated the situation and told him how to deal with it.

Jiu Feng grew bigger, and before the guards of the priest and the servants in the hall responded, he began digging at the bottom of the pillar and loosening it in a few strokes.

Neither pillar nor bone bird were in the place they were meant to be. After being sent to Tucheng-Earth City Temple, they simply bury them to bottom with earth.

Jiu Feng grabbed the pillar with his two claws and, together with the bone-bird on the pillar, flew out of the hall in an instant.

The intermediate level priests in the hall finally responded and reported.

Tucheng-Earth City King questioned the Temple’s Priest: "what's so special about the bone-bird they took away?”

The priest's forehead dripped cold sweat. "This, only the Third High Priest knows, I only know that the bone-bird has existed in the temple hall for a long time, but has been ignored."

"Not taken seriously? The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is going to walk on a common bone-bird and a pillar?” Tucheng-Earth City King clapped the armrest of his chair angrily.

"Bone Bird... Wait, is that also a flying bone object?” A smart man responded.

The foolish counterattack immediately: "So small, not as big as a pheasant, how can it take people even if it can fly?”

Tucheng-Earth City high level debate on bone-birds, but things have been taken away, even if it is really something good, now regret came too late.

But by the time they saw it, it was worse regret of staring than a thousand year old bird in the temple. Instead of being a big bone-bird status, they saw it changed to become a huge bone-bird in the sky.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is really very cunning! What is the local souvenir? This is clearly a rare treasure that many people dream of, so long as one has yuan-crystal and soul power they can manipulate bone treasure! And it's also the most useful, least common, and capable of carrying a lot of combat power and flying bone object big or small is a treasure!

The Tucheng-Earth City people regretted beating their breasts and stamping their feet, but they did not want to fight the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Jiu Feng any more, especially after two bone birds demonstrating against them and ejecting two massive fireballs!

Now only the complete remove of the curse can comfort their little wounded souls a little.

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