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Chapter 354: About red spider lily/ Lycoris radiata

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 354: About red spider lily/ Lycoris radiata

Cui Yu is sad. The High Priest blood and her Tucheng-Earth City first beauty make her Queen of this generation. But...

Her tormented ancestor Er-Da was the most powerful High Priest after the three upper cities became The Nine Cities. Legend has it that he even surpassed 10th rank. However, in order to get the secret of his ascension to 10th rank, the temples and the city lord of that time conspired to murder him secretly together. After they could not find a way to get his god, they wished to get his power.

She didn't know the details, nor did anyone tell her much. All she knew was that when she was a child, her parents secretly told her, and she later became Queen, she has been looking for secretly information.

If her ancestor had died in the murder, she might have been killed earlier. Fortunately, her ancestor had escaped to Yincheng-Sound City and retained most of his strength.

At that time, the royal family and the royal family warriors did send people to kill him, but those people could not come back.

Over time, Tucheng-Earth City Temple was deadlocked. Tucheng-Earth City Temple dared not send anymore, and her ancestor Er-Da did not return. But the Yincheng-Sound City people occasionally send messages to Tucheng-Earth City telling them that Er-Da is still alive.

After they were first taken hostage and threatened with their lives, they learned that Er-Da was still alive, not only retaining most of his strength, but also being blessed by Yincheng-Sound City. They changed his status from wanted man to a rather awkward noble in Tucheng-Earth City status until her beauty made this generation King marry her as Queen.

She thought the day of happiness was coming, but that damn Curse-Witch Zhou Wu!

She just wanted to make the bxtch who seduced her husband in the street rip off her own limbs, but she didn't realize that the bitch had been taken away as a servant by the horrible Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, while the High Priest of Tucheng-Earth City Temple and others had somehow fouled with the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu at the same time, and the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu was not only cursing in anger, he cursed everyone, not even her was spared.

Her most proud beauty vanished, and the King, who had been very fond of her, began to comfort her at the beginning. In less than a month, he began to find beauties to sleep with secretly. After half a year, the lewd bastard simply and beautifully spoiled some beautiful female slaves, no matter how many she killed. At the back, the xsshole not only looked for the slave girl, but also began to send people for the beautiful civilian girls, and to hook up some shameless noble slut.

If it wasn't for her ancestor Er-Da, She is afraid the bastard and the temple would kill her altogether.

How sad she was at that time. Fortunately, her eldest son was found to have awakened at the age of nine. Her eldest daughter was also awakened the next year. The temple man found the plot for this reason, saying that her blood may be very special, so that he should not only play with those beauties, but also with her Queen to make her pop many children.

She didn't want to be with that disgusting bastard at all, but her son was still young, and several women in the palace gave birth to a child. If she wanted to make her children grow up to take the place of the city Lord, she could not lose the position of Queen.

And her stomach is also very competitive. The bastard does not necessarily come to her once a month, but every time he does, she is a patient, but she still has a child. The most exhilarating thing is that perhaps her misery makes God pity. Her children are loved by the God of the earth. Each one awakens the power of blood ability at the young age. At the age of three, they wake up. Although they have different abilities, it is not unusual for them to be able to wake up when they are young.

Now her eldest son is only fourteen years old and has reached the 4th rank of god blood, which has already surpassed his father's speed of upgrading. Her eldest daughter was chosen as a disciple by the Third High Priest of Mucheng-Forest City Temple. It is likely that she will be either Queen of Mucheng-Forest City or the Priest of Mucheng-Forest City Temple in the future.

So although she lost her beauty, her Queen position was totally unshakable.

Nowadays, Tucheng-Earth City is in difficult, and those shrines priests and her lewd husband have been badly battered. The High Priest has gone out for a trip and is also missing. It is said that the soul induction he has left has disappeared and he should be considered dead. Without the first High Priest, the Second Priest was killed by the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, and the Third Priest could not be the director at all. As a result, these people asked Er-Da to come back and take charge of the temple again. They wanted to revitalize the prestige of Tucheng-Earth City and give the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu a good payback.

After hearing the request of the temple and her husband, she was very embarrassed on the surface. In fact, she was very happy and proud, because that was her ancestor.

If Er-Da comes back, Temple High Priest must be his location. Then, if she has such a great ancestor in charge of the temple. What else is she worried about? Even if she killed all the lowly women in the palace and the children born by those women, her husband and the temple would never dare to put a word in it!

Listen to Queen Cui Yu, who is sad and angrily narrating the past. The Half-Beast man Er-Da sneezed from his nose. "How stupid are you to provoke that cursing man?”

"Grandpa, can't you even help us against the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu?”  Cui Yu sat down at the bedside to show affection and tidied up the hide under the Half-Beast man's lower body.

Er-Da did not forbid Cui Yu to start crying, but his black-hole eyes seemed to see through everything. "You don't need to provoke me. Curse is one of the most mysterious forces in the world. Those who can become cursing witches are either favored by the gods or paid a great price. And to go against them, unless you can kill them in one blow, so that they do not have the opportunity to curse, otherwise you will have to bear the pain of more curses.”

Shuicheng-Water City's High Priest cursed Huocheng-Fire City's lord and warriors’ leader, the most powerful people of the time, at the cost of 30,000 war slaves and his own lives. At that time, Huocheng-Fire City's lord and warriors’ leader were both more than 12th rank, semi-god with almost god like powers!

Cui Yu sounded unwilling when she opened her mouth to say, "is there no way to deal with The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu?”

Er-Da breathed out slowly, as if disappointed and mocking. "You don't understand what I mean. Any curse pays a price. The more severe the curse, the more you need to pays. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu can curse you and being harmless, which means that someone voluntarily sacrifices his life or other precious things to god in order that he may curse you with the power of the gods.”

"Voluntary?”  Cui Yu drooped her eyelids. There are many people in the city who want to curse her with their lives because of jealousy and other reasons. Knowing that she had killed all these people would save the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu from using them and their self-sacrifice.

"Sacrificing the gods, voluntarily can produce the greatest energy, and the gods like those who sacrifice their lives willingly. If involuntarily, the gods will accept sacrifices, but the power of cursing itself will also eat back. Give me your hand."

Cui Yu hesitated for a moment. After seeing the seemingly penetrating black holes, she gritted her teeth and held out her right hand.

Er-Da held her hand and threw it away in no time. Does this silly woman really think she is favored by the gods of the earth? Her ability to produce the three children who had awakened their divine powers at an early age was merely an overdraft of her own blood capacity and vitality.

When he was tortured and did say something useful. Among them, there was a way to stimulate and overdraw a woman's blood-vessel abilities and make her give birth to children with blood-ability rivaling with high-ranking warriors.

It seems that the Temple’s Priest applied this method to his descendants. But such a woman must also have a strong blood, a sign of self-awakening blood, because at that time that was the best start.

And this woman gave birth to three divine blood warriors, but she did not awaken any ability, that is enough to illustrate this point.

Now he thinks that Tucheng-Earth City King of this generation would marry this woman, probably not only because of her beauty, but also because she was about to wake up her ability.

As for why the king knew this, how could the priest not spy on his descendants?

The woman is afraid that her awakening sign has been discovered by the temple people. Then King meets the beautiful woman and marries Queen. Everything is so logical.

"It's not enough for them to use you to have children. Now they want to squeeze your last bit of power and make you come to me. Woman, how miserable is your life? Manipulated in secret, but totally unaware of it, and you thought it was all your will and ability."

Cui Yu face changed, and Er-Da's thoughts were directly transmitted to her brain. "What did you say? I don't understand what you mean."

"You know it, just don't want to understand it." Er-Da waved. “You go back and tell your husband and temple people that Tucheng-Earth City is a problem for them to solve by themselves. They have use you enough. They want to use me? Think again!”

"Grandpa!" Cui Yu stood up and said sadly, "You are not going back to help them, but to help me, to help your descendants! We can...”

Cui Yu looked back at the short warrior. She couldn't use her soul to talk directly to Er-Da in her head. What she said would be heard by the short warrior.

As soon as the strong and short warrior entered the bedroom without a door, he had to use all his strength to suppress his tremor.

This tremor is not only an instinctive fear of the strong, but also a thirst for powerful energy.

And this powerful energy comes from the Half-Beast man, who can clearly feel the call of that energy to him. In fact, he had never felt the call before he entered Yincheng-Sound City, but he did not expect it to come from Er-Da.

He seemed to understand why the God warriors who had been sent before the temple had disappeared. Er-Da must have used that call to kill those warriors.

So he had to be patient if he didn't want to die.

Er-Da laughed weird. "What are you worried about? The earth warrior behind you? Oh, a 9th rank top, so this person is the real messenger?”

Although this person has good ability, he has seen better and naturally does not want to give in to the second class. That tribesman is only 8th rank, but the real energy in his body is what makes Er-Da salivate. If he can get the energy, or the body...

The strong and short warrior did not "hear" what Er-Da had said to Queen Cui Yu with his soul. He just kept resisting the instinct of walking towards the Half-Beast man.

Cui Yu turned her head and looked evil. She believed that Er-Da wouldn't even threaten to hurt her offspring if she did not want to go back with her. She also told her plan: "grandfather, my eldest son and I will help you. We have gathered a group of people, just waiting for your return." With your great power, you will be Temple High Priest and my son will become the new Tucheng-Earth City's lord. As for the original Third High Priest and anyone I don't like, we can give them to The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu to calm his anger and relieve the curse that fell to me and Tucheng-Earth City. What do you think?”

The strong and short warrior still looked the same after hearing that Queen was going to kill King's plan to push his son to power. He tried to look at the Half-Beast man and assess his abilities.

The Half-Beast man looked at him with a pair of black holes, like he was some kind of appetizer.

A moment later, the strong and short warrior knelt down on his knees and said forcefully and forcefully, "I swear by war spirit to the God of the earth. I will become the force of Queen's majesty and Er-Da Da-Ren, and I will never betray him for life."

At this time, Yuan Zhan has been separated from the High Priest Lan-Yin.

Lan-Yin asked him if he had anything to do with the cat men clan. Yuan Zhan only said, "Even if so, how can I help so many cat men escape in the temple?”  What's more, they haven't even spoken before.

Lan-Yin didn't know whether he believed him or not, but he didn't go on questioning. Of course, it might have something to do with his lack of time, because the palace visitor said that the Great Princess had something important that he was looking for him for.

Yuan Zhan said that he would go to the fifth floor of the Enlightenment Hall and sell herbal medicines.

But he had just stepped into the sonic pool, and the Great Princess and her party had stepped up by the sonic pool.

Yuan Zhan and the Great Princess are in the right picture.

Lan-Yin made a ha-ha and joked, "I haven't been so busy here for a long time. Why are you all here today?”

"Lan-Yin Da-Ren, I am anxious to listen to your teachings. Oh, your voice today is still full of the glory of God." The Great Princess also smiled and saluted Lan-Yin.

"Your Royal Highness is the child who is really loved by Mother God. Every time I see you, I feel better." Lan-Yin seems very fond of the Great Princess, and the two speak at random.

The Great Princess, a beautiful girl born with scratches on her face, still those scratches cannot hide her beauty and charm.

Yan Mo saw the first sight of this young girl. She thought of the bright red flower of the other shore, the scientific name of Lycoris radiata, garlic like bulbs, but also can be used as medicine.

But he associates the girl with red spider lily flower, not because of its property, but because of red spider lily's impression. The other is a shore flowers, this one looks like it came from evil, the curse, and the compassion, the sadness, and the merciless also have the great compassion.

Generally speaking, the impression is contradictory thing.

A young girl gave him such a contradictory feeling that he could not help paying more attention to the girl.

Yuan Zhan saw the girl and looked across her face. Then he paused in front of her full chest. Then he looked at the buttocks of other people. Finally, he said to Yan Mo in her brain, "Okay, just need to be fattened up again. In the future, the baby's milk should be plentiful."

Yan Mo, "..." Where do you see that she will have enough milk? Is the chest big?

After greeting Lan-Yin, the Great Princess turned to Yuan Zhan, who was leaving, and smiled gently, "Are you the mysterious guest of the High Priest? I heard you were a little unhappy in the square and Tucheng-Earth City's Queen today?”

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