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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 344: Ya Wei’s end

Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi
Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 344: Ya Wei’s end

In the following days, Mu Yi Fan was also busy with Zhan Bei Tian.

Once they discussed with Mu Yue Cheng about farming in the B City, he proposed to Mu Yue Cheng that their Mu Family personnel should be responsible for the farming the lands in the Shui city, and make effective use of the mountains and fields that can be planted with crops, so that the survivors of the Shui city can be self-sufficient.

Mu Yue Cheng also agreed with this matter, just when Zhan Bei Tian asked him, and he then fell into the farmland duty, trying to forget the unpleasant things in the past by being busy, every day he worked with a group of survivors who have no ability in the lands he would get up early and return late.

Under Mu Yue Cheng’s instruction, the Mu Family people also slowly let go of their hostility to the Zhan Family. The Zhan Family people also knew that Zhan Nan Tian was the first to pick up the issue and deliberately made their two families have discord. Therefore, they also let go of their dissatisfaction with the Mu Family and became more and more harmonious with the Mu Family.

Especially after Zhan Guo Xiong and Mu Xiao Hu become best buddies, the relationship between them was getting better and better, and they often interact with each other.

Because the young people were often not at home, the two old people discussed living in the villa area in the center of the city, and as neighbors, they lived in the adjacent villas.

On weekdays, they play chess and tea together, and play with their grandson. They live a very full life. Sometimes they go out together to help do something.

Now the survivors started to be productive themselves, but the powers still needed to find materials. After all, the Shui city can not developed so fast, and they have to take all kinds of daily necessities they bring some production equipment back to the Shui city.

It is said that when the zombies attacked the Shui city, the people of the Fu city were very glad that they didn't follow Zhan Bei Tian to the Shui city. Otherwise, they would also be attacked by the zombies. Therefore, every time people in the Fu City see people in Shui city, they will tease and say that people who follow the Zhan Family and the Mu Family are stupid.

The people of Shui city did not quarrel with the people of the Fu City, and just let the people of the Fu City laugh at them, because only they know how good the Shui city is now, and only they know that the city is absolutely safer than the B City. They believe that one day, the people of the Fu City will regret not coming to the Shui city when they cry.

It's true that the people of Fu city did not feel proud for long. Before they lived in Fu City for long, they were attacked by a large number of mutated animals and plants.

As there is no one in the Fu City who can unify the people, the Fu City was in a mess. In just two hours, the mutated animals and plants invade the Fu City, killing or devouring many survivors, making people in the Fu City feel the pain of losing their home again.

At last, they had to face up to the people of Shui city for help.

With the help of Shui city, the mutant animals and plants were driven out of the city. However, this didn't really end. On the first day and the 15th day of each month, the mutant animals and plants would attack the town like crazy, which would make the people in the city nervous and unable to live a safe life. Even if they moved to another town, they would encounter the same situation.

The people of the Fu city wanted to move back to the Shui city, because the Fu city is close to the Shui city. They can ask for help like the people of the city at any time. If they are far away from the city, they have no one to ask for help.

Slowly, they became envious of the people in Shui city from their usual ridicule. Moreover, since the last zombie wave, Shui city has not been attacked by other creatures. Even if there are, they are either eaten by the fish in the water or blocked by the repulsive shield, they cannot enter at all.

Now people in Shui city live and work in peace and carefree every day.

Once the people of the Fu City sneaked into the Shui city with the powers. After seeing the life of the Shui city, they didn't want to leave. They even begged the people of the Shui city to take them in. Unfortunately, Zhan Bei Tian has said that since they would not like to live with the zombies and said so from the beginning, so now they can't blame anyone else.

They can only hope to make friends with people in Shui city in the future, and move to Shui city by making friends, or take refuge in Shui city on the first and 15th day of the month.

However, these are all for later.

Now Mu Yi Fan was busy like a gyroscope. In addition to taking people to farm, it took time for him to get Zhuang Zi Yue's limbs attached back. For the sake of their good performance, Zhan Bei Tian will let him heal Zhuang Zi Yue's wound with his ability every once in a while.

At that time, Mu Yi Fan was very happy when he received the task, so that he could take advantage of the treatment to ease his relationship with Zhuang Zi Yue. Later, he slowly learned that it was Zhan Bei Tian who deliberately arranged his opportunity to allow for him to get along with Zhuang Zi Yue, so as to ease his guilt and debt to Zhuang Zi Yue.

He was grateful and happy to Zhan Bei Tian. That night, he gave a warm service to Zhan Bei Tian, which made Zhan Bei Tian laugh and cry, especially to Mu Yi Fan antics.

Since Mu Yi Fan was so active, of course, he needs to cooperate well. He and Mu Yi Fan never stopped until dawn at night.

This is the first time that they have been so indulgent since they came to Shui city. They haven't had sex for a while. The whole night was very intense. The room is full of happy gasps and groans. The smell of strong lust permeated all over the room.

If someone passes his room, he will be flushed and his heart will race by the sounds.

Time flies. Unconsciously, the survivors have lived in the Shui city for four months. If they didn't get up regularly every day to practice, their stable life would make them almost forget that they are still in the end of the world.

Although they can't live as well as they did before the end of the world, at least they don't have to worry about starvation and freezing. They can eat, wear and stay warm every day, and they don't have to worry about being scared which made them feel very satisfied.

Gradually, there are more and more smiles on the faces of the survivors. Now, in almost every place you can hear the voices of the survivors talking and laughing.

The streets in the center of the city are also more and more busy. Some people even open small shops to do small businesses.

In the first five years of the establishment of Shui city, shops were free of charge and would not be taxed on survivors who opened them. However, after five years, Shui city would charge a small amount of store rent. For those who opened stores earlier, the charges would be correspondingly less than those who opened later. Moreover, some stores would be under the name of those who opened stores 15 or 20 years later. This is also for the purpose so as to upgrade the enthusiasm for everyone to open stores and start businesses.

In this way, many survivors were ready to move, and many survivors try their best to open the store especially those without the ability, so as to get the property rights in the future.

Unfortunately, the audit is strict. If there is someone who just want to open a shop, the management personnel will not let them pass the audit, which means that they cannot open a shop.

Everyone's greed can only be defeated, and they can only hope that they can try our best to open the store in the future.

At the same time that the life of Shui city is becoming more and more stable, the research of the research institute has also improved.

After suffering from all kinds of drugs, Ya Wei finally made great changes. The virus in his body was less and less day by day. Under all the excitement, his face would appear ruddy and flush. The blood flowing out of his body was no longer black, but slightly dark.

Such a change is undoubtedly a good result. They are very happy with Shen Qin Yang. After studying for more than a year, they finally succeeded in the research.

Zheng Jia Ming, another research object, suffered less than Ya Wei, but also suffered a lot in the process of transformation. After all, the body needed to be inject various kinds of drugs, which the body can't afford.

Shen Qin Yang didn't embarrass Zheng Jia Ming. When Zheng Jia Ming couldn't stand it, he would rest for a few days to do experiments. However, he put his research efforts on Ya Wei. Finally, Ya Wei was killed by the pain when he couldn’t bear it.

Fortunately, no researcher was present, so no one was hurt.

Mu Yi Fan and Zhan Bei Tian got the news and rushed to the Research Institute immediately.

The laboratory was closed due to destruction from Ya Wei's self-explosion.

Zhan Bei Tian asked Shen Qin Yang with a solemn face: “How did he explode?"

Shen Qin Yang shrugs unconcernedly: “Maybe he couldn't bear my torture. In the case of life is not better than death, he chose to explode himself."

“What about the next research?"

When it came to research, Shen Qin Yang immediately smiled: “Do you think Zheng Jia Ming's face is mellow?"

Zhan Bei Tian followed his eyes and saw Mu Yi Fan treating Zhuang Zi Yue.

After several months of treatment, Zhuang Zi Yue can now walk down and eat by himself. However, he can only support for a while. To truly restore him ordinary people, he has to slowly recover.

Because of the need to rely on their own healing power, Zhuang Zi Yue was still a zombie, unlike Zheng Jia Ming, who is already half human.

“As long as Zheng Jia Ming is treated for a while, he will be able to really change back to human beings, and Mu-Mu will not be far away from changing back to human being."

“How long is it going to take?" Zhan Bei Tian asked

Erghh, I will treat Zheng Jia Ming for another month. After he changes back to human, I will observe him for another month to make sure that Zheng Jia Ming has no abnormal condition. I will start to treat Zhuang Zi Yue, because with successful examples, we will be much easier next, so it will take at most one month to treat Zhuang Zi Yue. When Zhuang Zi Yue changes back to human, I will start to treat Mu-Mu, calculate the approximate time. It will take about half a year to starter it."

“Half a year..."

Zhan Bei Tian murmured: “Half a year will soon pass. I need to prepare ahead of time."

Shen Qin Yang heard the words and wonders, “What are you going to do?"

Zhan Bei Tian didn't answer him.

At this time, there was Zhuang Zi Yue's impatient voice: “I'm much better now. I don't need you to treat me today. Go back with Major General Zhan."

Zhuang Zi Yue pushed Mu Yi Fan's hand away and said to Zheng Jia Ming, “Jia Ming, push me outside to walk in the yard. I want to breathe."

Zheng Jia Ming said sorry to Mu Yi Fan: "Zi Yue may be in a bad mood today, so I can only ask you to come and treat the wound for him next time."

Mu Yi Fan didn't care much about Zhuang Zi Yue's good mood and bad mood, and turned back to Zhan Bei Tian.

Zheng Jia Ming pushes Zhuang Zi Yue out of the garden outside the experimental building and said, “Isn't it a good day? How did it suddenly get so bad again? "

Zhuang Zi Yue didn't talk.

Zheng Jia Ming added, “Isn't it because of Ya Wei's death that destroyed the mood?"

Zhuang Zi Yue still doesn't speak.

When Zheng Jia Ming saw his expressionless face, he guessed that it was not because Ya Wei was in a bad mood. Then he asked, “Is it because of Mu Yi Fan?"

Zhuang Zi Yue's eyelids moved, and his expression finally changed a little.

Zheng Jia Ming guessed right: “Mu Yi Fan didn't provoke you today, and didn't say a word to you from the beginning to the end. How did he provoke you?"

Then he thought of something and asked, “You wouldn’t have used prophecy and the foresight on him again?"

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