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Banished to Another World, Chapter 431: Wucheng- City of Witches Results

Banished-To-Another-World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Banished to Another World, Chapter 431: Wucheng- City of Witches Results
    Jiu Feng also brought a very important news.
    He said that he saw a lot of moving bones in some places along the way.
    Yuan Zhan's soul power is now enough for him to communicate with Jiu Feng. When he tells the news to everyone, many people still don't believe it. Even if Wucheng- City of Witches has such a big event, they still suspect: is the Bone Sculpting Tribe really coming?
    Jiu Feng saw Two Legged Monsters were not convinced of his news, he was very angry, urging Yuan Zhan to hurry to find Yan Mo.
    In fact, more than one person can understand Jiu Feng's meaning with the soul strength’s voice, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and the Old man Feng Yu sneer at other unbelievers. The forces believed by Fengcheng-Wind City and Mucheng-Forest City, and some of the territories and the coastal areas, have tried to send the news back to the city to let the left-behind people beware of the threat.
    Yuan Zhan, regardless of the confusion of those people, took Jiu Feng alone and asked him: "Do you have a way to bring three people to fly across the ocean?"
    "Oh! Of course I can!" If Jiu Feng can't do it first, and then he will try to find out the relevant knowledge about the ocean and the Western continent.
    "How long?"
    Jiu Feng did not answer immediately. His inheritance memory told him that flying over the ocean was not so easy, but their race did have routes to other continents, including the islands on the way and the places which had abundant fresh water.
    However, there is a natural hurricane barrier between the eastern and western mainland's sky routes. This hurricane zone is home to the Kunpeng. Only the people who successfully cross the hurricane zone can go to their home. This hurricane zone is also quite dangerous, therefore, a test of the Human-face adulthood is to grow outside and to be able to safely pass through the zone.
    If you want to get around this hurricane belt, it won't be impossible, but it will make the road travelling far. In addition to this, some of the big islands in the ocean are still have with the enemy of the Human-face, and they can't fight an adult Kunpeng, but they are not easily beaten when they bully the young birds.
    "You said that there are five continents in the world? Are we in the mainland of the continent?"
    “The five continents are big?”
    It turns out that this world is so big! Although Yan Mo told him that this world cannot have only this continent, but listening to Jiu Feng's description, Yuan Zhan still gave birth to a small sense that he was a little Chief who was just a small place.
    "What is there on the three continents of the southwest, north? Is there anyone living there?"
    "Oh! I don't know, these inheritance memories, I have to be advanced again to see them." The Human-face Kunpeng Clan is also painstaking care for future generations. In order not to let the young birds fly around aimlessly, they will open their inheritance according to their ability. The hidden memories are equivalent to knowledge telling them in disguise where they can go now and where they can't go now.
    "So, can you cross the hurricane belt outside the mainland of your country?"
    This time, Jiu Feng didn't dare to be reluctant. Usually, the person who can cross the hurricane belt has the equivalent of 10th rank. Isn’t he probably about 9th rank now?
    However, Yuan Zhan knew this after Jiu Feng long silence. This is not to say that all adults Kunpeng who can live on the mainland are above 10th rank? No wonder The Nine Great Cities mentions the Human-face Kunpeng Clan with a bit of reverence. It’s no wonder that Fengcheng-Wind City will be so proud of the bloodline of the city and the human face Kunpeng.

    But what about that? Even if the adult face is a 12th rank, he will arrive or even surpass that level one day later, and he is not be sure that this man will not last long.
    Jiu Feng’s carefully observed Yuan Zhan, this Two Legged Monster’s momentum seems to have changed in the past. He couldn't think of an adjective to describe him, and he felt that the other person seemed to be more stable and heavy, just like... um, just like the earth.
    “How long does it take to fly to the Western Continent if you can pass the hurricane belt?” Yuan Zhan asked earnestly.
    It’s about Yan Mo, Jiu Feng doesn’t make any reluctance. According to the memory of the inheritance, he replied: “Hey! The sea is very big, even if it’s an adult Human-face, it’s going to be more than ten days across the ocean, because I have to rest. I will be taking longer."
    Yuan Zhan calculated it. Liu Yan told him that their Dark God could send him to Yan Mo for a moment. If Jiu Feng took them to Ancheng-Dark City, they would send them to the Western Continent through the Dark God. This route takes the least amount of time. Although he does not believe in Ancheng-Dark City people, Jiu Feng will encounter many dangers when they fly over the ocean, and the trip will last a long time. At the same time, in order to find the whereabouts of Yan Mo, he has to bring The Old man Feng Yu. Once they have something on the way, it will be harder to say the length of time.
    He would rather deal with Ancheng-Dark City than the unknown enemy, at least except for the Dark God, his force can crush anyone else in Ancheng-Dark City, as long as he pays attention to avoiding the calculations of Ancheng-Dark City people.
    The view of The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is: "If they aren’t too stupid, Ancheng-Dark City people should understand that the main force against the Bone Sculpting people in the future is you and Yan Mo. It is not good for them to kill them now. It is better to keep you to help everyone cope with the common enemy."
    Grand Witch Xiang also nodded, indicating that Fei Shan took the things under his cushion.
    There are only a few of them in the main hall and Jiu Feng.
    The news that the Bone Sculpting people have come ashore has come to the fore. Many people close to the coastal areas are worried. They have already rushed back to their own cities in the evening.
    Bai Xi City, the Giants, and the Chong-Bugs people came to express their gratitude to Yuan Zhan, because everyone was anxious to go back and count the loss of various ethnic groups and the stability of their tribes. They did not talk much to each other. The three tribes left Yuan Zhan. The vouching objects of the royal families, indicating that they are close to each other, and they went on to leave.
    The Winged Family also came, but instead of coming to see Yuan Zhan, they came to see Jiu Feng.
    Jiu Feng proudly raised his head and accepted the worship of the Winged Family. Their Human-face Kunpeng Clan is the deserved called the kings of birds!
    Similarly, the Winged village’s chief also left Yuan Zhan with a feather representing the royal family of the Winged Family, and said that the two parties can watch over each other and start trading. But Yuan Zhan thinks this is probably in the respect of Jiu Feng?
    Fei Shan solemnly handed over a large wooden box to Yuan Zhan.
    Grand Witch Xiang smiled and said: "Although the test did not go through the end, but the results have come out, I think other people do not dare to have opinions. Then according to the promise, the Earth Godblood Stone will be handed over to you. ”
    Yuan Zhan wonders why he didn't feel the majestic earth energy.
    When he opened the seemingly ordinary wooden box, instantly! He was wrapped up in the rich earth energy.
    This earth energy seems to like him very much, it was trying to drill into his body.
    Yuan Zhan restrained the strong desires to absorb it on the spot and slammed the wooden box cover, and the earth's energy disappeared.

    Grand Witch Xiang smiled gratifiedly and praised: "You are very good. You are the first soil control warrior who can close the lid himself for so many years, and doing it that fast."
    Fei Shan also smiled admiringly. "Even if it is not a soil warrior, such as me, I was almost lost myself when I came into contact this Godblood Stone. If it wasn't for Grand Witch Xiang to force the lid on it, I might absorb the energy there at any cost and died."
    So you just said nothing, is it just because you want to see me end up in misery? Still testing my character? Yuan Zhan smiled and said that he had already absorbed the experience of two the Godblood Stones, and that naturally he has resistance to temptation to touch the Godblood Stone.
    The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is very clear about the details of Yuan Zhan, and can't help but laugh.
    "This box is also a treasure. Don't look like it and ignore it because it looks like wood. It's actually a bone object. If any energy body is put into it, the creatures outside will not detect the things inside."
    Grand Witch Xiang said, "The Bone Sculpting people are really powerful, aren't they? Their bone objects are so powerful, and we humans are still crazy about excavating the remains of the Bone Sculpting people. Over the years, the Bone Sculpting people finally crossed the ocean and returned back to this land. I can't imagine how far their bone objects have advanced."
    “Ding Yue.” Yuan Zhan put the wooden box aside. “Ding Yue’s ability to control metal is very powerful.”
    "Metal? Are you saying it correct?" Grand Witch Xiang was curious.
    “My priest said that metal is also one of the common surface elements like wood, water, fire, and soil.” Yan Mo said it is more complicated and subtle, but Yuan Zhan omitted those description.
    “And metals are so powerful that they can be used as new objects instead of bone objects.”
    Grand Witch Xiang meditates and whispers something to Fei Shan, and Fei Shan nodded.
    Although Yuan Zhan has a strong ability, but he does not want Ding Yue to grow faster and stronger under the support of Wucheng- City of Witches because they can control and make metal objects, he immediately threw a sentence: "In addition to Ding Yue people, my priest also knows how to refine and how to using metal, and his method does not require the refiner to manipulate the metal."
    "Oh?" Grand Witch Xiang snorted, and he was very happy. "I really believe that the gods favors the little one. What else does he not have in addition to having children?"
    Yuan Zhan thought: Who said that Mo will not have children, my two sons are in his stomach!
    Grand Witch Xiang probably thought of the Son of Life. Before Yuan Zhan retorted, he laughed first.
    Ancheng-Dark City people were still waiting for him. Yuan Zhan got the wanted spoils and didn't want to delay the time. When the night was dark, Jiu Feng grabbed the rattan box Yuan Zhan made out, first Jiu Feng first took him and Liu Yan, and Huocheng- Fire City gave him Old Man-He and they went to Ancheng-Dark City.
    The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu led the other Jiu Yuan people to fly back to Jiu Yuan.
    With the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu there, Yuan Zhan is not worried about the newcomers who will be distracted.
    These people will go back to the Jiu Yuan and follow the instructions of Yan Mo. In addition to guarding the Jiu Yuan, they will teach students at school on weekdays. They will only accept the orders of Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo, without the other high-level jurisdiction of the Jiu Yuan.
    Song Jing and others are also very satisfied with such a loose and generous treatment. Originally, Mu Chui said that after Yan Mo treated the great prince of Mucheng-Forest City, he will then be given to the Jiu Yuan, but now Yan Mo is not there, Mucheng-Forest City is in already semi alliance with the Jiu Yuan, and Mu Chui is also unwilling to owe people. Kindly, he thinks that Yan Mo has helped him to upgrade his rank, so he will go to the Jiu Yuan to help the there, and then Yan Mo will come back to fulfill his promise.
    No one thinks that Yan Mo will not come back. Even the most terrible black hole strangling in the Ancheng-Dark City warrior's ability has not killed him. Such a person will not die easily unless they find him dead.
    Before Yuan Zhan left, in the pleading of the crowd and the exchange of a large amount of materials, he released the rest of the people in the magma cage.
    These people are all in a state of dying, coma, and disabled, and the people of the relevant forces are heartbroken and hateful, but they dare not complain to Yuan Zhan. Originally, according to the test rules, people who participated in the test were either to give or be killed, even if Yuan Zhan really killed these people, they would not have any reason to start shit with.
    Lamo-Na looked at the Third Priest and the warrior Lan Yuan who were seriously injured and in the coma. She closed her eyes and finally made up her minds. Ding Yue also took the initiative to contact her, showing that they wanted to form an alliance. Since the Jiu Yuan gave up on her in lieu of her brother and were so merciless to the Yincheng-Sound City people, she did not have to ponder about it so much. Since then, Yincheng-Sound City has formed an alliance with Ding Yue.
    Yincheng-Sound City’s Lord does not quite agree with the High Priest Lan Yin and his daughter Lamo-Na decision. He does not want to completely offend The Jiu Yuan. In Yincheng-Sound City, there are many people who share the same ideas as the city’s lord. They even actively expressed in wanting to renew their connection with the Great Prince Lamo Ling, which they used to avoid, such as sending him a few women.
    Lamo Ling is neither sarcastic nor did he driven out those who come to contact him, but he has no enthusiasm for them, so he can keep them with disappointment. Those people who dare send women and slaves, and he also accepted them. Anyway, The Jiu Yuan is lacking manpower, and these he will always bring back to increase manpower when they bring them back.
    The Mucheng-Forest City people are very singular, and they promised to return to the family of Song Jing and others there if they would like to go to The Jiu Yuan.
    Ding Yue people took the disabled Zhi Chun back and turned to look for Huocheng-Fire City. They heard that Huocheng-Fire City had a female priest who can help restore the limbs.
    Because of the sudden attack, the city suffered a lot of injured, Duo Fei's ability has once again been taken seriously, but she did not take the opportunity to ask for much or express herself with mighty like she used to, she is the same as most healing priests, doing things very quietly to save people and cure injuries. Her performance like a calm person has caused many people to look at her differently.
    Yuan Zhan paid special attention to looking for She-Dan, but that person’s ability to hide was too good. He flattened the entire magma cage and did not see the person coming out, but he was sure that this person must have had escaped when Yuan Zhan relaxed his control.
    Yuan Zhan asked The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu pay attention to this person and temporarily threw the revenge for this person away. Now finding Yan Mo is his top priority.
    Tucheng-Earth City has no city’s lord and two priest. The status is very good. Although the contest did not go to the end, Wucheng- City of Witches did not announce who the final nine winners were, but Tucheng-Earth City is finished like this, and this point is almost everyone's consensus.
    In the eyes of others, Tucheng-Earth City is even a subordinate city to the Jiu Yuan, and Jiu Yuan will sooner to annex and receive everything from them.

    Yuan Zhan did not take the initiative to contact Tucheng-Earth City, Tucheng-Earth City did not approach Yuan Zhan, and other forces even coveted Tucheng-Earth City, which has a long history and profound knowledge, and also cares about the Jiu Yuan hands-on in retaliation in case they take Tucheng-Earth City.
    But everyone knows that this kind of calm is only temporary. If there is no sudden attack from the Bone Sculpting people, as long as the power of the heart is there they will take advantage of the opportunity of the Jiu Yuan Chief going to find the priest, they will first divide the Tucheng-Earth City. In other words, as long as the Bone Sculpting people are resolved, the forces on this land must have a re-division.
    The choice of Miao Xiang, the princess of Tucheng-Earth City, surprised some people. She didn't go back to Tucheng-Earth City, and she didn't stay with Jiu Yuan warrior Meng. She chose to stay in Wucheng - City of Witches.
    Of course, Miao Xiang will not tell others that her decision is influenced by the voice in her head. The voice told her that something in the Bug people city is very important to her. As long as she gets her, she cannot only protect herself, but also develop her own power. However, if she chooses to go back to the Jiu Yuan with Meng, she will become the wife of a warrior leader in the absence of the highest power of the Jiu Yuan. In the future, she will have children in addition to being a wife.
    Miao Xiang is not old enough, and her knowledge is not too wide. She is increasingly trusting the voice in her head, even thinking that this is the proof that the gods favor her - giving her a powerful help.
    The voice in the brain hardly causes her harm, so it made her act as he hopes. And this sound is still a lot angry at the Jiu Yuan’s Priest, who almost killed him, if he has not grown up in Miao Xiang, he would rather stay away from her all together.
    Meng is not sad about Miao Xiang's choice. His attitude towards women is still the same. If Miao Xiang is willing to be with him, he will naturally treat her well. The Jiu Yuan only allows monogamy. He can guarantee that he will marry her. Will not go to find someone else. But Miao Xiang took the initiative to leave him and he would not stay with her.
    "I thought you liked her very much." Lamo Ling stamped Meng.
    Meng opened his mouth and said: "I like her very much."
    Lamo Ling shook his head. "Wait a day, you will find someone you don’t want to let go and you know what it really is."
    Meng was shocked. He grabbed Lamo Ling's shoulder and whispered his head. "Then you should never tell anyone. My favorite person is Mo Da-Ren. I am afraid that the boss will kill me if he ever finds out!"
    Lamo Ling slapped on his forehead, "Go away! If you think about our great Priest Da-Ren, I will curse that no one will not like you in the future!"
    "Hey, you are vicious!" Meng grabbed Lamo Ling's neck and the two laughed and snarled at each other.
    Lamo Ling's way of fighting is very special, that is, the curse ability is kept on at all times, and Meng's method of dealing with him is to desperately block his mouth.
    Yuan Zhan saw that Meng was so lively, he didn't even have a sad heart. He nodded with satisfaction. The beastly instinct told him that Miao Xiang is not the best person for Meng Er. If Meng Er chooses Miao Xiang, he will not stop him. At most, he will be looking for someone to monitor her until he was sure that she was harmless to the Jiu Yuan and Meng Er. Now Miao Xiang chose to stay in Wucheng- City of Witches, which is a happy ending for everyone.
    Others, such as the Bugs people Witch and his warriors, were taken care of by Wucheng- City of Witches. Two people from Kongcheng-Air City  were killed as soon as they came out. It was not the hand of Yuan Zhan.
    Grand Witch Xiang managed to stun the bone slaves who were caught alive as long as they wore the Enslavement Bone. Now Grand Witch Xiang is counting on Yan Mo to come back to remove The Enslavement Bone from these people.
    And these arrested people have heard that The Enslavement Bone has been removed, and some are no longer struggling to resist, but some People look weird.
    “Be careful.” Yuan Zhan warned Grand Witch Xiang and Fei Shan before leaving. “Mo mentioned that people controlled by the Enslavement Bone can be manipulated to do things if they are not strong enough. Even a powerful person can be controlled. If the Bone Sculpting people punish them with the Enslavement Bone, they can't stand the torture, and they will be forced to do something for them."
    Grand Witch Xiang and Fei Shan recorded his warning and watched Jiu Feng grab the rattan box and disappear into the sky at night.

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  1. I suddenly remembered the first person that showed up wanting to unsurp the Jiu Yuan (if I remember right) the one who was searching for yuan crystals and controlling the Chi people. I remember he's soul can possess other living things and is inside a bug the last time he was mentioned. It's probably nothing it just reminded me because the voice in MX's head seems to hate YM for some reason

    1. I also think that's the voice currently residing on that little princess, the fool little princess is probably being used, poor girl. So ambitious that she got tricked easily.

    2. I totally forgot that bug guy, now you mention it maybe it true. I thought it was Nita.


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