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Chapter 339: News of Hungry Men and Tucheng-Earth City

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Chapter 339: News of Hungry Men and Tucheng-Earth City

The burnt body's face was terrible, but the man didn't feel frightened or that it was ugly at all.

There was a strange intuition in his mind that someone had told him in his mind that his scorched corpse would not always be like this that it would change and become...

The man struggled to catch the flash in his brain. It was a little looking young man with a kind and honest face. But when he laughed and smiled, his face looked bad or sinister.

There is also a silver haired old man who smiles gently but seems to like to bite him. Still like to stab him with a sharp object?

The man was absorbed in his mind, and he was so much consumed by those brain fans that he even ignored the most primitive instinct of the body.

Sitting on the snow with the burnt corpse in his arms, the man seemed to have no sense of the cold, and he could not remember to do anything else. It seemed that as long as the burnt corpse was in his hand, he had everything.

It's getting dark.

"Rawwr!" The long wolf cry came from a distance.

The dusk of the day and night is also the most dangerous time of the day in the snow.

A fat rabbit with gray fur emerged from the snow, squatted in the snow and stopped for a moment, then ran quickly towards the man.

"Bang!" The fat rabbit hit the man. Hiss! What is this? Why is it on my way home?

The man turned his head and looked down.

The fat rabbit trembled, turned over, fainted for a while, and leaped in a different direction.

The beast lying in the snow ready to kill the rabbit changed its target. The rabbit had too little meat. The silly Two Legged Monsters had so much meat. The silly animal knew which one to kill.

A beast with two tails, a sharp head, and a long body, a meter long and half a meter tall, approached the man's back quietly.


The man turned his head and ears as if to judge how far the wolf was from him.

Right now! Rathead and double tail wolf pounced at the man's neck.


The man's body did not turn, only twisted branches of the right hand around behind him grasped the neck of the rat-head double-tailed beast, hand with the strength of the double-tailed beast's neck was crushed.

Dropping the beast and carefully putting the charred corpse in his arms back on his leather coat, the man grabbed the beast again, and the sense of hunger, which had been delayed and neglected, came out so abruptly.

The man didn't want to think about it. He twisted his hands and twist off the head of the two-tailed beast. The hot blood gushed out and the man opened his mouth and swallowed the bleeding.

"Good." A large amount of blood was drank down, too late to swallow it all and escaping blood rolled from the man's mouth around the flow, his naked body was dyed black and red.

There were patches of blood on the snow.

He took another gulp of blood, but this time the man did not swallow. He threw aside the body of the two-tailed beast, went to the side of his leather clothes and knelt on one knee. He carefully lifted the charred body and looked for his head, which was huddled together with his body.

The head of the scorched corpse is slightly drooping, and the legs and arms are all curled up in front of the chest. This is a nature preservation position.

The man gently shook the head of the burnt corpse, and the head did not lift him up much. If it was generally burned by a thunder fire, it would be possible to let the body of the coke die up, even if it moved lightly.

But the burnt corpse features didn't exist. His neck was soft.

Holding the head of the burned corpse, the man lowered his head, pointed his mouth at the mouth of the burned corpse into a black hole, put the tip of his tongue against his teeth which were not fully closed, and poured blood into his mouth.

He needs blood, so does his burnt corpse. The man took it as a mission.

Then he sucked his mouth and poured some warm blood into the charred corpse, and the man began to tear the fur off the bobtail with his hand.

The right hand wrapped in vines was directly turned into a sharp wooden tip. It slices open the belly of the beast, smelled its internal organs, threw them away, and puts its heart out and into its mouth to chew vigorously.

Blood spilled over. The man ate with relish.

A heart is certainly not satisfied. Fortunately, he instinctively knows where to eat and how to eat. Forced with brute force to strip off the skin of the double-tailed beast, revealing the flesh and blood of the body, the man was buried in a burst of biting and gnawing.

He didn't eat some things, but he didn't know why. After eating, he found himself starved. A beast, one meter long and half a meter tall, almost gave him a nibble. Even the animal lost head was stripped on its skin and gnawed several mouthfuls. Finally, he left a piece of the tenderest waist, and the man returned to the burnt corpse.

Put the pieces of meat beside the mouth hole of the burned corpse, and the burned corpse DID not respond.

The man stuffed it several times and found that the burnt corpse had not been able to swallow. He was in a hurry.

Why will you not eat? Does it taste bad?

He did not think about whether the burnt corpse could eat. He only remembered that feeding him was what he had to do. He could not make him go hungry.

"Whoa -!" The wolf's cry came closer and closer.

You can't stay here any longer. There was a voice in his brain reminding him.

The man quickly wrapped up the burnt corpse, picked up the two long tails of the duplex, tore off a piece of fur, cleaned it with snow on both sides, wrapped up the tender meat and stuffed it into the package.

There's one more thing that hasn't been done. He smelled too bloody to attract herds to follow him.

The man dug up the ice and snow with his hand and rubbed it directly on his body. The ice and snow were dyed red, but his body gradually became clean, except that his skin was rubbed red by the ice and snow.

A heavy smell of the herd came to the wind. The man quickly lifted the parcel and left the place with the fastest speed.

Where will I go after this?

The man walked aimlessly with a big package on his back. He was looking for a safe place. He hasn't done one thing yet. The tender meat hasn't been fed to the burnt body yet.

It's getting dark, but it's not too dark because of the mapping between snow and the glowing light of the night sky.

The smell from the wind was no longer carrying the smell of wild animals, and the clearing was quiet. The snow was smooth and there was no mark left by wild animals walking.

The man stopped, put down the package and untied it. He sat down everywhere and took the charred corpse into his arms.

He thought of ways.

The man grabbed the packet of tender meat, threw away the wrapped fur, put it in his mouth, chewed it, chewed it rotten, and then lowered his head into the dark mouth.

He waited for a while to open the mouth of the burnt corpse and check it, but the meat he fed was still there.

Why not eat? Do you only drink blood?

The man regret it and decided that he will feed him more animal blood as soon as they know it.

From the mouth of the burnt corpse, he picked up the meat residue and stuffed it into his mouth and ate it. He did not leave the tender meat left. He had not eaten enough.

It's safe. There's food in the stomach. The man doesn't know what to do next. He looks around with the burnt corpse everywhere.

The body of the charred corpse was burned by thunder and cracks were everywhere. Men occasionally took a look at it. The deepest part of the meat seemed not black or charred, and they looked a little red, just like the fresh animal meat he had just peeled.

Somehow, the man was happy and held the charred body firmly in his arms, so he sat in the snow.

The cold wind blew, and the man fell asleep with his head hanging and his body burnt.

On the second day, he woke up again and picked up the burnt corpse.

For the next two days he did not meet another beast, not even a silly rabbit. If it weren't for the snow on the ground to replenish the water, he would have moved in a different direction.

Fifth day after finding the charred body, he saw a large mountain forest.

But when he saw the horse running to death, he walked for two more days and was not close to the forest, but on the way he caught a wild bird flying over his head and was shitting casually.

Wild birds have little blood and little meat when they pluck their hair. The blood was fed to the burned corpse, and the meat and bones were all in his stomach, but even so, the man was hungry.

And the days that followed were not so good. Sometimes he was lucky enough to encounter lonely beast. Sometimes he could not see a beast for a day or two. The most unfortunate and fortunate thing was to encounter a herd of beasts.

Fortunately, he has great strength and his right arm is made of branches. He can deal with small animals in general, but if he encounters more powerful animals, he is afraid that something will happen to the burnt corpses behind him, and he will choose to escape.

As the days went by, the snow had not fallen for a while, but the weather became colder.

Spring is coming. The man looked up and thinks of many mountains and forests near at last.

Snowy days, that is, the days when spring and winter alternate, are always the coldest. It seems that someone told him so.

The snow on the ground below seemed to be thinning, the sound of running water came from far away, and the distant mountains and forests could already see the tips of the Tibetan-blue trees.

He could not remember how many days had gone.

After another day of walking with one foot deep and one foot shallow, the man was tired, put down the package and habitually carried the charred body out, but this time he could not help sniffing the charred body from top to bottom.

At the moment, the charred corpse is basically not smelly at all.

The stomach contracted and a strong sense of hunger spread to the brain. The last wild bird caught before had eaten two days ago.

These two days he seems to have fallen into the territory of a powerful beast, and for two days he has not even seen a passing bird.

He was looking forward to seeing the powerful beast, and he promised that he would not leave any flesh for the other party this time.

He smelled the burnt corpse again and felt a little hungry. He seemed to smell fresh flesh. This morning he also opened his eyes and saw that the flesh color in the depths of the burnt skin was more and more bright red. He even suspected that he heard a heartbeat, but he lay his ears on the chest of the burned corpse for a long time and did not hear a second sound.

Want to eat but can't eat! Although he felt in his heart that this corpse was probably the best food in the world.

He had eaten him. The man thought. He still remembered his taste, which seemed a little bitter, and a strange fragrance? But it's really delicious!

This thought made him hungry even more.

No more, he just couldn't help putting out his tongue and licking his baby's burnt black head and face.

Rewrap the burnt corpse in his fur coat and carry it on his back. The man stands up.

Blood and flesh, he knew subconsciously that he needed them, and he couldn't just wait.

Though he did not understand why he knew it, he knew that if he waited any longer, he might not even be able to walk.

Instinctively, the man carried the charred corpse in the direction of the sound of the water, which he guessed might have flowed out of the mountain forest.

Soon he saw a river with ice on both sides and a fine current in the middle.

Walking along the river, this walk took a long time, leaving behind a long string of deep footprints behind the man.

It's too slow, he thought.

Without a sound, a piece of soil appeared at the foot of the man. The soil grew quickly and turned into a shape like a sled.

The man bowed his head and the mud-made sled quickly dispersed.

What's the matter?

He wanted the sled board to appear again, but no matter how hard he tried, the dirt scattered around his feet did not respond.

And in doing so, he was hungrier.

Looking at his right arm, look at his feet, and think about the shape of the sled board he saw just now. The bottom of his feet suddenly itched. Soon, the root-like stems stretch out from the bottom of his feet, quickly extend and interlace, and weave two sled boards on the spot.

The man stamped his feet and found that he was no longer falling in the snow in the ground as before. He took a big stride and walked quickly. At first he felt that his feet were a bit heavy. But gradually, he walked faster and faster. He didn't know where his brain was lit up. He learnt to skate on the foot by himself.

The wind flies fast across his face. The faster the man slides, the faster he encounters obstacles. He either avoids or trips over his head. He trips and touches the package behind him. When he sees nothing is wrong, he climbs up and continues to slide.

Anyway, it doesn't hurt to fall. Later, men became more relaxed and more comfortable running and skiing on the snow.

The mountain forest is getting closer...


He turned around and stopped sliding.

Not only the fire, but also the human voice.

Human beings? Strange, how did he know that those who spoke were human beings?

He seems to know many things, just as he instinctively knows that burnt corpse is very important to him.

Let's go and have a look. He smelled the smell of roast meat.

The sled boards on the man's feet became smaller, only bigger than two big feet flaps appeared and slightly raised around them.

At the edge of the forest, a group of people were barbecuing on a barbecue fire, with four fur tents behind them.

Dozens of the war beasts huddled together for warmth. Behind the war beasts were no less than a hundred savages.

Savages are savages because they only wear the simplest set of scalp fur with holes in the middle, straw ropes or leather ropes around their waists, and animal skins around their feet. Their bare legs are still exposed, their hair and beard are shaggy, and women are better, but their hair is scattered at will.

Like the war beasts, these savages huddled together, eager to see the fire and barbecue in front of the tent, but full of hatred and resentment when they looked at the crowd near the fire.

"Nuo Fei Da-Ren, didn't you say Tucheng-Earth City is northeast? Why are we heading towards the other way? And by distance, shouldn't we have arrived at Tucheng-Earth City now?” A man with long hair and shawls re-thought something and asked questions that had been in his mind for days.

A man who was in his prime of life, wearing a yuan crystal ornament, laughed at the broken bone in his mouth. "Since when do I want you to ask?”

The long-haired man stayed silent.

Nuo Fei pointed to a mountain forest not far away. "When you cross this mountain forest, you will see Yincheng-Sound City, one of the Nine Great Cities. I visited Yincheng-Sound City once two years ago. The people of Yincheng-Sound City made a hard way out of the mountain forest. On the way, there were Yincheng-Sound City's defensive warriors patrolling. You need not worry too much about the wild animals in the mountain forest. Fortunately, maybe their patrol warriors will escort us on a journey.

"Yincheng-Sound City?”  The long-haired man and others raised their heads in surprise.

The long-haired man busily asked, "Nuo Fei Da-Ren, didn't we say we are going to Tucheng-Earth City this time?  How did you get to Yincheng-Sound City? "

"Our Da-Ren will do you no harm you think?”  A tall woman in armor sneered.

"No, I don't mean that, just when we started out, Nuo Fei Da-Ren said that he was going to Tucheng-Earth City, and now he suddenly said that it was Yincheng-Sound City. It was strange." The long-haired man explained carefully.

Nuo Fei laughed. "It's been six months since I took you out of your city. Six months ago, there will be no change in some places, but there will be earth-shaking changes in some places."

The man looked at his companion and boldly asked, "Da-Ren, what happened to Tucheng-Earth City?”

"Yes, something happened to Tucheng-Earth City, and my staff in Tucheng-Earth City sent me a message that I should not go to Tucheng-Earth City anytime soon."

The long-haired man doubted that he had not seen anyone approaching Nuo Fei and others on the way, except a group of savage slaves they had just grabbed on the road.

The man's companion made an action to remind him that the long-haired man clapped his thighs and remembered, "That bird! No wonder the bird is so close to Da-Ren. Da-Ren touches it and feeds it. It doesn't run either.”

Nuo Fei did not deny that "these birds are not easy to cultivate, and they are often caught by other killers on the road. The news I got has lagged behind a lot, but anyway, Tucheng-Earth City is not the right place to go now."

"What happened to Tucheng-Earth City? Nuo Fei Da-Ren?”  The long hair man and his companion were curious. The people on the Nuo Fei side were actually curious, all looking at Nuo Fei.

Tucheng-Earth... City?! The man with the burnt corpse on his back who eavesdrops feels that these two words are very familiar with him, so that he just hears them and rushes to his head angrily.

Tucheng-Earth City! Tucheng-Earth City!

Why does he hate Tucheng-Earth City so much? The man did not understand, but his hand naturally touched the big package behind him.

Nuo Fei took the hot soup handed down by his subordinates and drank his mouth. He said, "It is said that Tucheng-Earth City Temple has offended a person who should not be offended. Now the man with a big bird has made a mess of Tucheng-Earth City. Tucheng-Earth City Temple has been burned off by him, and Tucheng-Earth King has been smothered by him, forcing him to give up his brother, his guardian and his disciples."

"Ah?” The listener can't believe it." How can it be? How dare a bird run to Tucheng-Earth City, one of the Nine Great Cities? And they smothered their King?

"How is it impossible? It's just about who's causing the trouble." Nuo Fei laughed.

"Who is that man?”  Several people asked in unison.

"Have you heard of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu?”

The crowd shook their heads.

"Then you will remember this name later, and remember that he is one of the most easily offended people in the world." Nuo Fei has a mysterious face.

Even the tall female warrior was curious. "Da-Ren, how good is the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu?  Why can't anyone offend him? "

"I don't know much about him, but all the people who mentioned the word Curse-Witch Zhou Wu to me told me that they would rather have the Nine Great Cities kowtow all over, and never offend the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu. The man is said to be the most powerful cursing witch in the world. His curse is so effective that it is very difficult for the great temples priest to untie his curse.”

"The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu..." One of Nuo Fei's men muttered, "Ah! I've heard about this man, Da-Ren. There's a legend about the Cursing Witch. It's said that more than 30 years ago, Manfeila City, which had risen to the middle of the city offended the Priest of Wucheng-City of Witches. As a result, the whole city was cursed and infected with the plague. At that time, all the people in the city died of the plague. Is the witch in this story the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu you mean?”

Nuo Fei nodded heavily. "It's him, and it's because of this that everyone was totally afraid of him, but the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu himself was expelled by Wucheng-City of Witches Temple and no longer served as the Temple’s Priest. In addition, the people of Manfeila did not die, but their King blood and high-ranking warriors died out almost, and were later annexed by another city.

"Heaven! That man is terrible. Tucheng-Earth City is not full of plague now, is it?” The long-haired man called Mother God in Heaven.

"Who knows?" Nuo Fei sighed. “I only received one message, and I haven't received it since. I don't know if they didn't get any more information later, or if they died on the way. But I think the situation in Tucheng-Earth City must be very bad now, because they not only offended the most undesirable curse witch, it even provoked the Human-face Kunpeng Clan.

"Human -face Kunpeng? A lot of people know about it this time!”

Nuo Fei: "Well, the last time I got the news that the bird attacked Tucheng-Earth City Temple’s Priest like a lunatic bird, it blew a lot of windy days, Tucheng-Earth City was windy and sandy, and nobody could go out."

The tall female warrior blurted out, "Why is Tucheng-Earth City so unlucky?”

"You should ask them why they dare catch the disciple of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu."

"Yes, why did they catch the disciples of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu?”

Nuo Fei shook his head. "Who knows, the news didn't come out. Just say that Tucheng-Earth City Temple and the royal family have turned to other cities asking for help, especially Wucheng-City of Witches.”

The man on the back of the body was attracted by this to his ears. When Nuo Fei talked about The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and the Human-face, he felt very familiar to these words, but his brain was just like what had been separated from him so that he could not connect the sense of familiarity and memory directly.

A man was a little anxious, but he doesn't worry about his situation. He seems to instinctively know that his situation is temporary. When he recovers from his injury, he will naturally remember everything.

Did I get hurt? The man was in a trance.

And in the moment of his shaking, a black shadow came close to his back, and when he responded, a bone blade had been placed around his neck.

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