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Banished to Another World, Chapter 658: Like mother like son

Banished-To-Another-World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang 
Banished to Another World, Chapter 658: Like mother like son

Because of all kinds of happenstances, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan did not catch up with Shu Yi and Yuan Bing immediately, but silently followed them.
Shu Yi knew they were being followed, but he didn't stop.
The signs of nearby people's smoke are becoming more and more obvious. On this day, Shu Yi gave Yuan Bing two choices.
"I will let you go and give you due respect. But if you run away, I will tie you up again and take you back to the Ding Yue city like a slave. "
Yuan Bing did not hesitate to choose the first one.
Yuan Bing breathed out a sigh of relief and deliberately moved his hands and feet.
“Where is this?" Yuan Bing looked at the building with a large area in front and a high wooden wall in the periphery.
Shu Yi walked ahead and replied, "My mother's tribe."
Yuan Bing was stunned for a moment, but he had a strange idea that "This man is also born out a woman". Suddenly, he became curious about what kind of woman can give birth to Shu Yi?
The guards at the gate of the tribe saw Shu Yi from afar, and the bugle sounded in the wooden stockade.
Soon, the gate of the wooden building was opened, and the party took the lead in greeting it.
"Chief Da-Ren!"
“Shu Yi Da-Ren
All kinds of calls come one after another. Just look at the expression and tone of those people, you can see how popular and loved Shu Yi is here.
“You're back!" The man walking in the front made a few steps, clenched his fist and smashed it on Shu Yi's chest.
Shu Yi also gave him a punch back, "Hmm."
The majestic man laughed and reached over Shu Yi. They looked very close.
Shu Yi patted him on the back to show him his back, “Yuan Bing."
The majestic man turns around with a smile and looks up to Yuan Bing. "Is he?"
Other people gathered around, and they greeted Shu Yi one after another. Even if Shu Yi just nodded to them, they were overjoyed. Hearing that Shu Yi specially introduced the man behind him to the patriarch, all of them turned to Yuan Bing.
"I came back for my mother's necklace." Shu Yi didn't answer directly, but the meaning of what he said was obvious to both of them.
"To him?"

The majestic man was surprised. He looked at Yuan Bing carefully up and down, left and right. His eyes were so careful and hot that Yuan Bing was uncomfortable.
But who is Yuan Bing Da-Ren? If Yan Mo is the first person who pretends to be a forced offender, he is the second. Yuan Zhan can't pretend not to see the repeated theme here.
Well, in fact, he didn't understand the dialogue between the two people at all, but the more he didn't understand, the less he wanted to be seen.
Yuan Bing is not like Yan Mo who is all about silent smiling, but stood with a cold face and a very proud posture.
In fact, Yuan Bing's appearance is really not worth beating, but the majestic man, seeing that he has barely accepted it, murmured, "It’s OK, but how can you find a man?"
"Good exercise, comfortable (xxx)." Shu Yi answer was simple and clear.
The other people were far away and could not hear the dialogue between the brothers. They only followed the three people, surrounded them and walked happily to the wooden village. At the same time, they were quietly guessing the identity of Yuan Bing - their clan chief was bringing stranger back for the first time.
The majestic man let out a laugh that all men knew. He slapped Shu Yi, who was as tall as him, on the shoulder. He frowned and asked, "Did you get him back?"
"Tell me, which tribe did you snatch this nobleman from?"
In the past, there was no aristocracy for them, but since the emissaries of the three cities started to run here, they learned many new words and had an initial concept of class. When the Ding Yue ruled them, people in this land began to contact with the outside world more and had a clearer understanding of the concept of aristocracy.
Yuan Bing's attitude and temperament obviously fit their imagination of aristocracy.
Shu Yi's mouth is slightly cocked up, as if smiling, "The Jiu Yuan."
"Oh, the Jiu Yuan." The majestic man nodded and suddenly solidified in the middle of the nod, “What did you freaking say? The Jiu Yuan? Is he from the Jiu Yuan?"
“Well, he is still at the top level man of the Jiu Yuan."
The magnificent man, looked back at Yuan Bing again. This time, his eyes on Yuan Bing are no longer teasing, but more cautious.
The man turned around and said, "Are you crazy? It's not good to rob someone and you had to go rob the Jiu Yuan person? I heard that the relationship between the Ding Yue and the Jiu Yuan is not good. You are not... "
"No, I found him."
"Hey?" The magnificent man was confused, "If you find it, then he came back with you."
Shu Yi nodded proudly.
The majestic men admire Shu Yi who was in a mess. It's not easy for the senior management of the Jiu Yuan called Yuan Bing to easily leave there at first sight, but his brother is so powerful that he conquers the man like this.
The majestic man looked down at Shu Yi's lower body surrounded by a leather skirt and sighed deeply, "So the man should be big and strong enough."
Shu Yi thinks so.
Yuan Bing, who can't understand, has an aristocratic indifference face on him.
No one knows Yuan Bing's heart is swearing at this time: Fvcking bastard, where are these savages from? They can't even speak the common language. I don't know what they are talking about. Sure enough, Witch Mo is right, and common language must be popularized.
Later, Yuan Bing spent a few days in this wooden village and knew that what people spoke was the same common language, but they added a local accent. Yuan Bing didn't come here, let alone listen to people here. When he heard that, the common language that changed its tone and accent it became all savage words. By the way, the official pronunciation of the Ding Yue is this key. Only in order to get in touch with Jiu Yuan city, they learned a new pronunciation.
Before that, he didn't feel the inconvenience of language. However, there was a high priest Mo in the Jiu Yuan, which can speak all languages. They didn't need Yan Mo to translate. Those newly added and newly discovered small tribes also learned the official pronunciation of the common language of the Jiu Yuan.
Yuan Bing was very upset these days. Although the people of this tribe respect and venerate him very well, those people look at him, especially when they look at him and talk to each other in private words that he doesn't understand, which makes him want to kill people.
What he couldn't bear most was that when the tribe arranged his residence, they didn't listen to him at all and arranged his room with Shu Yi.
Yes, he lives in Shu Yi's room now.
Don't ask him how he saw it. This room has been around for years, and its furnishings are also very personal. There are also animal teeth, arrows and other gadgets that children and teenagers like.
The room was large, high, tent shaped, round, all built of wooden logs. A living tree was erected in the middle to support, and all the redundant branches and leaves were cut off. Some of the extended thick branches became hanging poles, hanging various spoils of Shu Yi's childhood. The ground was covered with stripped logs.
The foundations of the houses here are very high, and most of them are suspended in the air, especially those of Shu Yi and the majestic man.
However, such a setting can not only avoid damaging the roots of the supporting trees, but also helps avoid snakes and insects and rain and snow from entering the house. This is the wisdom that the original primitive tribes did not expect to have.
Overall, the room is comfortable, but Yuan Bing just can't adapt to it.
Push away the cake that was just sent by someone - a kind of food made of local grain ground into powder. He doesn't like the food here either. The cake made from the Jiu Yuan is much more delicate than the taste of the food here. He doesn't know if the cakes here is made of grain shell ground. It's not only hard to eat, but also loud.
Yuan Bing walked out of the room, no one was watching. Shu Yi kept his promise, and since he was released, he has been allowed to move freely without even sending people to watch him. But if he means to leave the stockade alone, the guards at the gate will stop him.
Yuan Bing knows that he can't escape Shu Yi’s pursuit, a native in this strange area, and if he doesn't want to be bound back to the Ding Yue city as a slave. He can only be honest on the surface and secretly look for the chance to escape.

Fidgety, he often thinks: If they came, why haven't they come out yet?
Walking, Yuan Bing lost his way in the wooden village.
Looking around, he seems to have come to a relatively remote place. There are not many buildings nearby, but there is a vigorous field of weeds.
In the middle of the grassland, there is a round wooden house of the same style. The big tree as the pillar forms a huge green shade on the roof.
There is a person in the wild grass, an old man squatting on the ground seems to be picking those weeds?
Yuan Bing wants to ask the way from here, but he just took a step and resisted it. What's the use of asking? Most of the people here don't understand what he's talking about, and those who can understand deliberately pretend not to understand.
There is a stream beside the grass, and there are stones beside the stream. Yuan Bing sat on a flat stone beside the stream.
After a while, the old man came to wash the mowing knife. He ignored Yuan Bing. He has heard of this man. It is said that he was brought back by the patriarch himself and lived with him. Every night, there was no small noise around their place.
Yuan Bing's eyes fell on the knife. It's a curved blade with a familiar style. Isn't this the "sickle" their priest Da-Ren just taught us a few years ago?
Gee, look at the speed of the Ding Yue people's imitation!
But the material of this sickle is not the common bone, but the metal.
Dark blade, only the blade is white.
The old man sat on a stone and bent down to polish the blade with stone and water.
The old man's movement was slow, but with a strange rhythm, Yuan Bing gradually saw the intention and asked. "I want to get out of here, I want to go back." For some reason, Yuan Bing suddenly felt that the pain in his heart could no longer be tolerated. She said it in front of the old man.
When he said it, he thought that the other side could not understand it anyway.
In this way, his mind was more relaxed and unbridled.
"No one likes this imprisoned life. I am not a woman. Why does he treat me like that? Is it because he is better than me? One day, I will kill him! "
The old man's eyes flashed with a sharp light, raised his sickle gently, and looked up at Yuan Bing. At this moment, he really wanted to get rid of the man who might be dangerous to his children, but just as the old man started, he saw the necklace exposed between the open neckline of the young man.
The old man's sickle fell back to the grindstone, and his movements became slow and gentle again.
Yuan Bing is not a person who likes to complain about himself. After complaining for two times, he felt that he was sadder and shut up.
Beside the stream, water silently flowed.
Yuan Bing sat for a while and felt bored, so he wanted to get up and leave.
The old man didn't make a sound until now: “What's your name, son?"
Yuan Bing's newly raised buttocks fall back to the stone, it’s the old man, he can speak the common language!
“Yuan Bing.”
“Where's your necklace from?" The old man asked slowly.
Yuan Bing didn't know why he couldn't be alert to the old man. When he heard the old man's question, he replied, "Shu Yi gave it."
He still remembers the first night when they arrived at the stockade, the damned bastard locked him up in the room and made him work hard all night (xxx). When the sky was slightly inverted, he put this necklace on his neck.
He was tired and upset. He wanted to take off the necklace and throw it away. He was stopped by the bastard.
Finally, the bastard told him that this necklace can ensure that the non-savage people around the Ding Yue will dare not touch him. Even if they go back to the Ding Yue city, even Great Witch Zhe Li will not dare do anything excessive to him as long as he was wearing this necklace.
Yuan Bing still remembers his mood at that time: Who is that special!
But the last sentence from Shu Yi made him keep the necklace and no longer want to take it off and throw it away.
Shu Yi said: As long as he wears this necklace, even if he leaves, even if he has done a great mistake in the Ding Yue, others will not dare kill him, let alone treat him as a slave and an enemy.
After listening to this sentence, Yuan Bing, who always wanted to escape, regards this necklace as the best magical weapon to help him escape from the Ding Yue.
"Did the child put it on you himself?" The old man looked at Yuan Bing with a smile on his face.
Yuan Bing looked into the old man's eyes, only thinking that the old man was surprisingly handsome at this moment!
He didn't understand how he thought that, but that's what he thought.
Yuan Bing nodded, his face showing some hatred and more complicated expressions.
"That child..." The old man burst into laughter and was surprisingly pleasant to hear.
"Son, do you hate him?" The old man asked suddenly.
Yuan Bing nodded again without hesitation.
“Want to kill him?"

"He insulted me!"
"Oh, because he slept with you?"
The old man was like as two peas at this time laughed again. "The child is just like his mother. She likes to bring back something she loved."
Yuan Bing didn't see Shu Yi's mother and didn't comment well. He just kept silent.
Looking up at the sky, the old man seemed to recall, "But the child, like his mother, is the most devoted and affectionate person. They are both cruel and forbidding, but they can give all their lives and souls to the people they like without hesitation."
Yuan Bing was annoyed. He didn't feel how devoted Shu Yi was. A few days ago, he exposed his despicable idea of trying to go after Yan mo.
"Do you know who I am?" The old man asked Yuan Bing.
Yuan Bing shakes his head.
The old man smiled and saw the crow's feet. "I am the father of the child, the last man his mother snatched back."
This self-orientation is a little strange. Yuan Bing didn't have much hatred after learning that he was the son of a bastard's father, and even had a little sympathy for him.
“You... are not from here, are you?" Yuan Bing asked tentatively.
The old man laughed, "I'm the Second Prince missing from the Mucheng-Forest city. Oh, now it should be said that I am the previous generation Second Prince. The current City Lord of Mucheng-Forest city should be my brother."
Yuan Bing opened his mouth. He never thought that Shu Yi's father had such an identity background. "Do they know you are here?"
The old man shook his head.
"Didn't the people of Mucheng-Forest city look for you?"
"No, they found me, but the mother of the child hid me very tightly, and the people here would never betray her. After a long time, my parents and brothers thought that I died while traveling outside."
"Don't you want to go back?" Yuan Bing feels incredible.
The old man dabbed his fingers at the edge of the sickle. "Of course, I thought about it, but when I had the chance to escape, she gave birth to my first child, Shu Yi. When I made up my mind to leave them again five years later, the woman was with my second child in her belly and she died in front of me to protect me. "
Yuan Bing, “...”
"Do you know how she and my second child died?"
Yuan Bing didn't answer.
"At that time, I escaped, she personally led people to chase after me, regardless of her six months of pregnancy at the time, but then I lost my way and walked into the most dangerous desert, where I was surrounded by fierce beasts with blood ability. In order to save me, the woman rushed into the encirclement of the beast to save me regardless of her people persuading her not to."
There was a strange silence by the stream.
After a long time, the old man continued: "Later, I came back with the body of that woman and my second child. Shu Yi was four years old at that time. He hated me so much that he even wanted to kill me. Such a little boy, he stabbed me in the abdomen with a knife. "
The old man laughed, "But he was still too small to really kill me. And because his mother died and the whole tribe was in chaos, I stayed to help them manage the tribe."
The old man suddenly paused and murmured, "I didn't expect that she had given me so much power in her life, even if her people knew that their patriarch had died because of me, they didn't resist me leading them."

The old man sighed, and then said, "I ran this tribe until the first child of that woman grew up. Have you seen Shu Yi's brother? He is not my child, but he is very good brother to Shu Yi. He hates me as much as Shu Yi does, but I taught him the most. When they grew up, they didn't know what to do with me, so they shut me up here."
Yuan Bing frowned when he heard this, “You... What do you want to tell me by saying this? Are you warning me to leave as soon as possible? Don't wait for children to make things more troublesome?"
The old man looked at Yuan Bing helplessly, "I want to tell you that I didn't want to leave here until the child's mother died, but I was blinded by the hatred and humiliation at the beginning. I couldn't see how nice she was to me after meeting her, and I didn't try to have a good talk with her. I always satirized her, insulted her, and even tried to find a chance to kill her, I even ignored my own children. But at that time, if I took a step back or changed my way, maybe my family will still be well, my woman would still be alive, and my son will not hate me so much. "
Yuan Bing was silent, however, he said, "Our priest Da-Ren said that it's a disease called Stockholm syndrome."
“What did you say? What kind of sigma?"
Yuan Bing stood up and said to the old man, "It seems that you have the ability to control other people’s hearts and souls. If it was someone else, that person may be 'convinced', but it's a pity..." I learned the spiritual eye.
Even though his ability in this area is not so good, it is not difficult to help him get out of control and temptation.
Yuan Bing turned around and left. He doesn't like the old man at all. The man deserves to be locked up all his life!
“Wait!" The old man also stood up and said, "If you really want to leave the child, put the item..."
“Yuan Bing!” Shu Yi's voice covered the words behind the old man.
Seeing Shu Yi's face, Yuan Bing was so angry that he didn't want to talk to him. He changed his direction and shuashed forward.
In a flash, Shu Yi grabbed Yuan Bing's arm. "They said you didn't eat anything today."
"Do you care if I eat it?" Yuan Bing returns badly.
“Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo are here."
"Do you think I give a fvc... What are you talking about?”
"Come on, they want to see you." Shu Yi's expression didn't show what he is thinking, but he grabbed Yuan Bing's fingers very hard.
Yuan Bing endured the pain and quickened his pace. Here comes the Witch Mo. he is finally free!
The old man stood behind them, as if trying to say something.
Shu Yi acted like he did not see the old man. He left with Yuan Bing without even a single look from corner of his eye.
The old man, with a sickle in his hand, looked very lonely. He wanted to tell the young man who was also robbed that he didn't know what was smock home, but he knew what it was like to regret. For so many years, he had been living in regret and remorse and a light hatred.
On the one hand, he complained that Shu Yi's mother should not forcibly rob him and imprison his freedom, on the other hand, he was eager to let time go back to the beginning of their meeting.
On the way, Shu Yi suddenly said to Yuan Bing, "No matter what that person said to you, don't pay attention to him."
"Oh, you say that about your father?" Yuan Bing inserted the knife immediately.
"He is a pathetic and hateful wretch, you are not."
"... That's what you think of your father?" Yuan Bing thinks that the old man is very powerful, and he doesn't feel pitiful at all.
Shu Yi stopped and repeated it very solemnly: “You are different from him."
Yuan Bing raised his head. “How am I different from him?"
"He first fell in love with my mother, seduced her and slept with her, but laughed at my mother when she asked him to go back to the tribe with her for a while. That man only played with my mother because she a beautiful primitive slave, and my mother will tie him back because she liked him."
"But your mother died for him."
Shu Yi seems to have failed to understand Yuan Bing's words. The brave and cold man looked into Yuan Bing's eyes and says seriously, "I will not die for you, but I will live for you and live with you."
At this moment, Yuan Bing's heart beat three points faster. But he immediately began to recite the meaning of Stockholm syndrome again and again, so as to eliminate all the morbid ideas he had felt.
“You are strong." Shu Yi said again.

"I forced you, but you almost killed me. I don't owe you. You peed in my face! "
"Just a pee! We'll be even when you die! "
"If someone had done this to me, I would have killed him."
"Fvcking moron! Why don't you say you just put your pee thing in my body? It's more disgusting!”
"Or I'll lick your pee. Is that going to make us even? I've seen your leader lick your priest. "
Yuan Bing said, “When did you see that? Incorrect! That bastard must know you were peeping. He did it on purpose! "
"I think so. I think Yan Mo licked him and he looked comfortable. Shall we try?"
Yuan Bing mind felt sluggish again, “You! Are we fucking fighting? Why do we get involved in this?"
Shu Yi held his hand and turned around. "I just want to tell you that no one between us owes anything to the other, and no one is weaker than anyone else."
"If you let me do you, I'll forgive you." With that, brother Yuan Bing regretted it.
Shu Yi's mouth was raised in a smirk, "OK, as long as you can get in / in."
Yuan Bing: Wow! I want to put this bastard in the cesspit!
The author has something to say: in fact, their story is over here, Haha~~
But I still can write a small little one to give them a perfect explanation - Shu Yi forced me with a knife! ([cough], then whoever, if anyone left a message saying that I can't finish writing, I'll send Shu Yi blade all the time to their throat, believe it or not ~!)

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