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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 345: You dull-head

Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi
Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 345: You dull-head

Zhuang Zi Yue looked at Zheng Jia Ming and did not say anything.

Zheng Jia Ming asked, “What did you predict this time?"

Zhuang Zi Yue said in a low voice, “Nothing has been predicted."

Zheng Jia Ming didn't believe him. If he didn't predict anything, why would he be in a bad mood?

Seeing that Zhuang Zi Yue didn't want to talk, and he couldn’t ask much, he straightened out his hair and said, “I'll push you to the lake."

In the back, Mu Yi Fan and Zhan Bei Tian from the experimental building didn't see Zhuang Zi Yue, but they saw Zheng Guo Zong coming to visit his son's experiment.

Zheng Guo Zong stood under the big tree at the entrance of the building, looking at the two people far away, he frowned.

Mu Yi Fan said to Zheng Guo Zong, "Quack, are you here to see Jia Ming?"

Zheng Guo Zong sighed: “Mu-Mu, can you honestly say that Mr. Jia Ming and Mr. Zhuang are a pair?"

At the beginning, he just thought that Zhuang Zi Yue's actions were inconvenient, so his son would take care of Zhuang Zi Yue. However, Zhuang Zi Yue's body has slowly recovered, and his son's intimacy to Zhuang Zi Yue has increased instead of decreasing. Therefore, he had to wonder if they had been in deep love for a long time.

However, from his point of view, it seemed that his son liked Zhuang Zi Yue first, and Zhuang Zi Yue seemed to have no special feelings for his son.

Mu Yi Fan wondered: “A pair? Quack, you're asking them if they used to be a pair, right? Don't you know that long ago? After the end of the world, they stayed together, followed by Zhan Nan Tian. Of course, they were in a pair. "

Zheng Guo Zong: “……”

Zhan Bei Tian: “……”

Zheng Guo Zong stroked his forehead: “Why are you still so dull head in this respect?"

However, before that, he would not feel anything between his son and Zhuang Zi Yue. Only after the end of the world, there are too many men and women being together, so he is particularly sensitive to this aspect.

Mu Yi Fan was sweating.

How to say he's dull headed?

In fact, it's not surprising that Mu Yi Fan didn't realize it. It's just that in his mind Zhuang Zi Yue killed Zheng Jia Ming's mother. He thought that Zheng Jia Ming has only hatred for Zhuang Zi Yue, so it's impossible to have other feelings, and he doesn't associate any other feeling from Zheng Jia Ming with Zhuang Zi Yue.

Moreover, he felt guilt towards Zhuang Zi Yue. Every time he came to treat Zhuang Zi Yue, he only thought about how to ease the relationship between them, and he doesn't notice Zheng Jia Ming's special feelings for Zhuang Zi Yue.

Zheng Guo Zong saw Mu Yi Fan as if he really doesn't know anything, and didn’t expect him to say anything, but he didn't ask Zhan Bei Tian of the same thin, he just: “Major General Zhan, are you going back to the city center? Can you give me a ride?"

Zhan Bei Tian nodded.

When they got on the car, Zheng Guo Zong said, “Major General Zhan, Rong Yan is about to give birth."

When it came to Rong Yan, he loves that child very much. She was taken away by Zhan Nan Tian for no reason and assaulted by the other party. She was pregnant with Zhan Nan Tian's child. After returning, she received the news of his mother and sister's death. Because of the trauma, the fetus was not guaranteed to survive. Then, the father of the child died.

Now, the widowed lone woman lives in the apartment she chose, and she doesn't want to let the Zhan Family know about it. If it wasn't for Zhan Bei Tian to find someone to take care of her secretly, she would have a hard life alone.

Zhan Bei Tian raised his eyebrows and said, “When will it be born?"

“Within these two days, I have contacted two obstetrician doctors and nurses, who are ready to deliver the baby for her. Major General Zhan, what are you going to do after the birth of the child? Do you want to tell Lieutenant General Zhan Lei Ping about them?"

Mu Yi Fan asked, “Have you determined that the baby in her stomach is Zhan Nan Tian?"

Zhan Bei Tian hummed his answer.

Mu Yi Fan was surprised: “How did Zhan Nan Tian make Rong Yan bear his baby?"

Zheng Guo Zong said: “As long as it's a combination of men and women, it's not surprising that they can have children under normal circumstances."

“The problem is that Zhan Nan Tian was a zombie. All human functions will stop developing when one becomes a zombie, including his sperm." Then, Mu Yi Fan didn't know what to think of, and immediately opened his eyes: “He wouldn’t have made Rong Yan bear his baby when he controlled the body virus?"

“It's possible."

“Is the child infected with the virus?"

“At present, no virus has been found in him."

Mu Yi Fan asked, “What are you going to do?"

From the outsiders’ eyes, that is the child of Zhan Nan Tian, the offspring of the Zhan Family, and it is also true that only the insiders know that the soul in Zhan Nan Tian was not the original Zhan Nan Tian.

But this Zhan Nan Tian, who is not their Zhan Nan Tian, made other women bear his child. He didn’t know what the Zhan Family will think about this child, but anyway, the child is also the flesh and blood of the Zhan Family.

Zhan Bei Tian said: “For the time being, we do it according to Rong Yan's idea. She doesn't want our Zhan Family people to know. We pretend we don't know. When the baby is born, I will find someone to take care of her."

That night, although many people saw Zhan Nan Tian threatening Zhan Bei Tian with Rong Yan, so people in Shui city knew that Rong Yan was pregnant, but few people knew whose father the child was, and no one thought of the child as a zombie Zhan Nan Tian.

After that, Rong Yan didn't explain who the child was. She lived by herself in a very quiet place. Up to now, she still thought that she concealed this matter very well, thinking that no one knew that the child was the Zhan Family's.

On the same night, Rong Yan gave birth to a baby boy smoothly without any problem, giving the child a nickname Mo-Mo in line with the end of the world, implying that the child was born in the end of the world.

[1] Mo  (末)   is one of the meaning of END in Chinese

The child name was Rong Ji, which meant hope. He was the first child who was born in the Shui city. It meant hope for the future, so it was a very good name.

When Zhan Bei Tian learned that the baby was born smoothly, he transferred the baby clothes he had put in the space before the end of the world to Rong Yan.

Rong Yan didn't think that the clothes were sent by Zhan Bei Tian at all. She just thought that they were brought back by other powers when they went looking for supplies, and they were just right for her child, so she took them.

The neighbors are also very warm-hearted, taking turned to look after the children for her, so she is very grateful, so she can relax a lot.

Now, with her child, she gradually got out of the trauma of her mother's death, took full care of the child, and put her love on the child.

The happiest thing for her is that the child passed the examination and showed that he was very healthy and did not get the zombie virus, so her only wish now is to hope that her son will grow up safely and she will watch him marry and have children.

Her only regret is that the child looked like Zhan Nan Tian a little bit too much, especially that the child's face is growing more and more like Zhan Nan Tian, just like a mold.

This made her very worried. People who are afraid of the Zhan Family will see the clue. After all, she was once abducted by Zhan Nan Tian. With Zhan Bei Tian’s intelligence, he must think of whose child this was.

So, as long as the Zhan Family people are around, she will not show up with her child and try to avoid the Zhan Family people.

It's not surprising that Zhan Bei Tian has been watching child grow up from afar. After all there were not thousands or hundreds of photos from the birth to the first full moon.

With the arrival of the child's hundred day feast, the research institute also successfully removed the virus in Zheng Jia Ming and Zhuang Zi Yue's body, they changed from the zombie to the human, and their bodies were healthy, and the power did not disappear with the virus, so their research was successful.

Shen Qin Yang is happy to call Zhan Bei Tian and get Mu Yi Fan ready. From tomorrow, they will start to treat Mu Yi Fan.

Mu Yi Fan received the news, and was so happy that he ran to the Research Institute and asked Shen Qin Yang to remove the virus from his body. He was so excited that he couldn't sleep all night. He grabbed Zhan Bei Tian and talked from night to dawn. After the topic was all around him removing the virus, he didn't have to worry about the zombie virus infecting others.

Moreover, before dawn, he woke up in a hurry to ask Zhan Bei Tian to send him to the Research Institute. However, the gate of the Research Institute was closed, and he didn't even see a person around the area.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at Mu Yi Fan's plaintive face at the gate of the Research Institute and thought his actions were funny. He couldn't bear to see his depression, so he had to call to dig up Shen Qin Yang from his sleep.

Finally, Shen Qin Yang, who had a good sleep, was forced to go to the research institute early in the morning to treat Mu Yi Fan.

“Do you know what time it is? Its five o'clock, brother, it's only five o'clock now. I've only slept for five hours, and you've dug me up." Shen Qin Yang yawned and complained, “I say, why do you need to be in such a hurry?"

Zhan Bei Tian said: “When you cure Mu-Mu, you can sleep as long as you want."

Shen Qin Yang cut his yawn and opened the door of the laboratory building: “Before the treatment, I have to make it clear that Mu-Mu and Zheng Jia Ming are different. He can't go home during the treatment, and he has to wait for the treatment to complete before going back."

Zhan Bei Tian glanced: “Why?"

“I need to observe Mu-Mu’s reaction in the treatment process. If there is any adverse situation, I can correct it in time."

“You mean there will be danger in the process?"

Shen Qin Yang explained: “It's not dangerous. He's a zombie. How can he be in danger? If the drug could kill the zombie, there would be no result. So let him live here, I can use the dosage more accurately."

Mu Yi Fan asked, “During my stay here, can Bei Tian and others come to see me?"

“Yes, but it's better for them to come once a week pass."


“Many people will come to see you, which will easily disturb my work. In addition, the treatment time is at most one and a half months long, and the next one and a half months is the observation period. Bei Tian they can often come to see you after that."

Zhan Bei Tian thought it's a bit long to meet once a week: “I come to see Mu-Mu once every two days, and the others once a week."

Shen Qin Yang jokingly said: “Every other two days? Busy people everywhere, don't you have anything else to do?"

This is like a reminder of what Zhan Bei Tian, his eyes moved fretting, immediately promised: “OK, once a week, once a week."

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