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Chapter 353: Calculations of Yincheng-Sound City High Priest

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 353: Calculations of Yincheng-Sound City High Priest

As soon as he entered the chamber, Lan-Yin said, "Don't worry. His soul is very powerful, but he can't use it at will. And every time he uses it, it fluctuates a little too much, I will know it."

This is the same as Yuan Zhan's original expectation. The Half-Beast man would not likely to use his soul to spy freely even if his soul allowed him to live in other people's temples.

"If you don't want to live next door to that one, I can help you find another place to live." Lan-Yin is equivalent to telling Yuan Zhan obscurely that living with the Half-Beast man's next door is really not safe.

The closet was small, with several animal skin cushions in the middle, a balcony outside and a light lantern-tree planted. Because the balcony is directly connected to the room, there is no obstruction in the middle, the room lighting is very good.

Yuan Zhan laid down his basket and sat down with his legs bent on a thick leather cushion. "How many earth-control warriors have seen that man before? How many are still alive?”

Lan-Yin sat cross-legged on a leather mat opposite Yuan Zhan, standing by the door.

"Since that person came to Yincheng-Sound City, it seems that he will mysteriously attract some high-ranking soil-control warriors, the higher the level, the more vulnerable to temptation they are." Lan-Yin said deliberately.

Yuan Zhan was waiting.

Lan-Yin is not sure whether the other party will be tempted or not. If he tells the other party something and the other party turns around and tells the other person, it will be all in vain for him to endure today, which makes him have to be careful.

But no warrior before that can still persist until today, which is why he will take the initiative to find this tree man's mixed blood.

"What are you worried about? Are you worried that I would be tempted by the other party?” Yuan Zhan was not in the mood and had no time for them to explore each other slowly, so he spread out his words and said, “I don't want to die yet. Just as you don't want the High Priest from another city in your temple. If you come to me, there should be something you want to tell me. I don't like to hide. If you want me to do anything, tell it directly. "

Lan-Yin looked at him. "Why can't you be tempted? I know your soul is damaged, so you should be more unable to resist him, but you are not only tempted, your damaged soul is gradually recovering. Is it because of that psychic booster?”

"Because I am the one who is protected and cared for by the gods, my soul is inviolable." Yuan Zhan said solemnly, putting his arm on the back basket.

"The God of the earth is above, and you may be the favorite of the God of the earth." Lan-Yin smiled and looked back at the basket. "I never asked you who was in the basket. Now I want to ask you, who is he? Is he still alive?”

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan bite their ears. "The High Priest is not as spiritual powerful as the Half-Beast man. He didn't find me."

Yuan Zhan remained calm and said in his mind: "I intend to tell the truth, that you are still alive and can communicate with me in soul. It's not surprising that we'll come up with some more medicines in the future, and I hope everyone knows that you did it. I want your witchcraft to be known all over the world!”

Yan Mo thought, "Okay. Just do what you want."

Although The Guide has not responded during this period, he dare not naively think that The Guide will be shut down during this period. Eighty percent of the reasons for it not reacting are related to energy? For example, what don’t we need enough energy to start? And this energy obviously goes beyond mental power, it should also include the body.

Yuan Zhan, seeing Yan Mo's agreement, had a calculation in his heart. After pretending to meditate for a while, he opened his mouth and said, "Yes, he's still alive. He's the priest, Mo Da-Ren of my tribe."

Lan-Yin nodded with an unexpected expression, and guessed that the charred corpse was very important to the Tree-man, either as a relative or as a person of high status.

Knowing that burnt corpse was a witch, he even had more associations: "Did your tribe ever go through war? Who are your enemies?”

Yuan Zhan filtered this question in his brain and sneered, "Our tribe is still fine. Don't curse us. Our priest and I have just become like this it’s because on the way out to find herbal medicine, we met some greedy guys. Our priest is good person, we didn't think about it. As a result, things were robbed and were injured like this.”

"Where is your tribe?  What is called? Which city does it belong to?”

"We do not belong to any city."

Yuan Zhan and Lan-Yin looked at each other.

Lan-Yin's eyes drooped and his thoughts changed. The Longevity Maple Tribe, 8th rank earth control warrior plus 4th rank wood control ability, the priest whose body is burnt to death, and the soul-boosting drug formula that can be easily taken out...

All this seems to indicate that the other side belongs to a strong city, but the other side said that they do not belong to any city, then they are very strong themselves? What is the relationship between The Longevity Maple Tribe and this tribe? Are they close to each other?

Yincheng-Sound City had a good relationship with the Longevity Maple Tribe a long time ago. It is said that Yincheng-Sound City's early generation priest learned voice control with the Longevity Maple Tribe. Later, the priest of the early Yincheng dynasty combined with the city lord of the early dynasty, which gave birth to the tribe of yin-the tribe whose abilities are sound based.

But several times after wars of all kinds of intelligent creatures, the relationship between Yincheng-Sound City and the Longevity Maple Tribe has gradually drifted away and has become completely unfamiliar to us.

Lan-Yin couldn't help thinking that the Longevity Maple Tribe was caught by slave traders and could be sold to any city, but the slave trader who was supposed to go to Tucheng-Earth City took him to Yincheng-Sound City. Is that some indication from the God of sound? Perhaps they could be reconnected with the Longevity Maple Tribe after a long break?

"You can trust me." Lan-Yin sincerely said to Yuan Zhan, "Maybe I don't have any proof to say so, but we Yincheng-Sound City will never hurt any of the Longevity Maple Tribe, the Longevity Maple Tribe and our Yincheng-Sound City have always been friends."

Yuan Zhan's expression was slightly sarcastic.

Lan-Yin continued without his face changing. "Zhi Mu didn't hurt you, did he?  He also bought you at a high price from a slave dealer.”

That is to say, if you don't look hurt, you really just don't hurt, and slavery is not hurt, right? Yan Mo is funny, and a little more wary of Lan-Yin.

Yuan Zhan doesn't want to go around with Lan-Yin again. "Tell me, what are the ends of those warriors who are tempted to come?”

Lan-Yin felt that the fire had arrived and he was no longer hiding it. "They are all gone. At least I've never seen the earth warriors who entered that room come out again. You're the only one who can get out of that room.”

"What do you want me to do?”

"That man can seduce these high-ranking warriors like you. What should he do to you? I can help you..."

Yuan Zhan sneers and repeats, "Say what you want me to do."

Lan-Yin grinned. “The man is very strong, both in spirit and in soil control, and very defensive. It's very difficult for anyone to hurt him, let alone kill him. But I know about what he did to those warriors who control the soil, and if you wanted to hurt him, probably only one chance, so I want to cooperate with you.

Yuan Zhan leaned over the basket. "How can we cooperate? Let's talk about it.”

Lan-Yin murmured a little and said, "I need you to pretend to be tempted by him, get close to him and let him meet you. When he meets you, he will probably do two things, either absorb your strength for his own use, or simply abandon his body and let his soul into your body.

Yan Mo was instantly alert. Another soul that can take another person's body? He immediately wanted Yuan Zhan to give up playing against the Half-Beast man.

"How can I protect myself?”  Yuan Zhan asked casually, as if he was unaware of the danger.

Lan-Yin, "I'll lend you a bone object, and the soul of the High Priest and I will attach it to you and let it pass unconscious. When you are attacked by him, we'll find a chance to use our spiritual force attack his soul, and you'll kill him when his soul is weak and when he's unable to use the soil control ability! Remember, you only have one chance. If you can't kill him at once, you're likely to be controlled by him in turn.”

"What advantages do I have?”

"You can get what he seduces the soil-control warriors."

"Ha! You don't even know anything about that. Maybe there's no such thing at all. I want 9th rank crystals, regardless of their properties, one hundred.

Lan Yuan brushed his eyes at Yuan Zhan.

Lan-Yin also grinned. "That's 9th rank crystal, up to five."


"Six, really not more."

"Ten pieces, half in advance, all right, no pull down. Our Mo Da-Ren said, too dangerous, let me not do foolish things." Yuan Zhan stood up.

Lan-Yin's flesh aches and his body aches, but he also knows that this so-called cooperation is very dangerous to the Tree-man, but that's why he is reluctant to take out five 9th rank yuan-crystal coins first.

Yuan Zhan lifted the basket and left.

Lan Yuan blocked him.

Lan-Yin helplessly said, "Okay, that's it. I'll give you five 9th ranks first, but you have to act in two days.”

"As long as you are ready."

When they had been preparing for a long time, they only thing they lacked a high-ranking soil-control warrior who could withstand temptation and kill people by hand.

Yan Mo felt weird that the Half-Beast man stayed at Yincheng-Sound City for a long time. Why did Lan-Yin suddenly become so urgent? Then he thought of the possibility that it might have something to do with the domineering Tucheng-Earth City's Queen's visit.

The four men came out of the chamber, and as soon as they reached the sound pool in the center of the temple, they saw Tucheng-Earth City Queen Cui Yu accompanied by the Third High Priest Lan He.

Cui Yu saw Yuan Zhan at a glance, and her eyes suddenly changed. But she just put up with her anger and gave Lan-Yin a courtesy greeting: "Lan-Yin Da-Ren, long time no see."

Lan-Yin returned the salute and smiled, "Your Majesty Cui Yu, Mother God still loves you so much. I heard that your youngest son has inspired the blood of God, since he was only three years old. Tucheng-Earth City will add a powerful warrior in the near future."

Cui Yu laughed proudly. "My children are all real gods favorite. They are loved by the gods of the earth. Lan-Yin Da-Ren, I've got permission from that one. I'm coming to see him today."

"Oh? Who finally agreed to see you? This is really a celebration. You are his blood. I think that Da-Ren will miss you very much. I didn't promise before, probably because I was afraid of affecting you. "

Cui Yu nodded. “I think so, too. When there were people staring at the temple before, he thought I couldn't see him. Nowadays... Well, after all, he is the High Priest of our Tucheng-Earth City. Now that Tucheng-Earth City is in trouble, how can he really watch others bully his offspring?”

At this point, Cui Yu gave Yuan Zhan a vicious look.

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo are talking in their minds, and they are both surprised that Queen Cui Yu is the descendant of the Half-Beast man.

"You said she was so ugly that she could still sit in Queen's place. Would that be related to The Half-Beast man?”  Yan Mo speculated.

Yuan Zhan, "I think it should be related to her fertility. Didn't you hear Lan-Yin and herself say that her children were favored by the God of the Earth?

Yan Mo even thought this speculation was very reliable.

Lan-Yin and Lan He exchanged a quick look.

Queen Cui Yu could no longer bring her gang of attendants to other city temples, but Yincheng-Sound City temple was not too hard to stop her, so she brought an extra warrior, that is, the short and strong warrior.

The short and strong warrior noticed that Yuan Zhan and the High Priest Lan-Yin seemed to have a good relationship and frowned at the moment. It's not difficult for them to deal with the tribal warriors, but if the High Priest Lan-Yin wants him, it's troublesome.

Cui Yu seemed eager to see her grandfather, and after a few polite words with Lan-Yin, she secretly urged Lan He.

Lan He did not take the idea, nodding to Lan-Yin, Lan Yuan and Yuan Zhan, taking the Queen Cui Yu and the short and strong warriors to the east side.

Lan-Yin and Yuan Zhan walked a few steps side by side. Suddenly, they casually asked, "Do you know the cat-scared people?”

"Cat scared? Cat men?” Yuan Zhan stood.

"Yes, I heard that you and the cats were brought in by the same slave team, right?”

"High Priest, what do you want to say?”

Lan-Yin looked up into Yuan Zhan's eyes. "Is it those cat people running away related to you?”

"Ha!" Yuan Zhan laughed.

Queen Cui Yu took a deep breath and walked into the hole just opened.

The strong and short warrior followed in, while the Lan He and his guardians remained outside the wall.

The hole in the wall disappeared.

Queen Cui Yu subconsciously looked back at the place she came in and saw the short and strong warrior behind her, and she breathed a sigh of relief quietly.

On the stone bed, The Half-Beast man, sitting on the wall, asked with a smile: "it is really my blood relative. What happened to Tucheng-Earth City? Who made you come to see me in the temple?”

Before Cui Yu spoke, her tears began to fall.

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  1. Translator Da-Ren sorry I still confused about Lan Yin status

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    1. Lan Yin is the High priest and Lan He is the third high priest.... maybe that high priest is the problem in some parts its like that and in some its just third priest


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