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Banished to Another World, Chapter 436: Collaborated victory

Banished-To-Another-World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang   


Banished to Another World, Chapter 436: Collaborated victory
    The situation of the Huoguo village is better than that of the Wadi village. The village witch also arranged the patients in the first to third layers of the cliff wall according to their weight. The fourth floor is unoccupied, and the fifth floor is reserved for the healthy and strong. And the elderly, young children and pregnant women are arranged at the top.
    Yan Mo was busy for an evening and was resting in the Huoguo village that evening.
    "I don't have enough drugs." Who would have thought that when I got here, I would run into cholera? “God helps self-rescuers, medicines must be made locally.”
    "This is a few herbs that I urgently need. Have you seen them?" Yan Mo took out the herbal book he had recorded when he had nothing to do, and pulled out the pictures he needed for the two villages.
    The vivid, realistic drawings did not surprise the two village witches. They thought that this was divine power and thought that Yan Mo had detained the souls of these herbs.
    What surprised them was the book and pen that Yan Mo took out. It was like the ones used by the Horn-people Da-Ren lord and priest, but the priest treated these as very valuable, the ordinary Horn-people can't afford it.
    Hou Nu and Yan Zhen looked at the sketches carefully and shook their heads after watching each other. "Da-Ren, we haven't seen these herbs. But you can rest assured that we will let people go out tomorrow."
    “It’s too time-consuming to send people to find it without knowing where to look.” Yan Mo looked at the three villages’ people, all of who were ill, so it’s hard to find other villages nearby who have managed to escape the disaster. He can't just manage the Wadi village and the Huoguo village, and if he can find the medicine, it is also a good opportunity for him to reduce SCUM VALUE, by a lot.
    Unfortunately, Yuan Zhan is not with him, and Yan Mo ability to control wood can't make plants grow. He can only make his body grow a wooden thorn to be used as a weapon. In addition, even if there are people who can give grow plants, some treatments for cholera are very effective since the herb on his hand is running out of stock.
    Hou Nu the village witch looked at the fire and thought about it again and again: "Da-Ren, maybe the Wuqian City will have these herbs, the Horn-people's Da-Ren are good at refining the bone objects, and the refining of the bone objects also requires a lot of herbs, I used to go to the Wuqian City and saw several herb shops. The herbs they sell are not only sold in the vicinity, but also in the Kings City."
    Yan Mo's eyes lit up, how did he forget this? Although he did not plan to meet the Horn-people so early, it is an inevitable thing.
    Yan Zhen the village witch looked at Yan Mo and hesitated, then he said: "But the road we went to the Wuqian City has been closed, and the crossings are guarded, including the small road. We also sent people to the Wuqian City for help, but they were all pushed back at the crossing. The people went sent these two days were not able to get close to the crossing and were forced back by the bows. The guards on the other side also yelled that if we dare to approach, they will kill us!"
    "This is not a problem. The road that has already been formed has been sealed, then the mountain road, the wild road?"
    Hou Shi took a shot and said, "I am taking the lead. I know that more than one road to approach the Wuqian City."
    Hou Nu the village witch wanted to stop.
    Yan Mo thought of an important question: "What kind of exchange do you need to buy herbs in the Wuqian City?"
    Hou Shi said of course: "Of course it is a bone coin."
    "Do you have a bone coin? Show it to me?"
    It’s the village witch Yan Zhen who took out the bone coins. Doesn’t see them as if they know the bone coins. Usually, when they use the bone coins, there are very few people who could get a hold of them. Some people who go to the Wuqian City to work as slaves will get some bone coins. Usually they use barter trade to pay for worship or to trade with each other.
    Yan Mo took over the bone coin and saw that the bone coin here has some common features of ancient coins: round, about 1.5 cm in diameter, and it is divided into front and back. The front has an impression of a horn with a pattern around it. The back is the text of the Bone Sculpting people word, which means a bone.
    The village witch Yan Zhen explained: "The bone coin is divided into six grades: bone particles, one bone, five bones, ten bones, fifty bones and one hundred bones. But we usually do not use bone coins, even if it is used, most of them are also use bone particles."
    "Bone particles?"
    The village witch Yan Zhen took a small skin and poured out the bone particles inside and turned to look at Yan Mo. "These are the bone particles, which is smaller than a bone. One hundred bones are replaced by a bone coin."
    The bones are really small, one particle is bigger than the soybeans, pure black.
    In Yan Zhen Village, all the bones and bones owned by the witches are less than one hundred and fifty bones coins. In this way, the village witch Yan Zhen is also the richest person in the village, even richer than the village witch Hou Nu.
    At the same time, Yuan Zhan had already arrived at the Wadi village under the leadership of the Qianshan village, but the situation was not particularly smooth.
    The people in the Wadi village saw the Qianshan villagers appear, they were thinking that they were here to rob the property and food, and all were on guard. The timid village chief Liang Tian took the courage to lead the village to stop Yuan Zhan and others.
    "What do you want here?"
    "Your village witch? Hurry and ask him to come out!" The Qianshan villagers circumvented Yuan Zhan and shouted at Ling Tian.

    "What do you want with our village witch?" Huo Ling Tian and the villagers of the Wadi village, they noticed the extraordinary Yuan Zhan, but did not expect that this person would have a relationship with the previous god.
    "Good thing! Hurry up, don't let Da-Ren wait!" The Qianshan village witch thought that the Qianshan village was stronger than the Wadi village. At this time, there was Yuan Zhan on the side of the Qianshan village. He was not for polite conversation and was even a bit arrogant.
    "Which Da-Ren?"
    "Huo Ling Tian! How can you talk so much nonsense, hurry up and call Hou Nu!"
    The Qianshan village witch is so arrogant that the people in the village are more resentful and nervous. However, the stronger Hou Shi in the village and the village witch Hou Nu is not there. Huo Ling Tian can only bluff: "You Qianshan village are in violation of the agreement, you even came with so many people crossing the border at night, do you want to fight with our village?"
    The dispute between the Qianshan village and the people of the Wadi village was heard in the ears of Yuan Zhan as the two groups of wild birds who were noisy, and he was upset.
    "Shut up!"
    The violent temper is like a deep thunder. The two villagers are scared and had to close their mouths even if they don't understand. They all looked to Yuan Zhan.
    Yuan Zhan reached out and pointed at the ground, and everyone saw the flat ground suddenly bulging.
    The two villagers screamed because the uplift was like a person struggling to emerge from the ground.
    The skull, upper limbs, and lower limbs have appeared, but the facial features have not yet become apparent.
    Yuan Zhan was not good at painting, but after many years of construction, he occasionally followed Yan Mo when he was drawing his drawings. Yan Mo’s appearance has been portrayed in his mind, and now he wants to make a picture of Yan Mo it is not difficult.
    Just before he arrived here, the Qianshan village people appeared too suddenly. He forgot this skill. He barely used this way to communicated for a long time, but now he thought about it.
    The facial features of the earth image gradually became clear.
    The Qianshan village people have never seen Yan Mo, they were only looking at the earth statue that is becoming more and more like a person and they were surprised and scared.
    But the people in the village are not the same. Many people yell at the earth statue. "Isn't that God sent Da-Ren?"
    Yuan Zhan has been paying attention to the people in the village, and when he look at their expressions, they were immediately overjoyed. These people must have seen Yan Mo!
    “Where is he?” Yuan Zhan pointed to the earth statue and asked the villagers.
    The people in the village guessed that Yuan Zhan was probably looking for God sent Da-Ren, but they did not know Yuan Zhan question, and they could not answer.
    Yuan Zhan couldn't communicate with these people, and he was anxious. He immediately stamped the ground and looked up at the surrounding: "Yan Mo -!"
    Returning the coin to Yan Zhen of Yan Zhen Village, he didn’t know if it’s an illusion. Just now, he seems to hear Yuan Zhan calling him? It’s not really like he heard in the ear, but like the impact on the soul, it’s like Yuan Zhan is calling him with soul power from nearby.
    It’s weird, how is he so wierded out today? First of all, he heard the sound of Jiu Feng. Now even the voice of Yuan Zhan is felt. Is there any sequelae in crossing the space channel?
    Yan Mo shook his head with a funny smile, but the commotion that came out of his heart made him unable to sit still.

    “Da-Ren?” Hou Nu looked at him strangely, and Yan Mo suddenly stood up.
    "I will go out and walked around." Yan Mo walked out of the cliff wall and thought about it. He took out the horn from his pocket, and whether he was an illusion or a slap in the face, he would miss his hometown.
    Yan Mo specially climbed to the highest point of the cave cliff.
    The long, quaint, high-pitched horns sounded, crossed the forest, crossed the stream, and spread to distant places.
    The Huoguo village and the villagers living in the mountains on the left and right sides of the brackets heard the horn sound. Many people climbed up and wanted to hear where the strange sound came from.
    "Wooooo woo woo woooo--"
    Two long, two short and one long, this is calling for the call of tribesmen to his teammates to get closer to find each other.
    Basically, the horn was blown, and Yan Mo stands at the highest point of the nearby hills. The horn sound is not blocked, so it traveled far and wide from the wind.
    “Mo?!” Yuan Zhan exclaimed. He wanted to ask for what happened to Yan Mo from villager in the Wadi village, but when he wanted to do it, the horn sound came.
    He listened attentively to determine the message contained in the horn sound was and how far it was.
    After the last sound, Yuan Zhan has laughed and disappeared from the original place.
    Old man-He was left behind. He was very calm and did not care very much about the smile of the two villagers. He went to the side and found a flat stone to sit down. He was old and had just been tossed by the space channel. He had used his ability and now he just wanted to lie down and have a good rest.
    On the top of the cliff, Yan Mo put away the horn.
    Hou Shi, who climbed up, asked him curiously: "God sent Da-Ren, what are you doing?"
    Yan Mo smiled mysteriously. "I am calling my companion."
    Similarly, Hou Nu and Yan Zhen, who came over, asked Hou Nu carefully: “Da-Ren, are you calling other gods to help us?”
    Yan Mo smiled, "Yeah, but I don't know if they will hear it if..."
    "Mo -! Yan Mo!"
    Yan Mo was over-expecting, and he turned and looked to the east.
    "Hula!" A large group of birds rushed into the night sky. The strange birds and a strange screams attracted many people to look outside, and some people were unclear, so they shivered.
    Yuan Zhan traveled quickly through the mountains and forests, and he wondered how many unlucky birds and beasts were shocked by the wind left by his running.
    Yan Mo's face was full of incredible smiles, and he used the horn to immediately blow a voice to tell him the correct direction.
    A moment later, the Huoguo village and Hou Nu and Hou Shi and others saw a tall, muscular knot, and the stalwart man like the ancient god of war suddenly came in from the dark.
    The man ran out of the forest, and after a few jumps, like a flat bird, he jumped directly from the ground to the highest point on the cliff.
    Hou Nu and The village witch Yan Zhen and others all opened their mouths: ... the God sent messenger actually summoned his partner! This scene, is it a legendary god warrior?
    "Mo." The tall man stared at the teenager in front of him, his eyes lit like a flame burning.
    "A-Zhan." Yan Mo looked back and whispered.
    The two looked at each other and slowly smiled.
    "Finally found you!" Yuan Zhan stepped forward and held the boy.
    Yan Mo was in a weird mood. They were only two days apart, but Yuan Zhan felt like he had been separated for many years.
    "You came so fast." Yan Mo lamented.
    Yuan Zhan tightened his arms and said nothing.
    Yan Mo was a little bit stiffened by his hug, but he didn't struggle.
    His heart suddenly settled, and before the appearance of Yuan Zhan, he did not even know that he missed the bastard animal.

    This is a cross trip from one continent to another. He doesn't know what method and price Yuan Zhan used to find him so quickly, but he knows it is not easy.
    He never thought that there would be someone who cares about him this much, almost where he went, and where this person will go.
    He thought that the other party's power desire was very heavy. He thought that the other party would become more a 10th rank warrior and be satisfied, but when he disappeared, this person would leave the Jiu Yuan and leave everything he could get to chase after him.
    "You know I won't die." At least before The Guide reaches its purpose.
    Yuan Zhan's answer is that his mouth bit the ear.
    "I can't stand you not being with me, I can't bear it for a day!" the man said vaguely.
    "How come you? How did you know that I am here?" Yan Mo was bitten by his bite and he was a little confused. He thought, he wondered how he would hug the animal and then the animal would bite him?
    And he didn't know that when he didn't know it, his arm had already held the man back.
    The man did not hide, and told him in his ear of what happened after the disappearance.
    The two men whispered back together and completely forgot that there were others around.
    The forgotten Yan Zhen village witch waved his hand and let the village chief wait for the busy people to finish their talk. The village witch Hou Nu also dragged Hou Shi to drag him down.
    There is no moon tonight, but the stars are very bright.
    “The people here have got the disease?” Yuan Zhan didn’t hold Yan Mo tightly, but he held his hand tightly.
    "Well, it's very serious. It's hot and rainy in the summer. I have to solve it quickly, otherwise the disease will spread more and more will die." Yan Mo also pinched him.
    “Does it have any influence on you?”
    "If a person is a strong person then they some resistance, yes, this is a preventive medicine, you eat it first." Yan Mo can't gamble whether the blood warrior is immune.
    Yuan Zhan took the pill into his mouth, so the bitter medicine, he even chewed it twice.
    "You just came, some herbs are not enough, I need you to help me to grow some, and in addition, we have to go to the Wuqian City to see if their herbal shop has any symptomatic herbs for sale. Right, you said Jiu Feng came with you, where is he?"
    "He should be far away, otherwise he will hear your horn sound coming over. How do you know about the situation here? What about the Wuqian City?"
    Yan Mo shared what he currently knows with Yuan Zhan.
    Yuan Zhan was silent for a while: "It seems that the Bone Sculpting people are very powerful here."
    Yan Mo nodded. "I even suspect that they have ruled this land, and at least they have occupied a certain territory."
    Yuan Zhan touched his chin, and bad ideas came out one by one. "Since we came, we can't just cure some locals and fly back. Then, since the Bone Sculpting people can run to our east mainland to start a war, how do you say that if we start shit in the middle of their old nest?"
    "You are not worried about the Jiu Yuan?"
    “What are you worried about? The Priest Temple has the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Lamo Ling, we have two 10th rank warriors, Zheng and Shen Gu have grown up in their warriors  management in recent years, and Wu Chen is the city manager looking after it day by day. More like the matter, Sha Lang and Xiao Hei can also work to help them. The Jiu Yuan doesn't have only one city. Since we are not there. We can just exercise their ability to look after things. In the future, we will send them out to expand the territory of the Jiu Yuan and they will do these same things without us.”
    “I am worried that the Bone Sculpting people will to first attack the Jiu Yuan.”
    Yuan Zhan shook his head. "It’s not possible from the distance. We are very inland in the Jiu Yuan territory. They just got ashore. It’s going to take a lot of effort to lay down and stabilize the coastal sites that have already been overtaken, otherwise they will spend a long time for that, there were so many bone slaves buried in various forces in the city. The Jiu Yuan has such a small territory, even if some people in The Nine Great Cities want to retaliate against the Jiu Yuan, and if they want to make their warriors go straight into the barren land, it is not worth it. The last unfortunate thing is themselves, as long as the rulers of those forces still have a little brain they will not do this."
    "I am afraid that some of the most powerful will first go to Jiu Yuan."
    "Then we, the Jiu Yuan, have bunch of some ones to deal with them." Yuan Zhan rubbed his own Priest Da-Ren, laughing.
    "What are you laughing about? You look weird."
    Yuan Zhan laughed even more. "Do you not think that the attitude of the two of us is reversed? You used to not care about The Jiu Yuan before."
    Yan Mo: "..."
    "Because I care, I am not supposed to be worried? Just know that if you are not in trouble and the city will not die."
    Yan Mo rolled his eyes. "When did your mouth began to slip like this?" My goodness, the primitive man will also talk about love!
    Yuan Zhan bowed his head and smiled and shook his head. "I am very happy, really, you don't know how happy I am."
    "You are so happy, I care about the Jiu Yuan?" Yan Mo said helpless.
    Yuan Zhan grinned and kissed him. "No, I am glad that you care about me too. Just holding me tight, your eyes are still wet."
    "Don't have to admit it, you just saw me and you were so excited that you cried."
    Yan Mo swears a swearing word and jumped forward – but his hand was pulled.
    "Let’s die together." Yuan Zhan laughed, grabbed him with one hand and they jumped together.

    Yan Mo screamed in midair: "... Crazy!"

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