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Chapter 256: Fake News

Banished To Another World 异世流放 Yi Shi Liu Fang     


  Chapter 256: Fake News

"What's the matter? Say it." Yan Mo watched Yuan Zhan move to him and he naturally leaned on him.
Maybe it's really important. Meng sat down on the ground, and his expression became more serious. "When Da-Zhan saw Tian-Wu and didn't find him that day, he let me turn around and spy in the Moer-Gan place. If I could get into that cave, I'd better pay attention to their priest's movement."

"What did you find in that cave?"
Meng shook his head. “That cave is not easy to enter. People watch it day and night. It's probably the place where they train warriors. It may be very big inside, or there's another more secret passageway leading to the outside. I've noticed that the same batch of warriors will come in two or three days later, and some of them will go in. I haven't seen anyone come out yet, and the warriors who come out look very tired, as if they had a fierce fight with someone. But that's not the most important thing I want to say.”
When Yuan Zhan heard this description, he somehow thought of the place where Yu-Wu had pointed out to his warrior for training.
Would that cave be a similar place?
Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan did not speak, but looked at Meng.
Meng pointed to the next door. "You must have wondered what I heard near that cave this afternoon."
Yan Mo sat upright. "It's about The Salt Mountain Tribesmen?"
Meng nodded. “I saw Qi Hao, and he was coming to the Priest, who often went to the cave entrance to help warriors out of the cave heal. Seeing that they seemed to have something important to say to one another, I followed them secretly. They probably didn't expect anyone to eavesdrop on them. Mo made the camouflage clothes made of branches and leaves work well. I was very close, and they didn't notice it either.”
Meng looked at Yan Mo, and when it came to the Tribesmen of The Priest, he spoke with a little caution. "That Qi Hao told their priest that the Salt Mountain Tribesman came to him with the Elder and said that we, the Jiu Yuan, wanted to find more salt mountains and scam the Moer Gan by using The Salt Mountain Tribesmen and said you promised it yourself."
Yan Mo frowned.
Yuan Zhan snorted, "What are their plans for The Salt Mountain Tribesmen and us?"
Meng looked at Yan Mo again. "They said The Priest of The Salt Mountain Tribesmen was cunning, saying he would help them find more salt, but they kept thinking about running away and it wasn't much use to keep it. Qi Hao told the Priest that he wanted his warriors to tie a group of warriors to attack the Salt Mountain Tribesmen and kill both the chief of the Salt Mountain Tribesmen and the Priest, leaving the Salt Mountain Tribesmen as slaves for digging and making salt.
Yan Mo immediately asked, "Have they started yet?"
"No, that Qi Hao said that he would let the warriors go early the next morning, just before the Salt Mountain Tribesmen returned."
"What about the Jiu Yuan? How are they going to deal with us?" Yuan Zhan asked.
Meng looked at Jiu Feng this time. "What they said later that  we may have something to do with what Jiu Feng Da-Ren and Mo Da-Ren to attack them. Qi Hao said that we Jiu Yuan were upset, that our slaves had stolen their god fish, and that we did not respect the Moer-Gan very much. He said that after a long time, the Jiu Yuan would become the Moer-Gan's great enemy. That Qi Hao wanted to bring the Water God Tian-Wu over and kill us on the pretext that we colluded with the Salt Mountain Tribesmen to steal their salt mountain! "
Yan Mo, "Their Priest agreed?"
"At first, he didn't promise, but Qi Hao said that we had better red salt in The Jiu Yuan. So that they better kill us and then go to Jiu Yuan and take over the territory directly."
"Aren't they afraid that we really have something to do with the Uptown of The Three Cities?" Yan Mo was surprised that he knew exactly how Tribesmen of The Moer-Gan and other ministries guessed his details in his mind.
Meng pulled his lips. "The Priest was also worried about this, and he was afraid of upsetting other tribes. So he told Qi Hao that he should not take the Water God with him to work in markets and crowded places. They want to wait until the market is over, until we leave The Moer-Gan and they will kill us on the road! "

Yan Mo had no idea that the Salt Mountain Tribesmen had betrayed him, or that it was the elder. Probably not the Salt Mountain Tribesmen.
Yuan Zhan stood up from the bed, grabbed his clothes and tied them on his body. He said decisively, "Mo, you put all the useful things in it." We can't wait until they're ready. We'll go to the river and call the slaves before dark. We'll leave later! "
If there were only a few of them, he wasn't very worried. Jiu Feng could take them away directly.
But they've just bought 1,500 slaves, and the Salt Mountain Tribesmen can't ignore them.
Yan Mo cussed, well, the free boat is no longer going to be available, so many people, they may have to walk back to the Jiu Yuan on two feet, on the way, do not know how many people will be lost! This also disrupted all his plans.
"Wait a minute." Yan Mo grabs Yuan Zhan's calf. "Meng, you and Da-He go to the Salt Mountain Tribesmen next door and tell Hei Qi about it. Do you know Hei Qi? If you don't know them, just say I told you to go, and then ask them who the elder is, first suppress their elder! It's best to work in the tent without being seen. Jiu Feng, please do me a favor. "
Jiu Feng thought it was funny, jumped on Meng's head and agreed.
Yan Mo looked up again and said to Yuan Zhan, "Come with me to The Snake People, Bianxi People and The Earth Cliff People."
Yuan Zhan thought for a moment, "No, there are many people in the Salt Mountain Tribesmen. Meng and Da-He are the only ones who will be used to be able to control them. Jiu Feng is the one who will watch over them, and there's a lot of movement. I'll go and wait for you."
"Then I'll go with you.” To convince Hei Qi, I'm afraid it's his face that counts.
Next door, The Salt Mountain Tribesmen were preparing food for the evening. It's not dark yet, but everyone starts to prepare it very early. Especially for the tribe who only eats two meals a day, it's very important to eat at night and try to eat as much as possible. Nobody wants to sleep hungry. At this time, there is no health preservation.
Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo came, and Da-da followed them.
Meng and Jiu Feng secretly left to spy on the Moer-Gan Qi Hao and others.
Da-He and Ding Fei pretended to be giving things to slaves, carrying several large parcels and heading straight to the open ground over the river.
Hei Qi was surprised to see the two men coming. He quickly handed over the matter to another person and got up to meet them.
Qing Ze crushed the salt with a stone. He dared not raise his head. He only looked at the two people secretly with the corner of his eye and guessed their business secretly.
"Hei Qi, there's an important thing to tell you. Who's in charge of this side besides you now?" Yan Mo comes up.
Hei Qi's heart was beating slightly. Would the young priest come here and say something about his brother? Is he really...
"This is the elder, Qing Ze that came out this time." Hei Qi shouted at Qing Ze.
Qing Ze sighed in his heart, threw down the salt and stood up slowly on his knees. He was really scared and wanted to run away. Now he just wanted to live a comfortable life. Even if they worked hard, it would be all right after that. He would find a way to make better salt in his family.
Young people just can't suffer and stand being suppressed, and don't see if the whole Salt Mountain Tribesmen can be suppressed, alas!
"It's hard to talk outside. Let's go into the tent." Yan Mo proposed.
Yuan Zhan's eyes turned slightly and found that there were slaves of The Moer-Gan on the roadside looking this way, intentionally or unconsciously, and some people were walking this way, even inside slaves of The Salt Mountain Tribesmen, one or two ears were erected.
Hei Qi looked at them with serious expressions, but did not say much. He led Qing Ze directly into the tent. Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo followed.
After the others entered, Da-da stood at the tent entrance like a King’s Totem, arms embraced, and stared at anyone who dared to approach. The man who wanted to approach and they met with such ferocity they stopped in their step.
Yan Mo saw nobody else in the tent, turned to Hei Qi and said, "Ask a few more people to come in beside you two. It's best to be able to meet the high people. What I'm going to say next is very important. It's about the life and death of your Salt Mountain Tribesmen."
Hei Qi and Qing Ze faces changed at the same time.
Qing Ze immediately said, "That's not good. You should discuss it with Hei qi first, we haven't gone back to talk to the chief and The Priest yet. Now let me tell you, if the Moer-Gan People knows..."
Yan Mo looked at him expressionlessly and said, "The Moer-Gan People already know."
Qing Ze's body shook and seemed surprised. "Did you talk to The Moer-Gan People?"
Yuan Zhan sneered and looked down at him with his tall stature. "You're the only elder who went out this time?"
Qing Ze did not reply. Hei Qi looked at Qing Ze and Yuan Zhan. He was surprised to reply, "Yes, Uncle Qing Ze is the only elder who came out this time."
"Hei Qi, you go out and call in a few more people. Don't call slaves. Be calm and don't arouse suspicion. Do you understand?" Yan Mo ordered it directly.
Hei Qi once again upset the speculation that "the other party may be his brother Hei Jiao", and how could such a domineering person be his silly brother?
Just as Hei Qi was about to turn around and leave, Qing Ze shouted, "Hei Qi!"
Yuan Zhan grabbed him by the neck, and Qing Ze felt as if there was more sand in his throat. Not only could he not say a word, but he also coughed and tried to spit out the sand in his throat.
"Uncle Qing Ze!" Hei Qi didn't rest assured of his old age and wanted to come back.
Yan Mo's face sank. "Hurry up! There's not so much time to dally with you. The more you delay a point, the more likely your Tribesmen will be killed and turned into slaves! "
Hei Qi thought that if the Jiu Yuan People really wanted to be unfavorable to them, not to mention only a few of them, even the entire Salt Mountain Tribesmen was here, I was afraid it would not be able to stop others from doing things. Without daring to delay any more, he ran around Da-da.
After a while, Hei Qi brought back four people, most of whom were about his age, and the largest one seemed to be in his early thirties.
Da-da didn't give way either. He had to be pushed past him. Everyone passed by, and he sniffed as if he were remembering the men scents.
Several people looked sideways at Da-da, but there was nothing they could do about him.
"Elder Qing Ze. What's wrong with him?" As soon as someone came in, they noticed something strange in the tent. They immediately asked and stared at Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo with bad eyes.
Qing Ze gasped, put his hand over his throat and pointed at Yan Mo. He meant to drive them away, but Hei Qi came and held his hand.
The 30-year-old man looked around the tent and asked calmly, "Can you explain what's going on here? Hei Qi said you have something very important to say, what is it?
Yuan Zhan's eyes turned to the young man, who had tattoos on his face. He was a 3rd Rank warrior.
"Are you the leader of the warriors?"
"Yes, I am Qing Lu, the leader of the warriors leading the market." Qing Lu raised his head. He was a little shorter than Yuan Zhan. He had a good momentum. At least he could speak calmly in front of Yuan Zhan.
He saw Yuan Zhan and felt he was a little familiar, but he did not go to the market before, and did not recognize Yuan Zhan as the original Jiu Yuan.

Yuan Zhan faced him and opened his mouth: "I'm the Chief of the Jiu Yuan. This is the Priest of the Jiu Yuan. I'll just say this only once. Listen well."
The people in the tent basically knew their identities and didn't speak at all. They still don't know what happened.
Yuan Zhan's voice was clear: "Your Tribesmen Hei Qi came to us and asked the Jiu Yuan for help. Our Priest, was kind-hearted and agreed. But your own Tribesmen are traitors, and our scouts have witnessed and heard that your elder informs Qi Hao of The Moer-Gan that you want to break away from The Moer-Gan with the help of Jiu Yuan.”
All the people in the tent faces turned gloomy. Qing Ze wondered if he had coughed so hard that his body began to tremble.
"And your elder probably didn't think that the Moer-Gan had long wanted to kill both your chief and priest and turn all your Tribesmen into slaves to make salt. This time he went to inform them of the fact and what he did gave them an excuse to attack your Salt Mountain Tribesmen!"
"Puff!" The sand in Elder Qing Ze's throat came out and mixed with sticky blood.
He kept vomiting, vomiting blood in one mouthful.
"Uncle Qing Ze?" Hei Qi looked incredulously at the middle-aged man he was supporting. He asked The Jiu Yuan to help him take them away from The Moer-Gan. He told him only one person.
He did not say that the Jiu Yuan had no reason to lie about that, but the Moer-Gan still knew about the talk which was supposed to be a secret, and thought that after he told Uncle Qing Ze about it, Uncle Qing Ze carried a basket of salt blocks and said that he was going out to trade with others. When he came back, a basket of salt was completely exchanged and three fat antler deer meat were led back. He also praised that Uncle Qing Ze was superior to others in that he could exchange crude salt for so much live meat.
Now think about it, Uncle Qing Ze's deal is a bit more generous than others. It turned out that he told the Moer-Gan People that secret and he was "rewarded" with this meat!
Qing Lu frowned and looked up at Hei Qi. "Hei Qi, is that true?"
Hei Qi looked pale and nodded silently.
"Why didn't you tell me something so important?" Qing Luwas angry, and the other three faces are very ugly.
Hei Qi's voice was low. "Uncle Qing Ze refused to let me talk to you about it. He said I would wait until he asked the chief and the priest."
Yuan Zhan shook his head. "According to the news we got back from the scouts, The Moer-Gan will send warriors to attack your Salt Mountain Tribesmen tomorrow. When you go back, probably The Salt Mountain Tribesmen will disappeared. No, I don't think it's possible for you to leave this market they will probably kill you half way.”
Qing Ze knelt slowly, and he seemed to murmur incredulously: "They didn't say that. They made it clear that as long as we refined better salt for them, they would make us like their people, and they said..."
Qing Lu had no energy to deal with Elder Qing Ze for the time being. He stabilized his mind and asked Hei Qi, "Tell me all about it, and what conditions do you have for you promised the Jiu Yuan?"
Hei Qi inhaled and shook his head. "I didn't promise anything. The Jiu Yuan People just suggested that if we were willing to join the Jiu Yuan, they would take us away from the Moer-Gan."
"Join The Jiu Yuan?" Qing Lu and the other three sneered. "The price is to help us find salt again?"
Yuan Zhan scoffed again. He was too lazy to take out the red salt this time.
Hei Qi blushed and said that the Jiu Yuan was rich in red salt and tasted much better than their best salt.
Qing Lu and others are not convinced that, besides the Salt Mountain Tribesmen, there are no people who can make better salt than them.
"Now is not the time to talk about that. I'm just here to tell you that come tomorrow there is a chance the salt mountain tribe will cease to exist. You can do things to save yourselves. Because of your burden, The Moer-Gan is going to start a fight with us, and we just bought one thousand and five hundred slaves. These people can't be thrown away." Yan Mo's tone was cold.
Did he not recognize his family? Is it necessary to hang on to him like this?
He was upset and distressed at the thought that free transportation had disappeared and that he would have to walk back to The Jiu Yuan with a lot of burdens.
"The Moer-Gan is going to fight you too?" Hei Qi and others were surprised. "So what are you going to do?"
Yan Mo said coldly, "What should I do? Aren’t we surrounded here so how can we fight?” Of course, before they have assembled the warriors, he will take people away as soon as possible. How much can they take away?
"What shall we do then?" One of the other three young people was probably in a hurry and asked such a rude question.
Hei Qi and Qing Lu feel a little humiliated to ask, but the current situation is that if The Jiu Yuan doesn't help them, the Salt Mountain Tribesmen will die!
Hei Qi looked at Yan Mo expectantly, and then thought that since they would come and let him know that then they would never leave them alone to die out.
Yan Mo paused. “We had a safe way to take you away. When you left, the Moer-Gan People would not really come to our Jiu Yuan to fight even if they found out. They also wanted our red salt and could not tear their faces with us because we have something they want to trade. But now, they will use you as an excuse to say that they want to stop us before we go back to the Jiu Yuan by taking back their Salt Mountain workers of The Moer-Gan.
Qing Ze no longer spits blood. He just kneels on the ground like a puppet. His face is pale and his eyes are dull.
But then, nobody cared about him. Whatever his original purpose, maybe he was also thinking for the good of The Salt Mountain Tribesmen, but the fact that he did it actually hurt The Salt Mountain Tribesmen, and even the Jiu Yuan.
Qing Lu was not qualified to deal with the elder because he was not the chief he was just the warriors leader, and does not know what to do with him, but temporarily when he treated Qing Ze like he does not exist.
"Now it's impossible for us to walk away in silence. We can't throw away 1,500 people on our side for the sake of two hundred of you, The Salt Mountain Tribesmen."
Yan Mo's words chilled the hearts of Hei Qi and others.
"Nevertheless," Yan Mo said without hesitation, "I once owed a favor to the Salt Mountain Tribesman, and I promised him to help the Salt Mountain Tribesmen once if I had a chance in the future. It was supposed to be just to help his family, but now...”  It seems that I need to help you with the whole Tribesmen.
Hei Qi's heart was moved and Meng looked up at Yan Mo.
"The Salt Mountain Tribesmen in the market can go with us. I'll send someone to your Salt Mountain Tribesmen to tell you about your Tribesmen before the Moer-Gan warriors arrive."
Hei Qi gritted his teeth. "Even so, we can't escape the pursuit of the Moer-Gan People. In this territory, the small tribes listen to them, and the large tribes nearby will not help us. If you want to help us, just..."
Yan Mo interrupted and laughed. "I'll take all of your people from the market and have someone inform your Tribesmen. I think we've got enough of it."
Yuan Zhan added: "We also have our own Tribesmen to guard. If we want to divide our hands to protect you and fight the Moer-Gan, you must pay enough price!"
Hei Qi bowed on the ground. He didn't have to pay anything, but now...
Qing Ze's face grew worse, and he held his head.
"If you can't decide, go back and ask your chief and priest. Our scouts can take one of you on the road together, but some people are going to have to dragging them down. Those can't walk as fast as before, which will certainly delay time. First you think about what to say when you go back on the road. When you get to the salt mountain, ask your chief to make a decision immediately and determine what price to pay. In this way, our scouts may rush back to me before the Moer-Gan People, and I may ask the Mountain God Jiu Feng Da-Ren to help us bring our blood warriors over to help you before the Moer-Gan People arrives.”
Yuan Zhan was sure that all these people heard clearly, and he said, "Remember, when the sun falls to the top of the nearest hill on the other side of the river, we will start off. If you want to go with us, come to the river and look for us. Don't bring anything but weapons. And keep your people's mouths in check this time!"

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