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Chapter 360: There are a series of changes.

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 360: There are a series of changes.

A month ago, Jiu Yuan was in spring. Everyone was busy with learning, planting, grazing, breeding and training happily.

All of a sudden! The red wolf smoke, which represents the enemy's attack, rises and flows along the river breeze toward the sky.

The Jiu Yuan warriors, who were in charge of defense at the estuary, were forced to retreat from the border.

More and more ships are coming ashore, and more slaves wearing skirts and spears are pouring down from them.

She-Gu bent over and slashed an enemy war slave, saving Zhu Neng, who was besieged by several people, "Break out of the encirclement!" To go to the coal mine, Meng’s regiment of the fourth regiment should patrol the vicinity, you tell him the situation here, let him quickly send a message back, so that the city has to be ready to meet the enemy! Go!”

"Yes!" Zhu Neng dared not delay at all. With a whistle, he turned his wildebeest's head and broke out in the direction of the rocky forest.

A spear flew behind Zhu Neng, and She-Gu sprinted with his wildebeest’s belly and swung a bone knife to slash it off.

The spear tipped obliquely across Zhu Neng’s body. The wildebeest was in pain. With a roar, it ran faster.

A wounded warrior turned back and shouted, "Shen-Gu! There are so many enemies that we can't hold on to them!"

"All the infantry retreated into the forest, and the cavalry followed me with the wounded." She-Gu fought alone to protect his subordinates and allow more people to flee.

"I wish I could!" The wildebeest is spiritual. Without the knight's command, he would lift the ladder, kick people, or sprint with a long horn on the top of his head.

She-Gu bent down to pick up a badly injured companion who was going to fall and put it on the wildebeest’s back.

There are not many warriors left behind on the riverbank. If they were not trained normally, they would have been beaten.

Not only did the enemy come by boat from the other side of the river, but there were also places downstream where they chose to cross the river and then quietly approached. When the Jiu Yuan patrol found out, the riverbank joined in the attack.

Fortunately, warriors assigned to the riverbank patrol and guard had some combat experience. When She-Gu shouted back, no one loved fighting and few people panicked. Panicked warriors died soon after the battle started. As in previous drills, all infantry fought and fled into the forest behind them, while cavalry managed to drag more enemies in order to let their companions escape.

Those who crossed the river and sneaked on the slaves did not have war beasts, but they did not run very slowly. Some of them went into the forest and some wanted to entangle the cavalry.

"Brothers, take a walk with these babies!" She-Gu uttered a loud whistle, and the cavalry realized it, speeding up the retreat.

A large number of enemies pursued subconsciously, running not far, "Bombardment!"

The ground collapsed, and all the slaves chasing the front fell into traps.

She-Gu patted the wildebeest, turned around with his companions, bent his bow and struck an arrow and killed another batch.

When the spear came, She-Gu dared not stay any longer. With a strange cry, he led the cavalry to gallop again.

In the morning, the Meng did not immediately return to the Jiu Yuan. Instead, he started running to observe the enemy's situation after burning the wolf smoke, and rushed to send someone to support She-Gu.

Warriors on the tower of the Jiu Yuan saw a red smoke from a recent sentinel. They were shocked and sent the news up for the first time.

Zheng and other warrior leaders and stewards have some doubts about their ears when they hear the news.

Who is the enemy? Where do you come from? Why is it against the Jiu Yuan?

They don't know all about it.

"Where is Meng now?”  Zheng asked.

The fifth regiment's left-behind Lan Dier had a good relationship with Meng. The first reply was, "This time it's his turn to lead the patrol. Now, according to the time, he should have arrived near the coal mine."

"Well, he should have known about it by now, and should have taken the initiative to inquire about it. We want to know the details only when he comes back. But before that, fire the smoke and blow the trumpet, let the hunting team and all the people outside the Jiu Yuan people come back, and from now on the Jiu Yuan enters the period of preparation for war.”

Zheng began to give orders one by one, and no one else had any objection. As early as before the Chief and Priest Da-Ren left, they had issued orders for the whole city if there were any battles endangering the security of the Jiu Yuan.

The Jiu Yuan city moved at the fastest speed, and the Mer-people got news, Luo Meng and Zheng met.

That night, Meng came back and the conference hall lit a torch.

Meng drew a line on the huge terrain sand table. "When I came back, these sudden enemies had arrived here, about two hundred miles from the mouth of the river. She-Gu and I took them around deliberately and went through some traps, but they didn't get rid of them all, and they were so crowded that they didn't consume much.

"According to their itinerary, how many days do you expect them to arrive?”  Zheng asked.

Meng licked his lips and his eyelids were blue and black. "These people didn't bring war beasts, but they didn't travel very slowly. They could arrive in about seven or eight days if they were quick."

"Did you find out the number of people in detail?”  Zheng continued.

The other leaders looked at Meng together.

Meng inhaled, "about 5000 people, most of them are a 3rd rank warrior, but their small collars are 4th rank and 5th rank."

Five thousand! All the people in the place was quiet.

"This is the man who came over. There are still some people hiding on the other side of the river. There are about two thousands of them. They are more powerful. They should be their reserved warriors. I guess the strength of those people are just that ordinary warriors are probably all above 4th rank." Meng's face lost its old look of laughter.

Zhang asked, "Did you find out where they came from? Do you know why we attacked us? "

"I heard them talk about the Huang Jing Tribe. As for why to attack us, I couldn't stay too long, I don't know. "

"The Huang Jing Tribe?”  Wu Chen frowned. "I heard Shifu mention that this tribe, like a powerful tribe, is rich in yuan-crystal minerals and seems to have a good relationship with The Moer-Gan Tribe. Shifu and they last went to The Moer-Gan and made a deal with them.”

"Deal? Are they in love with our red salt?” Zhang is indeed a man who has been Chief, and his words hit the nail on the head.

Zheng nodded. "It's quite possible. But no matter what they want, the other side has sent so many war slaves to fight, we have to go on. "

Then he asked Meng, "Are there warriors above 6th rank? How many blood warriors are there? What are their abilities? "

Meng went on to reply, "There is no a 6th rank warrior among the people who came, but there is one across the river. I need to rush back to report it. I haven't looked carefully. But the leader of their team should be 6th rank. It's probably a blood warrior. The enemies who have come ashore have found three blood warriors. Their abilities are very strange. They seem to be able to make invisible shields to block the attack of our warriors.”

Zheng continued to ask calmly, "What is the range of blood ability? How long will it last?”

"One person can shelter about a hundred people, because the three blood warriors, our warriors cannot hurt them at all, which is why we cannot use bows and arrows because the y can prevent them from landing."

"Has the trail on the other side of the coal mine been covered up?”

"It's all covered. Even if they look for it, they won't see any trace."

"Traps have been laid along the way?”

"They've all been dug up before, but they've got so many people that they don't necessarily get as many pits as they can."

Zheng murmured for a moment and looked up at the crowd. "Seven thousand people, not counting the follow-up, are three times the net combat effectiveness of our Jiu Yuan, and the lowest level warriors they sent to us also have 3rd rank, but many of our warriors have only 1st and 2nd rank. They also have 6th rank blood warriors, and our highest blood warrior is only 4th rank, Meng.”

"Hello, what is your tone of voice and hate on me? If it weren't for my ability to rise to 4th rank, do you think I could cut the 10-day journey back to half a day without alarming anyone to go to the enemy's camp for a round of information?”

"Chief and Priest Da-Ren left, and now in addition to the Mer-warrior, of the awakened blood warrior really only your highest rank in the tribe."

Zheng did not care about Meng's two offense. Instead, he said, "we all know what a high-ranking warrior is equivalent to. This time we have not only high order warriors, but also a lot of war slaves. From the point of view of the number of war slaves, the other side is afraid of killing us at one stroke. Now let's talk about how we intend to meet the enemy."

Cao Ting looked up carefully and said, "Before that, I had a few questions."

Zheng, "Please say so."

Cao Ting: "I remember Mo Da-Ren once told me that Chief Da-Ren and he showed strength in The Moer-Gan. The other side should have known that our Chief is 7th rank God blood warrior. Why did they not have a higher rank warrior this time? And the other side is not clear about our situation of the Jiu Yuan, how dare we send someone to attack the Jiu Yuan like this? In addition, it seems that the enemy is familiar with our area. The Meng regiment and the regiment are clearly diverting them around the grassland, but they are still running towards the Jiu Yuan. Why?"

After a long pause, Cao Ting added, "the most important thing is why they didn't come late, but they just came in the early spring. And it was just when Chief and Priest Da-Ren left home with Jiu Feng Da-Ren. If they know that Chief, The Priest and Jiu Feng Da-Ren are not here, then they only come to 6th rank's blood warriors to explain that.”

Obviously everyone thought of this, Zhang said, "You think that there were spies among us who secretly spread the story that Chief and Priest Da-Ren were not in the city? So the Huang Jing Tribe dared to attack us without fear?”

Cao Ting pointed out: "We only brought back a large number of slaves from The Moer-Gan last year."

Yes, who can guarantee that there are no other tribes among these slaves?

Even more frightening, why did those people happen to come to the Jiu Yuan in the time of She-Gu guarding the riverbank?

No one wants to doubt She-Gu, including Cao Ting, who asked questions, but there is no doubt that there are spies in the tribe.

After midnight discussion, Zheng synthesized the opinions of all the people and worked out a plan to fight the enemy.

Firstly, we should send some blood warriors to harass them on the grasslands and kill them as many as possible.

Second, lure the enemy to the trap.

Third, attach equal importance to both civil and military affairs, while beating people, may as well ask the other party's intentions, as far as possible delay time.

Fourth, in addition to the Mer-people, another person was sent to the dwarf for help.

Shortly afterwards, She-Gu fled back and said he saw The Moer-Gan People.

Then, Wu Chen, who followed Meng's negotiation, he was almost seized by the enemy. In the end, Meng was surprised to shoulder him shoulders and put the speed to the fastest time to escape.

But Wu Chen and Meng also decided that the other party had come for red salt, and the enemy knew that neither Chief nor The Priest nor Jiu Feng, the patron saint, were there. But it's strange that they don't seem to know the Jiu Yuan and the Mer-warrior.

Half a month later, the joint forces of the Huang Jing and the Moer-Gan tribes finally reached the city of the Jiu Yuan.

By this time, two thousands of them had joined war team, although they had been consumed by the Jiu Yuan before, but after joining the two thousand, their number still broke to 5,000, half of them were a 4th rank warrior! 

The Jiu Yuan people did not have enough hands. Zheng ordered that the Qingyuan Lake in the East and the gate in the south be guarded by the Mer-people. Meng's Fifth Warrior Regiment was in charge of support. The first and the second regiments are in charge of north city and the third and fourth regiments are in charge of west city. The regiment scouts are responsible for messaging. Others are responsible for logistics and weapons support.

The Mer-warrior Luo Meng met with the patriarch.

Hai Sen asked Yu-Wu, "What are your plans?”

Yu-Wu was playing with a fat little Mer-boy who was born recently. "What's the plan?  Didn't we send the agreed 800 warriors over?”

"I've heard that there are many enemies of mankind, and 800 warriors may not be enough."

Yu-Wu did not care much about the tone: "Look at it first, the Jiu Yuan cannot always rely on us, Little Witch Mo that tribe is also something he put together in the past few years, just need to experienced several wars to sharpen. All right, no good, loyal, unfaithful, and you'll know after that."

Hai Sen doesn't care much about human death, either. But, "If the Jiu Yuan people dies too much, are you not afraid that the Little Priest will come back and turn his face on you? Don't forget that we are now...”

Yu-Wu wants to say he dares! But think about it carefully, that kind and cruel little priest may really dare to turn his face with him and looking at the lovely little Mer-people in his arms. For the long-term development of the Mer-people, Yu-Wu turned and asked Luo Meng: "... Over there, more guard to the east and south cities?”

Luo Meng quickly answered, "Yes."

"Then we will keep the two sides, no one the Jiu Yuan people can enter the Jiu Yuan from either side, or no more the Jiu Yuan people are near Qingyuan and red. If the other two gates are unsupported, the Jiu Yuan will ask for help and send another 500 warriors.

Luo Meng looked at Hai Sen.

Hai Sen nodded.

"Yes." Luo Meng was ordered to leave quickly.

Outside the city of Jiu Yuan, the Huang Jing and the Moer-Gan joint forces saw the Mer-warrior in the moat outside. Before greed rose, they were frightened by each other's momentum and frowned fiercely.

"What is that? You didn't say the Jiu Yuan had the Mer-warrior!" The Huang Jing leader of the team pulled down.

"What about the Mer-people? Are you afraid? It's not easy for me to get the news. The Jiu Yuan's Chief and The Priest, including their big bird, are not in the Jiu Yuan now and will not come back in the near future. If we do not attack the Jiu Yuan at this time, we will have no chance to get the Jiu Yuan site in the future, let alone the Red Salt!”

"It seems that your spies are hiding a lot from you. Since he can conceal that you have the Mer-people, maybe the Jiu Yuan Chief is not deceiving you?”

"Is it false news? If we try to attack the city, we will know that these are only the slaves of our two tribes. What if they are all dead?”

In the city of Jiu Yuan, many people prayed for heaven, hoping that Chief and Priest Da-Ren would come back soon.

Some people even can't help complaining secretly: "they have not been back for such a long time, are they ignoring us?”

Such complaints spread throughout the city as the war grew more brutal.

All the Jiu Yuan peoples are asking a question: Where are our Chief and Priest Da-Ren and the patron saint Jiu Feng now?

Ten days ago, on top of a high mountain outside Tucheng-Earth City.

Jiu Feng stood on a tallest boulder and stared at Tucheng-Earth City.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu patted his mouth. "What do you say? It's better go back to Wucheng-City of Witches with me and retaliate on Tucheng-Earth City later. Or go back to the Jiu Yuan?"

Ding Ning Ding Fei is very heavily silent. They lost Chief and Priest Da-Ren. How dare they go back?

Zi Ming, as an outsider, can't say anything. Anyway, he has decided that where Ding Ning goes, he goes wherever he goes.

Bing is the calmest of all people at present. After revenging Tucheng-Earth City for his vent, his reason has returned. "Witch Mo definitely wants us to go back to the Jiu Yuan, and I don't believe he's dead. He's Mo Da-Ren, the Priest of God who was sent by the ancestors, and he won't die."

Ding Fei immediately said, "Yes, Priest Da-Ren is sure not to die. Da-da also said that Priest Da-Ren was not dead!"

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu waved and said rudely, "Da-da ran away on his own, and I don't care about him. I ask you, what are you going to do? You can't stay outside Tucheng-Earth City and continue to trouble them, can you? I am not afraid of them, but you are even a problem with self-insurance. If it is not for your small Gang, I will toss them with Jiu Feng whenever they like.”

Bing decided, "Back to the Jiu Yuan, if Chief and Priest Da-Ren are all right, they will also go back to the Jiu Yuan."

Jiu Feng said that he wanted to leave the team. Da-da had gone to look for Mo-Mo, and he was going to go too. He did not believe that Mo-Mo was dead. His first little Two Legged Monster was not so easy to die.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu refused, "No, once you're gone. Who will send us back to the Jiu Yuan? Walk back? How long will it take?”

"Hey! Not my problem! Jiu Feng was angry.

Two days ago, on the edge of the woods where slave traders Nuo Fei and Yuan Zhan met, there was a smelly beast who was sniffing and he fell on a kitten.

"Meow." The kitten was pressed under the big claw and cried pitifully.

Da-da raised his paws and pressed the tail of the family before the kitten ran away.

"Meow!" The kitten blew its fur.

Several cat men hid in a tree and slowly approached the black beast, trying to attack it unprepared.

"Whoa!" The black Meng beast jumped into the forest with its kitten in its mouth.

The cat man flew into the air and hurried, "Meow! Save the people, the monster has taken Xiao Yun away!”

Running, the cats had to run into the mountain forest near Yincheng-Sound City again. Then they watched the black Meng beast run to the Yincheng-Sound City warrior who came patrolling the road with the kitten in his mouth.

Now, Yincheng-Sound City Palace, in the Great Prince Lamo-Ling castle.

Yan Mo felt uneasy. He wanted to sit up, but his body did not allow him to do so.

Yuan Zhan took his hand.

"Hiss." Yan Mo was suffocating with pain.

Yuan Zhan hurried to relax, but did not let go.

Yan Mo found that he could not open his mouth yet, so he still used his mental strength and said, "I'll take out my wallet later, and you'll take all the household belongings collected during this period and let me collect them. In addition, with the 9th rank crystals in my pocket, I will probably recover completely soon. We will have one day, and we need to prepare well.”

"Door..." Wu Guo's voice sounded again very abruptly.

"What door? Ah! You mean the disc and the ring you received this time?” Yan Mo responded quickly.

Wu Guo stopped talking.

Yan Mo did not ask, but Wu Guo preferred to use his energy to convey such a word and make him change his mind. "Your eldest son seems to want me to spend the rest of the day studying the new bone objects."

Yuan Zhan was about to speak when he suddenly turned his head and soon stood up.


Yuan Zhan turned around and did not answer Yan Mo's call. He raised his leg and went to the gate of the castle.

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